Baby’s Got Blow

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“Hey, baby!” Ranae called as Markos made his way toward her. She was wearing a short dress and carrying a gray coat with her.

“Hi, love! Aren’t you cold? Put on your jacket!”

“No, I’m not cold at all. I’m sweating.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I just bought some blow,” she explained but Marko was confused. He had never heard of blow but he didn’t want to seem stupid and so he just shrugged and figured he would figure things out at some point. They hopped in his lifted truck and took off into the snowy night. Marko drove slowly and carefully while Ranae talked at a pace so fast that it made him dizzy.

He nodded with feigned interest at Ranae began to tell him about all the things that had happened to her that week. She had been his girlfriend a short time but in those short six months, he had really grown to love her. Her long, blonde hair was her best feature, but one could argue that any of her other features were equally beautiful. She had a bit of an edge to her. She had grown up in a tough part of town and her family had struggled financially.

“Do we really have to go to your mom’s tomorrow for Thanksgiving?” Marko asked her when she finally gave him a chance to say something.

“Yes! We already told her we’re going!”

“Okay, okay! I just would rather go to my dad’s house. My grandma cooks the best food.”

“If you don’t show up at my mom’s tomorrow, then you better not bother trying to fuck with me anymore after that!”

“Seriously, Ranae? If I don’t go to Thanksgiving at your mom’s then you’re dumping me?”

“Yes. Because my man keeps his commitments,” she stared Marko down as he found a parking space, parallel parking like a master.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“Why the fuck did you have to go and get me all upset before the party anyway?” she chastised him. She glared at Marko as she pulled on her coat and stepped out into the cold. He followed her, not understanding that there was something different about his girlfriend that evening. He was annoyed with her as she walked into the house.

All of his best friends greeted them. They all looked a tad annoyed that he hadn’t come alone. They would never say it to his face but he got the feeling that his friends didn’t like Ranae. They seemed to bristle a bit whenever she was around. Ranae never seemed to notice but it bothered Marko.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Ranae informed him and she walked off, leaving him alone to mingle. He looked around at the small crowd. It was mostly people he knew from high school, all of the people who had remained living in their small town were there, just like they were every year. The night before Thanksgiving was always the biggest party day of the year. Everyone looked faded or drunk.

Markos walked around the party, saying hello to all of his old, familiar acquaintances. Time had passed and he was sure that Ranae couldn’t have taken that long in the bathroom. He made his way back through the house when he heard a woman pounding on the bathroom door.

“Stop fucking in there! There are other rooms for that! Some of us really have to pee!” she screamed.

“Can I help you?” Marko asked her.

“Someone is fucking in there and I have to pee!”

“Come on out of there!” he called. There were noises coming from inside the bathroom that were obviously the sounds of sex. He could hear a woman moaning and begging for more dick. He could hear the sounds of their skin slapping and it sounded hot.

“Please! I’m going to pee my pants!” the woman screamed.

“Look, we have an emergency casino şirketleri out here! Please come out!”

“We are coming!” a male voice called. In a moment, the door opened and Marko was shocked to see that it was Von, a guy they had gone to high school with. Von and he hadn’t always been on great terms. In fact, Von had been somewhat of a bully to Marko back in school, harassing him in the locker room about his shitty sports abilities. Marco hadn’t seen him since high school but there was one thing about Von that Marko had always disliked. He was a major player.

“Hey bro!” Von shot him a quick look accompanied by a quick lift of his head to acknowledge his presence.

“Hey!” Marko called and did a similar head tilt to acknowledge Von. Marko flashed back to many incidents in high school, all played out on some kind of memory reel in his mind, all of them with Von making Marko the brunt of some joke. Von was a bully and Marko had thought that all of that high school bullshit was behind him. It figured that a guy like Von could get any girl that he wanted. Girls seemed to love assholes. Still, Marko was not ready for what he was about to see. As Von made his way out of the bathroom, he was shocked to see that the woman who was adjusting her dress was Ranae. He paused, the shock settling over him. His heart sunk. He couldn’t believe that she would do such a thing.

