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Light filtered into the small hotel room, was it morning? The events of the past night were somewhat blurred, but only for a moment. I peered to the left and saw Tanya sleeping soundly, curled up in a ball. Cautiously, I looked to my right. There was Chris, sprawled out like he owned the place. I was mortified.

It had all started out innocently enough…Tanya, Chris, and I were really close in high school and Tanya had come down from college to visit us. She didn’t want to stay in one of our dorms so she and I rented a hotel room. Since we aren’t 21, it had to be a pretty seedy hotel, one that didn’t care who stayed as long as they had money.

A couple other friends came by the room too, bringing beer and liquor for amusement purposes. Tanya and Chris don’t drink so their buzz came on pretty quickly. Diana and I had more experience drinking and we began egging them on, getting them to take shots of rum and chase it with soda. Chris decided to stay over since he was too drunk to drive home. This worried me.

All of a sudden, Tanya takes out a book she brought. She hands it to me and tells me to read the marked pages. At this point reading is pretty difficult, but I try anyways. “Ok, ok, stop making me laugh, here I go, SIGH ‘He pulled at her bodice, revealing an ample milky white bosom. She cried out, half in terror, half in pleasure. He kissed her hard, and felt her body go limp with submission. Alexander thrust his hand under her skirt only to find her soaked in juices. He knew she wanted it.’ Oh my god Tanya what is this hahahah”

“Isn’t it hilarious?? It is a romance novel set in like the 1500s or something…wait no 1400s…I don’t know, I think Alexander is a knight or something…” We all looked at each other and just burst out laughing. Tanya bahis firmaları has the most random things.

At this point we were all giddy with laughter and rum. It was late and Diane and the others left to go find sleep in their respective beds. Tanya, Chris, and I changed for bed.

I knew Chris wanted me. It had been more than a year since we had gotten high and had sex. We both knew it had been a mistake, but he still lusted for me, and everyone knew it. I was determined to resist any moves he put on me and I made a point to lay closer to Tanya when we all finally got in bed. We had gotten the cheapest room available so we were sharing one queen size bed. It didn’t bother Tanya and I though, we are both very tiny and don’t take up much room. She is petite, blonde, and always happy. She has a thin frame with small pert breasts. I am shorter than Tanya, but with larger breasts and slightly larger hips.

My buzz was still going, and so was theirs, but we laid down anyways. Tanya cuddled up against me, nuzzling my neck a bit. Odd, I thought. We always hug and hold hands and act all girly together, but this felt different. We were facing each other and she began to scratch my head (something that drives me crazy). I started playing with her hair and scratching her back. The mood was purely sexual and I could sense her intentions. I felt myself getting wet and wanting to speed the process up. Instead I slowed the pace even more. I moved my hand down her back slowly, continuing to lightly drag my fingernails, scratching and giving her goose bumps. She followed my lead and let her hand stray down my back as well.

With each circular motion of my hand I brought it closer and closer to her sides, eventually brushing against her breasts. She and I were both wearing kaçak iddaa camisoles and no bras. When I brushed past her breast again I heard her let out a slight moan. I was dying, I needed to be touched, my clit was throbbing.

I kissed her once, lightly at first but still with considerable passion. She returned my kiss with force and persistence. I pushed her mouth open with my tongue and we began kissing harder and with fervor. While locked in this incredible kiss, I slipped down the straps on her cami and lightly brushed her bare breast. She moaned softly into the open kiss. I took her nipple between my fingers and tugged very gently, at the same time increasing the passion of my kiss. She yanked down my straps and ran her hands along my erect nipples. Oh god I wanted her to play with them so much. She pinched one, soft, then hard and I couldn’t help but moan.

We finally released from our kissing. I looked at her with hungry eyes and dove for her chest. I tongued and sucked on her left nipple and pinched the right. She was losing control and I could tell how badly she wanted it. She pulled my head up, kissed me lightly, then kissed down my neck to my chest where she sucked and kissed my nipples for what seemed like forever.

When we started kissing again is slid my hand slowly down her stomach, past her pajama bottoms and into her soaking wet panties. She shuttered as i probed my finger into her juices. She reached over, undid my jeans and found my throbbing clit. I let out a loud sigh as she began working my wet pussy. I couldn’t believe I was fingering my best friend and she was fingering me at the same time. It was pure bliss. She was so wet my fingers were slipping. Her clit was engorged and soon she began to moan and buck against my hand. Her orgasm kaçak bahis lasted a while and we ended kissing softly and sighing.

It was about this time that I remembered Chris was still in the bed with us. We had gotten so caught up in each other that we forgot he was even there. I was reminded by his hand slipping over my shoulder and fondling my naked breast. My desire was for it to stop, but I had not cum and his fingers twisting and pinching my nipples was too much. Tanya got up to go shower and maybe to give us privacy, I can’t be sure.

Chris had been watching us the whole time. He had seen us kissing and caressing each others breasts. He had seen me fingering Tanya, making her moan and cum. I felt his penis against my back; he was so hard and so ready to fuck me. I wanted to resist, I didn’t want to have sex with him again but I was still so turned on from Tanya. He pulled my face into his and began kissing me, shoving his tongue deep down my throat. Watching Tanya and I experiment had sent him over the edge, he needed to have release. I felt my pants going down, I reached for them but it was too late. The next thing to go were his pants and then my shirt.

I mouthed stop but it was no use, I was already stroking his dick and waiting for him to fuck me. It had been a couple months since I’d had sex and the feeling of his hard dick entering me was irresistible. He had climbed on top and began fucking me, uncontrollably hard and brutal. I was crying out with pleasure as he pumped in and out of my wet mound. It lasted for what seemed like forever. He finally came, with intensity that I had never seen or felt in a guy. He shot his cum deep inside me and I loved the warmth. Seeing Tanya and I together had really got him going.

We slowly got dressed, my buzz now almost gone. Tanya returned from the shower, fully aware of what had happened between Chris and I. We all crawled back into bed. We agreed to keep this to ourselves. Tanya and i cuddled up together and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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