Aunt Raven: The Story Of Jenny

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Before you read this, go find ‘Aunt Raven’ or you won’t have any idea of what this story is about.



‘Jen, Becky and Carl, it’s time for lunch!’ Claire yelled from the backdoor of the house, hoping the kids hadn’t snuck down to the river again. She loved living this far from town, but the river made her so nervous. Even with the kids being 19, 18 and 13 it bothered her so much.

‘Coming!’ Jenny yelled from the woods, watching Carl shoving his thing back in his pants as fast as he could. ‘Why do you always get so scared when she calls us? You know she never leaves the house and I wanted to suck it,’ she added pulling him against her body, wondering what it was going to feel like doing him.

Carl loved Jenny so much, but he knew this wasn’t right. Brothers and sisters didn’t do these things, but Jenny made him so hard and the things she did, were great. ‘Really?’ he asked with a grin, remembering how great it felt when she rubbed her big boobies around him and let him shoot his stuff. ‘Can we do it tonight?’ he asked reaching up under her small blouse to caress both her nipples, knowing it drove her crazy when he touched them.

Jenny was helpless when he touched her like this, but there was no way she’d ever let him know. She liked having the upper hand and having him wrapped around her finger as tight as she could get. ‘I might,’ she teased, knowing she planned to suck him dry. She’d wanted to try it all summer and finally had the nerve.

‘I can’t wait!’ Carl smiled thinking of his beautiful sister sucking him and how fun it was going to be.

Jenny smiled at him and licked her full, red lips. ‘You’re going to love it,’ she whispered moving against him, giving him a very long and deep kiss before she pulled away. ‘Becky, it’s time to go!’ Jenny yelled down the hill for the young girl, hoping she hadn’t seen them kissing.

‘I’m coming!’ Becky yelled to Jenny, wondering if she and Carl were being nasty again. She knew they liked kissing each other and she knew it was wrong, but Jenny told her not to tell or the boogeyman would come and get her.

‘I hope she never tells Dad on us.’ Carl said thinking of Dad beating him for messing with Jenny. He was a master using the belt and Carl never wanted to feel it again. Last year, Carl set fire to the old barn and Daddy really let Carl know that he did wrong.

Jenny laughed as she fixed her blouse. ‘She’s not going to say anything. I told her the boogeyman would come and get her if she did!’ Jenny laughed wondering if tonight would be the night that she and Carl would do it. She was so sick of playing and was ready to go all the way, even if he was her brother.

‘Jenny! You shouldn’t have told her that,’ he said shaking his head, wondering why Jenny was so mean all the time. Becky was a good girl, but Jenny loved teasing her to no end.

‘Who cares,’ she snapped at him. ‘It’s about time she grew up. Mom and Dad treat her like a fucking baby,’ she added as jealousy rushed over her, remembering when she got all of Daddy’s love.

Carl looked at her in shock. ‘Jenny, take it easy,’ he said putting on his shirt and started towards the house, wondering why Jenny was acting this way. Everyone was upset that Mom had cancer and was going to die, but Jenny had gotten so mean.

‘Fuck you, Carl!’ Jenny said looking at her brother and heard Becky walking up the path. ‘Hurry up, you little brat before you get us in trouble again!’ Jenny yelled shoving Becky in the back, making her drop one of her dolls on the ground. ‘Fucking brat!’ she said to herself wondering why Daddy loved Becky more than her now. She was willing to do anything for him, but he just pushed her aside for Becky.


‘You guys wash up; Daddy is coming home for lunch today.’ Claire Wildwood said flipping a piece of chicken in the skillet as her children rushed into the house. ‘If your clothes are dirty, go ahead and change,’ she added watching excitement fill their faces. He’d been spending a lot of time at their mill, trying to fill an order that was going to change their lives forever, if completed on time.

‘Mommy, why is Jenny so mean to me?’ Becky asked, standing by her mom with a sad face, wondering why her big sister that she loved so much treated her this way.

Claire sat down the fork and knelt down to hug her youngest daughter. ‘Oh baby,’ she moaned caressing Becky’s back, hoping to comfort her. ‘What’s she been doing? I’ll have a talk with her tonight,’ she added with a big smile, hoping to ease the young girls’ sadness.

‘She’s been mean to me all summer. She pushes me, calls me names and never plays with me anymore,’ the young girl replied, hoping mom could make her stop being mean. She loved Jenny and this made her so sad.

‘Well, she’s a big girl now. I can make her stop being mean, but I can’t make her play.’ Claire said caressing Becky’s face, hoping that it wasn’t a mistake moving the family so far out in the country. They didn’t have any friends, casino şirketleri only at school. Jenny graduated, Carl would next year and Becky played with her imaginary friends all day.