“Ranae?” Marko asked, as if it were a question, when the answer was already obvious. She had a wicked half-smiile on her face and she tilted her head slightly before she spoke.

“I guess you shouldn’t have messed with me before the party,” she said as she shrugged. She looked a bit crazed and Marko was concerned about her.

“Ranae, you don’t look right,” he said, worried about her. She turned away from him.

“Well, will I see you at my mom’s tomorrow?”

“No. Not after this. I can’t go there.”

“You never wanted to go there. You never wanted me.”

“I think I’m going to go to my dad’s,” he explained. He hadn’t wanted to go to her mom’s. That was right. He didn’t like her dysfunctional family and he didn’t want to waste the holiday at her house. He wanted to be with his own family, especially now that he could see her level of loyalty.

“Fine. You’ll be sorry,” she brushed past him giving him a dark look that Markos couldn’t quite read. There was a white powder residue on the counter and he thought he could see a bit of the white powder on the inside of her nose. She had been doing drugs!

“Wait! Are you on something? Ranae? Are you okay?” She was already gone and though he tried his best to follow her, she was swallowed into the crowd. He decided that he didn’t need Ranae as he made his way through the party looking for a hot girl that he could use to make Ranae jealous. She had fucked his bully and so he wanted to make sure to choose someone equally heinous to fuck. Maybe her best friend from tenth grade, or maybe the girl that had been her frenemy.

He couldn’t seem to find anyone to cheat on Ranae with and he couldn’t find her anywhere. She was definitely trying to avoid him, he was certain of it. The whole night passed with him in a panic, searching for Renee. He finally found her in the wee hours of the morning. He made his way to the master bedroom where there was plenty of loud cheering coming from within. He opened the door tentatively, unsure of what he would find on the other side.

What Marko saw when he opened that door more than shocked him. He couldn’t believe that Ranae could be such a slut! She was on her knees and she casino firmaları was surrounded by cocks. He couldn’t tell at first if it was her but then her heard her bossy voice and he knew instantly that she was in the middle of everything. He watched from afar at first, not knowing what to do. He was getting angrier and angrier as she let them fuck her face in ways she had never let him fuck her. He was jealous, yes, but there was something much more inside of him that he couldn’t quite identify.

Marko watched Ranae’s hands sliding over cocks, her mouth working another dick hard and fast. She was taking that cock down her throat in a way she had never demonstrated on him. She was loving what she was doing and it was so hard to watch as the got sprayed right in the face with a load of cum. She kept right on going as if the cum hadn’t even hit her right in the eye.

Marko was more than just angry and he could feel the rage rising to the surface. He screamed, letting out the kind of roar that an animal might make. Everyone in the room froze, but Ranae had a permanent smile slapped across her face that she couldn’t seem to erase. Marko screamed obscenities at her, followed by a string of language that didn’t make any sense to anyone.

“Wow, honey, you’ve lost it,” Ranae smirked.

“You’re fucking doing a blowbang with all of my old friends from high school! It’s over between us, you fucking whore! I can’t believe I ever trusted you!”

“Well, I guess you should have just agreed to come to my mom’s for Thanksgiving!” she giggled, as if she was in the right.

“You are a disgusting slut!” Marko threw the insult at her and it hit her slowly. It stung a bit.

“I’m sorry bro, I didn’t know she was your girlfriend,” one of the guys stepped forward to apologize. The other guys followed and Marko appreciated this except Ranae wasn’t sorry and she was the one person he wished actually cared about him.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know. She’s the whore. I get it.”

“You got anymore blow?” someone asked Ranae.

“Fuck yeah I do! Let’s do some more!”

“Ranae, I don’t know what you’ve become,” Marko told her as he shook his head with disgust. He made his way out of the bedroom and out to his car. He drove home, not knowing what to do. He loved Ranae so much and yet she had disrespected him so fully that he couldn’t go back to her after what had happened.

He woke up to 72 messages on his phone. He began to listen to them and found they were all Ranae in various states of rage, despair and desperation. She was begging for him to take her back and to forgive her for everything that she had done. He didn’t have time to listen to them all. It was Thanksgiving and he was heading to his dad’s.

