At the Villa Ch. 15

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Chapter 15. The Ladies Departed.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


Every story have a beginning as also an end, and so the ladies unexpected and unplanned adventure, was also approaching its end. The last couple of days of their adventure had arrived. Around the five young ladies, although they all wanted to return to their respective homes, there was that monotonous feeling which was roaming all around the villa. The pleasures that they had enjoyed; the games they played and the sexual trills, were all has to be forgotten; especially the way they were played, acted, performed were all coming to a close. Probably they will not be played again as a group; but sure they will all find new partners. They were all young, in the prime of their lives with futures they were looking for.

Maybe Olympia was the most satisfied, because she conducted Sam’s seduction in the most professional way. He was the most handsome male she had ever come across and he was going to be in her arms, when she seduced him on the boat. The others; none of them had thought about being involved in any sexual activities, while they were planning their holiday. The five of them were going to be on a holiday together for the first time; on an island which they never had visited before and had no idea what luck was going to bring about. The sexual encounters that had taken place; activities, desires and actual happenings between themselves, between Sam, Padme and sometimes every body together, were never planned.

What they had enjoyed and loved was not going to be available to them again; as they were about to leave the villa. Their concerns were; that the great times and the unexpected sexual games which took place during the days since they arrived; were going to be missed. They had enjoyed great times which they never thought they ever existed. Three of them were virgins and one, although she had lost her hymen, had never had a male phallus inside her body.

The day before they had to depart from the island, they were all gathered around the pool; beautiful as ever, and totally naked. It was the norm, while they were within the walls of Sam’s property. None cared, especially after the first couple of days, when all of them had tasted the pleasures of ‘making love’ or better; when individually were engaged with another partner in the act of being pleasured, while they enjoyed some great wild unexpected orgasms.

For some of them, it took a few hours before they shed all their clothes, but after the first encounters everything became possible. Love making was something which gave them those extra bodily feelings and desires; which although they were not ignorant what takes place between a male and a female; they were very skeptic about the way males loose interest after blowing their pricks, satisfy their egos and then dump them, especially at that age.

Their ideas had changed dramatically since they arrived, “At the Villa” and they learned the art of making love, the delights and satisfaction of multiple orgasms, and above all they learned the art of body massage.

The time; like always, arrives for every occasion which had a beginning. Time never waits and so the ladies were too close to the moment when they have to board the boat, say their goodbyes to the new friends they had met and lived with; and return to their homes.

They were all gathered under the trees showing their beautiful suntanned sexy bodies, liquids were leaking and flowing as the heat within their bodies was multiplying steadily. They were so hot that they were expecting Sam or Padme or any of their friends to start satisfying their unquenched sexual hunger. That hunger which for some of them had never been known before and in the first few days were initiated with.

Sam was lying down on his stomach, watching with interest the ladies parading around the pool. They were gorgeous, as they walked one after the other. They left a good distance between one to the other; they never got too close. The way they walked, like parading models, swinging their beautifully shaped asses as they passed by, made Sam wonder what life was going to be after they leave and what a life he was going to miss.

Sam was evaluating every detail of their swinging bodies, as they passed by. His eyes were totally focused on their interesting wares. As they walked along, they did their best to tease him with the movements of their asses, while their bodies were exposed to the limits.

His dick hidden and pressed against the air bed on which he was resting, was as hard as steel, casino şirketleri throbbing and waiting for the one who was going to pass close to him. Infront of him were a few cushions, just laid accurately with the first level, there was one airbed, the next there were two on each other and the third, the farthest away, there were three on top of each other. They were laid precisely in that order. Sam was thinking that, that was the way he had wanted them, if he had put them there himself.

As Olympia passed; behind her there was Aphrodite, followed by Diana, then Lydia and lastly Victoria.

Sam was looking back towards Olympia who had just passed as Aphro was approaching. He stopped her and asked her to sit on the cushion infront of him.

Aphro obeyed. ‘Like this?’ she asked as she sat on the cushion with her legs wide open and her pussy close to his eyes.

