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David and I were married right out of College, six years ago. We’ve had a great life together and have been discussing starting a family. We decided to wait a couple more years so we could save most of my salary to have a good little nest-egg which would allow me to become a full time mom when the time came. In the meantime, our sex life was good, but we both talked about adding a little spice. We tried role playing and had some rocking experiences. One of our fantasies in common was to have sex in a semi-public place where we could get caught, or alternatively we wanted to have sex with some people watching. We had difficulty deciding who to have watch. We didn’t want any of our friends or family freaking out, and it didn’t seem as exciting to have strangers watching.

Our first adventure was in the nearby state park. We went hiking and threw a blanket in the bushes just off the main hiking path. We couldn’t see the path from where we were, but we knew that if someone came by they would hear us and probably come over to see what was happening. We fucked for over an hour but there were no hikers coming by, however, the excitement of the adventure gave both of us a thrill.

Dave told me, “Christi, we need to do this again soon. I was so excited it was almost like a continuous orgasm!”

We went home that afternoon and started talking again as we fooled around fondling each other. We started talking about other fantasies we had hidden in the back of our minds. Dave shared one of his was to watch me tease and flirt with some men in a bar or nightclub, then take me to the car and fuck me just away from the crowd. I agreed that would be fun. Dave asked, “Would you want to really try that one tonight? I think we should make our fantasies come to life if we both agree on them.”

“Okay, Dave, I’m game. We have a couple hours before it gets dark, let’s pick out my outfit.” We went through my closet and Dave picked my red satin dress that clung to my body like a glove. It has material so thin that a bra won’t work with it and its neckline plunges to the waist so if I lean over just right I can give someone a clear view of my tits and even the nipples. I wore my tiny red thong that barely covered my neatly trimmed blond bush. The dress stopped about six inches above my knees. To top off the outfit, I wore my four inch red heels.

Maybe now is a good time to describe both of us. We were both twenty-eight at the time and in good physical shape. In my opinion, David is a hunk! He’s six-one and weighs about one hundred seventy pounds of muscle. No fat to be found on his body. He was a guard on his college basketball team and still plays with the guys at the gym regularly. He has sandy hair and brown eyes that could stare a hole in you if you let them. His smile would warm the coldest heart. For me, I’m five-seven, one hundred fifteen pounds and also physically active I’m a volleyball player and like Dave, still play my sport at the gym or on the beach often. My hair is naturally blond and shoulder length. My eyes are dark green and I’m often told they are easy to look at. By bra size is 34c and the boobs are all natural but still nice and firm with rosy nipples that protrude about a half an inch when aroused. My nipples are very sensitive and playing with them has rewarded Dave many times with my first orgasm of a love making session.

At the restaurant we gave our waiter several peeks. He blushed the first two times but seemed to get into it as the evening progressed. After dinner, we went to new local club to dance. Dave decided to drop me off then park the car and wander in to the bar. He was to sit and watch as guys hit on me and I flirted with a few, danced a slow song with several guys, then he’d come ask me to dance and we’d really get hot on the dance floor, eventually leaving together to our car in the parking lot where he’d fuck me in the back seat.

As he arrived, I caught a glimpse of him settling in at the bar. Immediately, one guy came over and asked me to dance. I accepted, but as I got off my stool, I “accidentally” dropped my lipstick. I bent down to pick it up facing the young man waiting and gave him a full tit and nipple glance. We went to the dance floor and he pulled me in tight. I didn’t resist. Gradually, his hand crept down below my waist to rest on the top of my ass. Still, I offered no resistance. As the song ended, he asked if we could dance one more and I agreed. This time he slid his hand down further and cupped my ass and squeezed gently. I moaned in his ear. He turned my face with his other hand and kissed me. That’s when I resisted and told him not to go so fast. After that dance, he returned me to my seat and another man, tall and handsome asked me to dance. He took up right where the last guy left off and immediately squeezed my ass and kissed me. This time I let his kiss linger and felt his tongue probing to get in my mouth but I kept my lips together. He moved his left hand to my face, turned it and kissed my cheek softly. As his hand came down, it rested on my cleavage at the opening of the front of my casino şirketleri dress. I let it linger until he tried to slide it to my breast at which point I pushed him away.

