At the Cottage Pt. 01

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Living a life with no limits can be an amazing thing. Doing it with someone who tries to do the same can be the stuff of legend.

My wife Amy has been my partner and cohort for four years. We had fostered a trust between one another that made our continued sexual exploration possible. But, just when I thought Amy and I had done everything, the moment I thought we had explored the deepest darkest corners of physical intimacy, she would reveal something about herself or hint at a new frontier.

It was on a family trip to upstate New York that Amy would once again push a limit and test the bonds of trust that we had work so hard to build by revealing a part of herself that nothing in our storied past could have prepared me for.

Her parents owned a cottage on one of the many lakes that dotted the northern part of the state. She had many fond memories of the place and had always wanted to take me to where she spent her summers as a kid. So, we loaded up the car and made a road trip out of it, making sure to have fun along the way!

Amy wore gray yoga pants and a tight tank top for the car ride. She was beautiful with long curly brown hair, smokey eyes, high cheekbones, perfect breasts, and legs that went on forever. Amy’s beauty was not cute. It was regal, graceful, distinguished, imperial even. As the miles rolled by, I looked over and saw her right leg resting on the dash. Her hand laid limp between her legs. She was gazing out the window at the cars we passed. Her fingers began to move – barely noticeably at first. I could tell her mind was racing. Slowly, rhythmically, her fingers would curl and then circle. I smiled as I listened to her breathe in time with her petting. I saw a small wet spot emerge between her legs. Seeing her made me swell. Amy loved to be watched, and I loved watching her, but I figured why should I be the only one who gets to enjoy the show?

Looking down the road, I saw a black SUV in the right hand lane. I pulled up beside it and slowed down. It took a second, but the guy driving finally looked over. Amy’s leg was still up on the dash. Her eyes were half closed and her hand was inside her pants rubbing feverishly. His eyes darted from the road to Amy and back again. I said, “Amy look”. She opened her eyes turned her gaze toward the gentleman in the SUV. Their eyes locked. Amy began to moan. “Oh, God. I’m going to cum” she whispered.

Her fingers began sliding in and out of her pussy. I could hear how wet she was by the sound they made. Finally, her other leg came up, her back arched, and her head flew back. The tiny wet spot between her legs grew instantly to cover her inner thighs. The man in the SUV stared, his face turning deeper shaded of red as Amy withdrew her fingers and began licking them clean. We chuckled as I pulled away.

“That was fun.” she said.

“You are so sexy, Amy! I know what he’ll be doing later,” I replied.

“Mmmm,” she purred, “I hope sooner than later.”

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. We pulled up to the cottage as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful home with a wrap around porch and large windows that looked out over the water. The long gravel road that lead to the house was lined with tall grass. Small bugs danced in the waning light. Her folks, Don and Nancy, casino şirketleri were waiting outside to greet us. They were both tall and slender like Amy.

Her dad greeted me with a smile and a handshake. He gave Amy a big hug.

“How was the drive?” he asked us both.

“Long, but good.” Amy smiled.

We both hugged her mom as she said, “Come on in.”

I carried the bags as Nancy led the way to our room.

“Thank you so much for having us. This place is just as beautiful as Amy described,” I noted, staring out the window out onto the lake.

“We are glad you came,” she smiled. “We hope you have a nice relaxing time.” Her hand rubbed and squeezed my shoulder. I laughed to myself thinking that Amy’s mom had just felt me up.

Amy and her dad were in the family room smiling and chatting when her mom and I returned from dropping off the bags. They put a pause on their conversation as Don pointed to the dinning room. “You both look hungry. Shall we eat?”

Dinner was amazing. The wine flowed and the conversation was light and pleasant. By the time we were done it was about 8:30 and between the drive, the food, and the wine I was feeling groggy. We moved to the sofas in the family room and I held out for another 30 minutes as they took a leisurely stroll down memory lane. I didn’t want to be rude, but I was ready for bed. At a break in the conversation I stood and conceded, “I think I am going to turn in. Thank you so much for having us, for the dinner, and for great conversation, but I am wiped out.”

“Please, get some rest.” Don offered.

I looked at Amy. “Of course. I’ll be in in a bit. Don’t feel like you have to wait up.”

Her mom quickly followed, “You had a long day. I hope you sleep well.”

The vote was unanimous. I went to bed.

Next thing I knew, I woke up with a start. Something was off. Amy wasn’t in bed. I grabbed my phone to check the time imagining that it was some ungodly hour. It was only half past 10:00. From the family room, I heard a mumbling. It sounded like the television was on. Our room was down a hall so I got up and decided to go check on Amy and to see when she might be to bed. I wasn’t just wanting to snuggle. I had had awoken with a hard cock and a mind full of very sexy thoughts.

I tiptoed down the hall. The lights were off and the TV was on. Amy was sitting on the couch with her dad. Her mom must have gone to bed some time ago because they looked quite settled. They were watching baseball, something I know Amy always enjoyed doing with her dad. He was in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Amy must have sneaked into the room and changed because she was wearing super short shorts and white half shirt.

Neither of them had noticed me. Something loomed in the air between them. It was so palpable that I didn’t walk any farther into the room. I retreated a bit and began watching them from behind a corner. It was then that I saw Amy bring her long legs to her chest and rest her head on the arm of the couch. Her shorts rode up a bit and her ass was pointing right at her dad. He took his eyes off the game and stared. He didn’t glance, but rather fixed his gaze on his daughter’s exposed flesh. I was shocked to realize that Amy seemed aware that she was showing some skin. I saw casino firmaları her eyes look in father’s direction to see if he was looking. They were both staring. You could cut the tension with a knife.

