Another Woman in Our Bed

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Our well earned vacation had finally arrived. Like a lot of Kiwi’s, my good lady Vanessa and I were to depart New Zealand for the warmer shores of Australia. To maximize our day, we took the early morning flight from Auckland to Adelaide and landed on a hot sun filled day. We cleared both customs and the airport quickly and were soon deposited in our spacious self contained apartment which looked just like the brochure, and thankfully met all our expectations. The first thing we did after turning the air conditioning on was to collapse on the bed and fall asleep, for it had been an early morning start.

I stirred hours later and found Vanessa standing completely nude looking through the sheer curtains out towards the city, I kept quiet and took the time to voyeuristically devour her natural beauty. Vanessa was a big girl; tall wide shouldered, big breasted with full hips and toned legs. She was strong from her early rowing years and still reasonably fit from gym work. She wore her dark fine hair long; during her corporate days it was usually tied back in a pony tail or up high.

I thought she was pretty, big green eyes, a smattering of freckles on her nose which she hated because when she wore glasses they were more obvious. I didn’t care what she thought of herself, to me Vanessa was all woman and I loved her to bits. At forty three years old she still looked pretty damn good in a bathing suit and at the beach I enjoyed watching the lust filled eyes of men of all ages taking in her Amazonian curves.

We were casualties from broken marriages and came together both wounded and scared. Like most couples in out situation, we started out as friends neither seeking another relationship, but we grew close and eventually became lovers.

After six months we rented out our respective houses and together rented another which was deemed neutral territory. I suppose there was an expectation that our first argument would result in us parting company and scurrying back to our own homes, but it never happened.

We grew even closer and cherished our hours together, especially those in the bedroom. Although we never discussed it, I’m sure that we subconsciously worked hard to ensure that we kept each other happy. Fortunately both of us have a black sense of humour and as you will see, like nothing better than to laugh at ourselves and tease each other, which of course keeps things interesting.

Sexually, we are well matched, both love sex and prepared instigate a nice coupling at whim. Our weeknight romps are mostly quick and very physical. But in the weekends, there’s lots of foreplay, toys and more emphasis in making our carnal pleasures last. Vanessa enjoys these romps as she has the time to build up slowly and enjoy more powerful and satisfying orgasms.

One of our favourite games is the executive fuck which is made possible because I get home from work earlier than her. When in the mood, she will ring me when ready to leave her work and ask for an executive appointment. Usually she discreetly removes her panties while at work and drives home commando which adds to her arousal.

Once home, I escort her straight up to our upstairs office, sit her on the desk, simply slip up her skirt or dress, and then slowly slide my already excited cock into her. Leaving Vanessa fully clothed except for exposing her large breasts, we then fuck each other stupid hoping the desk won’t collapse beneath us, which reminds me that I should really strengthen it before we do have an accident. At the end I have to make sure that I don’t leave any of my cum on her corporate clothing, which can be a challenge in our excitement.

I have suggested that she could invite me to her real office and do it there, but alas there are too many glass walls and people working late to chance it, even in the weekends. Tempting, but very career effecting if caught, Vanessa has reminded me several times.

Vanessa eventually realized that I was watching her. She turned towards me and grinned, then tried unsuccessfully to cover her large breasts and triangle of curls below with her hands.

“Oh please sir, avert your eyes, I’m just a shy young girl.” she said playfully.

I laughed, flicked off the sheet exposing my very proud erection and made it dance back and forth for her.

Vanessa laughed heartily and placed her hands on her hips provocatively exposing her naughty bits, “Why sir, is that all you have got to offer a little shy girl like me?”

I took myself in hand and pointed my shaft towards her, “You just come over here lady and find out.”

She sauntered over the bed and leaned over me allowing her breasts to slide over my cock, then settled down and took it in her mouth. I lay back in absolute splendour as her warm lips and tongue slid expertly over my manhood. After a short time, Vanessa moved upwards until her pussy lips slid over my cock and jammed it against my navel. Pinning both of my hands to the sheet, she rubbed her pussy up and down my shaft until her lubrication casino şirketleri kicked in, then slid a little forward and deftly guided it inside her warm tunnel.

