Aunt Vicky

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I was all settled in for the night. My Aunt Vicky was downstairs doing laundry and finishing the dinner dishes, and I had showered and watched a little TV, and then yawned and told my Step-mom’s younger sister that I was going to bed. I wasn’t actually tired yet, but I was horny and was looking forward to taking some time to escape into my world of secret sexual fantasies, and I didn’t want to be disturbed.

My Aunt Vicky was pretty foxy for my Step-mom’s younger sister, and looked much like a younger version of my Mom. God she is beautiful. She was about thirty, and had long straight black hair cut into bangs over her forehead, a dynamite face with dark brown eyes under heavy brows, small but nicely shaped tits, a flat stomach over narrow hips, and long smooth legs. She was staying here while my Mom and Dad were gone to South America on business, and I had gotten to know her pretty well. She was pretty liberal in her thinking and let me do pretty much like he wanted to. Most of the time, anyway.

I had been looking forward to this evening, since my buddy Kenny had shared some of his collection of porn magazines with me after school. I had borrowed a magazine with color photos of young naked girls, and a dirty paper-back book entitled “Girl’s School Nymphs”. I was planning to read it and look at the pictures of the girls in the magazine while I released my libido and relieved my sexual urges.

To make it a really special occasion, I had swiped a pair of my Aunt Vicky’s worn panties from the laundry basket before she could do the wash, and was going to smell the fragrance of her pussy in the stained cotton crotch of her hot pink undies, and then use them to jerk off in and catch my spunk when I was ready to come.

I laid back against the pillows of my bed, naked as I usually was when I went to bed, and paged through the magazine first. My young dick began to rise, growing erect, hardening and inflamed as I looked at the graphic photographs of young girls showing off their cute tits and pink slits, and I reached down and grasped my dick and teased myself a little as I paged through the magazine.

I paused, looking at one very fine and sexy, and particularly attractive young blond girl, naked except for white sox and white tennis shoes. She had long light blond hair cut in bangs over her pretty face, sexy blue-gray eyes, and a pouty mouth, painted dark red with lipstick. Her tits were perfect, smallish, but turned up with soft undersides, her nipples perfectly in proportion. She had gorgeous long legs, full calves, and her hands were down between her soft thighs, her fingers showing off her little erected clitoris.

I laid the magazine down, open to her photo, deciding that I wanted to look at her when it was time to get my cum feeling.

Then I started to read the paperback. It was about young horny girls in an all-girls school who had discovered their proclivity for lesbian sex thrills, and it was really nasty. I started slowly skinning my dick up and down again as I read, and found one part that I read over and over again as I began to jack my stiff dick a little faster, enjoying the sexy feeling of pleasuring myself, masturbating to the printed words.

…”Peggy listened quietly as her roommate Sue talked to her, her voice low and raspy. Her fingers were inside her panties, deftly stroking herself between her legs, just below the curly hairs of her muff. She was masturbating quietly in her darkened dorm room while she waited for her roommate to go on with her story. She and Sue had been talking about boys again, and it had made her slit grow wet and puffy when Sue Ellen had told her about parking and making out with her boyfriend in his car.

…”Sue knew her roommate was masturbating, lying in her bed and rubbing her clit as she listened to her, knowing because several times before, when she had talked sexy to her like this, she could hear the squishy sounds of her roommate’s self-stimulation and her quiet gasp of pleasure when she made herself come. They had done this often over the first weeks of the semester, and Sue enjoyed providing the mental images that made her cute roommate need to get herself off. She often played with herself at the same time as Peggy, and was doing it now as she talked softly to her roommate, the fingers of her left hand reaching under her tee-shirt and across her chest to gently roll her own puckered nipple while she fingered her slit, rubbing gently between her slippery labia and applying the wetness she found there to her erecting clitoris. “…She told Peggy how he had taken her boyfriend’s cock out and put her hand on it while he felt up her tits, and as she held his throbbing penis in her hand, he had began to run his hand up the soft skin of her thigh, casino şirketleri up until he felt the wet spot in the crotch of her panties, and she had let him rub her there as she felt his cock stiffen and quiver in her hand.

