Aunt Makes Sure Mother Is Satiated

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(This story is a part of the series involving Shobha, Ajay and Dipti. It is self contained and be enjoyed on its own. For those who seek continuity in this theme, the preceding story is titled “Mother and aunt meet in his room”.)

“Lets go else mother will get upset, Shobha had said to Ajay at the end of her violent orgasm, flooding his face even as his mother watched from the foot of the bed. It had been a long night which started with his mother and aunt loving each other unknown to him. And then they had both ended up in his room one after the other. Since then, the two were alternately feasting on him.

He had been kissed, masturbated, mouthed and taken by both women, with Shobha- his aunt- directing the proceedings. She was the younger, more adventurous of the two women. Dipti in any case was inhibited by the fact that it was her son that was involved in the threesome. But Shobha was also more imaginative and daring. And in this threesome, she was the only one who had achieved a full release. Ajay had been denied time and again. And Dipti had been allowed only enough to keep her in control.

Shobha played sexual politics to the hilt in her own pragmatic way. She wanted access to Ajay. She did not want Dipti to kill the relationship by denying access. And she did not want to provoke insecurity in Dipti. The mother had wanted to keep the boy to herself. The inclusiveness of the three-way relationship was to be reinforced if Shobha was to have her fill of the young man asand when she visited Dipti’s house.

It was with this in mind that she invited Ajay to now pay attention to his mother. Ajay was momentarily confused as to where his mother was when his aunt made that statement. When he realized she was just there he sensed Chachi meant something else.

The novice waited to be directed. But the Director was setting the scene elsewhere. Shobha moved to a separate area at the foot of the bed and pushed Ajay’s legs away. She pulled Dipti to lie alongside her and spoke in a soft voice to the stunned mother.

“Now he knows what you want and he knows how to deliver it,” she murmured into Dipti’s delectable lips. She pressed her breasts to the other woman’s and caressed her body with her own. Now it was Shobha’s body that was sweaty from exertion and release and Dipti who received the smearing.

And when they kissed both felt Ajay on the other’s lips. The man of their affections snuggled up behind his chachi and his cock was bobbing, staining Shobha’s back. He held it and pressed it between her asscheeks not knowing where it would go. All he knew was that it was aching, leaking and desperate to blow its load. Several times in those wee hours of that night he had been stroked and pounded only to be left on the brink.

Shobha twisted her head back and hand behind his head, pulled him tantalizingly close to her lips and said, “Beta mere peeche nahi. Mummy ke peeche aa jao.” (Not behind me son, behind your mother.) Shobha felt his cockhead prod her anus but she didn’t bother to educate him on that. He had anyway been redirected.

Ajay’s eyes moved from his aunt’s face to his mother’s. Her face was loaded with guilt and desire. They stared at each other. He loved her and her body was an object of his intense and youthful lust. The deep exchange of looks seemed to be about deciding whether they could become man and woman and descend to lust; rather than remaining mother and son and fighting inhibitions in front of Shobha.

Where those inhibitions had evaporated on the nights Dipti invaded Ajay’s room was a question for which there were no askers.

Briefly, he nudged forward and the anus was nosed open. Shobha held her breath. As she tensed to an invasion, Dipti reached out to her son and touched his face, “Beta, aao na!” she beseeched him. (Come, son, wont you!) Never to disappoint his mother the devoted boy moved away from Shobha. While she was ragged and sated, Shobha could not quite decide whether she was relieved or disappointed that her anal virginity had survived. It was too adventurous even for her. Besides, she had never heard of it, so it did seem unnatural.

There were a few moments when both women were with only each other as Ajay got up to come around behind Dipti. “Shobha!” murmured Dipti, letting her face caress Shobha’s face. “Tum hamey kahan sey kahan ley aye.” (You have made us traverse such a great distance.)

“We haven’t gone anywhere Didi,” replied Shobha, deftly toggling her nipple against Dipti’s (“God, this woman knew how to make love,” thought Dipti, luxuriating in the gentle yet invigorating attentions of the younger but more experienced and imaginative woman. Her breasts were luscious and Dipti could casino şirketleri go on loving them.)

