At Last – We Get Alone Together

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My sister Julie is one of those female’s who is very sexy without conscious effort. She had been graced with great looks along with a very generous mouth. She was however a total innocent on the morning of her 18th birthday.

That day some guy made a very suggestive cat call that had her both perplexed and angry. She came to me, her big brother Jay, with her problem and told me of the remark directed at her.

“You mouth makes me hard.” Some jerk had shouted at her.

“Jay?” Julie asked me. “What did he mean with that remark?”

I being 20 made me in her eyes the expert on sex. Me I was just beginning to become sexually mature as I became aware of and began to understand to meaning of the various four letter words.

I very carefully explained the concept of oral sex to her. Of course at twenty I was not much smarter on that subject than she but I did my best.

Later that summer I was enlisted to help our father remodel our huge attic. There was to be a large bedroom each for me and Julie. Having developed some sexual feeling for Julie and I had managed to incorporate a spy hole in our common wall.

Unfortunately I did not see a whole lot beyond watching her undress a few times. I did figure out that she masturbated, I could hear her but unfortunately her room was always dark at the time

Only once did I see her do herself in normal light. That became the focal point of my own masturbatory excess’s for a long time.

Once I got to watch her friend Lana change into, then later, out of her swim suit. After that those images battled with those of my sister for first position in my fantasies.

Since I couldn’t see Julie in the darkness I soon became much more aware of and excited by what I was hearing than by what I was seeing. The squishing sounds coming through the wall, the moans of her orgasms had me back to masturbating twice a day.

Even though I often masturbated to my sister’s images I did not seriously have any thought of ever fulfilling those fantasies. She was after all my sister. One did not have sex with one’s sibling. Incest thoughts were perfectly acceptable, masturbation was also, but carrying them to fruition was not.

So anyhow, time went on. I became twenty two, my sister became twenty. I was a full time college student. Julie had been working but was to start college in the fall.

Our mother had found herself a new life. Dad was coping mostly by working longer hours. He also could now indulge himself with two loves both of which my mother hated, bowling and his 1948 Ford ‘Woody’.

This left Julie and I alone a considerable percentage of the time.

I might add that we live near Augusta Georgia which has a very late Fall, a very early Spring and no Winter to speak of. We live in what was once a farm house but which is now set on a couple of acres. The house is large and airy but which does not air condition well.

We had all become very comfortable with the situation, lot’s of moving air along with a minimum of clothing. Underwear was for colder times and for public appearances.

Around the house I was usually covered only by some kind of soft cotton or silk running shorts. Julie was usually in some kind of thin cotton knee length dress or shorts like mine along with a T-shirt.

On this particular Fall evening we both had been out on dates. Julie with Bill a guy she had dated on and off since she was sixteen or so. I was with Nancy, a girl that I had met about six weeks before. She apparently was a virgin. I had hoped to change that status.

That particular evening I tried a bit too hard with the result that Nancy demanded to be taken home early. She was pissed but pissed only enough to simply say, “Wait a week before you call me, please.” as she left me at her door without a good night kiss.

It was about ten when I entered the house. I found it dark. Dad, I knew, was away at a car show, Julie was I assumed out somewhere having a good time with her date.

It was another hot night. I started undressing as soon as I entered the house. I was already down to my boxers when I entered the kitchen seeking a cold drink. I was surprised to find, sitting at the kitchen table in the dark, my sister.

Even in the semi darkness I could see that she was upset. I could also see that she was ‘dressed to kill’ in a short red dress with spaghetti straps. I knew that dress. It was the one thing that Julie wore which almost always caused some swelling in my crotch.

“I know what my excuse is, what’s yours?” I asked.

“I don’t want to tell you.” Julie said. “But since I’m easy, tell me your sad story. Then I’ll tell you mine, even though mine is not something which a girl should share with her brother. OK?”

I kept it simple and simply said. “I hoped to relieve Nancy of her virginity tonight, she said ‘no’, I got a bit pushy for a minute. Long story short I took her home early at her request.”

“Are you guys finished?” Julie asked.

“No. I don’t think so. She didn’t seem totally pissed. She said to call her in a week. What do casino şirketleri you think?”