Peggy was pretending that it was the boy’s finger rubbing her slit as she listened to her roommate and quietly masturbated, teasing her swelling clitoris, making it rise up and jut out from its little protective hood.

…”Then Sue Ellen told her that the boy had pulled her panties down and began playing his finger directly over her bare slit, and then began gently rubbing her clitoris as his other hand went under her bra and began pinching her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. It had felt so good that it made her gasp, and when he put his mouth on her ear, the stimulation of all of her body parts at once was so strong that she briefly considered rolling him over on top of her and letting him fill up the ache in her buttery snatch with his stiff hardon.

…”But the decision was made when he put his finger inside her tight opening, stroked in and out several times, and then returned it to masturbate her clitoris again, and Sue bit her lip and began to drift off, surprised at the speed of her orgasm. As she began to cum, she ran her thumb over the soft silky skin of the crown of the boy’s erect cock and felt him begin to cum, spurting some slippery stuff under her thumb, and she knew he was having his orgasm in her hand. And then her own climax came over her and she was only vaguely aware of her hand skinning her boyfriend’s cock and feeling him squirt his cum shots on her bare leg as she felt the waves of the pleasure of her climax wash over her body.”

I loved reading sexually graphic descriptions like that when I masturbated, and my fist went up and down the loose skin of my hard-on as I reached for my Aunt Vicky’s panties. I was getting close to having my cum, and I held the fragrant and stained cotton crotch of my Aunt’s panties to my nose, right where she had leaked out a little of her juice. As I smelled the sweet fragrance of my pretty Aunt’s cunt in her panties, I gazed at the photo of the sexy young blond showing off her clitoris in the skin magazine, looking at her face and her naked tits, and then down to her wide spread thighs and her pretty legs. My eyes zeroed in on the girl’s pussy lips which she had spread for the camera, and I wondered if she had masturbated for the camera to make her clitoris stand up like that.

My balls grew tight under my jerking fist and his my hard-on began to leak out some clear stuff and I felt myself beginning to get my feeling, when… OH SHIT!… suddenly I heard my Aunt Vicky coming down the hall!

I barely had time to pull the sheet up over the magazine and the book when Aunt Vicky walked into his room, carrying an arm load of folded laundry, fresh from the dryer.

“I saw your light on and…” Aunt Vicky said, and then paused, her eyes looking directly at the outline of my hard-on under the sheet. “Did I interrupt something?” she asked, grinning devilishly at me. She knew.

“Uh…I was just about to turn my light off”, I managed to squeak out. “I w-was just catching up on some reading…” I stuttered… I was blushing like crazy.

“Reading what?” she interrupted, and set the laundry down on my dresser. “What were you reading that made you get all excited?” she quizzed, smiling at me. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the sheet down to expose the magazine. I was mortified as she picked it up and began to flip through the pages.

“Pretty explicit stuff”, she remarked. “Cute girls too. That’s good! I wouldn’t want my cute nephew to be jerking off to anything less than the best”, she commented, smiling at me in a teasing manner.

“God I’m so embarrassed”, I muttered.

“Yeah, I guess I would be too”, she said. “But what you were doing is perfectly normal for a boy your age”, she went on, speaking softly. “Every body masturbates now and then, and I’m sorry I interrupted you”, she said. “You must be feeling really horny”.

I noticed that his Aunt Vicky seemed to be pressing her smooth bare legs together as she sat on the edge of his bed, and had a slight flush in her cheeks. She was wearing blue denim cut-offs and a halter top, leaving her midriff exposed. I could see the outline of her nipples through the halter, and the fine hairs on the skin of her stomach. And she was right – stopping me when I was right at the edge of getting my cum feeling had left me really horny, and that’s probably what made me take such a gamble as I looked up at my Aunt.

“Uh…d-do you do it too, Aunt Vicky?” I stuttered.

She smiled at my question, forming dimples in her cheeks as she cut her casino firmaları eyes away from me, the blush rising higher in the side of her neck. My cock stopped shrinking from the embarrassment of her interruption and began to thicken again, lifting the sheet as blood filled the little cavities in the shaft of it.

