Balling In Baltimore: The Door Step

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The next time was a lot sooner than I thought.

For the next few days I was floating. Everything was going right in my life. Each morning I would get up and put on a different pair of my sister’s panties and wear them all day under my work clothes, spending the day hard as heck with the memories of the events that lead up to me getting those panties.

Throughout the day, when I had moments alone I would reach into my pants and stroke or squeeze my erection through my sister’s panties as I thought of how nice it had been to have my dick buried in her tight pussy only a few days ago. Then I would think about the panties I found in my bag along with the note:

I look forward to the next time, Love Sis is what she wrote.

My mind was reeling with thoughts of what the next time would be like, when would the next time be?

There were so many fantasies I wanted to fulfill with her, so many dreams that I had. And each time I felt my panty covered dick some of those fantasies and dreams popped in my head.

The work day was done and I headed home, anxious to get there and strip off my jeans to spend the rest of the day lounging in my sister’s panties.

As I pulled up to my house I noticed some bags sitting at the foot of my walk way.

The bags looked familiar, just like the ones that were in my sister’s room at the hotel.

I pulled the car into the garage then got out to walk to the main entrance.

As I was getting out the car my sister stuck her around the corner and into my view.

She had a broad smile on her face that appeared somewhat strained.

I jumped out of the car and ran to hug her.

When I went to kiss her on the cheek, she turned her head and our lips met. She kissed me full and hard with her lips closed at first, but then I felt her tongue. Her tongue pushed my lips apart and ever so gently searched my mouth for my tongue. When our tongues met we kept the contact very soft and sensuous.

The kiss lasted a long time.

I was rubbing sis’s back and inching my way down to her ass when she reached between us pulled my zipper down, put her hand inside my pants, and grabbed hold of my panty covered dick.

She broke the kiss long enough to whisper, “I hope those are my panties covering this dick that I want inside me”.

I started to answer but was cut off as she resumed the kiss.

As the kiss continued in my drive way she continued to hold and squeeze my dick.

Finally the kiss broke with sis saying she needed to pee. My dick got harder.

In playful and horny mood, I resumed the kiss. Sis broke the kiss saying she wanted me badly but for now she really had to pee. She said she had been waiting outside my place for twenty minutes and holding back a need to pee for at least thirty minutes.

I pulled her closer to me, grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands casino şirketleri and kissed her again.

She started dancing in my hands as the urge to pee got stronger and stronger. She broke away again telling me she would pee on herself if I didn’t let her in the house soon.

I lead her to the front door but then turned to grab her and kiss her again. I kissed her hard while hugging her dancing, pee needing body close to me. She broke the kiss again, gave me an urgent eye to eye look and repeated she’d pee on herself soon if I didn’t let her in the house.

I “accidentally” dropped my keys between her legs then slowly kneeled to pick them up.

See, what sis didn’t realize was that one of my dreams and fantasies was to some day watch her pee through her panties. My goal was to make this fantasy come true right that moment.

I kneeled between my sister’s legs then started running my hands up her stocking encased, sexy, long legs, all the way up to the top of her stockings. They were long, thigh high stockings with a four-inch band of lace at the top that was so high up her legs the lace almost touched her panty line. So now with her skirt high and her dancing around trying to hold back the urge to pee, I put my mouth to her panty covered crotch and gently bit her clit through her panties.

Sis patted me on the head and warned that she would pee in my mouth if I did not move soon and let her in the house.


Flash To The Past

When we were younger, we’d often be in the bathroom while each other would pee. I was never a squatter and always stood just like my father when I had to pee. Mom and both my sister’s always sat down. I would often tie up the bathroom a long time hoping that mom or one of my sister’s would have to come in there. I took every opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed watching them rush into the bathroom, pull their pants and panties down then plop on the toilet to pee. They always kept their legs closed so I never go to see anything, until one day.

Sis and I were home alone and of course nude as we often were. I was in the bathroom with a early morning stiffer filled with pee. As I was killing time hoping sis would come in and see my hard on she entered. Before she could get to the toilet I grabbed hold of my piss hardened dick and jumped in front of the toilet. It was a first morning piss so it took some time. From the mirror in front of me I could see my sister’s nude body standing behind me waiting her turn.

Sis and I made eye contact and without words she moved closer up behind me, then reached her hand around and moved my hand from my hard dick. Sis held my dick in her hands as I continued to pee. When I finished, instead of shaking off the last few drops she stroked them out as if she was masturbating my dick.

Still holding my dick, sis moved around in front of me, straddled the toilet, casino firmaları put two fingers on the outside of her pussy to spread her lips, and then she started to pee.

