Bait a Hook Ch. 17

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Chapter 17: Moment of Truth

One hundred points. That was the difference between Rob playing Division III football and Division I FCS level football. He needed to improve his SAT scores by 100 points. The winter chill was just starting to break and it was early March as Rob sat at the computer. I nervously watched as he entered his ID and password into the website. I stood behind him and started rubbing his tense shoulders while he pressed enter on the keyboard. His test came up the screen and the mouse hovered over the view scores link.

“Click it.” I whispered in his ear squeezing his tensed shoulder muscles. Rob inhaled deeply before I heard the subtle click of the mouse. We both stared at the screen doing the quick mental math needed to see if he accomplished his goal.

“113 points!” Rob threw his hands up whooping in celebration.

“I knew you would!” I answered pulling Rob out of the chair and into an embrace. “Congratulations Robbie. I’m so proud of you.” Rob squeezed me tight, picking me off the floor placing kisses all over my neck and face before he put me down.

“Now we just need to wait for your letter.” Rob said looking into my eyes with a smile. I had heard back from two schools and had been accepted to them both. Virginia Tech and James Madison University had both accepted me and I felt relieved in knowing that I was at least going somewhere. The Blacksburg, VA campus was beautiful, and it was a great school. I ruled it out because it was just about as far away as I could get from home and still be in Virginia. On my one visit to the JMU I fell in love with Shenandoah Valley and the campus.

I hadn’t heard back from the University of Virginia or The College of William & Mary. To be honest I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t get into UVA. The only thing drawing me towards William & Mary originally was to be closer to home, closer to Rob. Now that Rob was going there, the beacon had been lit, drawing me towards the historic Colonial Williamsburg campus.

“I could always go to Bridgewater.” Rob shrugged non-committal. I knew the offer came from a good place, offering to forgo his best scholarship offer to go to a school closer to me. I knew that if it came down to it, I could never let Rob do that, let him give up an offer for Division I football, to be near me and play Division III.

“We’ll figure it out when the time comes.” I tried to smile at Rob as he pulled me into another hug. “In the meantime though, let’s celebrate.”

“Mom!” I called down the hall seeing if she was within earshot. Within a few moments she was standing at our door.

“What is it?” She questioned, raising her eyebrows.

“Rob did it!” I smiled. “Got the scores he needed.”

“That’s fantastic news Rob.” Mom said as she entered the room and pulled Rob into a strong hug. “I’m so proud of you Rob.” She shifted her gaze to me before resuming. “I’ll call your dad; tell him to buy some steaks. You can invite Katie & Billy over if you want and we’ll have the first cookout of the year.” She smiled and quickly exited the room.

“I love your mom.” Rob said as I quickly tapped out a message to Katie & Billy inviting them to the cookout.


Emily and her friend Lindsay, Katie, Billy, Rob and I were chatting and joking around by the picnic table. Everyone except Katie and me was already enjoying their steaks while dad cooked ours until they were cooked more on the well side. My parents sat off to the side in lawn chairs talking with each other while we enjoyed our meal hot off the grill.

“Congrats Rob! I got in too, so I guess I’ll see you next year.” Katie said smiling, catching me off guard with her comment.

“You’ve already heard?” I gulped down a bite of steak trying to get the question out.

“Yeah, I applied for early acceptance Bobby, so don’t worry, you’ll hear soon.” Katie said smiling at m while I nodded in comprehension.

“I’m going to JMU.” Billy interjected and we all smiled.

“I got in there too.” I rejoined. “If I don’t get into W&M, I’m going to go there.” I finished and caught Rob looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Cool Bobby, we can be roommates if you go.” Billy stated and I was honestly surprised that he would want to live with me, knowing I was gay.

“You’d wanna room with me?’ I questioned not quite sure if he was serious.

“Yeah you’re cool Bobby, we’re friends, and I don’t care if you’re gay. Besides, I know you won’t hit on me ’cause of this guy over here.” He said patting Rob on his back. “You can be my wingman Bobby, the ladies will love that I’m cool with rooming with a gay guy.” Katie cut her eyes at Billy who shrugged in response.

“Yeah.” I answered. “That’d be cool Billy.” I wasn’t sure how to respond to his ‘wingman’ comment, so I left it at that.

An hour or so later Lindsay, Katie, and Billy headed home. Rob and I helped clean up and went to sit down on the dock to chat.

“What’re we gonna do babe?” Rob asked as I stared into my wavy reflection in the creek.

“What do you mean?” I replied, lifting my head to look at Rob.