“I suppose everybody does”, she sighed. He could see that her eyes were fixed on me, looking right at the tented sheet, watching as my dick flexed under the sheet and grew even harder.

“Look at you…you’re still all hot and bothered”, she said softly, smiling, her eyes fixed on my erection.

“Would you like to see it?” I asked, and before she could decline, I pulled the sheet down over my stomach, exposing myself to her eyes. The flush rose from her neck and turned her cheeks pink.

“And what do we have here?” she murmured, ignoring me and picking up both the paperback and her panties. I had forgotten about the panties, and I felt the flush rise in my face again.

“Were you going to jerk off in my panties?” she questioned. “Do I do that to you?” she asked, seeming genuinely surprised. She began to page through the paperback, reading a paragraph or two before turning several more pages and reading again.

“You don’t have to hunt for the good parts, do you”, she muttered softly, still smiling. “My my”, she muttered. “…’Cindy felt her little sister’s warm mouth on the open lips of her vagina. Finally! she thought! She’s gonna’ do me like I do her!…” she read aloud.

Then my Aunt Vicky did something that would make me remember her as long as I live. She reached down with her long slim fingers and took my erect peter in her hand, gently squeezing it, testing it, and jacking it a little, pleasuring my organ with a very knowledgeable touch.

“I feel bad about interrupting you”, she apologized, “but maybe I can make it up to you”, she said softly as her hand began working the shaft of my dick with little pulling short strokes.

“Oh…that feels good”, I managed to mumble.

“I’ve done this for boys before”, she whispered, smiling. “Would you

like to look at the magazine while I do it for you?” she asked.

I thought about that…it would be so horny looking at the photos of the naked girls while my Aunt Vicky jerked me off, and I would see what it felt like to be masturbated to orgasm by a woman’s hand while I looked at the graphic photographs.

I nodded, my hardon throbbing in her hand.

“Wait…I’ll be back in a minute…” she said softly. Whatever she was

going to do didn’t matter to me…I just needed to cum…bad! I heard her go into the bathroom and then downstairs, and then the buzzer go off on the microwave. What was she doing?! Then she was back, wearing a black velvet glove on her right hand, and holding a small bottle of baby oil.

She sat next to me on the bed and started pouring some of the warmed baby oil on my dick. I had softened again in her absence, but I got immediately hard as she used the cloved hand to spread the oil over the shaft of my dick. This way was beyond anything I could have conjured up in my fantasies. “You want to look at the magazine now?” she whispered.

“I like looking at you”, I said to her, my tongue wetting my lips as her gloved fingers skinned my curved prick up and down, making it cramp with the pleasure of being masturbated.

“You want to see me naked?” she asked, squeezing my cock between her thumb and fingers. “Would you like to look at my body while I jerk you off?” she questioned.

I looked down at her hand sliding up and down my prick, and saw that I was already leaking out some clear juice. “Yes, oh yes, I’d really like that”, I panted. “I’d really like to watch you take your clothes off and see you naked”, I breathed. “And I’d love to watch YOU masturbate”, I added brazenly.

“Here, you play with it”, Aunt Vicky said as she took my hand and moved it down to my hard-on. Then she stood up and reached behind her back and undid her halter, and immediately her small breasts spilled out. She was kind of flat chested really, having a young girl’s up-lifted breasts, but her tits were nicely shaped, rounded on the undersides, and her little bullet nipples were already standing up, hard and erect, aching to be teased. I looked at her tits and watched as she cupped them in both hands, her fingers tantalizing and squeezing her nipples and I thrilled as I began working my cock again as I looked at her tits. Jerking off in front of my Aunt Vicky was very erotic, and it felt deliciously dirty, and I knew that I was going to enjoy showing her how I could make my stiff cock shoot off squirts of cum, exhibiting my pleasure for her.

Then she hooked her thumbs in her cut-offs and güvenilir casino slid them down over her slim hips without even unbuttoning them. She had on baby-blue panties, and I could see the dark thatch of her mons through the material. Aunt Vicky really had a nice body, and I was filled with love and lust for her as I stroked my dick and looked at her.