“No you’re both OK. She just wants to punish you a little, or maybe she wants to think it over. I know she’s on the pill, we met at the drug store once.

“Thanks for that info. So now tell me your tale of woe.”

“Well it’s not too different than yours. I expected to get laid tonight. I’m not a virgin as you know. I didn’t wear panties although I did have a throng in my purse. We had dinner then necked a little when we got back to the car. Bill slid his hand up my legs all the way to my pussy. Then he realized that it was bare. I had thought he would really be excited …… Wrong!

“He immediately took that as a sign that I had been flashing in the restaurant, He came unglued. I was his girl and I had no right to bare my pussy in public, etc., etc., etc., I took a cab home.”

“I hope you’re done with him. He sound’s like a potential abuser to me.”

Just then the phone rang. I answered to hear Bill shout. “Put your sister on the phone right now!”

Julie could hear him from where she sat. She was shaking her head. Her hands covering her ears. I spoke very forcefully but quietly into the phone.

“No Bill. She does not wish to take any more shit from you tonight. If I have my way she is through taking your shit forever. While we are on the subject. If you ever abuse her in any way, shape, or manner again I will abuse you. My abuse will far exceed anything you may contemplate. Got that?”

Me being three inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than Bill I got away with saying that.

He didn’t answer but simply hung up. Julie stood and came to me. As she did I opened my arms. She pressed close, our bodies in tight contact from chests to knees. My hand began to massage her back gently. I began to realize the there was no bra under the dress either. Only her very thin dress was between her being dressed and her being naked.

We were standing there, she naked under her dress, me wearing only thin boxer shorts, her body was tight against mine. My bodies reaction was to develop a significant erection. Her’s was to snuggle her body closer and her face against my neck. She began to kiss it.

My hands moved to her ass. My cock found it’s way to nestle in that V created by her slightly parted but thinly covered legs and her pussy. First we let things simply rest but under pressure.

It seemed like time stood still but in fact it wasn’t long before one of us moved our body. Then the other’s moved. Soon we were ‘dry humping’ each other with great enthusiasm.

“I’m gonna come if we don’t stop pretty quick.” I said to Julie. Her reply was.

“Go ahead, come. I’ll be joining you. I’m that close.”

With that we began to kiss. Although tentative at first it became more and more frenzied as our dry humping became more rapid. It was just a moment before she came.

The realization that she had come pushed me over that edge. The cum boiled out the end of my cock soaking both my shorts and Julie’ mound.

Our orgasms momentarily unwound us but we continued to stand intertwined as we relaxed and thought over the implications of what had just happened. After a few minutes Julie put her hands on both sides of my face then kissed me gently on the lips. Then she asked.

“Do you wanna ‘do it’?” I did want to but I was equally certain that I didn’t want to open that particular door. I quietly said as much to Julie who nodded and said.

“I know that you’re right but I’ll always remember and treasure this moment.”

Julie released me and walked toward her room. She stopped, turned and gave me one of those looks that only a sexy woman can manage then said.

“As far as I’m concerned I have an undated Rain Check.” Then she went into her room and gently closed the door.

Luckily college started a week later. I posted my favorite picture of us above my desk.

The picture had been taken on Julie’s 20th birthday. She was 5’5 and 125 pounds standing next to my 6’1 and 220 pounds. We looked pretty good in the picture together.

She had long brunette hair and a tight little gymnast’s body. She was not quite a member of the “itty bitty titty club” but she is definitely not overly endowed. Meanwhile what she lacks in tit size she more than makes up in perky nipples.

Her unimpressive bra size was offset by her very impressive grade point number. 3.87 to be exact

Since she seldom wears a bra I have rarely seen her without her perky nipples pushing hard against her shirt or blouse. I tried hard but never was quite able to always make my excitable member not react to such a sight.

I had the picture at college along with one of my family and one of Julie by herself. One of my college mates, Jeff, saw the picture and asked me if she was my girlfriend. Before I could tell him no, that it was my sister, he blurted out that she had great lips.

“You’re a lucky guy Jay.” He added.