By the time he reached his dad’s house, Marko was in a panic. He missed Ranae and yet he couldn’t go back to her now. She had crossed some kind of invisible trust line that he couldn’t justify, no matter how many drugs she had been on the night before. He pictured her in his mind, her tough eyes staring him down. She never backed down from a fight. She never let her guard down. He sat outside of his dad’s and made a decision. He backed out of the driveway and made his way to Ranae’s mom’s house. He still loved Ranae, even though she was a bit of a trainwreck. He pictured her in her ripped tights and her gray jacket, smoking her cigarettes one after another. She was so sexy and he loved her fiercely.

He pulled into the driveway, running to the door with a desperation he wished he didn’t possess for her. Ranae would be surprised and they güvenilir casino would end up back together. He could forget that one night. She had been on drugs, after all. That night at the party wasn’t who Ranae really was!

“What are you doing here?” Ranae’s mom asked when she opened the door.

“I’m here to see Ranae.”

“She told me she went to your house for Thanksgiving. So fuck you for the extra pounds of turkey I bought for you two.” She slammed the door in Marko’s face. He began to listen to the messages Ranae had sent. She must have sent one after the other the whole night because he had listened to fifteen of them so far and none of them made any sense. He had no time to listen to them all. He had no way of knowing what he was going to find at his dad’s house. By the time he made it back there, he was quite late for dinner.

He rushed inside, not bothering to ring the bell or knock. He didn’t want to interrupt dinner. He moved inside to the dining room and what he saw shocked the shit out of him completely. There, on the table was Ranae. She was naked, except for an apple that she held in her mouth by biting into it. Marko’s father was in between her legs, diddling her clit with one hand as his cock fucked her pussy. His uncle had his hands all over Ranae’s tits. Several other of the male family members were watching. No one had noticed Marko yet.

“Let’s cover you in special gravy,” my uncle laughed as he coated her tummy with his cum. Several people laughed.

“Ranae?” Marko asked, not sure why she was doing this to him. “Why are you doing this with my family? At the party was one thing but now on Thanksgiving!?”

“Baby’s got blow!” his dad cried, obviously high off of Ranae’s stash.

“Ranae?” Marko couldn’t believe this. After everything he had done for her, this was how she was replaying him.

She paused to pull the apple from her mouth.”Happy Thanksgiving, baby! We’re pretending I’m the turkey! I know you wanted me to get closer to your family so I decided to come here,” she tried to explain. She had a shady smile plastered across her face. Marko didn’t trust her but he still wanted her.

“Maybe it’s time for me to try some of your drugs,” he said. “I need to get to your level.”

“Of course, baby!” She hopped off of the table. “I’m sorry about everything last night and this today. Coke just makes me really horny and slutty.” She laid out three lines for him right there on the table.

“Where’s Grandma?” he asked his father.

“She couldn’t make it this year. It’s just us guys. We ordered take-out turkey,” his dad explained. “I didn’t know this was your girlfriend, son. She just came in here with blow and offered to blow us.”

“I did!” she giggled. “Here, honey. Just suck it up through your nose.”

“But what about turkey?”

“You won’t need turkey where we are going,” she explained and so Marko snuffed the lines up his nose and waited for them to take effect. By the time he was high, he completely understood. He grabbed Ranae and pinned her up against the wall. He fucked her hard and fast, punishing her for being a little slut. The drug made him last nice and long, so long that Ranae was begging for him to stop.

“Baby’s got blow!” he hissed at her. “Now you’re going to have to take my dick until it’s drained Ranae. This is what you get for being a little slut.”

“I’m next!” his father called from the other room. Ranae looked up at him and laughed.

“Sorry baby. This got out of hand.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch. I’m not done with you. It’s going to be a long, hard Thanksgiving for you.” He grabbed her and pushed her to her knees. “In fact, suck up your Thanksgiving meal, Ranae.” She took his cock in her mouth and sucked it greedily. “That’s right, slut. Gobble Gobble! Gobble that cock down!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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