Background Research Ch. 04

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Female Ejaculation

Chapter 4: Don gets a surprise from Amber.

This is the fourth, and final, part of a continuing story. In order to appreciate the characters and their relationship, please read the previous parts: Background Research.

* * * * *

It was Friday night, and Don had just gotten home from work after a long meeting with his sales team. He was ready to relax with a beer, a simple meal of leftovers, and maybe an old movie on TV, when the phone rang.


“Don? Don, it’s Amber. Remember me, sweetie?”

Amber was the your prostitute that Don had met through his friend Lisa, while helping her with research for her next mystery novel.

“Amber, I could never forget you! Wow, I’m surprised to hear from you! What’s up?”

“Don, I was wondering if you would do me a big favor. I have a new girl who I am helping to get started in the business. She’s pretty nervous, and it would be great if she could start out with a real gentleman… not to mention a very hot guy!”

“Amber, I don’t know what to say. You know that time with you started out with me helping Lisa. I really hadn’t planned on making a habit… I mean…” Amber laughed at Don’s sudden discomfort. “Don, you ARE a really nice man, and I think you’d like Crystal. And I know she’ll like you. How about it? Tomorrow afternoon?”

“OK Amber. Will I get to see you again?”

“Yes, I’ll be there… but remember, your date is with Crystal!”

“Wait Amber, there is one more thing. Lisa didn’t have anything to do with this, did she?”

“Why do you ask Don? Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem. I just got s strange feeling from her last time we were together, and I haven’t talked to her since. You know she arranged a couple more encounters for me, and I guess things got a little awkward.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much Don. I bet she’s just busy with her book. I still can’t believe I actually met Lisa Swanson! Anyway, if you like we can talk about it, after you meet Crystal.”

They talked for a few more minutes, arranging the details, and then Don hung up. Somehow he wasn’t in the mood for an old movie anymore. He wished he’d subscribed to the porn channel!

* * * * *

Don drove up to the gate at Amber’s condo complex and entered to code. The gate swung open, and he parked in a guest space and walked to her door. Before he could knock, the door swung open and Amber pulled him in.

With an excited squeal of welcome, she leaped into his arms and kissed him. He barely had time to take in the tiny teddy she was wearing, as he found her tongue slipping into his mouth and her perky breast pressed against him. It was a full minute before she broke the kiss and stepped back, finally remembering to close the door behind Don.

Strangely, of all Don’s recent experiences, he had probably enjoyed Amber the most. It was impossible not to like the young Asian woman’s enthusiasm.

“Hi there sexy! I am so-o-o happy to see you! You’re just going to love Crystal! She’s getting ready for you, so why don’t we go get you showered and all refreshed for her.”

Without waiting for a reply, she took his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. She quickly helped him undress, then slipped out of her teddy as he watched, his cock rising in appreciation of her petite body. She giggled and bent down, casually taking the head of his cock into her mouth and twirling her tongue around it, before pushing him into the shower.

She turned on the water and opened a fresh bar of soap, then quickly washed his body. Each time he reached for her, she playfully slapped his hands away, telling him he had to save his energy for his “date” with Crystal.

She quickly helped Don rinse, then handed him a thick towel as they stepped from the shower. The dried one another and Amber gave Don a soft kiss before tying a towel around his waist.

She paused for a moment and gave Don a serious look. “Be nice to this girl, Don. She’s special.”

She casino şirketleri opened the bathroom door, and for just a moment the air, moist from the shower, formed a mist as it encountered the cooler air of the bedroom. With a theatrical flourish Amber led Don through the mist-filled doorway and said, “Don, this is Crystal.”

Don could only stare at the beautiful woman who stood, smiling shyly at him. She wore a filmy white negligee that emphasized her golden blonde hair and tanned skin; a ribbon gathered the cloth below her luscious breasts.

“Lisa?” he exclaimed.

“Hello Don. For today let’s use my working name… it’s Crystal.”

“What’s going on? You can’t be serious about this!”

“Don, for all the research I’ve done, I still don’t feel I really understand what it’s like to be a… provider. You know how obsessive I am about getting the details right. I asked Amber if she would help me with this.”

Amber nodded in agreement. “Don, you are really the perfect client. A real gentleman, not to mention incredibly hot! If Crystal wants to do this, I thought we could both help make it a good experience.”

Don was shaking his head. “This is crazy Lisa. I can’t do this. You’re my best friend.”

