Aunty Carol – Family Secrets Ch. 02

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Aunty Carol Continued

As with chapter one, this story based on true events when I was a young man in the early 80’s. It led to a 20 year secret relationship with my mothers sister which only ended when she emigrated with her new husband in the early 2000’s. Hopefully I’ve managed to make it interesting and enjoyable for you to read, and any feedback is welcome.. Enjoy

Wow, what a night last night was!.. it took all of 10 seconds from the time I opened my eyes for me to realise that what just flashed through my mind wasn’t a dream or images of pure fantasy, but the true recollection of real life events. Events which without doubt were the horniest moments of my 18 years on this planet.

Reliving the moment that my aunty Carol stood at my door, the images vivid in my mind of her see-through nightie, and then the moments I was playing with those heavy breasts whilst she stroked me to a thunderous orgasm…wow, what a night!

As you can imaging waking with those memories had a very hardening effect on my teenage cock and I was again hard in an instant, then my mind switched to other thoughts creating a little bit of panic, or was it excitement?, what happens next?.

I lay there for a good 10 minutes stroking my cock, reliving images of Aunty Carols big tits and the look on her face as she watched my hard cock explode with wave after wave of hot cum.. I don’t think i’d ever produced so much cum in my life!

Just then my train of thought was broken as I heard somebody coming up the stairs, was it my sister Gill or was it Aunty Carol?. I knew it wasn’t uncle Jeff as he was away till the end of the week so it was one or the other. Just then my door opened and there was Carol dressed for work carrying a cup of tea for me.

“Good morning young man,” she grinned, “Hope you slept well, thought you might like a cuppa before I shoot off to work.”

“Er, yes that would be lovely,” I stammered, feeling my face begin to blush

As she walked over to the side of my bed she made it obvious that she was looking at the bulging bed sheets and smiled.

“Glad to see you enjoyed yourself last night,” she giggled, “I take it thats whats got you hard this morning?”

“It was amazing!” was all I could say as I looked down her gaping blouse doing little to hide those heavy boobs as she bent over to place my mug down, the blouse doing nothing to hide a very full bra producing the cleavage from porno heaven. She knew exactly what she was doing and could see my gaze was firmly fixed on her heavy breasts and did nothing to cover herself or restrict my viewing pleasures

“You like Aunty Carols boobs don’t you?” she questioned, making sure she remained bent over and exposed to my wandering eyes

“Yes, very much so,” I responded without taking my eyes off them

“Well maybe tonight I might let you cum all over them,” she whispered “That is, if you really want to?”

I nodded silently as I felt her hand in my lap and tugging at the sheet that covered my midriff. Her eyes dropped to my crotch as my hard cock was again exposed to my mothers sister and in the morning sunlight she took a good long admiring look at my raging hard on.

“I need to go to work now lover,” she said “I’ll be thinking about you all day,” and with that she lent in, gave me a peck on the cheek and spun on her heels to leave.

I listened as she went up to Gill and took her a cuppa tea to wake her and within 5 minutes she was gone, I’m laying there now not only thinking about last night, but fantasising about those big tits around my cock and Aunty Carol wanking me off all over those beautiful fleshy orbs, needless to say I was soon pumping my cock to another tremendous orgasm.

I lay there in a heady daze with cum all over my cock and tummy and thought about mum, half wishing it was her who had entered my room last night but in no way regretting it was Aunty Carol, As I lay there half asleep and my mind drunk with erotic thoughts I must have drifted back off as suddenly I was aware of movement at my door, I was a little puzzled but didn’t let whoever it was know I was actually awake, instead I gathered my thoughts enough to realise it must be my sister Gill as Aunty Carol left some time ago and for some reason she was spying on me as I slept. The effect of knowing my sister was looking in on me was certainly a horny one and I pretended to roll over in my sleep so I would be on my side and Gill would get a full frontal view of my flaccid cock, this must have been her best view as I could swear I heard a little gasp as my cock flopped over and was totally naked to her prying eyes.

