Another Sexy Night

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Another night of fun and adventure for my husband and me! We started with two shots of sambucca at a local dive bar near our intended destination, a gentlemen’s club. Hubby and I sat at one end of the club’s stage and enjoyed taking turns “tucking a buck” and while rubbing the girls’ curves and crevices. While watching, together we rate the dancers. We usually agree as far as evaluating appearance, skill, body and level of sexiness. As typical, after an hour or so, we each choose one dancer for side by side lap dances. I get to choose first and was certain that she was the sexiest of the dozen plus ladies that danced for us. I approved of my hubby’s choice and considered her the second or third sexiest of the group. Our couples lap dances are always hot. Four sets of hands groping each other in every combination possible. Always, after the five minute dance, we switch partners for a second dance so that we can compare notes later. Well, my rating proved to be a bit off. Hubby’s choice, Sally, was by far the sexiest. casino şirketleri She said early on, “You two are fucking hot and kinky. I love that. It turns me on.” That was not just a line. Quickly, she took her panties off and pulled my and hubby’s hands to her very wet pussy to play and explore. Then, we placed our drenched fingers in each other’s mouths to taste Sally. She was quite tasty and possibly enjoyed the lap dances more than us! Before leaving the gentlemen’s club, later that evening, we made tentative plans, with an arrangement, to get together with Sally outside of the club at a later date.

Our next stop was a private swingers club. We did not expect to hook up with anyone there since we are only interested in women on their own, not guys or couples. Looking at the posted guest list prior in the afternoon showed all couples and one straight woman. That doesn’t matter to us because we always have a great time and thoroughly enjoy a sexy atmosphere. Well, as it turned out we were very lucky, there casino firmaları was a single woman there. The 35 year old was a cute brunette, with c cups and a great ass. I told hubby to go get her for us. Hubby introduced himself, chatted a bit and then jumped right in asking her what she was into. She said she was bi-curious. Hubby asked, “Would you like to test that curiosity by kissing my sexy wife?” Andrea’s answer was silent, but very clear. She came up to me, embraced me and started kissing me. It was very hot! Everyone in the place was looking at us since this was the first “action” by anyone in the room. After a few minutes, my husband joined in, sandwiching Andrea between us. It wasn’t long before her dress was up, both of our fingers inside her pussy, my jeans were open for her one hand while her other hand played with my tits. Hubby was grinding his hard cock against her cute ass while kissing he neck. With a few position changes, this went on for about 30 minutes at the bar in plain sight until us ladies orgasmed. güvenilir casino She was amazed to learn that we are 52 and said she was excited and lucky to have hooked up with us. We, with our new friend Andrea, are very much looking forward to going out together on a date night for some extended play time.

Later on, we went onto the small stage that has a pole and a wing chair. Hubby sat down while I danced for him personally, but obviously it was to everyone’s enjoyment as well. After a few songs he said those three magic words to me, “Suck my cock!” As I always do, I immediately dropped to my knees and did as I was told, expertly. The room’s vantage point was of my ass and the back of my head bobbing up and down on his big cock while he grabbed and pulled my hair. With great pleasure, I swallowed every drop of his hot cum. Well, almost all of it. I saved a bit for our passionate kiss afterwards.

After more socializing, we went over to the bed in the semi-private room. In there, hubby laid me down, pulled my pants down and proceeded to take care of me! Then we went back to the bar for one last drink, this time club soda due to working up a thirst, and to say our goodbyes. Not surprisingly, everyone was disappointed to see us leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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