Aunt Alexis and I Ch. 01

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I gave the taxi driver his money and, as I started to walk up the drive leading to my Aunt Alexis’ house, he drove away. I was looking forward to spending the weekend with her. My spending a weekend at her house had come about from my parents being out of town, but I had still wanted to spend some time with my family. I had been quite homesick away at university and was enjoying being back in my home town after a few months. Her son, my cousin, was away that weekend on a field trip, so we had agreed I could spend the weekend with her, staying in his room.

As I walked towards the door I heard it unlock with click and then saw it open to reveal my aunt smiling broadly. She was a woman of 38 with a fairly slim build. She was around 5’6” and had shoulder-length blonde, curly hair. Her eyes were a striking sky blue, the kind you could find yourself lost in… Her lips were red and she was, as she always seemed to, wearing her make-up very well and subtly, which suited her delicate facial features. Overall, she was a very beautiful woman who had, I have to say, long been an object of my fantasies. I must admit that her body did not, as ever, go unnoticed to me for long as I wandered towards her. It was as fine as it ever had been. The June sun highlighted her well-formed, mid-sized breasts beautifully and the figure-hugging dress she wore fell smoothly down to just above her knees giving me a great view of her nicely toned legs.

Her divorce from my uncle Kieran had come through since the last time I had seen her, so I had been hoping she wouldn’t be upset or downbeat. Nothing could have been further from the truth, she seemed happier than I’d seen her in a long time and she called out a cheery ‘Hello’ as I approached the door.

“Hey” I replied. “It’s great to see you.”

“Likewise” she chirped.

We met at the in the doorway and I shuffled into the hall to relieve myself of the weight of my bag. I placed it down in her tidy hallway with a sigh and then turned to see her locking the door behind us. Her hallway had little light but I could still see her round, firm ass to good effect. I pulled my eyes away as she turned to greet me.

“So” she started “how are your studies going at University?”

“Pretty well at the moment, thanks. How are things here?”

“OK. But it is nice to have some company; it’s been quite lonely these last few days without your cousin, and since your Uncle left…” her voice trailed off. “But never mind about that now. How about some lunch, I was just about to have some.”

“Sounds great”.

“While I get it ready, how about you get settled in upstairs, you know where your cousin’s room is.”

So I took my bag upstairs and unpacked for my short stay. I didn’t have much with me so I soon returned to the kitchen to see my aunt just finishing off the sandwiches. I followed her through to the dining room and we sat and ate, chatting idly about this and that as we did so. Before long we’d finished and I helped her tidy the things away, wash and dry the pots and so on.

“Have you got much work to do this weekend?” she enquired when we were done.

“No, I finished everything off before I left.”

“That’s nice, then” she mused before adding: “we should go out somewhere tomorrow”.

Sensing that she probably wanted the company I agreed.

“What are you going to do this afternoon?” she asked.

“Oh, I was going to meet up with a couple casino şirketleri of old school friends in town.” I replied.

“That’s nice. I’m going to do a bit of gardening so just let yourself out when you’re ready.”

“OK, I will” I said. With that she wandered off into the garden. I went and changed before I went out and it was about 1pm when I left.

I had a good time with my old friends. We went and watched a movie and then had a little to eat. None of us could believe it was over a year since we last saw each other, and that we were now all 18, even the youngest among us. Having enjoyed my afternoon, I caught the bus back out of town and arrived back at Aunt Alexis’ house around 5pm.

I walked up to the door, unlocked it (I had taken the spare key with me) and went inside. Locking the door behind me and replacing the key on its hook, I wandered upstairs with the intention of having a shower before dinner.

“I’m back!” I called as I walked up the steps, but there was no reply so I assumed she was still finishing off in the garden as it was still quite warm. I reached the top and swung to my left to enter the bathroom. I tried the handle and the door came open easily. I took one more step then become rooted to the spot.