As I lay there pretending to sleep and knowing my own sister was looking at my cock it obviously began to swell and soon I was almost fully hard, I was thinking back to a few years ago as I spied on Aunty Carol in our bathroom taking a bath. A memory which was top of my “Virtual Wank Bank” memories for a long time, a memory of my first real sighting casino şirketleri of a fully grown woman naked and in real life. Aunty Carol was laying in a bubble bath, in our bathroom and with her big naked breasts exposed and water deep enough for me to still see some pubic hair between her legs

Where was I, Oh yes, I played at being restless in my slumber and shifting my position a number of times and was so enjoying giving her a show that I was surprised to hear her shuffle off back up to the attic room, but as I lay there drinking my tea and contemplating all the new sexual activity I was enjoying I could hear her bed rocking gently and was instantly hard thinking that maybe, just maybe my sister is up there masturbating after seeing my hard cock.

Well the day went well, Gill mentioned nothing about this morning and all was normal between us, we went out and about again and by early afternoon we’d met up with the guys and girls we had met over the weekend, we all dossed about and chatted, Gill flirted with a guy called Paul whilst I chatted up his sister. However my mind was most certainly elsewhere, I was so horny thinking about tonight and then my thoughts would switch to this morning, then last night and so on. My mind was awash with horny thoughts, images and desires, I was looking at my sister now in a way I’d not previously seen her but she was not the dominant thought, that was saved for Aunty Carol and thoughts of tonights late visit to my bedroom.

Gill was certainly not slow in coming forward and by the time tea time had come around and we were due back home she and Paul were snogging each others faces off, I thought what the hell and so gave his sister Clare a kiss and soon we were arranging to meet tomorrow for some of the same.

Tea time was a relaxed affair and Aunty Carol was as normal as always with absolutely no signs of anything untoward whilst in the company of my sister, a number of time she caught me looking at her breasts, but it was met with a brief smile and nothing more. We had decided to go out again for a few hours and arranged to be back before dark which was about 10pm, but just as we were about to leave the telephone rang and it was mum. We had a quick “Hello mum” with her and shared the news we had met some friends and just as she said her goodbyes she said “And I hear Aunty Carol is looking after you well”

My heart almost stopped, it was as though I could sense her smile in the tone of her voice, did she really say that?, did I read far too much into what she just said?, or does she actually know anything about last night?. I just confirmed that we were being well looked after and that Aunty Carol was wonderful, however the longer the evening went on the more it played on my mind, eventually I settled for the safe option in that all mum meant was that she was feeding us and making sure we behaved and being good.

Gill and I went down to the beach for a few hours and made more new friends, which was really down to the fact that lots of boys seemed to fancy my sister and it wasn’t down my friendship making skill, however I didn’t mind as her getting loads of attention seemed to give her a buzz and I liked that and also my mind was on other things anyway. Soon it was time to go home and all I could think about is Aunty Carol and what she had said last night, was I really going to be able to cum all over those big tits?

We got home in plenty of time and Carol was in the lounge watching some TV cop thing, Juliet Bravo or something boring and grown up, Aunty Carol was in a big fluff dressing gown and little fluff slingback slippers looking all snug and ready for bed. we sat for a while talking and sharing our day with her and then I slipped away for a shower, Gill followed shortly after and soon we were all saying our goodnights and off to our respective bedrooms.

I got into bed with absolutely no chance of sleep, my mind had been racing all day and now it was full of desire, full of excitement and accompanied by the obligatory raging hard-on. How long would I have to wait?.. would Aunty Carol go through with what she suggested last night?.. and would I get to feel between her legs?

Well it seemed like a lifetime, I could hear Aunty Carol chatting on the phone downstairs and it seemed to go on and on forever, I couldn’t make out any words so didn’t know who she was chatting with but assumed it was Jeff touching base for the evening. Suddenly it went quiet, the call had obviously finished and she was clip clopping round the house switching off lights and locking the doors.

My heart began to race and my cock was already throbbing so hard, I slipped the sheet off my hips and looked down at my raging boner, not really knowing how I compared to other guys other than I knew it was of an average size if what girls tells me is average, I was still always impressed with how hard it got and how much it would grow when erect, I guess when fully hard I’m about 8″ long and casino firmaları quite thick, later in life I realised it was indeed bigger than the average cock, and I guess Aunty Carol liked it as she was coming back for more.