As she peed in this position some of her pee would miss the toilet and land on my legs or feet. The whole while she was stroking my dick that had gotten extremely harder and I could feel the cum boiling in my ball sack.

Sis used my dick to pull me closer to her until her piss was hitting hard on my dick and her hand.

That did it!

I could take it no longer and shot the first hard blast of cum up in the air. The first shot landed hard against her hanging DD tits. She continued to pee and I continued to cum shooting all over her tits and lower body including her pussy mound and pee shooting pussy lips.

That moment ended with us taking an uneventful shower together before having breakfast, in the nude as usual.


Back To The Present

Keeping my hands under my sister’s skirt so that it would stay high at her waist, I stood up and moved behind her. I put my head close to her ear and asked her if she would pee for me right where we stood.

The words had not come out of my mouth good when I looked into the glass of the door and saw the beginnings of her pee come shooting through her panties. By the force of the stream coming through her panties, I could tell that she had been holding that pee a long time. Sis peed for a long time soaking her panties, the glass door, and the ground beneath us.

My dick got hard enough to cut through that glass door and was nudging my sister in her panty covered ass as I watched her pee through the glass door.

I started grinding my dick into her panty covered ass cheeks and squeezing her DD boobs through her blouse and bra.

Sis leaned back into me surrendering her body to my grinding dick and roaming hands as she continued to pee. She threw her head back on my shoulder and for the first time ever said the words I had wanted to hear, another fantasy come true.

“Fuck me, please put your dick inside me and fuck me good.”

I let go of her boobs that I had been squeezing with both hands and ran my hands down the front of her body. I reached her pee soaked panties just as the stream of pee softened. It was very warm to the touch and her panties were hot and soaking wet.

I started stroking her wet pussy lips through her soaked panties until I found her clit. As I firmly applied pressure to her clit sis reached back, pulled my dick from her panties then told me again,

“Fuck me,” but this time she added, “Now!” Only the words came out broken and very soft because the pressure to her clit combined with the peeing brought her to her first orgasm.

Sis leaned forward, used one hand to pull her wet panties aside, and the other to reach back, grab my dick, and place the head just inside güvenilir casino pussy lips. Then she put both hands on the door and turn her head around to look me in the eye.

With our eyes locked on each other, sis slowly pushed back on my dick.

Her eyes never broke contact with mine as inch by seven-inch dick disappeared into my sister’s hot, freshly pissed, tight, slippery cunt.

Once I was completely inside her, she started moving her panty covered ass back and forth.

Sometimes she would move far enough that only the head of my dick was left in her pussy then slide all the way back down till her ass touched my stomach. Other times she would pull out just as far but only go back to cover half of my dick with her pussy then she would wiggle her ass around as she held my dick captive.

Sis kept this good fucking style until her body began to shake. She never broke eye contact and never spoke the words, but her pussy got hotter and tighter making it obvious to me that sis was about to cum.

Now it was time for me to take some control and fulfill another fantasy, shooting my cum in my sister’s tight asshole.

Just as sis started to cum I pulled my dick out of her tight pussy. It was covered with her juices providing enough lubrication for me get my dick in her asshole.

I gripped my hard cock and put it to tight puckered flower that was my sister’s asshole. She was cumming and cumming hard, while maintaining the eye contact.

I thrust my hips forward and at the same time she pushed her ass back and in one stroke my dick was buried into her tight asshole with my balls slapping against her pussy and clit.

Sis’s orgasm got even stronger, but she never took her eyes off mine.

I only had control long enough to get my dick inside her asshole. Once I was in her she resumed control of this hot fuck and fucked my dick with her asshole just as she had done with her tight pussy.

Pulling her ass away until just the head remained in her ass, then sliding all the way back until my balls slapped against her pussy and clit. Sometimes she would push back so fast and hard, it made my balls slap hard against her clit and drew another orgasm from her.

With each orgasm sis would tighten her ass muscles and put a vice like grip on my dick.

Sis never broke the eye contact but she did speak again. It was the words that she spoke that caused the juice to fly from my balls, up my shaft and explode deep and hard against her bowels.

Sis looked me in the eye as she told me “shoot your hot cum deep into my ass, let me feel is splash hard and deep in my asshole”.

That did it; I exploded deep in her asshole almost pushing her off my dick. As soon as sis felt that first explosion in her ass she tightened her ass muscles and pushed back harder milking my dick of the other blast that followed.

When she was sure that her ass muscles had squeezed all the cum from my dick, she bent down picked up the keys and handed them to me.

Holding my dick tight inside her ass with her booty muscles we walked into my house.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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