‘Ok Mommy.’ Becky said giving her a hug and made her way through the house to wash, hoping that she wouldn’t see Jenny.

Jenny was standing around the corner and heard everything Becky told mom and she was so mad she couldn’t stand it. ‘Brat!’ she said to herself, knowing Becky was going to pay for this. ‘I’ll get you later!’ Jenny whispered and ran to her room to change for Daddy.

Jenny found her small yellow blouse, a pair of jeans that were two sizes to small and just about worn out. She knew he liked the jeans because there were so many times she’d caught him looking at her butt and he’d wink at her. ‘He’ll look at me now!’ Jenny smiled running her hands over her very shapely hips and butt, hoping Daddy would give her some attention. She missed being in his arms and feeling his big, strong hands over her butt, it made her feel so warm inside.

She brushed her hair, powered her nose and after putting on a dab of lipstick, she made her way to the kitchen.

‘Jenny!’ Claire gasped at her daughter, wondering why she’d dressed this way. ‘Why are you wearing those jeans? They should have been thrown out a long time ago,’ she added looking at her daughter, knowing that she had grown into a very seductive young lady and needed to be around people her own age.

Jenny gave mom at an evil sneer as she walked to the table and sat down. ‘I think they look great!’ she smiled quickly looking to Carl and from the look on his face Jenny knew he loved them.

‘After lunch,’ mom said looking to Jenny. ‘I want them in the fire barrel,’ she added with a firm voice, knowing she needed to remind Jenny who the boss was before things got any worse than they were.

She just smiled, knowing that after Daddy saw her, she’d keep them. ‘I will.’ Jenny replied thinking of another pair she hated that would be burned instead. She gave Carl a glace and saw him trying his best to look at her without being caught by mom. ‘If Daddy wants me, our playing is over,’ she thought knowing he would be so hard from seeing her great ass shoved in the tight jeans.

Becky was sitting on the far side of the table, when they heard Daddy’s car driving towards the house. ‘Yes!’ Jenny said jumping up and ran towards the door as fast as she could go. She wanted Daddy to see her before he did Becky and she knew he’d be hugging her from now on.

‘Becky, go out the back and you can beat Jenny.’ Carl laughed, hoping to spoil Jenny’s plans with Dad. He loved playing with her and if Daddy started hugging her again, Carl knew he wouldn’t. ‘Hurry!’ Carl laughed knowing the small girl could outrun Jenny with no problem.

Mom just shook her head at him, knowing that he was causing more problems. ‘You need your butt kicked,’ she said looking to her son, wondering why he did this to Jenny. Claire knew John was slowly pushing Jenny away from him and she knew why. It was because Jenny was a very attractive young lady and it made the pain of not having sex more excruciating than ever.

Jenny rushed out on the large front porch and quickly saw Daddy’s eyes looking at her. She saw a look on his handsome face that she hadn’t seen in a long time. Daddy was looking at her with the same lustful look on his face that had been reserved for mom. She couldn’t help but feeling a fire growing between her legs as she rushed towards him.

‘My God!’ was all John Wildwood could say when he saw his beautiful daughter and for the first time in a year, he felt his cock jump with excitement. He watched her running towards him, her long, brown hair flowing in the soft, summer breeze, her very large breasts bouncing with each of her long strides and those hips. ‘Lord!’ he thought, hoping the man that won her heart would know what he had.

Jenny saw that Becky was running around the side of the house and was going to beat her to Daddy. ‘You brat!’ Jenny said running as fast as she could move, giving Becky a shove in the back and Jenny continued on the ‘her’ Daddy. She jumped into his big, strong arms, she was in heaven as he held her tight, and gave her a kiss. ‘I’m glad to see you,’ she whispered to him in a voice that she knew turned Carl on.

‘I missed you too,’ he replied, enjoying the feel on her large breasts smashed to his chest and her seductive hips against his growing cock. ‘You look great,’ he moaned reaching to caress the ass that he used to love seeing wiggle, but after Claire couldn’t have sex, he all but stopped looking at Jenny.

Jenny was lost in his soft, but strong touch, wondering if she could win his heart and be his lover. She knew mom couldn’t do it anymore and figured poor Daddy must be going crazy without sex. She wanted to help him and wouldn’t stop until she did. ‘Thank you,’ she moaned as mom’s voice yelled for Daddy and broke this wonderful moment with him.

