Back Home Early: Act 01

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Alexis simply stood in the hall doorway, speechless with shock. Her rucksack slowly began sliding off her hands as she got a first hand experience of what paralysis really meant. And the cause for her whole world being turned upside down was her own mother. Her mother who was on the rosewood lounge table in the hall getting her brains fucked out by three black men. None of them had noticed her standing there as yet, so intently were they caught up in their loud fucking. All three men were making full use of her body. Each one had plugged a hole and was driving in and out a jackhammer. One man was lying beneath her, his cock rammed into her pussy, the second bent over her slamming in and out of her dripping cunt while the third had a bunch of her hair in one hand and was fucking his dick with her face screaming perversities at the big titted blond whore beneath him.

“Suck that cock, bitch! Take it all in. You love black cock stuffing you don’t you whore?”

The throaty moan emanating from her mother indicated just how much she loved it. Still paralyzed with shock Alexis tried to comprehend the scene in front of her. Her mother had always been known as a beautiful woman, some of own boyfriends had often teased her about it, but up until that point she had thought of her mother as a faithful housewife who did not even drink alcohol. Now with three hard black dicks ramming her, lacy black stockinged feet flailing in the air, the empty bottles of wine littering the floor, her mother’s erstwhile image lay in tatters.

At that moment, her bag slid off her arm completely and hit the floor with a soft thud. Only the man blowing her mother’s face noticed Alexis standing in the doorway. Far from being startled however he only leered at her and pulled out his cock to give the nineteen year old arts student a good look at his eight inch manhood drenched with her mother’s saliva.

Still looking at her, he said, “Tell me how much you want it, bitch. Say it out loud.”

“Oh, put it back in, Drakar. I need your cock. I need to be stuffed like a trussed up a turkey. Fill me with your cum. Use me baby. Shove your hard cock into me.” replied Alexis’s sex crazed mother casino şirketleri as she tried to pull the black man closer by pulling his butt with one hand and grabbing his slick schlong with the other. She appeared to know these men well enough and quite obviously this was not her first time.

“Who are you bitch. I want to hear you say it.” This was a followed by a couple of hard slaps to her face. Strangely enough the look on her face seemed to say she loved the rough treatment.

“I’m your slut. Your cum-slut. Your whore who wants to suck you’re your big bad cock and swallow your baby. Give it to me. Give it to me hard.” The man called Drakar seemed satisfied with her answer and still grinning at the frozen Alexis shoved his cock back into her mother’s eager mouth. The other two men were by now getting quite close and the one in her cunt yelled. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

“Yes. Cum inside of me. Shove all of your juice up my cunt, you bastard. Do it now. Harder. ……YEEEESSSSS!!!!..ungh…………make me CUMMMMMMMMM…..” screamed Alexis’s mother in pure sexual ecstacy as both men ploughing her from behind increased their pace.

“YEAAAAAHHH!!!” screamed the one in her cunt and then pulled out a cock almost as impressive as the one Drakar had earlier displayed, still spraying its hot seed as he furiously stroked it with his hand. Moments later the one in her ass started bucking causing her mother to spasm violently, enormous breasts flopping up and down. All the while she swallowed Drakar’s cock like a pro not losing her rhythm. Having sprayed his semen inside of her, the third man squirmed out from under her and stood up slowly. As he grabbed a beer and stood by his friend watching her being abused by Drakar, he noticed Alexis and elbowed his friend standing next to him who was also downing a beer unabashed by his stark nakedness.

Alexis by now was gripping the doorway so hard that the knuckles of her left hand had turned white. She wanted to scream out with all her might but she could only stand there riveted by the orgy going on before her. All three men exchanged knowing glances and grinned. Her mother was now the only one totally unaware of casino firmaları her audience and was carrying in like a wanton slut. Drakar, obviously enjoying this turned her around without removing his cock from her mouth and motioned for one of his friends to hold up her legs by the ankles so that Alexis had a good view of her mother’s shaved cunt and round ass dripping with a mixture of sperm and her own juices, while he viciously twisted her erect nipples and mauled her big white boobs. At another private cue the man who had only until recently been ploughing her ass took one of the wine bottles and held it up for Alexis to see. Shocked as she was she failed to comprehend the significance of his action till he took the tapering mouth and shoved it hard into her mother’s ass causing her scream in pain and pleasure.

Drakar’s cock still occupied her entire mouth so all the noises she made were slurpy and muffled but it was obvious that she enjoyed this new violation of her body as big round ass began gyrating feverishly almost willing the bottle to go in deeper.

“Damn, this bitch is horny. She wants more, the dirty slut!” spat the third man gulping down his beer and taking another from the crate on the floor. “Shove it in deeper.” He said with a laugh and slapped the heaving ass loudly. Thrice. Each bringing a moan from her mother. The third man was more than happy to do so and almost half the bottle disappeared inside her engorged ass, and the moans escaping the buxom blonde’s mouth got louder and louder.

Even Drakar’s seemingly endless stamina was now being overwhelmed by Alexis’s mother’s ardent ministrations and he was close to coming and so was her mother….for the umpteenth time. Drakar’s friend with the wine bottle also realized this and proceeded to shove the bottle harder and deeper into her spasming asshole. Something Alexis leaning on the doorway hadn’t thought physically possible. Her mother came before the stud in her mouth and she came so hard she almost lifted her whole body off the table. The guttural howl that escaped her cock filled mouth was of pure unadulterated sexual gratification. As she flopped back down on the table, the man behind güvenilir casino her pulled out the wine bottle which came out with a plop. Apparently there had been a considerable amount of wine inside the bottle because as he removed a gush of red wine mixed with the previously deposited cum gushed out onto the floor from her gaping asshole.

Within moments Draka too let out an animal grunt and said, “Here it comes bitch, take it all.” Looking up at Alexis standing less than 10 feet away, he changed his mind at the last minute and pulling out of her mouth, began spraying his seed all over face and tits. His eyes never left the nineteen-year old’s unblinking face all the while he jerked out copious amounts of sperm onto her mother’s waiting face. Her mother meanwhile still lost in her own lust was moaning and rubbing the sperm all over her face and tits with shivering hands.

“YESSSSS……Spray me with your milk. I’m your cum-slut….Come on me like the whore that I am. Drench me baby.” moaned her mother as she moaned and stroked his balls as he continued his seemingly endless spraying. After he finally stopped cumming she opened her eyes and looked up at Drakar dreamily with cum splashed all over her hair, face and tits. Slowly stroking his glistening and jerking cock she licked her lips as if she had just been treated to a jarful of nectar. Rubbing of the dripping strands of spit from his cock she slowly licked her fingers clean all the while staring up at him. “That was the best fucking I have ever had.” she exclaimed with a big still oblivious to her daughter’s presence.

All three of them laughed out loud. Then Drakar looked down upon her cruelly and said “And that was the best fucking she’s ever seen!” pointing to the stunned and unmoving Alexis.

The last thing Alexis remembered seeing was her mother’s cum and spit splattered face peering above her huge sweaty breasts, cunt dripping with sperm and gooey wine still leaking out of her spread asshole, before she was once more in control of her body. As the nineteen-year old dashed up the stairs to her room, her ears filled with loud male laughter and a shocked female voice screaming, “Alex….” Bolting her own door she dropped to the floor and covered her face in her own hands.

My mother’s a whore! A cum-loving dirty whore! Why would she commit such depravity? Why? She asked herself repeatedly

And why am I so wet down there?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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