The beautiful blonde did not reply. She walked up to Don and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing his head down, and kissed him softly. Their lips touched for just a moment and Don inhaled her scent. The second kiss was longer, their lips partly and her tongue slipping into his mouth. Her breasts pressed against him, and he could feel her stiff nipples against his chest through the thin fabric of her negligee.

She felt him slowly relaxing, the tension leaving his body as he took her in his arms. Don’s heart was racing as they kissed, their tongues eagerly exploring.

It was “Crystal” who finally broke away, and began to nuzzle against his chest. Her body slid down his as she fell to her knees, kissing her way down his chest and firm abs. She loosened the knot on his towel, letting it fall to the floor.

Despite all he had done with Lisa watching, Don was still a bit embarrassed as his cock stood straight up, revealing the extent of his arousal. But any reservations he was feeling slipped away as the beautiful blonde wrapped her hand around his shaft and rubbed the head of his cock across her face. She looked up at him and smiles as she brushed the tip over her lips, making them glossy with his precum. She kissed the head and then parted her lips, teasing and kissing. She took his cock slowly, playfully, just a little at first, then more and more, sliding her lips sensuously up and down his rigid shaft.

Don groaned as her lips passed the halfway point on his shaft, her tongue massaging the underside of his cock as she sucked him. “God Lisa that feel good.”

She paused for a moment to give him a wicked grin and said, “I keep telling you babe, it’s Crystal!”

She then returned to her task, bobbing her head faster up and down as she took him deep into he mouth, each stroke leaving more of his cock wet and glistening with her saliva.

Amber had stepped behind the blonde. She tossed aside her towel and knelt naked behind her. Reaching around, she untied the ribbons on the negligee and drew it back of Crystal’s shoulders, exposing her tits. Amber pressed her body against her and took one of the blonde’s tits in each hand, squeezing and kneading them.

Don could barely restrain himself as he watched the young girl playing with his friend’s breasts, pinching her stiff nipples, as Crystal sucked him. Amber looked at him and said, “She’s all yours Don… all paid for… fuck her face, cum in her mouth.”

Her words seemed to be the trigger Don needed. He let his lust take control of him, all restraint swept away. His friend Lisa was gone… it was Crystal, the beautiful new hooker, who was giving him an incredible blowjob. He thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into casino firmaları her mouth. He heard her gag for a moment, but she quickly recovered and relaxed her throat, taking his full length until his ball slapped against her chin.

He thrust into her urgently again and again, already feeling the cum rising from his balls. Crystal moaned as Amber pinched and twisted her nipples. With a final thrust Don drove his cock into her mouth and then erupted, spewing load after load of cum.

Crystal swallowed as much as she could, then pulling away, a tick rope up Don’s cum running down her chin as she gasped for breath. Amber turned her friend around and kissed her, their bodies pressed together as their tongues passed Don’s cum back and forth.

Finally the girls broke their kiss. Amber said to Crystal, in a loud stage whisper, “guys always love a show, ” as she winked at Don.

She led the blonde over to the bed and helped her to lie back, arranging her like an offering for Don. “Hungry, Don?”

He quickly climber onto the bed, positioning himself between Crystal’s outstretched legs, and gazed admiringly at glistening pussy. Her lips were swollen and already parted slightly, moisture oozing from her. He leaned down and kissed her lightly, inhaling the scent of her arousal, as the soft tuft of blonde hair tickled his nose.

He kissed her again and again, teasing her with his lips and letting his tongue dance lightly over her wet folds. Glancing up, he saw Amber lying next to Crystal, lightly caressing her breasts as both girls watched him.

He began to lick her pussy, lapping up her juices, parting her lips and driving his tongue into her. He licked her again and again, sometime pressing the flat of his tongue against her, sometimes teasing her with the tip. He worked his way slowly to her clit, running his tongue over the swollen nub again and again before finally closing his lips around it.

He slid two finger into Crystal’s throbbing pussy as he sucked on her clit. Her hips rose from the bed, grinding against his face as his fingers stroked the walls of her pussy. She was moaning loudly now, thrashing on the bed. Amber’s was kissing and sucking her nipples, as Don thrust his fingers deep into. She drove her pussy against his face and felt his teeth close on her clit.

Her body convulsed as she cried out her orgasm, her thighs clenched around Don’s head, her juices drenching his face.

Slowly she relaxed onto the bed. Amber crawled over to Don and kissed him, then teasing licked Crystal’s cum from his face. She drew him further up the bed and took his cock in her hand, stroking the hard shaft. Reaching over to the nightstand, she retrieved a condom and expertly rolled it onto his rigid shaft.