‘Perfect, but open your legs as wide as you can.’ Sam teasingly ordered.

Aphro obeyed, and slowly she opened her legs while Sam watched the action taking place as the labia started to separate.

The rest of the troupe all stopped watching. Sam’s eyes were focused on Aphro’s portal of love, with those desirable lips, which looked so tempting. The love juices had started to flow slowly, maybe even hours earlier. Between her legs the gloss of the walls of her vagina were shimmering in the morning light, with some of the wet liquid stuck to her delicate skin. She looked ready to be eaten as Sam moved his mouth and nose as close as he could. He sniffed, sucking the aroma into his stomach; evaluating the mixture of erotic smells which were flowing out, from between Aphro’s legs.

None of the girls had touched any water that morning. Even their eyes looked tired. Sam wanted nothing more than the smell and the juice, to share and devour. He pressed his nose further down, until it was just slightly separating Aphro’s labia. He inhaled for a rather long few seconds, filling his stomach with the incredible intoxicating bouquet, of perfectly brewed aromatic fragrances.

A second one took place, to further enhance and enjoy that perfectly prepared perfume. Enjoying it to the utmost, he lifted his head and watched the girls surrounding his territory. He looked at them one by one, devouring their beauty, their elegance, their sexiness and their sexual desires.

Sam slowly, like a hunter, attacked Aphro’s pussy with his tongue, moving it like a plough as it farrowed the soil. She moaned; a cry of satisfaction escaped from between her lips. She loved and enjoyed the touch of his tongue, as it pressed against the bottom of her valley of love, from her vaginal entrance to her clit. He stopped and used his tongue to lick and press against her clitories, until he took it between his lips and sucked it, rather hardly, not to mention using his teeth, which pushed her to higher limits of pleasure.

Aphro lifted her ass upwards and pressed her pussy further against Sam’s mouth, while he pressed his head further, jamming it against her pouty lips. She cried and shouted and moaned; but not for long. Diana moved behind Aphro’s head, opened her legs and moved slowly forward, until she had Aphro’s mouth between her legs. Aphro’s eyes looked upwards towards Diana’s wet pussy and between her opened legs. Slowly Diane decended her body, until she pressed her pussy against Aphro’s mouth, shutting the cries and moans of pleasure which were blowing out.

Aphro’s body trembled. The only relief she had was shut off. Her mouth was blocked with Diana’s intoxicating smelly leaking pussy. Aphro had to pleasure Diane as much as she was herself, being taken care of.

Sam’s mouth was stuck to Aphro’s clit as he continued to suck, while watching Diane trying to involve herself further into the sexual act; by engaging herself on a further second act. As Diane’s pussy made contact with Aphro’s mouth, she used her fingers to squeeze and roll Aphro’s thick hard extended nipples, giving her that little extra, to further initiate her ego.

Unnoticed, Sam cautiously pushed a finger into Aphro’s vagina, collecting as much lubricant as he could. He did that, while he searched around the inside of her pussy for her G-spot. His lips never stopped licking and suckling on Aphro’s clitoris and around the opening of her vagina, as her orgasms intensified. Sam’s finger teasing Aphro’s G-spot, was the last resort to melt her down into a mind blowing orgasm, which nearly passed her off.

There were more acts being played; Lydia got behind Diane and started to work on her tits, massaging them and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Diane’s blood exploded too as Aphro was playing her game well; even though she was lost into a delirium of sexual orgasms.

Finally, Sam pulled his finger out of Aphro’s pussy and pushed it straight into her ass. It was the last thing Aphro expected; to have her ass ravaged by Sam’s fingers. She was shocked. It was so unexpected that she cried a sudden cry casino firmaları of pain rather of pleasure as she had disengaged her mouth from Diana’s pussy. She pushed Diane’s pussy further away while she continued to shout like crazy. She tried to get off, but Diane immediately gripped Aphro’s head and lowered her pussy again against aphro’s mouth, while she took back her nipples which Diane squeezed between her fingers while she rolled them.