“We have only brought each other closer,” finished Shobha, her fingers playing tag down the center line of Dipti’s torso down to the forest of pubic hair and the aching pussy within. “Lets just keep it here,” she said, her hand grazing the wet, dewy hair-rimmed slit, leaving Dipti to wonder about the double-entendre; was it intended or unintended? The younger one was certainly smarter and sharper she had earlier thought.

Her bare back was suddenly enveloped by the warmth of her son’s body as he joined the huddle. Ajay’s arms went around his mom and pressed himself close to her, anointing her ass with the stains just as he had his chachi moments before. And like then, he insinuated his cock between her asscheeks, startling her no end. The youngster was too inexperienced to know that the natural angle of invasion from behind was anal.

“Udhar nahi,” she whispered, (not there) reaching back and holding his head as Shobha had, pulling him to her lips. She kissed his chin and his cheek, tasting the now semi-dry juices smeared on his face. On this passionate night – or was it morning?- nothing mattered. In a house where sipping from the same glass made the family uncomfortable the distance covered during sexual encounters was enormous. Cocks and cunts were kissed and sucked and fluids exchanged in all combinations possible.

“Didi, apna per mere upar le lo,” advised Shobha. (Put your leg on top of mine). She was so much in tune with the flow of sexual events that she had immediately realised what Dipti was protesting to Ajay about. She lifted Dipti’s upper leg and lifted it over her own hip so that Dipti’s heel was now on her ass. Dipti thought Shobha was trying to get their cunts grinding together.

But soon she felt the hot pillar of flesh under her, grazing her underside from anus to pussy. As the boy shoved aimlessly, he touched all the places without achieving penetration.

The only time his cockhead snagged anywhere it caused panic to Dipti because that was her anus. Teaching the young man all about sex rather than have him lust at sundry women was one thing. But depravity? No! Such was the rationalization and the mood of the moment. The bonding between mother and son was sublime and emotionally deep. The sex was just inevitable because one was a man and the other a woman. And then there were the events unfolding after Shobha’s arrival. Everything was explainable, but not anal sex.

Shobha reached under and grabbed the vagrant cock in her fist. She held it, savoring the fullness of the manly erection. It was appetizing but she was far too drained and taken for now. Her pussy was still quivering and didn’t seem to be able to take one more touch. She guided the missile to its destination.

“Push,” she called out to Ajay who was looking down as his thickness disappeared into Dipti.

“Shobha! Beta!” cried out Dipti as the missile connected with the heat. The cock plunged in at a shallow angle. Half was along the length of her slit and the other half embedded. From that angle it was now behind the front wall of her womb, inside her, touching areas that years of energetic fucking, including the variations in the night-time trysts with Ajay had never touched.

She sobbed her thanks to Shobha kissing her repeatedly on her face as Ajay energetically pumped into her from behind. All night she had never known if she would be allowed to fill herself with Ajay. Shobha seemed so much in control and Ajay was an aggressive animal in responding to her. By comparison, he was sexually active but measured when with his mother, never doing more than she indicated a willingness for.

Ajay’s hand covered her breast now and held her tight. That hard holding was pleasurable. She wanted it on her other breast too. She raised her body so Ajay might slip in his other hand. Now both breasts were in his hands and he used them to pull himself into her. He kneaded and squeezed even as he fucked her.

Ajay looked at Shobha and his aunt craned her neck. Over Dipti’s head they kissed fleetingly. It was a short kiss, a transfer of focus. It was not the usual lustful open-mouthed tongue-duel. It was just a peck they give each other to confirm that the focus was now Dipti.

As if taking over on cue, Dipti reached back to her son’s head and pulled his lips to her own and fused them. They kissed, voraciously feeding on each other, Dipti gasping into her son’s mouth. Exhaling and inhaling from each other, the fucking continued.

Shobha moved her head down, and kissed those hands covering Dipti’s breasts. She tongued and manipulated in an effort casino firmaları to find the nipples. Then she nosed the mass of breast and moved still lower. Dipti was far to engrossed to take full notice of the trail of kisses leading down but when Shobha gave a wet sloppy kiss to the top of her pubis, just above the clit, Dipti screamed into Ajay’s mouth.