“It bahis firmaları sounds like Katie and Billy are going to break up before they go to school.” Rob stated bluntly.

“Yeah, I figured that’s what Billy meant by his ‘wingman’ comment.” I nodded along and Rob took my hand.

“If you don’t get in to W&M I’m going to go to Bridgewater Bobby.” Rob stated with no doubt or regret in his voice.

“Rob, I couldn’t let you do that. You have such a good offer; I would feel horrible if you declined it to be closer to me.”

“Bobby, I would rather be with you than play football at all.” Rob answered causing my heart to swell.

“Rob, we’ll always be together, if it takes a year or two for it to happen again, we’ll be okay.” I paused looking in the depths of his green eyes. “I haven’t even heard back yet, we still could be together, but I want you to take the scholarship to W&M, that’s what you deserve.” Rob took my hand and gave me a slight smile before we both sat in silence, gazing longingly into the tranquil creek as the last light of the day slipped below the horizon.


A couple of weeks later I still hadn’t heard from W&M. I had been wait-listed at the University of Virginia, but I had already decided I wasn’t going to attend the school that Thomas Jefferson founded.

“Rob it has to be postmarked today.” I told him, reminding him that he had to sign and accept the offer from William & Mary.

“I know Bobby. I was just hoping you would’ve heard back by now. I don’t know if I can handle being without you.” Rob shrugged.

“Robbie, we’ve talked about it, if I don’t get in we’ll still be with each other over holidays. We can visit each other. It’ll just be a year and we can transfer to be together.”

“I know babe, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to be without you that long. We’ve been together so much. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too Robbie, but you have to do this. It’s the best thing for you. We’ll be okay. I promise. Sign it.” I watched as Rob relented and signed his letter and placed it in the self-addressed stamped envelope. I watched as his pink tongue licked the envelope before sealing it.

“Come on, I’ll drive you to the post office.” I said as we stood up and walked out the door. We drove in silence and I followed Rob inside and watched as he headed towards the outgoing mail slot. He gave me a final look.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Yeah Rob, I’m sure.” I nodded and watched as he slid the letter through the slot with finality. “Well Rob, you are officially a football player at the College of William & Mary. I smiled and he took my hand until we got in my Jeep and drove home.


Rob was doing something on the computer and had his headphones in listening to music. I was leaning against my headboard, reading a chapter in my history book. After what seemed like ages, I finished the last page. I closed the book and placed it in my backpack. I stood up stretching and a yawn escaped my lips. I kissed Rob on his head as I headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I returned Rob was sitting up on my bed, looking like he wanted to talk. I closed the door and turned off the overhead light and sat beside him as he turned on the light on the nightstand.

“What’s up Rob?” I asked.

“Well we’ve kinda talked about it Bobby, but I just want to make sure you know how I feel.” Rob answered as he shifted one of his knees under his other leg on the bed.

“I know how you feel Robbie.” I answered sitting ‘Indian style’ to face him.

“Yeah, no, you know…” He paused as if to compose his thoughts. “I love you Bobby.” He started. “I just want you to know, that whatever happens, I still want to be with you. I don’t want to see other people.” He paused and reached into his pocket, struggling to finds something. A panicked look crept across his face as he searched his other pocket. Finally returning his search to the original pocket he relaxed and pulled out a clenched fist. “I’m making you a promise Bobby.” He locked his brilliant green eyes on mine and I noticed they were fighting back moisture. He opened his hand revealing a simple, silver band. “This is a promise Bobby, that I will love you, and that one day I will marry you.” I watched as a tear escaped each eye. A smile broke across my face as I placed my palms on either side of Rob’s stubbled face. I used my thumbs to wipe away the tears before pressing my lips tightly to his.

“Are you proposing?” I asked touched by his gesture, but not quite sure what to make of it. I would of course have said yes, but I wasn’t sure that is what this was. A nervous smile broke across his face.

“I wasn’t, but I will. I dunno.” He started to stammer. “I, well, I think we’re too young to get married, not like Virginia would allow it anyway. I know that I do want to marry you one day. This is a promise that I will love you and be faithful to you, especially if we end up apart.”

“I promise too Robbie.” Rob’s promise warmed me to my core. “I love you and see us getting married one day too. You are my heart and my soul. kaçak iddaa I don’t want to be separated from you, but knowing you care this much, I know we will get through it.” I pressed my lips to his, this time with more vigor. I needed to tell him that I understood. That I felt the same way. Rob opened his mouth and deepened the kiss, pulling me into him. Our arms wrapped around each other as we struggled to find a comfortable position in the tight quarters of the bottom bunk.