Lydia continued to roll and squeeze Diane’s nipples while holding her tight. Both ladies; Diane and Aphro were lost in the carnal pleasures of their bodies. Sam kept his mouth and tongue working on Aphro’s hot pussy while his finger kept the same rhythm, fucking Aphro’s asshole. None of them could talk as both ladies had their mouths full, except for Lydia who was just massaging Diana’s tits. The others, those who could not join the others, Victoria and Olympia, lay on another air bed and started to satisfy each other’s hot pussy.

Soon the trio exploded again as Victoria and Olympia settled in a sixty nine position eating on each other’s hotties. Diana and Lydia were lying on each other while Aphro managed to get away from Sam’s mouth.

Sam, his hard dick ragging, lifted himself up and pulled Aphro’s body under him. Their lips made contact, their tongues entwined and his dick automatically found itself at the opening of her portal of love. A slight movement and the head of Sam’s hard cock became embedded inside Aphro’s vagina. She moaned in his mouth as their eyes met. There was a look of satisfaction in her eyes. She moaned again; her body trembled as she felt Sam’s dick stretching her channel of love; but Sam continued pushing his manhood, deeper inside her body, until the head pressed hard against her cervix.

They made love for some more long minutes until Aphro had passed through a couple of strong satisfying, orgasms. Sam favoured her some more time to enjoy them, before he disengaged himself and crawled off her body, slowly turning himself on his back. Diane was waiting and ready for the moment when she could take advantage. She positioned herself on top of Sam’s body and guided her pussy straight on to Sam’s dick; filling herself to the maximum. Lydia, being closer to his face opened her legs as wide as she could, and rested them one on each side of his head. With her leaking pussy looking straight into Sam’s eyesight it was a scene every man desires. She descended her drenched pussy slowly over his mouth, with streaks of thick juices hanging to the short pussy hair she got growing.

Diana started to fuck herself slowly while Lydia gyrated her pussy against Sam’s mouth. She hugged her friend and both started kissing as they enjoyed the feelings of sexual pleasures building inside their bodies. Aphro was still lying on the deck close to the edge of the pool, enjoying the aftermath of those incredible orgasms, with which her body had became overwhelmed with. She was already feeling the void she was going to encounter when she leaves this heaven, where they had been in, for the last three weeks.

‘Breakfast time! Breakfast time!’ Padme cried, but none of the girls bothered. All the ladies continued doing what at those moments in time, were so intimately been involved. There were moans and cries of pleasure from all the ladies, even though their mouths were mostly occupied.

At last Victoria exploded and pushed Olympia away from over her body. She then jumped straight into the pool, followed by Aphrodite. Diana, after she passed through another orgasm, she pulled away from Sam’s dick, which soon was taken over by Lydia and followed by Olympia who took Lydia’s place, with her oozing pussy pressed against Sam’s mouth.

Lydia’s mouth quickly made contact with Olympia’s; while both girls started to massage each other’s tits not to forget the way they treated each other’s nipples. They both moaned as they attached each other’s tongues. Lydia’s blood started to boil as she rode Sam’s dick with strong long strokes, hitting hard against her womb. She became hotter and hotter and was soon on the verge of exploding.

Olympia continued to rotate her pussy; feeding Sam the intoxicated juices which naturally flowed out of her vagina straight into his mouth. And that’s what she continued to do as Lydia exploded with a cry of relief as she, suddenly was taken over by another fulfilling orgasm. She quickly pulled away, leaving just Sam enjoying the aromatic tastes of Olympia’s leaking cunt.

Olympia let her body down over Sam’s body while she kept her pussy mashed against his mouth. She took his hard cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. She didn’t gag, but it was the last straw for Sam as he exploded with a huge shot of cum which shot straight down into her stomach. As she pulled his cock out, the second shot hit her on her face. For the rest, she opened her mouth again and let Sam shoots all what was left while she rolled around her tongue. She quickly devoured every güvenilir casino drop Sam managed to squeeze out of his balls, even though the day was still young.