Taking me to the hilt and wriggling around for good measure, she leaned down and gave me a kiss, “You’re quite handy to have around; do you know that?”

“Handy or cocky?” I asked.

“Both.” she replied jamming her tongue in my mouth to shut me up.

And then the fun started.

The next two days were taken up by exploring Adelaide, our apartment sat nicely within walking distance between the Central Markets and the city centre which made sightseeing on foot easy. We took the tram out to the seaside town of Glenelg and spent the day on the beach and cafes, and all in all we agreed that Adelaide was indeed a very beautiful city.

On the third day we booked an all day bus tour out into the Barbarossa Valley. There was about twenty five or so people on the tour, mostly couples and older than us.

We stopped for morning tea at a country cafe, and a lady named Addie joined us at our table. Vanessa and Addie clicked with each other immediately and were soon chatting away like old friends.

Addie was about our age, trim, fair haired and dressed fashionably in jeans and a tight top. I noticed a wedding ring on her left hand although seemed to be travelling alone. She was an attractive lady and I was quite happy to be in her company for obvious reasons. When Vanessa asked Addie where her husband was, she grinned and told us she was divorced and single, and wore her wedding ring to keep unwanted males from hitting on her. When Vanessa laughed and suggested that it might keep Mr Right from hitting on her, Addie smiled smugly and suggested that when she wanted a man, he would certainly know about it, and quickly.

Addie tagged along with us for the rest of the day and the three of us became quite friendly. We all enjoyed the tour and at the end Vanessa and Addie swapped cell phone numbers and made a date for the three of us to go out for a meal the following night.

The following night was a fun filled night of good food, laughter and copious amount of booze consumed at one of the local bars. A rowdy group of males appeared and Vanessa suggested Addie might want to drag one back to her room for a bit of rumpty dumpty. Addie looked them over and decided that none of them appealed.

“So Addie, how do you like your men?” Vanessa asked. “What attributes are required before you drag them off to your room to have your wicked way with them?”

Addie shrugged her shoulders, “Tall, dark and manly with muscles in the right places. Brains not really required, but should be nicely hung. Not too fussy with my women, so long as they are attractive, I’ll take them as they come.”

A surprised Vanessa put her glass down, “What do you mean, your women?”

Addie grinned, “I swing both ways sometimes. I like men, but I’ll take a lady to bed on the odd occasion when the moment grips me.”

She grinned at both my and Vanessa’s surprised looks, then gave Vanessa a wink, “What, don’t tell me you’ve never been with another woman. God woman, what have you been doing with your life?”

Vanessa shook her head to confirm she had not, “Nope, never.”

Addie smirked, “Really? Never thought about it, never had the opportunity, or just not interested?”

“Never really thought about it.” Vanessa replied.

Addie leaned closer to us, “Well, if you two are feeling adventurous and are interested into a nice little vacation threesome, I’m your girl. You just say the word.”

I don’t know who was more shocked; Vanessa or I. Addie giggled at our stunned response and then changed the subject. We spent the rest of the night having fun and getting thoroughly inebriated.

The next morning both Vanessa and I were suffering serious hangovers and slept in late, then lay in bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Eventually the discussion turned to Addie’s admission of being with other women. We were both surprised and found it an interesting topic of conversation. While we had discussed our previous sexual exploits and preferences early on in our relationship, neither of us had experienced threesomes and group sex. But both agreed it might be in our top ten bucket list if the opportunity came along, were single and our morals let us. However, it was never discussed in the context of us doing it within our current relationship.

“So, would you do a threesome with Addie?” Vanessa asked.

The question surprised me, “Sure, course I would. Would you?”

Vanessa took some time to answer, “Dunno, not really interested in another guy, but I like Addie and it might be a fun experience with another woman. Not sure that I could actually go through with it though. Would you be jealous seeing me and Addie getting it on together?”

I laughed, “Hell no, it would be really exciting. But what if Addie wants to do me too, would you be jealous?”

Again Vanessa dwelled on the question, casino firmaları “A bit probably, but the voyeurism in me would enjoy it. And because it’s all about sex and we won’t see Addie again after we go home, I could probably live with it.”

Then Vanessa rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom, that conversation ended there.