Her eyes were glistening as she watched me ogle her, her eyes focusing on my hand moving over my stiff leaking dick, watching me as I jerked himself off in front of her.

Then her left hand moved down over her flat stomach, and down over the front of her blue panties, and cupped her sex, pressing against the vee of her panty crotch. When she lifted them, I could see the outline of her slit where she had pressed her fingers, her blue panties spotted darker where her fingers had been, and then she slid the panties down over her thighs, exposing her dark muff. When she stepped out of them, she held them out to me.

“Here”, she said. “These are warm. Show me what you like to do with my panties when you masturbate”, she breathed.

I didn’t hesitate. I took her panties, and finding the thin strip of material where her cunt had been, held them to my nose. They were damp with the warm moistness of her, and smelled slightly sweet, and my cock trembled in my fist as I sniffed the fresh warm and damp heady fragrance of my Aunt Vicky’s snatch as she looked down on me, smiling at me.

Then Vicky spread her smooth thighs apart and standing at the side of my bed, placed one knee up on the edge of the mattress, her fingers spreading her cunt lips apart as she watched my eyes focus on the pink opening of her sex.

“Is this what you want to see?” she smiled as she pulled the skin of her slit up and apart, showing me her clitoris. “Is this what you like to think about when you rub your dick and make yourself ejaculate?” she teased, and one long oily finger reached down below her protruding clit and I watched as it traveled slowly through the wet pink of her slit, drawing her slickness out, and then up to circle and lubricate the hardened erect bud of her pink clitoris.

“You want to watch me masturbate while you beat off to me?” she lilted. “Does it feel good when you rub your dick with your hand and make your sperm come out?” she teased. “C’mon little man, let me see you make your dick squirt off”.

“Ohhh…Aunt Vicky”, I groaned, my hand beating my brittle dick faster and faster. “I…I’m gonna c-cum…lookin at you… play with your clit”, I keened as my dick seized up. Just as I felt myself start to cum, Aunt Vicky quickly reached down and took my hardon in her oily velvet glove and squeezed it as she slid her gloved hand up and down. She stared at me as she held her pussy open, pulling her muff up so I could really see her erected clitoris. Man did I cum. I felt my jizz travel up the length of my cock and I released a large squirt of white creamy cum pudding which shot out of me with considerable force. I had always wondered if the climax brought up the jizz, or if the jizz coming out brought the feeling of orgasm, and this mystery was answered for me as I came so hard that I spasmed and orgasmed again without releasing ANY sperm. A HUGE orgasm. The mother of all hand jobs.

She rapidly beat my cock several more times before she jacked off another thick milky wad of slippery cum, and I ejaculated again, all over my stomach.

“Ouuuu…yeah…cum for me”, Aunt Vicky whispered, her face frowning in concentration as she strained to bring about her own pleasure, her middle finger rapidly thrumming her clitoris, masturbating herself to her own orgasm as she watched me cum.

“Ouuuh”, she panted, exalting as her climax began, her eyes closed and her head tilting back, and she continued to stimulate her clitoris as she came, her hips thrusting a little as she thrilled and panted and pleasured herself through the culmination of her gratification.

The two of us continued to masturbate together through our orgasms for several more moments until we were thoroughly satisfied, and relaxed, and were sapped for energy, both of us breathing rapidly to catch their breath. Then my Aunt Vicky bent over me, smiling, her dark eyes showing her satisfaction. Her long dark hair tickled my face, and she kissed me lightly and then was gone, leaving the scent of hot sex and both pairs of her panties behind.

I was dumbfounded at what he had just experienced, and despite my recent orgasm, my dick was still erect, and I began to slick it up and down as I reached for the panties. I quickly brought myself off again, squirting my second load of semen into her silky underwear wrapped around my dick as I held the crotch of the fresh blue panties to my mouth and tasted where her puss had been. Then, finally sated, I wiped myself off and slipped both pair of her panties and the porno reading material under my bed, and holding my semi-erect peter, drifted off into a deep and restful sleep.

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