“Wait babe.” Rob was breathless as he broke the kiss. He picked up my right hand and slid the ring onto my ring finger. I was surprised that it fit perfectly. I had never worn jewelry before, but now my right wrist bore his leather band, and my right ring finger had his brilliantly simple silver ring. I looked at it, admiring the way it looked, twisting it around my finger.

“I think that’s the wrong hand Robbie.” I said noticing a glint in his eyes. He picked up my left hand and kissed the empty knuckle where my ring finger met my hand.

“One day my love.” He answered smiling broadly at me. I instantly flashed back in time. It was a snowy evening and we were on top of a mountain. Rob had asked me to marry him then. I thought it was just something that he said in the afterglow of passionate lovemaking. My reply was the same phrase he just uttered to me. ‘One day my love.’ I melted at the memory and quickly resumed the embrace with my future husband.

“I need to get you a ring Robbie.” I said wrapping my arms tightly around him. Rob stood up and reached inside the tight pocket on the back of his jeans. Smiling he placed an identical ring, only slightly larger, into my hand. I spun it around my fingers, admiring the second ring that touched my hand tonight. “Thanks Robbie.” Rob held out his right hand and I slid the band onto his ring finger, completing our bond.

“I love you Robert Johnson.” Instantly Rob used some sort of Houdini act and quickly had us naked on the bed. I inhaled the testosterone laced air and was trapped in the haze of my love for Rob. My hands were tangled around Rob’s back pulling him as close to me as possible. I started to rub his bubble butt and felt his steel pressing below my balls as my own straining erection poked him in his abs. Somehow Rob continued his magic act and twisted us on the bed. I was on my back and Rob’s throbbing erection was floating tantalizingly over my mouth. I quickly leaned forward and started to gobble up his cock. I felt Rob’s mouth engulf my bone as he began to do pushups above me. I held still as his long shaft thrust in and out of my drooling mouth. My own cock was enjoying the pleasure of his mouth bobbing with his up and down thrusts.

I pulled Rob down, wanting his weight on top of me. His cock plunged down my throat and I held it there relishing my man inside me. Rob rolled us over on our sides so I could catch a breath as we eagerly enjoyed each other’s neediness. I scooted forward slightly so I could start tonguing Rob’s ass. The hypnotizing aroma overtook me and I was feasting on his ass as he tried to maneuver, allowing me better access. My tongue was darting in and out of his hairy trough and I heard him moaning when my tongue started penetrating his puckered hole.

“Oh fuck Bobby.” Rob moaned and soon he was using his fingers to massage my entrance. I was lapping away with desire, getting his tight hole nice and wet before I slipped my finger in.

“Give it to me babe!” Rob’s words of encouragement were all I needed. I jumped out of bed grabbing his hand and helping him up. I turned the desk chair around so it faced us.

“Assume the position big boy.” I said patting the seat of the chair. Rob eagerly agreed and before I knew it his palms were on the seat of the chair and his ass was in the air. I squatted behind him and had my face wedged as tightly into his trench as I could manage. Rob was groaning and thrusting, pushing his perfect ass against my lips and tongue. I quickly turned around and pulled the bottle of lube out of its drawer.

“You’re mine.” The possessive tone in my voice came out and Rob’s body shivered.

“I love it when you get possessive Bobby. Yes I’m yours.” Rob growled before adding: “Take what’s yours babe.” I lubed Rob’s tight hole and had two fingers exploring Rob’s guts before a light bulb flashed in my mind. I quickly turned back to the drawer that held the lube and pulled out Rob’s plug, which hadn’t seen action since Christmas. I quickly greased the surface with lube before teasing it against Rob’s muscled opening. I lightly pushed it in before he realized the plug wasn’t my dick.

“You’re torturing me babe.” Rob groaned. Fueled by his words, I quickly forced the plug flush against his little pink hole.

“Fucking A!” Rob whimpered as I pushed and turned the plug in his ass.

“Get up Rob.” I ordered and Rob quickly hopped up. I sat in the seat with my hard mast pointing towards the ceiling. “Suck it Rob.” Almost immediately Rob was on his knees with my cock in his mouth. I was enjoying that Rob was pleasuring me without question. He paused and licked kaçak bahis down my hardness before tonguing my balls. He inhaled one and lightly lolled it in his mouth, before repeating the same treatment to the other. I was squirming in the chair before I pushed Rob away, I was getting close. I turned over in the same position Rob was in earlier, presenting my ass to him. I didn’t need to tell him what I wanted. Instantly I felt his stubbled face on my smooth ass. He was kissing it all over. I used one hand to spread my cheeks open for him and was rewarded with his tongue lapping at my pink eye.