I lay in silence for a good 15 minutes with not a sound from either Gill upstairs or from Aunty Carol, maybe Carol had gone to bed and had a change of mind, or maybe she was just waiting to make sure Gill was asleep, then I heard a door go and the sound of footsteps going up the stairs, it was obviously Carol checking in on my sleeping sister; moments later she was on her way down and then she appeared at my door.

Slowly the door opened and there she was, only this time she wasn’t in the nightie of last night, but a little sexy nightie with little lace bow ties up the front, I later found out these were called “Baby Doll” nighties but for that moment I didn’t care what they were called; she was visual womanly heaven!. This baby doll nightie thing was almost completely see through and came down only as far as the very top of her thighs, from where I was I couldn’t quite see her pubic hair but was sure as hell could tell she was wearing no underwear, and when I scanned upwards I could see large bullet like nipples pocking firmly into the thin material

“Good evening young man,” She whispered “I do hope you’ve been saving yourself today?”

“I have,” I replied as she walked in and pushed the door too behind her, my boner was already prominent under the sheets and her eyes were instantly drawn to it in the low light

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” she whispered as she sat on the edge of the bed and let her fingers rest on my naked chest, “And you know something?.. I’ve been very wet all day thinking about you beautiful cock.”

Well what do you say to that,? I just lay there and let her just do whatever she wants, here was my mums elder sister, sitting on the edge of my bed it the sexiest nightwear I’d ever seen and she was about to seduce me and play with my cock, life didn’t get any better for an 18 year old young man.

“You know what I’ve been thinking?” she quizzed, and without waiting for a reply she continued, “I’ve been thinking that maybe you’d like to see your naughty Aunty Carol naked, maybe you want to suck on my boobs and that maybe, just maybe you want to touch me down there?” and as she said that she parted her legs enough for me to see her pubic hair

Oh my word!. My first look at the vagina of a grown up woman, not Susan Days money box at school, or pics in a porno mag, this was a real woman right in front of my eyes!. I could see a mass of hair and prominent lips, the hair was dark but later found it was more ginger than it was brown but right now, I didn’t care at all. I just lay there in my bed looking down between Aunty Carols legs are her pussy and was in complete awe of the situation.

“I’m guessing you like it?” she whispered as she looked straight into my eyes with a lustful desire I would become very familiar with over the following years.

“Oh god yes,” I replied “I like it very very much!”

“Well in that case why don’t you touch me there?” she said as she spread her thighs a little wider

Well I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go amiss and slid my hand up the inner thigh of my aunt until my finger tips came in touch with her thick pubic hair, I could see she was already very wet down there and that her lips were quite swollen and red and as my finger tips glided over her pussy lips they parted and a sign of pleasure escaped her lips.

It was so erotic seeing this woman I’d known all my life in such a state of arousal, what was clear is that Aunty Carol just loved being turned on and a completely different personality began to make itself know to me, most of all was what she said as my fingers parted her wet swollen lips

“Oh fuck thats nice!” she sighed

Nothing special in that you might think but I’d never heard a grown married woman swear like that before and especially one who was so close to me, and especially in such a state of sexual arousal. Next thing I know is that my fingers are affecting her so much her breathing becomes really heavy and she’s reaching out for my cock.

“I want this,” she whispered as she pushed back the sheet and her fingers softly wrapped themselves around my shaft “I want this so bad!”

Oh my, I couldn’t believe how erotic this was and just how turned on Aunty Carol was, the sensation of feeling her hand on my cock was so very amazing, all those times wanking and dreaming of any older woman playing with my cock, and now it was happening for the second time in connective nights and not only that, this was my mums sister, a woman I spied on, fantasised over and is a womanly feminine as you could wish for. She has big full tits, a beautiful face, a trim figure, dressed immaculately and right now my fingers were currently slipping between her pussy lips as she reached for güvenilir casino my cock; life just doesn’t get much better at 18!