Suddenly I decided not to enlighten him. Two more years passed and I continued to casino firmaları let all my college friends think that she was my girl friend. When my best friend Dan came up for a visit he went along with the story.

I managed to keep the story going as did Julie after I told her about it. She was at State which was 200 miles distant. She said that it made her life less difficult for her as she could date for the special events by calling her date her escort.

If she desired to further that relationship she could pretend to be cheating on me and do pretty much as she pleased without too much entanglement.

I did similarly which also made me life a lot easier. Things worked out just fine for us. We graduated, married and pretty much went our own way until it came time for my tenth year class reunion.

Our spouses were aware of and had often laughed with us as we told tales of incidents caused by the deception. When the matter of the reunion came up at a family dinner Rita, my wife, suggested.

“Why don’t you take Julie and introduce her as your wife. It should be good for family laughs later on.”

So the plot was set. On a Friday a month later. Rita walked me to the car. The plan was a two night stay at the Virginia Beach hotel where the reunion was to be staged.

“How far are we allowed to carry this husband and wife thing while we are together and alone and far away?” I asked.


“Well I think that Danny thinks that you two might end up sleeping together while we’re away and you’re both here.”

The conversation was not entirely unexpected. Rita and Danny had once been lovers. Dan was my best friend and my brother in law.

I told Rita that if the urge struck her that she was welcome to discreetly have a foray with Dan. She had fond memories of him because of a particular physical oddity. He apparently had a situation with his penis which caused the head to point about 45 degrees right when erect.

I always totally enjoyed Rita’s tale of their first encounter. She spelled out the details after I made a remark to her, something like. “I’ll bet that Dan came within ten seconds the first time you took him into your mouth.” I intended it as a compliment to her oral skill.

She just giggled then with a little urging described their first time. They had started by entering into the sixty nine position. Dan had then come within just a few seconds of entering her mouth.

Meanwhile she had not looked at his erection before hand so the fact of the oddity had not sunk in before he came. Imagine her surprise when his cum blasted against the inside of her cheek instead of down her throat.

Her tales of his cock head rubbing the side of her cunt and cum striking unexpected places brought me to many premature ejaculations. She equally loved my stories of a particular female whose only pleasure was mutual manual manipulation or DIY masturbation.

So anyhow I repeated my permission for her to screw or suck Dan all weekend. To be discreet of course.

My final words before leaving to pick up my sister were. “Then am I allowed to commit incest if Julie is interested?”

I had started the car and rolled down the window when Rita put her head inside and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She wiggled it side to side a few times then pulled away.

“Yes! And I promise you Jay darling, she is interested.” She looked down at the tent that suddenly developed in my shorts and said. “I can tell that you are interested.”

A couple of hours later as we drove down the Interstate I discussed Rita’s remarks with my sister. She related a similar conversation with her Dan. She also related that he had often suggested, usually during sex, that she should have sex with me.

She said that her usual answer was, “maybe” or “I just might” or “sound like a good idea to me” she added that any of these reply’s caused his almost instant orgasm.

“Obviously,” I said. “you have Dan’s OK. I have Rita’s OK. It appears that those two are going to assume that we are doing the horizontal hula and do their own version. So?”

Julie thought for a minute then answered me. “To be honest, this conversation we’re having seems somewhat cold blooded and crude. What you have from me is permission to treat me as your wife in public and to attempt to seduce me in private. OK?”

“OK.” Let’s kiss to seal the bargain.”

“Kiss what?” she asked. “I see something bulging up between your legs that you would like me to kiss but this isn’t the time or place.”

We were approaching a place where you could stop and partake of a drink of water or the porta pot. It was empty so I pulled in. Julie said, “thanks, I need the pot before I embarrass myself.”

Julie disappeared into it as I waited. She was quick. I entered and though I needed to piss I had trouble wrestling my erection out of my pants so as to complete the job.

I returned to the car noticing as I did that Julie was standing in the shade her back to the sun. Her legs were slightly parted under the thin dress that she was wearing. güvenilir casino

The shape of her legs was quite pronounced as was the outline of her crotch. It was a very erotic sight. You can guess at my little brain’s reaction. She noticed it and knew why it had happened and said.