After a few minutes in the pool, the ladies together with Sam sat round the table and enjoyed the healthy breakfast Padme had prepared. Everybody was naked, but nobody cared about sex for the next couple of hours. They just sat there and talked about the great times they had experienced, and the misfortune that it was getting to an end very quickly.

After they finished breakfast, Sam took Aphrodite and Victoria to the Gardner’s Lodge where they spent a couple of hours talking and discussing their experiences, while they indulged themselves in the art of making love. Incredible orgasms were experienced and the three of them returned satisfied back to the villa, where a good healthy lunch was awaiting them.

The missing link, was, who was going to take Sam’s place and continue to help them enjoy the way sexual pleasures could be most enjoyed. They had learned new techniques about how to pleasure each other, how to massage each other and naturally how and where to touch. During the last weeks they had spent on the island, they had increased their sexual education to extents unknown; before they had set foot on Sam’s doorstep.

Midway through the afternoon Sam returned to the Gardner’s lodge with Olympia and her closest friend Diana. They settled nicely inside the little air-conditioned sitting room with some slow romantic music, to enhance the atmosphere.

They were still naked and that was the way how they always slept; therefore, as usual, since they got out of their beds, nobody cared to put anything on. Since the ladies landed on Sam’s property, it was the norm that they roamed within the walls of Sam’s property, totally naked.

‘Another day and we are going to miss you, dear Sam. Our life here, on this island was full; too full… with all the pleasures, relaxation, good food, the sea, the pool and what about the sexual fulfilment. We probably are going to feel that void; that emptiness, which sure we have to work very hard to fill. We have to try to find that something which we have no idea with what, or better what, what it could be. Seriously, we are going to greatly miss you Sam.’ Oly said.

‘There is an end to everything and sorry to say, I am going to miss you too; but in the end we all have to go back to our norms.’ Sam answered.

‘That is very true, but… we were in heaven. We were living a dream; a different, maybe even am artificial period in our lives. You were the sole contributor, not to forget Padme.’ Diane continued.

‘Sam; last time you mentioned something… you knew that it could change our lives.’ Oly tried to open a sort off, discussion about something which Sam had mentioned only to her.

‘What was that about?’ Diane immediately asked as both looked at Sam.

‘Yes I did mention something to you. Did you think about it?’ Sam asked.

‘Yes, I did, but it could be too good to be true.’

‘What do you mean?’ Sam asked.

‘I did not mention anything to Diane but it is rather weird, you know. I don’t know how to explain.’ Oly tried, to rather wrap up the whole idea.

‘Can you, at least explain what’s going on behind my back?’ Diane asked.

‘Let’s do one thing; let me set you up and then you decide.’ Sam answered.

‘Sam… I have full confidence in you; but this I don’t know… I’m sceptic.’ Oly tried to hold back on the idea.

Sam lay down on a rather hard mattress which was laid on the floor, ideal for a strong massage. The ladies not knew to such situations, took the hint and both started to work on his body. Olympia started working on the upper part from the waist to his neck and Diane worked on his toes up to his waist, not forgetting the inner thighs and the equipment between his legs. Sam very relaxed, feeling like being in heaven; just let the ladies do their work the way they were taught. He did not interrupt in any way or ever thought of doing so while enjoying that heavenly bliss. He let his body relax; his brain shut and just enjoyed the movements of the ladies’ smooth hands working on his body. ‘This is heaven.’ He thought.

The oil started flowing and their hands had already started to move against his smooth skin. At the beginning they moved very slowly and lightly, just too close to the skin but not on the skin. The shivers of pleasure Sam felt as their hands flowed too close to, both on his back and on his legs, were out of this world.

His cock immediately hardened and it became rather uncomfortable; pressed between the mattress and his pelvis. He made sure he will forget about his truncheon, at least until the massage comes to an end. The ladies eyed the hard cock and naturally their wanton pussies were aching for a little bit of the action, at least for some time to come.

But this could be the last time that they could get Sam’s full attention and both Olympia and Diana wanted to please Sam’s erotic desires, to the full. They wanted to leave the villa and the island happy, although they had not yet assessed what Sam had planned for their future, at least that’s what Olympia was visualizing.

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