Then, taking his cock in the hand, she rubbed the head up and down Crystal’s inflamed pussy. Soon the head was slick with the blonde’s juices, and Amber pressed it between the swollen lips.

Crystal and Don gazed into on another’s eyes as he slid into her. They were vaguely aware of Amber kneeling beside them, softly stroking both of them as Don began to move. He slid slowly in and out with long, deep strokes, burying himself in her each time, their eyes still locked on one another. He felt Amber reach beneath him, caressing his balls as he fucked the blonde.

He began to move faster, angling his cock as he found a place that made Crystal gasp with each thrust. She shifted her hips slightly, and suddenly they were perfectly aligned, moving faster and faster, climbing together toward their climax. Don felt Amber shift position, and then she was behind him, her hands on her hips, thrusting with him, urging him to increase his pace. He felt her body pressed against his, her nipples brushing across his back, and as he pounded into Crystal again and again.

“Oh fuck, Don, I’m cumming!” Crystal cried out. He felt her pussy clench around his cock, her muscles convulsing, and that was all it took to push güvenilir casino him over the edge. With a final thrust he drove his cock into her, and she felt his hot cum shooting into her again and again.

Slowly their breathing returned to normal. Don kissed Crystal softly as Amber knelt beside them.

“OK you guys… my turn! Crystal, I don’t know how you were able to watch Don and I without joining in, but I am so horny I’m going crazy.”

Laughing, Crystal helped Amber push Don onto his back. They knelt on opposite sides of him, and began to take turns licking and sucking on his cock. The sight of the two beautiful women – the voluptuous blonde, and the petite black-haired girl – playing with his cock was enough to arouse him almost instantly. Each girl in turn slurped loudly up and down his shaft, bathing his cock with their tongues and their hot, wet mouths. After a few minutes Amber pronounced Don sufficiently hard, and quickly stretched a fresh condom over this throbbing erection.

With a growl, she threw one leg over him and straddled him. Crystal reached down and held his cock, as Amber lowered herself, impaling her small body on his massive shaft. She sank straight down onto him, taking his cock into her dripping pussy with one continuous motion.

With her feet planted flat on the bed on either side of him, Amber began to bounce rapidly up and down, her pert tits bouncing with each stroke. Don watched in fascination for a moment, and then placed his hands on her hips, helping her to move. It was clear that Amber was intent on cumming quickly. She reached down and began furiously rubbing her clit as they fucked. Crystal was sitting cross-legged on the bed, thrusting her fingers in and out of her hole with wet swishy sounds.

Don began to thrust into Amber, his hips rising from the bed and slamming his pelvis against hers with each stroke. Her tits bounced wildly, the dark, hard nipples swinging up and down. Don heard Crystal gasping and moaning as he felt his own orgasm building.

The three came within seconds of one another, Amber screaming as she unleashed a flood of her hot juices onto Don’s cock, just as he filled the condom with his own cum. Crystal, too, let out a long wail as her orgasm shook her body.

Both girls collapsed on top of Don, their sweaty bodies resting against his. They tied contentedly, kissing his skin lightly. He pulled the girls into position so they were lying on either side of him, and they lay together as he kissed each in turn.

Don had almost fallen asleep when he heard Amber getting up. “I’m going to go into the kitchen and get us something to drink. Would you guys like a glass of wine?”

Don and Crystal both agreed, and watched as Amber slipped out of the room.

Don broke the silence and asked, “Did you get everything you needed? I notice you’re not taking notes.”

“I think I did learn something Don. I know it’s not always like this, and there are a lot of bad parts, but for someone like Amber I think there’s a lot of pleasure in this job as well.”

“And how about you? You certainly seemed to have a good time.”

There was a long pause before Crystal answered. “I don’t think it would be like that for me, Don. I’m not Crystal. I’m Lisa Swanson. And I think to really enjoy being with a man, there has to be a connection. I have to be at least a little in love.”

“You must not think a lot of me… doing all the things I’ve done in the last few weeks. I wish we could start over, just you and me.”

“I don’t Don. I think we both learned a lot about our sexuality. We both opened up a lot and experienced some incredible things. And we’ll always share that, just as we share our friendship.”

“Oh for god’s sake!”

The two looked up to see Amber standing in the doorway with a tray holding three glasses of wine.

“Will you two just say it? You’re in love! You’re both attractive and successful, and you’re both incredible in bed. Time for the happy ending.”

Don and Lisa looked at each other and smiled. Without a word, they kissed, barely noticing as Amber set down the tray and held out a wineglass for each of them.

“So Lisa… what’s the next book about?”

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