“That’s your treat for this stop. Enjoy.”

“Actually the sight brought back a very pleasant memory.”

“To be honest I often recall that very pleasant memory.” She said. “Ever been sorry it ended there?”

“When I’m masturbating, yes. In the cold light of day, no. In hindsight I know that I would not have been mature enough to handle the situation.”

“I’ve had that same thought. I’m happy that we agree.”

“Shall we seal our memory and our bargain with a kiss. Or do we have a bargain?” I asked.

“Well, maybe in the car. I’ll be safe there on my side of the console.”

We entered, sat, buckled our seat belts then leaned our faces toward each other. It was as if our mouths had never touched before that moment. Our lips were parted slightly as they came together, very gently.

Our lips clung together for a long time. Then by some secret signal that passed between us they parted, slowly. As they did I felt Julie’s tongue brush my upper lip. Before I could respond we were separated. I drove on to our destination without loosing all of my erection.

We were hardly checked in when I was greeted by Jeff, my ex-roommate. He recognized Julie from the picture. She did her act as my wife without a flaw. We found our room with Jeff tagging along. He guided us to the place to register for the reunion and get signed up for some of the activities.

Julie and I acted in some ways like newlyweds. Not so much our holding hands as much as the secret smiles between us and the glow. We finally conjured up a tale of her having been away for two plus months taking care of her terminally ill father.

That problem solved we partook of the various activities until about 1:00 AM at which point we could finally break loose and go to our room without needing any excuse.

As we re-entered our room the message light was flashing. The message was for Julie to call Dan. Just then the phone rang. Dan was barely awake, she told me later, but wanted to know if we had done ‘it’ yet.

Julie got a bit pissed at him asking at that particular moment so she said.

“You really want to know?. When the phone rang a while ago we couldn’t answer because my mouth was full. Jay didn’t hear the phone because his ears were sealed shut by my thighs. OK?” With that said she slammed the phone down.

We had entered the room dead tired. I secretly had hoped that we would sleep and do some monkey business in the early morning. Now I was wide awake as was Julie who was on the verge of tears.

“Here I was,” She said. “all ready for some big dramatic coming together with my brother. My brother who I have lusted over since my early teens. That jerk had to interrupt.

“In truth though Jay, I didn’t have a clue as to how we would break the ice. Did you?”

“No. To tell the truth I was so tired that all I wanted was sleep. Notice I used the word ‘was’ two times. Now I’m not tired. I need a shower. Join me?”

Julie nodded her head and turned her back for me to perform zipper duty. She was bra-less under the dress wearing only very sheer blue panties the same color as the dress now on the floor. She made for the bathroom before I could even start undressing.

When I got there my sister was concealed behind the shower curtain. I asked if she minded if I peed. She didn’t so I did that before joining her under the spray.

Julie was washing her hair. Facing me she bent her head back to rinse. Meanwhile suds were running down between her breasts and down further to the soft closely trimmed blonde hair which was doing a poor job of concealing her labia.

I had entered the shower somewhat hard. Now I was rock hard and still growing. I squirted some shampoo on her breasts and proceeded to wash them very thoroughly paying particular attention to her swollen nipples.

Julie stayed in that position for those ministrations and hardly moved as I moved one hand downward to properly soap every bit of her private areas. When I was sure that my fingers had overlooked nothing I went back and rechecked my work just to be sure.

By then Julie’s eyes were beginning to glaze and I could feel little twitches and spasms in and around her pussy as my fingers checked here and there.

Suddenly she was humping my hand. Two of my fingers slipped inside of her, my thumb found her clit. She continued to ride my hand hard until she orgasmed. My thumb gently massaging her clit brought her part way down gently.

As Julie’s eyes unglazed she developed a mischievous smile. A moment later she took my cock in her hand. She examined it thoroughly with her fingers. Finally I had to say something.

Why don’t you kiss it?” I urged her. She giggled, hesitated and bent, still holding it in her hand she gently kissed it. Then she turned her head giving me a profile view. My eyes watched her cute little mouth purse and I thought I was going to faint waiting. It seemed like an eternity. The touch of her mouth when her lips finally surrounded the head of my cock was incredible.

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