There, on the floor, was my aunt. She had just had a bath and the bubbly water was still in the tub. She was totally naked and lying on the floor on her back with her legs, spread wide, towards me. Her fine skin glistened with moisture and little droplets of water were reflected here and there by the light pouring in through the frosted window. Her nipples were standing on end, clearly in a state of arousal and her tits looked better than I ever imagined. They were of a very good size, and although not huge were perfectly formed. Her nipples, too, were of a perfect size in proportion to the rest of her voluptuous breasts. My eyes were drawn along her slim, toned body to her crotch. There her pussy was spread wide open and one hand was rested over her clit. The lips of her pussy were much wetter than the rest of her body, and then I noticed why. In her other hand was a glass dildo, perhaps 7 inches in length and quite thick. It, too, was covered with the moisture on her pussy as was the floor around my aunt’s womanhood. It was about 15 seconds before I pulled my eyes away from that fantastic sight, covered the side of my face and dashed out of the bathroom and into my cousin’s room where I was staying. I heard her quickly moving behind me, no doubt to seek cover for her naked body.

I sat down on the bed, sweating tremendously and with a raging, bulging erection in my jeans. I suppose I sat there for about 10 minutes, thinking only of how damned good my aunt had looked just then, and about the things I would do to her if I had the chance… but it seemed that chance would not come, and it should, I thought, perhaps not- it would change our relationship forever, and perhaps not in an entirely good way.

After a little while there came a tentative knock on the door. Startled out of my daydreams, I called “Oh-oh, c-come in”. My aunt came in covered with her dressing gown but clearly naked underneath and with her hair still slightly wet. She sat down carefully on the bed.

“I’m sorry about what you just saw” she started “I didn’t think you’d be back for a while, and I did hear you call but I was so engrossed in… well, what I was doing that I didn’t casino firmaları reply. Then you walked in on me and…”

“Don’t worry”, I said comfortingly, “it’s fine”. She looked doubtful. “Really, it’s OK.” I confirmed. This seemed to lighten her up a little.

“Well thank you for being so understanding but I feel I owe you an explanation, you see since me and your uncle broke up, 2 years ago, I’ve not been with a man and… a woman has needs”.

“You’ve not had sex for 2 years?” I asked “With a bo…” then I decided to stop. I was going to say “with a body like that” but thought better of it.

“Yes” she replied, not seeming to notice my unfinished sentence. “I’ve just not found anyone, and I don’t suppose anyone would want to be with me anymore, I’ll be 40 before I know it.” Her eyes sank and with that I could tell she noticed the ominous bulge at the top of my trousers.

“Well I don’t know about that” I said, but immediately thought I shouldn’t have done as it suggested I liked her body, and I was worried she would be offended. But she seemed to perk up and she then uttered in a somewhat seductive tone…

“Do you mean you like my body?”

“W-well yes, I suppose” I whispered sheepishly, expecting nothing but to be verbally put in my place.

‘Don’t be so worried’ she comforted “now… tell me what you like about my body”. This last sentence she whispered through pursed lips in a way that I thought that my cock would explode.

“Are you sure?” I asked, seeking confirmation that she wanted me to tell her why I liked her body. She nodded. “What sort of things do you want me to tell you?”

“Sexy things.”

“OK… I will’ I said, asserting myself a little. “I think you have very beautiful eyes, eyes that a man could get lost in.”

“Go on” she encouraged.

“You have extremely good looks”.


I didn’t know how “sexy” the things she wanted to say should be, I didn’t want to cross the line. But she reassured me:

“C’mon, I want to be told that I have a nice body, especially if it comes from a good-looking young guy like you, besides…” her voice changed tone back to that fantastically seductive one she had used before, and her wide eyes glanced down at the bulge in my jeans “someone down there seems to want to tell me…”

“Alright, I will…” I thought for a moment before continuing. “Well, Aunt Alexis, you have wonderful tits, ones that I could just bury my face in for hours, you have a great ass, one of the best I’ve ever seen, it’s so perfectly round and plump yet firm. And from what I just saw your pussy looks delicious, shaven to perfection and so wet. I’ve been dreaming of your body for years now and I’ve masturbated many times thinking about you, and the things I’d like to do to you…” I paused, and then finished: “Was that sexy enough for you?”

