Aspiring Director Ch. 01

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I was a recent graduate of a well known North Eastern film school trying to become a successful movie director. But despite my solid education, I was discovering what most people had already told me, and what I really did understand: it is very difficult to break into the entertainment industry. After graduation, I had flown to California, the heart of the movie industry, and rented a small studio apartment just outside of Burbank. No one starts out as a director though, and I, like almost everyone else, began my progression to directorial success as a lowly production assistant barely making minimum wage.

I had been a production assistant for a few months when a friend of mine who also lived in California got engaged to his girlfriend of several years. Knowing my formal educational background, he asked me to be the weddings cinematographer. I happily agreed, at that point I was willing to film and direct just about anything, besides I really needed the extra cash.

I asked another friend of mine to assist me at the wedding. I would do the majority of the filming, but it was going to be a long wedding, and I wanted to be able to have time to eat and mingle with some of the guests. At the wedding I was seated at a table with several people that I got to know during my filming breaks. Two of the people at my table were a married couple in their mid-twenties, Paula and Jerry. They looked like they had just stepped off the cover of a romance novel.

Paula had long, flowing flaxen hair, olive skin and a body that was perfectly accentuated by her evening gown. Her full breasts were expertly framed by her plunging neckline, and her dress clung to what appeared to be wonderfully toned legs.

Jerry played the other half of the novel’s cover. He was about six foot tall and possessed a toothpaste commercial quality smile. His tuxedo did not reveal nearly as much as Paula’s gown, but his broad shoulders and trim waist suggested he also spent ample time at the gym.

I laughed and chatted with everyone at my table, but Paula, Jerry and I got along especially well. The chemistry among was undeniable; the conversation was easy and spirited, and maybe this was just my lustful imagination, but towards the end of the wedding, after we had gotten to know each other fairly well, I thought that both of them were flirting with me. During my one dance with Paula at the end of the evening, she seemed to hold me unusually tightly for a married woman, and Jerry would occasionally touch my arm or brush my knee with his hand. There was little doubt that the three of us had quickly forged a comfortable friendship.

At the wedding’s conclusion, we exchanged telephone numbers, and I packed up my camera gear and went home casino şirketleri to my apartment. I stripped out of my tuxedo, showered, and climbed into bed. As I lay in bed, my thoughts drifted to Paula. The scent of her perfume lingered in my memory. The touch of her lustrous hair on my cheek as we danced could still be felt, as could her delicate but firm fingers on my back. Her well tended to body filled my imagination, and my growing erection attested to my attraction for her. My hands almost by their own will found my cock and stroked it to full length.

A charge shot through me as my imagination ran rampant. Burying my face in her cleavage, I imagined undoing her dress and letting it drop to the floor. After licking and sucking her nipples until they stood up on her tits like thumb tacks on a board, I trailed kisses down her torso until the musty aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils. With my hand wrapped around my rigid shaft, I imagined peeling off her damp g-string and moving even closer to her so I could delicately lick what I imagined would be a trimmed but not clean shaven pussy. My hand increased its rhythm on my cock, as I imagined the moan escaping from her lips and the gentle undulation of her hips as my tongue tended to every fold of her pussy and protruding clit. I imagined her fingers rummaging through my hair and her moans growing louder and more insistent as her pleasure mounted.

My thoughts now drifted to Jerry. Having spent significant time in the creative community of Hollywood and film school, I was no stranger to homosexuality. My own experiences, however, were limited. Interestingly, my current job as a production assistant was secured with the use of Hollywood’s infamous casting couch. I had submitted my resume to a classified ad, and a few weeks later was invited for an interview. The person who interviewed me was a powerful producer in the entertainment industry with many well known films to his credit. Working for him would be a great entr‚e into the film community, and a job that I could leverage for an even better position in just a few months. The interview went well, and he complimented my resume, but unfortunately I knew that there were many other qualified applicants vying for the position.

Toward the end of the interview I told him that I was very interested in the position and that I would do anything to get it. He leaned back in his chair, as a smile formed on his face. “As you know,” he said, “the film industry is a very competitive place, and obtaining a job is not easy.” He then stood up, walked around his desk, and sat on the edge of it right in front of me. I was no fool and implicitly understood what was expected. I shifted forward in my chair and brought my casino firmaları hands up his legs and inner thighs.