He pulled from Jenny, looked to his wife casino firmaları holding Becky in her arms and wondered why the young girl was screaming. ‘What the heck?’ he said in shock as he ran to Claire and saw Becky’s mouth was bleeding very badly. He turned to Jenny and saw her laughing at her baby sister. ‘Why in the hell are you laughing?’ he asked as anger poured over him. He grabbed Jenny’s arm and jerked her to Becky. ‘Look what you did!’ he yelled watching blood flowing from Becky’s little mouth.

‘I didn’t do it.’ Jenny lied, not caring about her sister, hoping the little brat would die. ‘She must have slipped,’ she lied again, knowing that once again, Becky had come between her and Daddy.

‘You shoved her!’ Mom yelled in Jenny’s face, wondering why Jenny was so mean to her sister. ‘Go to your room and I do not want to see you until morning!’ she yelled louder than before, trying to comfort Becky.

Jenny couldn’t believe this. The kid she hated ruined it again. ‘No!’ she yelled back to her mother. ‘She slipped and I won’t do it!’ Jenny screamed and didn’t see Daddy’s big hand swinging towards her butt. ‘Ouch!’ she screamed, feeling as if her butt had been set on fire and when she realized what happened, her heart broke in two. For the first time in her life, Daddy hit her.

John couldn’t believe Jenny. He drew back his mighty hand and slapped Jenny’s ass hard as he could. The one he was just caressing and getting so excited over, harder than anyone deserved, let alone his sexy, young daughter. ‘Do what your mother said, now!’ John yelled at the love of his life, knowing it was wrong.

Jenny grabbed her butt, hoping the blistering pain would stop. She jumped up and down as tears poured from her pretty eyes, wondering why Daddy hit her. ‘I hate you!’ she screamed at him. ‘I hate you!’ she screamed again running into the house, wishing she would die, and then he would be sorry. Once up the stairs and at her room, Jenny turned towards the front door. ‘I hate you!’ she screamed again, rushed inside, slammed the door and fell across her bed.

Claire covered her mouth in shock. John swore that he would never hit either of his daughters and leave that to her, but he’d just hit Jenny. ‘Oh John!’ Claire said feeling tears forming in his eyes. She knew Jenny needed to be punished for hurting Becky, but she couldn’t believe this.

John was also in shock at what just transpired and he wanted to die. Jenny was a young girl that just wanted his love, the love he was trying to avoid. After Claire started getting sick, it was so difficult to hold or hug Jenny, so he pushed her away. It wasn’t right for a father to be excited or feel lust for his own blood and that’s what started to happen. He turned and walked away, walking away from the sounds of his two darling daughters crying in pain.


Later that night, after everyone was in bed and John had a shower, he knew it was time to apologize to Jenny. He felt so bad for what he’d done and needed to tell her he was sorry. He walked to her door, gently tapped and walked in. ‘My God!’ John whispered as he looked to her lying on her bed, still in the breathtaking pair of jeans, with her legs slightly spread. ‘You’re beautiful,’ he moaned walking to sit on her bed and he couldn’t keep his eyes from her very shapely ass. ‘Baby,’ he whispered touching her arm, hoping she’d talk to him.

Jenny heard him coming in her room and acted as if she was sleeping. She didn’t want him touching her or to hear his apology, she was mad at him.

‘I’m sorry baby,’ he said rubbing her back, trying his best not to look at her great, little ass, but he couldn’t. She was beautiful. ‘I’d never hurt my best girl,’ he smiled rubbing her more and reached to caress her ass. ‘Oh shit!’ John moaned at the feel of Jenny and knew he needed to leave before he did something bad. ‘I love you so much!’ he moaned again as he slowly moved his big hand over every inch of Jenny’s ass and then he got up and left.

Jenny was in shock. Daddy was rubbing her butt and she knew it wasn’t the kind of rubbing a Daddy was supposed to do. ‘Wow!’ she whispered as the feel of his hand touching her was still flooding over her body. ‘I should have said something; maybe he would have hugged me.’ Jenny said as sadness overtook her and she heard the screen door to the porch open.

‘Maybe it’s not to late,’ she smiled, jumped out of bed, stripped off her clothes and found her best nightshirt and a tiny pair of panties to wear. ‘If he liked touching me, he’s going to love this,’ she smiled and made her way down to him, hoping he’d show her love.

John sat on the front porch looking out into the darkness thinking of the last time he had sex with Claire, wishing she was better. He took a drink of his whiskey, lit another cigarette and didn’t notice there was someone looking at him.

‘Daddy.’ Jenny said moving in front of him and slowly sat on his lap. ‘How come you’re still up?’ she asked knowing there were many nights that he stayed up until the early morning güvenilir casino hours and she felt something on her bare thigh.