He then put his arm up on to the back of the couch. Amy rolled on to her back as if to shift into a more comfortable position. She spread her legs so her dad could look up her shorts. They remained silent. She was still staring at him to see if he was still looking. He was – unabashedly. They remained silent as if they were locked into some sort of elaborate dance. Amy began to sway her legs back and forth. Each motion giving her dad a peak at her. He then rested his other in his lap as if to signal her.

She re-positioned again, placing her head in his lap. Was what I was thinking actually going on? I almost couldn’t believe it. In my disbelief I froze watching – waiting to be shown that what I was thinking wasn’t actually happening.

There they remained for several minutes, almost long enough for me to believe that I was just being crazy. I was about to turn around and go back to bed when I saw Don’s hand fall from the couch onto Amy’s shoulder. His thumb began to gently rub her skin. Then Amy brought her hand up to her dad’s lap.

It was happening. I couldn’t believe it. More unbelievable was that I wasn’t doing anything to stop it. As a matter of fact, I was starting to get aroused. Don slid his hips forward on the couch. Amy’s hand continued wandering upward. I saw it stop on her dad’s crotch. He spread his legs a bit and I could see that he was already hard. His hand moved down to his daughter’s breast, lightly stroking the outside at first but then teasing her nipple through her shirt. Amy’s hand began working her father’s shaft over his shorts. They stared at the game in silence feeling their hands wander over one another.

My mouth was dry. I was already throbbing. Amy then found the opening in her dad’s shorts and drew out his cock. They both took their eyes off of the game and looked at one another as Amy slid her hand up and down the full length of him. Her lips parted slowly and his swollen tip disappeared into her mouth. My wife was sucking her own dad’s dick. He let out a soft growl that could barely be heard over the slurping and sucking and the color commentary still coming out of the television.

She sucked him ravenously in a way I had never seen. I was so turned on that I thought I would burst. Her saliva drizzled down his shaft making it glisten. She moaned and sucked as if her life depended on it. He stopped her before she could finish him off and finally he spoke as he helped her onto the couch. “Come here kiddo.” he whispered.

He laid her back and slid off her shorts in one fluid motion. It was then that I realized that Amy hadn’t been wearing any panties. She quick ran her finger between the lips of her pussy, spreading the wetness, getting it ready for her dad. He slid her shirt up too, exposing her bare breasts. He gently kissed and sucked her nipples before moving his lips and hands down her body. She was writhing with her legs spread. She ran her fingers through his silver hair and pushed his face into her. His hand cupped and massaged her tits before he moved them down to squeeze her ass. I watched his head güvenilir casino bob as his tongue darted across, and plunged into, his daughter’s pussy.

Amy’s breath began to quicken. “Oh dad…make me cum. Please make me cum,” she whispered.

Amy has the gift of getting really wet when she climaxes. I could tell when she was taken over the edge when I saw her dad have to gulp. Seeing her cum, and on her dad’s tongue no less, compelled my own hand to slide into my pants. What was I doing? This was so wrong. My wife and her father are putting their mouths all over each another and I’m jerking off to it. But, I couldn’t stop. It was so naughty. So forbidden. My favorite.

Don’s cock was still hard and poking out through his shorts. He sat back on the couch with his daughter’s cum still on his lips. Amy followed him up and straddled him. He held her off. “Do you really want to do this? Is it ok?” he checked.

“Yes, dad. It’s ok. I need it. I’ve missed you so much,” she replied.

It was with those words that the full gravity of of what I was witnessing sunk in. This was not the first time they had been together. My wife had gone to visit her parents dozens of times since we’d been together and the reality was that throughout that time she was having an ongoing sexual relationship with her father. I should have been broken. I should have been furious, but I wasn’t. The thought of it actually made me stroke harder and faster.

She reached between her legs and began tickling her clit with the tip of his cock. Then it happened. They kissed. I don’t know why but that act was more of a turn on than anything I had just seen. It was so intimate and so telling of the true nature of their relationship.

As their tongues danced I saw Amy’s hips lower and I knew that her dad was inside of her. “Oh God, Amy,” he moaned.

She began to rock slowly.

“Oh God baby, I’ve missed you,” he continued.

Her pace began to quicken.

“Daddy…daddy, I love you,” she panted through waves of passion.

“I love you too sweetheart. I’ve always loved you,” he replied as he ran his hand through her hair and down her back.

He then grabbed her ass. His fingers slid inward. I could tell he was teasing her asshole. It was then that her demeanor and pace totally changed. She became possessed. She needed him, loved him, wanted him in a way I had never seen before. He pulled her close, grunted in her ear, and kissed her neck. She rode him hard and held him tight.

“I’m cumming daddy! I’m cumming.” She half screamed.

“I feel you, Amy. Oh God,” he said on the verge.

“Its ok. I want it. Give it to me. Fill me. Please fill me,” she responded, pulling away to see the look washing across his face.

Through gritted teeth he thrusted deep. He came inside of his daughter’s pussy. My wife came hard at the same time, loving the feeling of her dad’s hot cum spilling into her.

She leaned forward to kiss him and I saw his cock inside of her still twitching. His white cum began to drip out of her. I couldn’t hold off any longer. My cock began to twitch and the wave of orgasm washed over me as my own cum spurted into my hand.

I watched a while longer as they kissed and caressed and professed their feelings for one another. This was day one of a five day visit. As I crawled back into bed and trailed off to sleep feeling confused and excited all at the same time. I thought that I had now seen and done it all. Time and again during the course of our visit Amy would prove me wrong.

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