“Ooh, yes”. Her hands moved from her lap to my belt buckle. “Now… would you like me to get your friend down here out so he can… voice his opinion?”

Overcome now with a great lust I agreed. At this she moved so that she was kneeling on the floor in front of me. She then dextrously undid my buckle and button, before slowly sliding the zip down.

“Now, let’s see what I’ve got to play with” she whispered. Then she pulled my pants down over my cock and took my manhood in her hands. “Wow… you’re pretty big… how big are you?” she asked.

“About güvenilir casino 8 inches.” I said.

“Well you’ve certainly got plenty on your uncle…” once she’d finished this remark she took a firm grip on my head then slowly but firmly pulled her hand down along my shaft. The feeling was incredible, normally I’m not that fussed with handjobs but with her experienced hands and the taboo nature of what we were doing heightened the pleasure enormously. She admired my cock a little more, before starting to slowly pump her hand up and down over my head. She stopped for a moment then said:

“We need a little lube here, if I’m to do a proper job…” with that she moved her head over the tip of my cock and pursed her lips and allowed a short stream of saliva to run down over my cock. Her hand then quickly got busy massaging this all over the length of my dick. “Now the real fun starts” she said and took a firm grip at the top of my cock, then swiftly slipped her hand down to the base, then slowly drew it back to the top. Seeing my eyes roll with pleasure she begun to pump with an even motion accompanied by a wonderful ‘schlick, schlick’ sound.

This continued for around 5 minutes, with each pump of her hand bringing me closer to what I was sure would be one of the best orgasms of my life. All the time she kept changing the pace she pumped me at, and changing the way she held my cock to stimulate the entirety of my shaft and head. For a minute or so she paused to massage my balls, which were now ready to burst their load. The pumping continued until I managed to mutter “I-I’m gonna cum…” through my moans. With this my Aunt unexpectedly brought her head down to my cock, opened her mouth and slid me to the back of her throat. She gagged loudly, and then began to suck up and down, taking my entire length deep in her throat every time.

I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. “I’m cumming!” I called with a moan and she quickly drew me out of her throat, then with a couple more, shorter sucks I came. I shot stream after stream of cum straight into her mouth. It was the longest orgasm of my life, and probably the best. I shot so much spunk into her mouth it started to ooze out of her lips while she sucked the last drops out of me. Once she had extracted all of my cream she slipped my cock out of her mouth and then, still kneeling before me, opened her mouth to reveal the pool of thick, hot mess I had left inside. She swirled her tongue around, moaning like someone enjoying a fine meal. Then seemingly satisfied with the taste, she closed her mouth and visibly swallowed the whole wad with a single, audible gulp.

I lay there, amazed at the filthy thing I had just done with my aunt. I felt a little bad, but I must admit mostly just elated. “Are you sure we should have done that?” I said worriedly.

“Its fine” she said, wiping the last remnants of my great orgasm from round her mouth with a pointed index finger. She then licked the tip of this finger, and moaned again before swallowing. She came over and sat next to me on the bed. Her dressing gown had come off long ago and she was now totally naked once more. I could see the perspiration on her skin showing her excitement. “From now on, if you want to continue with this little affair, we’ll look at it like this: when we’re alone, we’re lovers. When we’re in public or with company, we’re aunt and nephew. OK?”

“Sounds good to me” I said, excited at the thought that I was now my Aunt’s lover. All concerns about a sexual relationship with my own Aunt had now vanished from my mind, erased by the intense pleasure of my recent orgasm.

“Now…” she started “We’ve got all night… what would you like to do next?”

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