Once back in my seat, Dave came over and asked me to dance. He said, “Quite a show, did you have fun?”

“I loved it, but the last guy was going a little too far. Now its your turn to show them how to really make out on the dance floor.” During our dances, Dave kissed me deeply, then slid his hand into the front of my dress and pinched my nipple. We made out a little then left to the car. Dave had parked it in the back of the lot away from the lights so we had no trouble slipping into the back seat and fucking like a pair of minks.

Once we were home that night we went right to sleep, and over coffee in the morning talked about our adventure. I told Dave, “You know, that was fun, but a little scary too. I wouldn’t want to do that very often, I don’t want one of the guys getting pissed at my teasing and starting trouble.” Then I asked him “What other fantasies do you have in mind that we could bring to life?”

Dave replied, “Lots, but most of them would probably be too wild to go past the talking stage. I think we can have lots of fun talking about our fantasies and exciting each other.”

“Yeah we already do that a lot, and I really get hot when we do, but is there another one you’d really like to try that might be practical?”

Dave hesitated a minute then whispered, “There is one I’ve dreamed about many times…Are you sure you want to hear it?”

“Absolutely! Just because you tell me, we don’t have to do it if either of us doesn’t want to try it.”

“Okay, here goes, Christi, one of my favorite dreams is to see you making out heavily with another guy, your tongues dancing in each other’s mouths and his hands caressing every part of your body. In my dream, you respond eagerly and are aroused by his advances. You respond in kind and start by unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his chest. He then strips you and begins sucking on your nipples, leading to a red hot fuck session. All this with me there watching. I would love for that one to come true, what do you think?”

“I think you’re crazy. I have no desire to fuck anyone but you. Why would you want me to do that? You can’t really be serious!”

“Actually, I am serious. You really love sex and I would love to be able to sit back and watch you cum and wiggle around the other guys cock. Just promise me you’ll think about it.”

“No, Dave, I don’t need to think about it. I couldn’t bring myself to fuck someone else. Our marriage is far too important to me. I would never cheat on you.”

“But, Christi, it wouldn’t be cheating. That would be if you did something like that behind my back. I’m giving you permission to fuck a stranger as long as I’m there to watch! Please don’t make a snap decision. Think about it for a few days then we’ll talk again next weekend.”

The next weekend came and sure enough, Dave wanted to talk about it again but I told him, “Please don’t push me into something I don’t really want to do.”

We did try more semi-public sessions, and on one of them realized we had two observers out in the woods. It was a young couple who were breathing heavy watching us from behind a tree. When we discovered them, they apologized profusely, but we told them we had done it with the hopes we’d be discovered, and if they wanted to come over, sit and watch, they were welcome. They sat on a fallen log about six feet away and asked, “Do you mind if we make-out a little while we watch?”

“By all means, feel free to do whatever you want.” We resumed our love making and soon they were groping each other and pulling their clothes off. The four of us stayed out there for a couple of hours just watching each other and getting hot all over again, at least four times!

As the months went by, Dave would again and again ask me if I’d reconsidered his idea, and I always said, “No Dave, I’m not ready to fuck another man.” Then he’d change the subject quickly.

A few months later, his pleas became more vigorous and more often. I could tell he was never going to give it up until I granted his request so I sat down in some of my private time and made a list of conditions that he’d have to agree with before I would agree to fulfill his big fantasy. Once the list was made, I simply waited for him to bring it up again. It was only a few weeks later and there it was again, “Christi, Please consider this fantasy. You know you’d have fun, and I promise it won’t negatively affect our marriage.”

“Are you sure this is something you want?”


He was astonished when I came right back with my answer, “Okay Dave, you win, I’ll do it, but there are some conditions.”

“Wow! Really, whatever the conditions, I accept them.”

“Don’t be so sure until you hear all of them. Here is my list!” I handed him a piece of paper with my conditions listed. Dave sat back and began to read the list:

******* ******* *******

1) I will do the casino firmaları picking of the guy with no interference.