Later that afternoon Addie texted and asked if we wanted to get together later for the cocktail hour at her hotel. We agreed to meet her at five pm.

At five pm the bar at her hotel was busy and the place buzzing. By half past six, all three of us had downed a number of cocktails and were very very happy, if you get my meaning.

Addie leaned across the table and looked into our eyes, “So honestly, what’d you think about me being with other women. Don’t tell me you guys didn’t talk about it.”

“We decided it’s a democratic world and adults can do whatever they want.” I said.

Addie grinned and looked over at Vanessa, “Oh really. So if I invited you guys upstairs for a nice little threesome, would you be offended or would you accept?”

Vanessa met her gaze with wide eyed innocence, “Don’t know. So do tell, what would you do to us if we did accept?”

Addie winked at me and moved her chair closer to Vanessa, “Well, your man and I would slowly strip you naked, then we would give you a nice slow erotic massage, and the rest I’ll leave to your imagination. So, what do you think?”

Vanessa looked over at me and raised her eyebrows in question. I shrugged my shoulders and told her it was her decision, she knew I was up for it.

Vanessa looked back at Addie for a couple of seconds and grinned, “Okay. One more drink for the road and we’ll go upstairs and see what happens.”

Addie’s face immediately lit up with glee and snapped her fingers to catch the waiter’s attention. Thirty minutes later, we took the lift for Addie’s room. Vanessa took my hand in hers and I could feel her trembling, I squeezed it in reassurance and she squeezed it back.

Inside her room, Addie kicked off her shoes and approached us. She hugged us both and gave me a kiss on the lips and Vanessa a peck on the cheek. This will be fun she told us, just relax and go with the flow. She then spread towels across the bed and placed a bottle of oil on the bedside cabinet before pulling the curtains to dampen the natural light.

I took Vanessa in my arms and kissed her passionately and she reciprocated by pulling me in tight as she too kicked off her shoes. Addie joined our embrace and took turns kissing us both before moving behind Vanessa and unzipping her dress. Vanessa sighed deeply in arousal and stepped back from me as her dress was slowly raised over her head leaving her only in pink bra and panties.

She fell back into my arms as Addie began caressing and kissing her neck and shoulders just how she liked it. Her bra was unfastened next and Addie slipped the straps over her arms and let it fall away. Vanessa reached down and caressed the front of my trousers playfully and found me already erect.

Addie’s hands and lips slowly worked their way around between Vanessa and I, and eventually found her large naked breasts. I stepped aside letting Addie move closer to Vanessa to access to them. Vanessa closed her eyes as Addie fondled her breasts for a short time before lowering her mouth to her nipples and suckling on them, her hands moving down to her thighs and panties.

I watched in fascination as Addie caressed and suckled her nipples for a minute or so, and then eased Vanessa’s panties downwards as far as she could reach. I knelt beside Vanessa and helpfully dropped her panties the rest of the way to her ankles, she helpfully lifted each foot so I could discard them. I then kissed and caressed my way slowly up her legs and Vanessa turned slightly so I could nuzzle into her triangle of dark curls.

Addie and I spent some time seducing Vanessa further into submission and removing any doubts of the fun that was to follow, two mouths and four hands worked her body continuously leaving our victim trembling and breathing deeply in arousal. Then Addie broke the spell by stepping back and ogling Vanessa’s nudity.

“Jesus, what a body.” she whispered. “Love her big tits, just right for sucking.”

Vanessa opened her eyes and gazed over at each of us in turn, “Can’t believe I’m actually doing this.”

Addie laughed and reached for the ceiling in invitation, “Well, how about a little reciprocation here, I reckon I’ve got too many clothes on to have any fun.”

It had been a while since I’d removed clothes from another woman, and it felt strange as Vanessa and I began working on Addie. Vanessa slipped Addie’s top over her head as I moved behind her and caressed the curves of her outer thighs before reaching for the belt of her designer jeans and undoing it. After undoing the zip, I eased her jeans down over her buttocks, slid both my hands around the front of her panties and felt the mound of her güvenilir casino pussy lips. Addie purred and wriggled her jeans down the rest of the way down herself. Vanessa slipped the straps of Addie’s bra over her shoulders and I unfastened her bra letting it fall away. I then eased her panties down allowing her to step out of them.