“Working for you would be an honor,” I said. My hands made their way to the front of his cock, and I deliberately rubbed it through his pants, bringing it to full erection. I massaged his cock through his pants for a minute, my eyes never breaking contact with his. When he was at full staff I asked him to stand up so I could remove his pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and let them fall to his knees. His cock had created a large tent in his boxers and was straining for release. Normally I like a lot of foreplay in a sexual encounter, but this was professional not personal. I pulled his boxers down and his six inch cock bounced free. I slowly stroked his cock, milking pre-cum from its slit.

His breathing was now audible and his eyed were closed. I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue, and when I sucked in its entire head, he loudly moaned. I momentarily concentrated on his cock head, while my hand continued to stroke his shaft, before leaning in still further and engulfing almost his entire shaft in my mouth. My tongue and mouth bathed the top half of his shaft, while one hand concentrated on the bottom half and the other caressed his balls.

His breathing became erratic and unfocused as I brought him closer to orgasm. I quickened the pace of both my hands and increased the suction of my mouth. The sooner he came, the sooner I would have a job. His cock was rock hard, and I knew the end was near. I increased suction yet again and aggressively licking the slit of his cock while stroking and twisting his saliva and precum covered shaft. With a growl he unleashed a torrent of cum. I never ceased my efforts as I swallowed all of it.

Normally my own cock is rock hard while I am blowing someone or eating pussy, but this was more business than pleasure. My cock was still mostly flaccid. After he had recovered from his orgasm, he told me to drop my pants and jerk off for him. Some of his cum still hung from my chin, and I wiped it off with my hand. I stood up and removed my pants and underwear and concentrated on getting an erection. I pulled and stroked myself to hardness while he stared at my cock. Then I sat back down on the chair, putting one leg over an armrest. With my legs now splayed apart, and my cock sticking straight up in the air, I returned to stroking myself. The producer was leaning back on the desk while he watched, still naked but his spent cock was soft. It still glistened with my saliva and some of his cum that I was not able to fully clean off with my tongue.

I spit on my hand and stoked my cock from shaft to tip. I was trying to cum quickly, so I rubbed güvenilir casino it with force and speed. I only slowed down when he told me to play with my balls. With one hand massaging my balls, I closed my eyes and concentrated on cumming. I fantasized about all sorts of things including a recent experience I had with a local college student. I had met her at a bar and taken her home. She did not want to have intercourse, but we sixty-nined until we both exploded with pleasure in each other’s mouths. When she came, her whole body had shivered, and for a few minute she lay still while her clit throbbed in my mouth. She eventually returned to sucking me. Able to now fully concentrate on my cock without the distraction of my tongue licking her pussy and clit, she deep throated me to perfection all the way down to my balls, and brought me to an explosive orgasm in her mouth. This memory was all I needed. My hand was a blur on my cock, as I brought my orgasm closer. With a loud moan, I gushed cum into the air and over my hand. I opened my eyes to see the producer with a big smile on his face. I started work two weeks later.

Remembering this story while I simultaneously thought of Paula and Jerry had my own cock leaking pre-cum. My hand worked every inch of it, as I imagined a naked Paula standing before me, my head buried in her snatch, and Jerry’s rubbing his own hard cock as he watched me eat his wife. After bringing Paula to a shuddering orgasm, I imagined licking and sucking Jerry’s cock. My fantasy could have extended for hours and included countless scenarios and sexual positions. The thought of fucking Paula especially from behind while I gripped her shapely hips and stared at her incredible ass, or of her sucking my cock until I came in her mouth or on her tits filled me with desire and made my cock rock hard and tingle with pleasure. I could have removed my hand and thought of something else to delay my orgasm, but I was so aroused and also tired from the evening that I needed to cum.

My second hand fondled my balls while my first feverishly rubbed my shaft and head from tip to base. I closed my eyes and let my pending wave of pleasure envelope me. A quick image of my cock plunging into Paula’s pussy while she wrapped her ankles and legs around my ass, and of Jerry’s wet cock fucking my mouth sent me over the edge. My cock tensed and glorious pleasure paralyzed me as I sprayed four full squirts of cum onto my stomach. As I came, I imagined Jerry’s cock twitching with pleasure equal to my own, and cumming in my mouth and on my chest. I imagined a look of total satisfaction on his face while my tongue slithered around his cum covered cock.

I lay in bed, and recovered from my orgasm. I cleaned myself up with a box of tissues I keep next to my bed, and contentedly fell asleep, dreaming of my new friends. To be continued…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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