2) He has to be thoroughly checked out to make sure there are no diseases because I want him bareback and want him to cum inside all of my orifices.

3) You must agree to sit quietly by and watch with NO interference once it starts. In fact, I think it would be best if you were tied up to a chair so you can’t interfere.

4) If you insist on talking, I will gag you so you can’t.

5) There will be several people we know who will be there to watch too. My sister Anna and her husband Larry. Your Sister Darlene, Maria from work and her husband Paul. Sally from my book club, Connie, your secretary, and finally, Francine, my second cousin.

6) Some of those people may decide to join in the activities and will be allowed, but you will simply sit and watch until it is all over. Probably all night and into the morning.

7) When my date and I are satisfied, you will be released and you will get on the bed and masturbate for all of us to watch.

8) You will not have sex with me until the following Friday night and you will not masturbate during that whole week.

9) The same group, minus the guy will come back on the following Friday night to watch us make love!

10) If I decide that I want to repeat my time with the guy at a later date with just You there to watch, you will agree as long as it doesn’t exceed five more visits.

******* ******* *******

As Dave read the list, I said, “If you agree to all of these conditions, then I will agree to go through with it and will begin my process of finding and selecting the right guy.”

“But, Christi, I don’t think most of those people on the list will want to be a part of it. What makes you think Darlene, or Connie, for example, would agree?”

“Because they have already agreed to be here when the time comes.”

“You mean you already talked to all of those people?”

“Not the husbands, but Anna and Maria both assured me their husbands would be happy to be a part of it all.”

“That floors me, I would never have suspected your sister Anna to agree to such a thing. She’s so conservative.”

“Well, Dave, it might surprise you that Anna even suggested I might like Larry to be the chosen guy. She even surprised me because evidently She’d been through this same thing with him. About six months ago he convinced her to fuck another guy with him watching. She did it and has done it twice more since the first time. The first guy was picked by Larry for her but he was not much in bed and was very small, if you know what I mean. The next two she picked by going out with Larry to parties and to bars until she found suitable candidates. She said it has really fired up their marital sex life. She is really the one who convinced me to try it. The other person who was really happy to be chosen was Connie. She thinks it is the most exciting thing she’s ever heard.”

We lay in bed talking about the conditions and how I would go about making my choice for hours until we fell asleep. The next morning, I began my search. I told Dave he’d have to trust me to make my own choice, and it might entail my going out with the girls a few nights without him along. I promised him nothing would happen other than mild groping and kissing like it had happened the time we went out together to tease and flirt. Dave agreed and told me, “Christi, do what you feel is necessary to pick the right guy. I just really wonder why there are going to be so many people involved in this fantasy? Now I’m already having a hard time thinking about facing any of the people on your list, at least until it’s over.”

“Well, I just thought we’d take care of several fantasies at once. The being watched fantasy was really hot in the woods, and this is just another version of that, plus, we don’t know who else in the group might decide to join in and really make it a wild time. Just think, you’ll get to watch it all!”

It was six weeks later when Darlene, Connie, Anna and I came back to our house after a night out on the town. Dave was in the living room watching TV and looked at us strangely as we all burst into the living room laughing and talking a mile a minute. It was almost midnight, but we were excited. I announced, “Well, I found him!”

“Found Who?” Dave retorted, knowing full well who I meant.

“Found the guy I’ll let fuck me with everyone watching! He’s perfect. He’s recently widowed after a thirty year marriage. He’s been alone since she died eight months ago and tonight was his first night out by himself. He’s handsome, soft spoken, gentle, and has deep blue eyes that are real easy to stare into. And, he’s agreeable to all of the conditions. His name is Marley and he’s getting tested tomorrow, but assures me there is nothing that will show up since he’s had sex with no one except his wife in over thirty years, and they hadn’t had sex in the last two years of her battle with cancer. He even let me grope his manhood to get an idea of its size güvenilir casino and he is amply endowed. Now I’m getting excited just thinking about our fantasy night!”

Dave looked puzzled, asking, “Thirty year marriage? How old is this guy?”

