Ass Chronicles Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen. This is the beginning of a series taken a recently new eighteen year old man, on a journey he never knew or thought was possible.

Please feel free to leave constructive comments, and as always if you like them please don’t hesitate to leave praise. I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing this.


“Make a wish and blow out the candles baby.” A pride and beaming smile was visible, as the words were full of warmth and happiness.

“Okay mom, here I go.” The response was equally full of giddy, and anticipation as Joel now officially an eighteen year old man.

As he blew out the candles, the glowing flames of the candles on top of his cake, had now given way to tiny, and barely audible streams of smoke. Joel looked up to see his mother standing directly in front of him. Her thick red curls flowed like an out of control fire, yet the only thing raging for Joel was the swift hardness in his pants.

There was no doubt, that to Joel the hottest and most beautiful woman in the world was his very own mother. She had given birth to him on a hot summer’s night. The first of August to be exact.

She had a body that was fertile, and legs that in her late high school years were always opened. There was never any secret that for Tanya Roberts, sex was just as important to her as air.

But at the age of eighteen, she had gotten knocked up with her first of two children. A bright and beautiful daughter named Chastity Rose. It had been a first date at a drive in, deep in the heart of Texas. She was well blossomed with a perfect and mouthwatering set of double d tits, well liked. Never a bad or ill word was ever spoken about her, and to top it all off she was smart as a whip. The top of her class didn’t even begin to do justice to how smart she was.

Unfortunately, everyone has one negative thing about themselves. For Tanya it was self confidence. She knew that it was just in her head, but she lacked the ability to tell and show herself as an amazingly confident and beautiful woman.

The night that her brain gave into her doubts, was the night that it happened. A boy named Steve in her class, had asked her to a date of dinner and a movie. Tanya was so awestruck, and stunned that all she could do was nod. The dinner was a fairy tale for her. He picked her up, opened all the doors, gave her flowers and even went so far as to pull out her chair. Truly she was at that moment feeling like a queen.

The movies were a blur from the pampering she had gotten at dinner. One thing and some sweet talking from him caused her to rip off his and her clothing and mount his cock. It was looking back for her now, an unimpressive six inches and not thick either. But she didn’t care. She wanted this, and felt like he deserved it after all he had done earlier for her. She mounted him, and decided to throw caution to the wind. The pain in her pussy, of his cock and her innocence being torn apart was too much.

“Her bro snap out of it.” A soft tender voice called out to him.

His eyes widened, as he shook his head. Realizing he was daydreaming again about his most desired fantasy, the only thing missing was him. He wanted so bad to be that man, who casino şirketleri was being buried balls deep into this perfect of woman and taking her to places that he could only dream of.

But the reality was a far different cry than the fantasy. The fantasy was having him balls deep in this gorgeous woman, and emptying his balls into her. The reality was straight ahead of him, as his mother was looking deep into his eyes, with green eyes full of passion yet with a heart full of wonder and concern because she knew full well what was in his mind.

To his right was his sister Danielle. Her bleached blonde hair and inquisitive look was always a part of his life. At the age of twenty, she was entering her junior year of college at Glendale University deep in the heart of downtown Seattle. But even thought she was gone for the most part, she was still very protective of her little brother. So much so in fact, that even his past two prom dates had to be preapproved by her.

“Oh yeah sorry mom, sorry sis, was just daydreaming again.” Joel stuttered with embarrassment over having been caught with his head, and thought in the clouds again.

“Sweetie why don’t you go and have fun with your friends, so that Joel and I can talk.” Tanya said with a kindness, yet a firmness to show that there was no other option available then total compliance.

“Okay Mom, I’ll be out late tonight, and baby brother happy brother. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Making sure she gave him a big hug, and a slight chuckle in her voice to the last part of her statement.

“Thanks sis, and be safe.” Joel said as he was always worried, and making sure that as the head of the household he was making sure the two most important women in his life were always protected.

As Danielle grabbed her purse, and closed the door behind her. The quieted calmness, was now dancing around them in the air, as her green eyes were now face to face with his blue eyes. Tanya knew that her son was shy, and that this gift she was going to give him was one in which only she could initiate.

“So Joel it’s time for your gift” His mother said with an excitement in her voice.

“Mom you didn’t have to get me anything.” He said with a tone of voice, which impressed her by seeing in the person she would always see as her little boy, was strong and commanding and now officially a man.

“Sweetie that’s very kind of you and you’ve always been like that. But this time it’s not up for debate.” Tanya said with an equal firmness to her voice.

“Ok mom if you insist.” Joel said with a resignation to know that there was no sense in trying to argue or debate, for it wouldn’t get him anywhere but into trouble.

“Good now if you’ll follow me.” Tanya said with a smile, as she got up out of her chair.

Joel was quick to follow knowing his mother was all one for punctuality, and as such expected her children and those around her to follow that as well. As Tanya reached the stairs, Joel couldn’t help but swallow hard and in silence. Every man from the moment he first hits puberty, has a sexual fantasy. One in which his whole world becomes fixated on. For Joel it was a big luscious ass, and his mother’s was one that would get a county fair blue ribbon every year.

As casino firmaları they made their way up the stairs, Joel’s cock was painfully hard as his blue eyes watered in religious ecstasy, as his own mother’s ass cheeks covered in the faded blue denim of her jeans was contorting, with both the steps she was taking. Along with the thickness of her rounded buttocks.