“Oh, Robbie.” I moaned as he worked his strong tongue inside my gate. I was over my role of dominating Rob and needed to feel his generous package inside me.

“Take me Rob.” I breathlessly panted before I heard the tell-tale sound of the lube bottle top. I felt the tip of Rob’s fingers, slick with lube sliding into me, and had to use my other hand to brace myself. Soon there were three fingers stretching me open for Rob’s girth.

“Sit down Rob; I wanna go for a ride.” I said standing up as Rob sat on the chair with a moan. I had forgotten he still had the plug in, but the thought got me even hotter when I saw his straining erection. I grabbed his drooling dick before straddling his lap and aligning it at my gate. I latched on to his neck sucking as I slid down his boner, which seemed bigger than ever as it brushed against my insides. We were sweating and moaning in passion and I noticed that his chest hairs were matted and swirled as I bottomed out.

“This plug has me so fucking hard.” The gravel in Rob’s voice was thick as I started to ride Rob with abandon. I enjoyed being in control and riding Rob. I was working to fuck the come right out of Rob’s swollen balls. I found the right angle to brush that heavenly spot inside me and was riding Rob with only one goal in sight. I was lost in my own world, relishing his thick cock inside me, oblivious to Rob’s outcries. My fantasy was broken when he grabbed my ass cheeks, putting the brakes on my rodeo ride.

“Get up babe.” Rob’s words were quiet, but powerful in my ears. I jumped up and he stood up beside me. I watched lustfully as he removed the plug from his ass. He held it in front of my face and my brain left my body and I engulfed the plug in my mouth, lavishing the thought that it had been inside Rob. I heard him chuckle as he pulled it out of my salivating mouth.

“That’s one way to lube it.” Rob said as he moved behind me. I put my palms on the seat and gasped when Rob shoved the plug straight into my hole.

“Sit babe, it’s incredible.” Without question I sat in the chair, missing Rob’s big cock, but enjoying the feeling of the plug pushing inside me. “Hey handsome, is this seat taken?” Rob was grinning and I couldn’t help but laugh. Rob’s hand was guiding my prick into the depths of his body. I felt my glans being squeezed by his tight ass as he slowly, but surely slid down my slick meat.

“So fucking hot and tight.” I moaned, relishing the heat radiating from within Rob.

“Oh Bobby, you feel so good inside me.” Rob started thrusting up and down, riding my dick like a pogo stick. The sexiest stud alive was riding me and his tight ass was draped around me. The plug added new feelings as it rubbed against my prostate. My face was buried in his chest and neck as I lapped at his manly body, enjoying Rob’s flavor. He paused for a moment with me deep inside of him and pulled me into a passionate kiss. He began licking my face and our tongues were frantically reaching for each other. He pulled away, but held my face in his hands, gazing longingly into my eyes. I cupped his ass as he resumed his trusts, lost in the frenzy of his movements. He started riding in new directions; he must have found what he was searching for, because soon he was repeating the same motion. He was panting and moaning from the sensation. Rob leaned down without warning and bit me on my collar bone sucking and licking at the skin. Seconds later his nut shot up, hitting me in my chin before dribbling down my smooth chest. His ass started convulsing around my member as he ground to a halt. The sensation was too much. The stimulation of the plug rubbing my nerves inside, and Rob’s tight sheath pulsing around my engorged cock had me plummeting over the edge into orgasm. I gave one last desperate thrust; the plug inside me must have aided my orgasm as I was shooting endless ropes of come deep inside my lover. Rob slumped onto me kissing my cheeks as I squeezed his sweaty body to me, panting from our coupling, enjoying the weight of Rob straddling my lap.

“Wow.” Was the single word that escaped my lips. I felt Rob nodding in agreement on my shoulder. I cupped his face in my hands and looked at him momentarily before we shared a slow kiss. My erection was deflating and there were two audible groans when it slipped out of Rob’s slick ass. Rob stood up and my seed was dripping out of his ass, forming puddles in my pubes. I was surprised when Rob leaned down and licked up my release that had evacuated his tight channel. He continued lapping and licked his come off of my chest and chin before sharing our mixed releases in a steamy, erotic kiss. We kissed until the come was dissolved, somehow absorbed by each of us during our erotic tongue dance.

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