“He’s sixty-four, but that doesn’t make any difference, he had no problem getting hard just dancing with me, I could feel it against my leg as we danced closely and he groped my ass. After we went back to my table with the girls, we all were fascinated with his mannerisms and kindness. Ask the girls, I think any of them would like to be in my shoes when it is time for me to fuck him. Right Girls?”

Connie spoke first, quickly followed by the other three with their enthusiastic agreement. Anna asked, “So when is the big event? We all need to mark our calendars to be sure to be here.”

Sally was next, asking, “If I understand this correctly, we’re all able to be here at the same time and we get to see everything? Then, after you and Marley have had a few go rounds, we can join in as we wish?”

Then I asked Sally, “Out of curiosity, how do you see yourself joining in Sally?”

Sally blushed a little then admitted, “Well, I’ve never done anything like this, but ever since we first met at the book club, I’ve thought you were the sexiest woman I’ve ever met, and I’d love shuck my clothes off and rub my body against yours, feeling your tits against mine, then, who knows where it might go.”

I was startled, and in fact hadn’t thought of that possibility but answered her, “Sally, this will be a fantasy night, and I’ve never been physical in any way with a woman, but if that rocks your boat, I will be open to all comers that night. I can see this going on all night until we are all so worn out we just pass out.”

Anna chimed in saying, “Well, I hope to get a little action with Marley, and I’m sure Larry would love to get fucked some that night by you or any of the other girls who might be interested. Should we get a hotel suite with several beds for that night?”

Connie chimed in, “Sounds like a plan to me! I certainly don’t want to just watch all the fun if there is room for me to jump in too. But, is this really fair to David to make him sit and just watch, shouldn’t he be allowed to join in the fun after a while?”

“We don’t want things to get out of hand, and my rules for the evening are all to be obeyed, including Dave’s being tied up until we are all through, then releasing him to masturbate on the bed for all of us to watch. So, in a word, NO, Dave will not be released to join in. This was all initially his idea and he has agreed to the rules.”

The time was set for a month later at the Radisson Hotel and Suites. Marley came by the house to meet David ten days later with his clear tests in hand. The meeting went well and David liked Marley despite his age being over thirty years senior to ours. Dave even suggested we have a preview session that night, but I insisted that everything will go by the rules.

The evening arrived for our Friday night adventure. We were both a little nervous. Christi wasn’t sure how to dress. I told her to dress like she was going to work, keep it conservative, the excitement would partly be the undressing and if she had on too little it would go too fast. She seemed relieved at my suggestion and put on a lovely white lacy bra and bikini pantie set then a full slip. Her blouse was sheer but with the slip it really showed nothing, then there was her suit jacket and skirt in pale blue raw silk. Very lovely outfit. She finished packing an overnight bag and applied her make-up and we were off. We wanted to be the first ones there, then we’d call each of the others and give them the suite number.

We arrived, checked in for two nights and went to the suite. It was lovely. It had two full size beds in the bedroom and two pull-out sofas in the living room. We decided that should take care of everyone. We made the calls and then I told Dave to strip so I could get him ready for the evening. There was a heavy arm chair in the living room which I had Dave lug into the bedroom. I sat Dave down and took out some soft cotton rope from my overnight case. He sat naked in the chair and I asked him one more time, “Are You Sure You Want This?”

I did a superb job of securing Dave in the chair with both of his hands and feet tied to the legs with rope running to both front and rear legs to keep him from wiggling out of the bindings. It was obvious he wasn’t going anywhere, yet he was very comfortable. Just as I finished , there was the first knock at the door. It was Connie and she was all bubbly. Very shortly there after Marley arrived and he was followed by the rest of the gang with Maria and Paul bringing up the end. I played bartender and made everyone drinks, then Larry said he’d take over the bartending while Marley and I got familiar.

I had Dave’s chair turned to face the living room and Marley and I sat on one of the love seats. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in for a soft kiss. Then I got up, went over to Dave, kissed him deeply with tongue and asked one last time, “Are You Sure? Because I don’t want to hear another sound from you until the evening is over because I don’t want to have to gag you. This is for your enjoyment at least as much as mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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