Art Class

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In my mid-forties, looking for something different to do in my life, I took up drawing. I signed up for some art classes at a local studio and spent evenings and weekends developing my skills. One Saturday Valerie, the owner, stopped me after class.

“You know I have some advanced classes in the afternoon, don’t you? Well, I have a two life-drawing classes and they need a model. I thought I’d ask if you were interested.”

I was surprised. “Really. Well, I’d be honored. What’s involved?”

She smiled. “Nothing too much. I’ll pay you $25 a session which is about two hours. All you have to do is hold a pose for a while. I’ll show you what we want. Oh, and by the way, you have to pose nude.”

“Nude? I’m forty-five years old! Are you sure that’s what you want?” I was nervous about posing nude, that’s for sure!

“It won’t be any problem, you watch. After twenty minutes it will be the most natural thing.”

“Uh, okay. Well, let’s give it a try.”

So next Saturday afternoon I was in the studio. Her first class was a mix of men and women, mostly women and most in their thirties and forties. I stepped out of my clothes behind a curtain and then mounted the stage. I was nervous. Valerie introduced me to the group, mentioned it was my first time and set me in a pose. Then everyone started to draw.

Valerie was right; after about ten minutes I didn’t even notice I was naked in front of a group of men and women. Nobody whispered and pointed. Everyone was concentrating on their work; their eyes going from their easels to me and back again.

After two hours the first class left and I took a break before the second one. Valerie brought me some tea while I waited. “You did fine,” she said, “see how easy that was?” I had to admit I did like it.

The second group began to trail in. I was surprised to notice that it was a small group; three men. They were all in their late forties or mid-fifties. Valerie introduced me again, set me up for some poses, and then retreated back to her office.

Unlike the last group, this bunch liked to casino şirketleri talk. They introduced themselves as Ben, Roger and Mike. Mike the older one, kept complimenting me on my courage to try something new, and on my body. “Nice arms,” he would say, or later “you have really nice legs.”

After about half and hour things started to change. Mike looked me in the eye and said, “You’ve a really nice cock, there.” I blushed and felt it stirring. I sat in my pose, which had me kneeling and sort of sitting back on my legs.

“It would really help my drawing if your cock was a bit larger,” said Mike, “do you think you could stroke it for me?” I was shocked and blushed again.

“Uh, I don’t know…..” I started.

“Oh, come on,” said Ben, “it’s just us guys here.”

“Yeah,” said Roger, “come on.” He smiled and I thought it was a particularly wicked smile.

“Well…. Okay,” I said. I reached down and started to fondle my cock. But with the situation and their eyes on me, I couldn’t get much of a reaction.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Just close your eyes,” said Mike. I closed my eyes. “Keep them closed. Right. Now slowly stroke your cock. Fantasize about something that really turns you on.” I started to think about my wife, Suzie, and her blowjobs. I felt my cock getting hard.

“That’s it. Keep your eyes closed. Keep stroking. Yes, that’s right. Now it’s really getting there.” I was starting to get caught up in my fantasies. I vaguely heard chairs moving; I assumed for a better view. Mike kept up his erotic commentary. “Yes, that’s right. You have a very nice cock. Nice and hard. Nice and long.” I was really getting turned on now. I knew I’d have to stop soon or I’d really embarrass myself. My hand kept working up and down my shaft.

“Have you ever thought about sucking another man’s cock,” Mike asked. I was jolted by the question. My cock got even harder. “Open your eyes now,” Mike said. I opened my eyes and looked directly at a huge cock, just inches from my face. Mike was standing in front of me, naked, his hard cock in one hand. casino firmaları “Suck it, ” he whispered. Without understanding why, I leaned forward. He moved closer and the head of his cock slipped into my mouth. It seemed the most natural thing in the world. I grabbed his shaft with one hand and tried to take more of him.

I’d never had any sexual contact with a man before, although, I must admit, I had fantasized about it a lot. And now here, on my first day of modeling, I was sucking a guy off!

I licked the head of Mike’s cock, savoring the taste. I took the head in my mouth and sucked. I played with his urethra with the tip of my tongue. Then I tried to take more of him in. I couldn’t get very far, he was so huge, maybe nine or ten inches. I worked my right hand up and down his shaft.

“That’s very nice,” he whispered again. “That’s just right. Yeah, that’s it, take as much as you can. Yesssss…..” He put his hand on either side of my head and held me, then began to move in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. Every thrust I tried to take a little more of him.

I was so engrossed with Mike that I had forgotten about Ben and Roger. I felt someone moving behind me and then hands pushing my legs apart. I heard Ben whisper in my ear, “Just relax and enjoy it.” I felt fingers on my asshole, then something cool and smooth being applied. The fingers worked whatever it was into my ass hole. I could feel the fingers stretching me. Meanwhile, Mike continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth.

I felt someone behind me, then the tip of a cock at my ass. My body resisted a moment. Ben pushed hard and suddenly his cock passed the muscle ring and slid into my ass. I groaned at the combination of pain and pleasure. Ben’s hands were on my hips and he began to pump in and out of my ass.

I was doing a pretty job deep throating Ben, because he began to pick up the pace. His thrusts became faster and deeper. With my free hand I reached up and squeezed his balls. Mike let out a loud groan and began to come. His hot cum squirted into my mouth. Surprised, güvenilir casino I tried to swallow it. It tasted salty and a bit bitter. He kept cumming and cumming and I had to pull away. Cum dripped down my chin. His last squirts landed on my face. I swallowed and laughed. Mike sort of laughed too and pulled away. No sooner had he stepped aside then Roger took his place. Roger’s cock was smaller and slimmer, but I didn’t mind as my mouth needed the relief. I easily took him all the way in on his first stroke. I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose. Roger groaned loudly. He held still as I first licked his cock, then went up and down on him.

It was hard to concentrate while there was a cock in my ass. Ben was thrusting in and out in a steady rhythm. He’d pause every once in a while to help pace himself. His cock filled my ass completely and I began to try to meet his thrusts with my ass. I finally just pushed my ass out as far as it would go and let him bang me.

I suddenly felt a soft mouth on my cock. I pulled off Roger for a moment and looked down. There was Valerie, naked and laying underneath me, sucking on my cock! Her mouth was hot and warm and she knew exactly what she was doing. She caught my eye and I could see her laugh with her eyes. I returned my attention to Roger. What a moment! A cock in my ass, one in my mouth and someone sucking me off!

All of this had to have and end. Ben finally let out a load and dropped his load of hot sperm in my ass. He kept thrusting until he finally shrank and plopped out of my ass. Roger pulled out of my mouth. “I want that ass of yours,” he said. Then Valerie really laid into it and suddenly I was coming, still on my knees. I grabbed her head and held it as I shot my load into her mouth.

When she came off me, I collapsed on the platform. Valerie pressed her body up to mine and kissed me, returning much of my load. I groaned. I was going to love modeling!

The day wasn’t over yet. Later, Roger took me while I was on my back. Valerie sat on my face and I got to lick her hot, shaved pussy. Ben and Mike, meanwhile, were enjoying each other.

When I got home that evening, Suzie asked me how I liked my first day of modeling. “It was much more than I expected,” I said, “but I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for next week!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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