It was shock as well as a new wave of pleasure. Was Shobha mad? Yes she had kissed her down there and tongued her. Yes, she had taken a cock into her mouth in front of her. But to kiss her there when she and Ajay were fucking? With all those juices? Semen? And god-knows-what? This was madness! But her body reported it as a welcome madness as she felt a new throb at her outer lips. Her insides were being marauded by the insatiable youngster. Now the outer lips were being kissed and tongued too.

Ajay cried out aloud when he felt lips sliding over his cock as he slid in to the wet nest of his mother’s womb. He knew it was Shobha. That bitch-aunt of his! She knew how to fuck and pleasure. He felt her tongue. He felt her lips and he fucked with greater vigor as his excitement reached a crescendo.

Dipti now looked like she had taken on a sculpted pose. Her right hand had been free while her left was holding Ajay’s lips to hers. She now rested her right hand on Shobha’s pretty head and held her lips to her own pussylips below. And so she was twisted, head twisted back towards her son while her body and pussy faced her co-sister. From Ajay’s lips to her’s and from her cunt to Shobha’s lips they were one unified throbbing sexual creature.

Dipti’s earlier wild desire to be sucked and fucked at the same time now came true. Shobha sucked and teased the clit and pussy relentlessly. Ajay filled her fully. Shobha timed her clit-thrashing to Ajay’s erratic, animal fucking. Different threads of pleasure coursing through Dipti’s being came together in a symphony. First there was the pleasure from the walls of her plundered cunt. Then the electric shocks from her clit. And the breasts and nipples were sending their own streams of pleasure.

As the synchronization improved and Ajay and his aunt mauled Dipti in unison, these different threads came together in an interweave. When the patterns merged, Dipti felt one with both Ajay and Shobha. As per body peaked, so did Ajay’s. Waves crashed through from Ajay to Dipti and they orgasmed wildly together.

Dipti screamed a series of “Mmmm!” s into Ajay’s throat, her hand pressing Shobha’ face into her pussy to extract every beat of orgasm.

Ajay’s hands hurt his mother’s breasts as he pinched and mauled mindlessly. His aunt’s mouth was playing havoc with his plunging pillar. He felt his seed, long denied a release, pour forth as he flooded into Dipti. The thrusting and jerking became even more uncontrolled. He plunged in again and again, hoping that at least once he would sink into Shobha’s throat, but suspecting that it would have to wait for another day.

Shobha’s lips and mouthed traveled from cock to cunt ceaselessly, giving as much pleasure to both. She ate, gnawed, gobbled, tongued. When the floods began she drank. She felt Dipti. And she certainly felt Ajay’s semen. She felt Ajay’s ass muscles clench and go taut, bunched as they were in her hand. Her lips recorded the quake racing up from the base of his cock. She felt him surge.

As her lips lapped at Dipti’s pussy and Ajay continued to jerk she caught the flow back from Dipti’s overfull cunt. She tasted them both, and as she continued to play her lips on the sequence of cock and cunt, it was inevitable that she imbibed some of her nephew’s seed.

She would have loved it in her pussy but she felt a joy in holding these two throbbing bodies together and overseeing their melting.

Melt was a word Dipti would have agreed with. When the climaxes hit and the crescendos overlapped, the oneness she felt spread wider. First she knew no difference between clit, cunt and tits as they were all marauded simultaneously. Now she felt a flattening of all feelings into one being as she felt no difference between the man on her lips and womb and the woman on her cunt. That cock was part of her as were the two other bodies crashing into her.

She left Ajay’s mouth for a large gulp of breath and screamed her orgasmic upheaval. Her body beat back at everything that was beating against it. As the different strands came together, she passed out.

Ajay clung to Dipti from behind as his cock continued to spewing driblets with him thrusting in decreasing frequency. Shobha kept her lips glued to the confluence of cock and cunt, nibbling and chewing. Both of them felt Ditpi go limp. When his cock had receded güvenilir casino a little, it slid out of the pussy because of the angle.