Just then she took me by surprise by leaning in and placing a kiss on my mouth, she was passionate and firm with her kiss and instantly I felt her tongue slip between my lips as she let out a deep, sensual groan, we kissed for some time as she slowly stroked my cock and I slid my fingers up and down between her wet lips. Every time i got to the top of my stroke she would moan deeper and respond more and I realised then just what was happening, I’d discovered that special thing, her clitoris. It was amazing how she responded when I touched it and for me it was just so incredible to discover the effect it had on her. It felt a little like my nipples do when i touch them, firm but flexible, only this was sticky and very wet, not wet like wee, but thick juicy wetness.. it turned out to be one of the largest clitoris I’d ever play with in all my adult life.

As Carol kissed me i could feel the weight of her tits on my chest and was conscious I’d still not fulfilled my desires with regards to seeing them fully exposed and having the chance to touch them, kiss them and suckle on them, last night was amazing but I wanted to see them totally naked and fully in my face. Carol was now breathing very heavily and responding to my every touch and as this passion built I felt less as though I was the person being seduced, and more like it was the provider of pleasure; however this was about to change.

Carol was now moaning quite loudly and the passion was clearly building up inside, she was moving her hips against my fingers and telling me how she was “so fucking horny”, she kept repeating the words “Yes baby” over and over again, kissing me harder and stroking me faster, until all of a sudden she pulled away, she then grabbed the pillow from behind me and to my surprise she stuffed her face in it, she appeared to bite the pillow and proceeded to let out what would have been a very loud cry of passion. Her hips bucked and thrust against my fingers and I realised she was having an orgasm, a full on passionate orgasm of the most intense kind.

Wowser, was all I could think; that was so amazing, I’d just made my Aunty cum, and real hard too. This woman I’d known for over 18 years whom I’ve had many erotic fantasies about and many wanks over had just had a tremendous orgasm in response to my touch. This mature woman with her large breasts was now sat on the edge of my bed, my cock in her hand, my mouth on her mouth and my fingers playing in her lady garden.

I watched in amazement as she regained her composure and got her breath back “Oh my..” she said “Oh my, that was amazing!” she was still panting and catching her breath as she looked deep into my eye. ” I came so hard,” she gasped, “hope I didn’t make too much noise?”

“No,” I replied, “It was amazing, so amazing.”

“Well now its your turn,” she said with the most devilish look in her eyes, ” I’ve been thinking about this all day, all day!”

And with that she moved off the bed and stood up beside me, i was laying there with my raging hard-on exposed for her to touch and play with and I wasn’t shy about it at all, I was loving the fact that my Aunty Carol was standing over me looking down at my naked body and most of all, my naked raging hard-on. Precum had been oozing out for some time now and my foreskin glistened with my fluids. I looked up to see her lift the hem of her nightie exposing her dark bush of pubic hair sodden with the juices of my endeavorers, inches from my face was the vagina of a mature woman in a full state of arousal.

I then watch in awe as she continued to pull on her nightie and lifted it up and over her head, there they were in all their magnificent glory, those wonderful big breasts which I’d admired ever since I can remember, the breasts of a woman, full, heavy and naked!. Looking back I can remember times where I’d taken sneaky peeks at Aunty Carol and also mums boobs, comparing and wondering what they looked like totally naked, well now I know.

They were everything a horny young man would dream off, Carol just stood there letting me admire them, watching me as I feast my eyes on them for what seemed like entirety, they just looked so perfect, big heavy breasts with large nipples and big areola, she had lots on little bumps around her nipples in her areola and from what I’d already seem of boobs and nipples in porno mags, these nipples where on the large side.

“You like my boobs don’t you Steven?” she gloated, and with that she lifted both hands up to cradle them, pushing them together “I’ve seen you looking at them many times, it always excites me knowing your looking at them.”

“I love them, they are wonderful,” was my reply “so big, so beautiful.”

“I’ve always known you like them, I knew you were there that time I took a bath at your house,” She giggled as she looked right at me, “I knew all along you were looking through the crack in the door; and it really turned me on!”

“Ooops,” I said trying to act all coy

“Its Ok,” she said, “but I knew back then that something would happen between us, thats why I invited you here this summer!”

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