John couldn’t help but jump when Jenny sat on him. He was naked and his very alluring daughter was sitting on him with only a pair of panties separating them. ‘I couldn’t sleep and I tried talking to you. I wanted to tell you that I was sorry for slapping you,’ he replied hoping she would notice his cock, but with it on her thigh, he knew better.

‘Oh God!’ Jenny thought as Daddy’s big thing touched her, wishing that he wanted her. ‘How do you ever get that in Mom?’ she asked herself, trying to imagine Daddy getting it in their Mom and if she liked it. She thought Carl was a freak he was so big, but now; Jenny knew Carl’s was nothing.

‘It’s ok Daddy,’ she said hugging him as tight as she could. ‘Daddy, how come you never hold me anymore?’ Jenny asked putting out her lower lip, remembering that Daddy loved it and would give her anything she wanted. She missed being in his arms. He always gave her the most wonderful feeling, but he just stopped it last year, leaving her so lonely and lost.

How could he tell his sexy, young daughter that he had to stop hugging her before he molested her? She was beautiful. Her long brown hair, big brown eyes and the most wonderful body that he’d ever seen, made him so hard and there was no way he would make love to her.

‘You got to big, sweetie,’ he lied wishing Jenny would get up before his cock went wild and got harder. It did feel so good having her on him with her very tiny nightshirt and panties, but he knew it would just leave him in agony.

‘I miss you hugging me,’ she whispered slipping her arms around his neck and hugged him. She loved smelling him and his big, strong body, made her feel so warm inside. ‘Hug me Daddy,’ she purred in a voice that she knew drove poor Carl crazy and she hoped it would Daddy too.

‘Oh baby, you’re killing me!’ he thought knowing that he shouldn’t touch a single hair on Jenny’s head, let alone hug her. But, he did and it felt so good to hug her and he felt his cock growing.

Jenny felt it to and she couldn’t help but smile. Daddy stopped hugging her because she turned him on. ‘You’re so big,’ she whispered in his ear and could swear she heard him moan. ‘I love the way it feels,’ she panted, hoping he didn’t put her over his knee and spank her ass again. This was fun and Jenny didn’t want it to end. ‘It’s so smooth and hot!’ she moaned as his big hands started rubbing her back and slowly around her tummy.

John smiled, knowing his baby girl was growing up and was just as excited as he was. ‘I don’t think you should be saying you like my thing touching you,’ he said in a calming voice as he continued rubbing her stomach, enjoying her innocent flesh against his fingers, quickly remembering why he stopped hugging her.

‘But I do,’ she whispered with a soft moan, hoping he’d touch her more, between her legs. He was sure to be so gentle, not like Carl and his rough fingers. ‘It makes me tingle all over and I’m getting real hot,’ she whispered as his big hand slowly and very carefully moved down her tummy.

He couldn’t help but smile. Jenny was just like her mother, a sexual woman that loved to be touched. ‘I bet you are,’ he smiled knowing this was so wrong, but he needed a release. He hadn’t been with his wife in over a year. The cancer in her stomach was too much to endure during sex, so he left her alone. ‘I’ve missed holding you,’ he said moving his hand around Jenny’s stomach, hoping he could stop before things got out of hand. She was his daughter and there was no way he could go all the way. Some hugging, petting and sweet talk, but no sex with her.

Jenny was in heaven as her Daddy’s big hands were driving her crazy. He was so much better at touching her than Carl; she wanted to explode in his arms. ‘I love you touching me,’ she moaned, arching her back, making sure that her large right breast brushed over his face, wondering if he’d suck her nipple. She seen him sucking Mom’s one night and knew it felt good from they way she moaned and begged for more.

He couldn’t believe this was his daughter. She was driving him crazy with her sweet words and now her breast was only inches from his mouth. ‘I should turn you over my knee, but,’ he paused to enjoy the feel of her panties against his fingers and a wonderful smell coming from between her legs. His baby girl was excited for him. ‘I like this. My little girl has turned into a lady and driving me crazy!’ he laughed, continuing to enjoy her body and the soft panties that were keeping him from turning down a forbidden road of lust.

Jenny giggled, hoping that her Daddy would just give in to his needs as a man. She knew that he and Mom hadn’t been together in a very, very long time and Jenny was more than willing to take her place in his bed. ‘I’m glad,’ she whispered, sliding her hand down, until she touched the very thing that made her and it felt breathtaking. ‘Oh Daddy!’ she whimpered running her fingers over it and when he moaned in her ear, Jenny knew he was hers. ‘Do you like that?’ Jenny whispered knowing he did. She’d used the same techniques to drive Carl insane and Jenny figured Daddy would love it too.

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