I allowed my eyes to voyeuristically slide over of Addie’s nude body and take in the contrast between her and my lady. Reading my mind, Addie grinned mischievously and stepped back to give us both a better view. Her body was pale and lean but nicely toned. Her breasts smallish and pert with large erect nipples, her waist narrow and her buttocks nicely rounded. Her pussy lips were visible through a thin trimmed strip of light brown curls. Her thighs were shapely as were her calves. All in all, Addie was a very attractive and desirable lady, clothes on or off.

“You like?” she asked knowingly moving closer to me and undoing my shirt.

Vanessa followed Addie’s lead and both girls moved in on me. Vanessa took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately while Addie speedily undid every button and zip she could find, and then set about moving my clothes. Between the two of them I was quickly nude as they were. Addie’s eyes fell quickly to my rock hard cock sticking out in front of me, she took me in hand and bent down and gave the head a little kiss.

“Mmmm, it’s a nice big one, but we’ll have fun with that later.” she suggested before leading a nervous but willing Vanessa to the towel covered bed.

Addie smoothed out the towels and invited Vanessa to the centre of the bed and lie face down. Addie and I then knelt on either side of Vanessa’s torso and made ourselves comfortable. Addie moved Vanessa’s hair out of the way to avoid getting massage oil on it.

“This is good stuff.” she commented picking up the oil and removing the lid.

Addie then dribbled a long line of oil down Vanessa’s back causing her to tremble, after placing the bottle back on the bedside cabinet, then rubbed her hands together vigorously to warm them up and suggested I do the same. Vanessa sighed deeply at our first touch and right from the start I could see that Addie knew what she was doing. She spread the oil wide across her back, shoulders and neck and then started massaging the oil in.

“Just do what I do.” she said to me before leaning over and giving me a little kiss. “Don’t you massage each other?”

I shook my head, “Nope, not real massages like this.”

Addie laughed, “You should, always leads to great sex, as you’ll soon see.”

I copied Addie’s technique as best I could as we worked Vanessa’s neck, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Addie’s touch was firm, as she worked, her small breasts jiggled back and forth. She noticed me looking at them and took one of my hands and placed it over her left breast, then reached over and gave my cock a quick caress. Just to keep me interested she told me.

We took our time moving slowly down Vanessa’s body, torso down to her full buttocks and then took a leg each teasing our way towards her pussy but not actually touching it.

Vanessa’s moans of appreciation filled the room as she parted her thighs in invitation, but it was not to be. By the time Addie and I got to Vanessa’s feet, we were kneeling very close to each other. Addie leaned over and kissed me several times, her tongue flicking over mine. One hand began stroking my cock and she pointed at her pussy for me to reciprocate. I slipped one hand between her legs and found her pussy delightfully tight, warm and very wet, she sighed as I slipped a finger deep inside her and then rubbed it over her clitoris. She allowed me to play with her pussy for a few seconds before pulling away. She slid astride Vanessa and began body sliding over her, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders causing her to moan and squirm.

“Okay, girl, time to turn over for some more fun.” she whispered while picking up a small travel mask from the bedside cabinet.

As Vanessa turned over, Addie got her to put the mask over her eyes. Massage was all about the touch and not visual, Addie told us as she dribbled a line of oil between Vanessa’s breasts and down over her navel.

“Try not to get oil on her pussy.” Addie said to me. “It doesn’t taste too good and it will spoil our fun.”

We began working Vanessa’s upper body, our hands caressing her neck and shoulders slowly moving down over her breasts. I leaned over and kissed Vanessa and quickly had her tongue in my mouth. Addie nuzzled in too and I pulled back so she could join in the kissing. We spent a long time kissing, the three of us taking turns with each other. Eventually Addie pulled away and continued with the massage.

“Having fun? I whispered to Vanessa.

She grinned, “I’m so horny, and cause I can’t see anything, it’s really erotic with four hands. How about you, having a good time too?”

I laughed, “Hell yes.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get your turn too.” she replied giving my cock a quick fondle.

“Hey, what about me.” Addie asked with mock anger, do I get some fun too?”

Vanessa laughed loudly, “Don’t worry Addie, I’m sure there will be orgasms all round.”

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