Joel had started jacking off, in fantasizing over his mother and her ass six years ago. The day when he decided to try and be a good guy by doing the laundry, that’s when he noticed a lace red thong on the top of the clothes hamper. His eyes were wide, and his heart was rapidly beating as he realized that it was his mother’s. That day he did do the laundry, but the red thong wasn’t a part of that load, for he took it and spent the first moment of intimate pleasure stroking his cock, and the feel of his mother’s panties wrapped around it, made him grunt and whimper as the cum flew out of his piss hole. His hips were bucking, as he was determined to empty all of his hot and thick spunk all over his naked body.

As they reached her bedroom, she opened it up and as they both walked in. Joel was confused, as he decided to sit on his mother’s large king sized bed. Tanya looked at him and smiled as she decided to take one long look in the mirror, before deciding to forever change his and her own life.

“Sweetie can I ask you a question?” Tanya asked with a look of seriousness.

“Sure mom.” Joel said without any reservations to his demeanor.

“Have you always stroked your cock to dreams and fantasies of my ass?”

“Um, mom what do you mean?” Joel said with a quivering tremor in his voice as tears started to immediately flow. There was no sense in denying it anymore. No matter how hard he had tried, in the last six years to keep his most secret of intimate desires private. It was no match for a mother’s intuition.

“Oh sweetie it’s ok. Really I’m flattered, please don’t cry.” As Tanya raced over to hold her son, she knew she needed to follow through on what she asked since the ice had already been breaking by the admission, that she had known about what he had been doing for years.

“I’m sorry mom, it’s just that you’re so sexy and hot that I can’t help but want you all the time.” He said as the tears of his soul, was being dried now and instead his heartfelt honesty was flowing out of him.

“Honey every woman loves being told, that she is sexy and desirable. With that can I give you your present now?”

“Yes mom.” Joel said with eagerness, not because he wanted the gift. Rather, he was just relieved that the conversation into his sexual perversion was not only gone, but that she was also okay and happy with it.

Tanya stood back up and with her back to her son, and slowly unzipped her jeans. Joel’s eyes widened as he realized that his own mother was taking her pants off, and doing it just for him. After a few more moments, his mother’s pants were on the floor, and there she was on her bedroom floor on all fours. The red thong that had started his sexual fascination with his mother was on her.

Joel’s eyes were glued to the tiny, red piece of material that was lodged deeply up her ass crack. He didn’t know what was going on, but he decided güvenilir casino that if his mother was taking his pants off, then he should too as well. Tanya smiled and moaned, as she heard her own son unzip his jeans and could see as his boxers and jeans get tossed into a pile right next to her own face.

“Mmmm that’s my baby, pump that cock and cum all over my ass.” She purred in a husk filled need, that only he could give to her.

Joel didn’t need to be told twice. The sight of his mother’s wide and large ass was sending him to places that his dreams could only take him. Joel knew that as horny as he was, this greatest of experiences wasn’t going to last as long as he wanted. But there was no way he was going to pass up on this opportunity.

With his hand on his cock now, he started pumping it up and down. He wanted it to be slow and drawn out. But he knew his mother was putting herself on display for him, the least he could do was put on an equally arousing show for her. His hand war tight, and fast as he started fucking his hand, wishing it was his mother’s virgin asshole.

“Fuck mom your ass is fucking hot, I want to fucking eat it.” Joel said with a commanding grunt, as the sound of his hand and cock was making sounds of tabooed arousal.

“Oh fuck yes baby, take my ass. It’s forever yours. Mark it, and fucking own your mother’s slutty ass.” She screamed, as she now started to twerk it.

Joel was now in heaven, the clapping of her cheeks was giving him the impression that her ass was giving him a standing ovation for what he was doing for her. The lewd sounds of his sexual desire, was now flowing out of every pore of his very being.

“Mom I’m going to cum.” Joel said with a rasped breath.

“Do it baby please, decorate my ass, with your cum.” Tanya pleaded with him as she took her cheeks, and with both hands spread them wide and proud, to give her son a wider canvas to spread his sexual seed over.

With one last grunt and a whimper of love and devotion to his mother, his cock twitched once more as his jizz started to explode out of him. His mother groaned and screamed with giddy, and delight as the hot thickness of his erotic cream, was dropping itself onto her ass.

A few more ropes, and he was done. There was nothing more for Joel to offer. A twinge of sadness came from him as he now realized that this dream of his lifetime was over. Sitting back down he was sweating, as he worked hard to catch his breath. His mother turned around to scoop some of his many strands of spunk with her fingers, as she hungrily fed it into her mouth.

“Mmm that tastes so good baby. I love it.” Tanya said with lustful eyes and a tingling body. As she stood back up, she walked over to her son and placed her hand on his cheek. Rubbing it gently, making him calm down as only she could do.

“Happy Birthday baby and I hope you liked your gift.” Tanya said with an enticing wink.

“Mom I loved it, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” Joel said with gratitude and a longing devotion that no other woman could ever give him.

“I’m glad sweetie, now momma needs to get some sleep. You do too, more of your gift comes tomorrow and you need your rest.” Tanya said as they exchanged a goodnight kiss.

Joel left her room to turn left and go four doors down to his own room. As he closed it behind him, and lay down his eyes were now closed. Yet his mind was racing, towards a date tomorrow that only his mother knew.

To Be Continued.

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