Shobha felt it go and knew Ajay was still throbbing and cumming. He would miss the pulse of Dipti’s cunt. Poor boy!

Shobha ducked under the limp body of her co-sister and slid in the bar of flesh to her mouth. Expertly, she let the head slip within the ‘o’ of her lips and rapidly slip the head through it several times. It gave Ajay a last series of pleasure-waves from his orgasm. He shuddered and his teeth bit softly into his mother’s shoulder as he took the pleasure. He thrust himself as deep into Shobha’s mouth as he would go, but he was fast receding and there was not much more than desire to this last action of his.

Shobha kept his jut of flesh in her mouth, savoring and toying. When there was no more semen flowing she let the well-satiated blob of now-meaningless flesh pop out of her mouth. She opened her mouth to smear her mouthful of cum on the sheet below, else she would retch. While she did succeed, she also ended up lapping at the just released mess from the union of mother and son. Shobha sighed contentedly; it didn’t matter. Everything was everywhere and a true cleanup would need a full bath. Even the top of her head had been anointed by Dipti’s oozing cunt while she mouthed and held Ajay’s cock in its dying throes.

There is nothing so relaxing as an orgasm to unwind every part. From head to toe Dipti was in release and nothing signified it more than her deep surrender to sleep. She slept long and deep. She awoke once when the sparrows in the tree outside her window twittered in chorus. It was her usual dawn wakening, but today her brain could only register the event. Her body was leaden.

Still later, she awoke to the rhythmic creaking and swaying of the bed and again her brain recorded the sight of Ajay lying between his chachi’s legs, her legs high in the air. The young man was rutting his aunt. Her hands were on the bed, fists tightly clutching the sheets. Her lips were pursed and her face screwed up in concentration. “The bitch” thought Dipti through her sleepy daze. She was being pounded into submission by her strong son and she deserved it. The look on her face showed endurance rather than pleasure. She heard Shobha begging Ajay to cum inside her and finish.

“Chalo, beta, khatam karo! Cum in me! Chachi wants your cum. Flood me! Fill me!” she was heard pleading, hoping that the entreaties would excite the young man to release.

Dipti felt vengeful and avenged at the punishing nature of Ajay’s fucking. In this relationship she felt a range of emotions. Jealousy when he responded to Shobha more animally than to her. Gratitude when Shobha showed her new ways of giving and receiving pleasure from Ajay. Warmth at their oneness. Relief at the way all three of them handled the relationships with discretion and confidentiality.

And vengeful for Shobha having erased all lines of morality, restrain and illicit desire. She would never know how and when that bitch’s fucking ended as her body took over again and she slept off.

When she awoke again, it was to the sound of the bathroom being used. It was morning outside. She lay awake taking in the room. There were damp spots, and dried out spots on the bed. The sheets were stained and would need immediate changing. Where was everyone? Then in shock she realized, her in-laws were to arrive early today and she as the elder daughter-in-law of the house would be expected to be up, bathed and ready to extend a traditional welcome.

And here she was strewn in the sexual battlefield of a whole night, naked, stained and drained in her son’s room. Someone had flung a sheet on her, covering her nude, sexually satiated body. There was no way to cover the complete depravity of the night before. She and her co-sister had barely slept, sucking, fucking and cumming almost all night.

She found her night dress flung in one corner when she had mounted her son at some hour that night. Her cunt was sore, her legs ached in places she didn’t know existed and her breasts and body had fingernail marks and bites. Her hair had dried body fluid on it and her sindoor was smeared.

She staggered down the stairs to assess the situation. And there was Shobha, resplendent in a traditional silk sari. She was bathed, her sindoor bright and clear on her forehead. In her hand she held a tray of prayer things.

“Didi! Maa aur babuji aate hi honge. Sab kuch tayyar hai, bas aap naha li jiye,” she said. (Sister, our parents-in-law should be arriving any time now. All preparations have been made you just need to get ready.)

The younger bahu of the traditional family disappeared into the kitchen. She had to attend to the breakfast preparation which she knew her nephew and co-sister would need larger helpings of.

In the light of day, it was a different house and they were different people.

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