Another Incredible One Ch. 03

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I should subtitle this, “Mother’s New Car”, because this is about her new car! After that accident, her newer car is still an older model, but it’s at least a bit newer than the first one. Really, none of that matters except that we have made love many times now in the back seat. In fact, the front seat has been well used too!

One of my favorite positions while she is driving is to lay my head into her lap. From there, I pull up her blouse and bra and suckle on her adorable nipples to my hearts content! Since it doesn’t affect her driving, I can just stay there the majority of most trips we take. Only a few truck drivers have seen me there, and I’m sure they were just as happy with the situation as I was! (Well, maybe not quite as happy!!) I remember one woman truck driver got to see a real eye full! My mom had my dick in her hand while I was sucking for all I was worth on her right breast. She was jacking me off and I came – squirting all over the dash board and windshield — in full view of the woman! I’ll never forget the look on her face, one of total lust! It was great fun!

Anyway, back to my subtitle for a moment. I think it’s appropriate because that car has really been a major player in much of the lovemaking that goes on between my mom and me. In this chapter, I want to tell you about the latest adventure we took. It was quite unplanned, but I sure am glad it happened. What happened has opened up a whole new aspect of our sex casino şirketleri lives, and one that won’t be closing any time soon, I hope!

My parents have had certain friends they have met over the years of running our business. It has always been so neat to me that since my dad left us, those friends have really been there to support my mom and have patronized the store even more than before in their effort to help out. One such friend, a woman about the same age as my mom, came in the other day and spent more money on things than she usually does. On her way out the door, she called back over her shoulder, “…and drop by for a swim one of these days – won’t you?”

Later at home, my mom asked me if I was interested in going swimming, reminding me of what that woman had said. I was fine with it, and mentioned that maybe we could go the next day if business was slow again. Well, that’s just what happened. Once again, we closed up shop at noon, and after a quick stop for a snack, we found ourselves knocking on the door of the lady with the pool. I didn’t know her personally, but mom knew quite a bit about the situation. She had told me that there were two kids there, and like us, no dad! I wasn’t sure if he had left, or had died, or what? But the two kids turned out to be around my own age, and it was great to make new friends.

Curtis was just a year older than me (I’m 19), and Rita was about a year younger. Both of them had at first casino firmaları been very secretive about things, and I was uncomfortable about all their whispering until I started understanding more about what they were whispering about. I wasn’t worried at all that they might be whispering about my mom and myself, because there’s no way they could know about that! But I learned quickly that they had their own shenanigans going on between themselves and their mother! What with all that was going on between my mom and me, I quickly recognized the different looks in their eyes, and the body languages that would not have been so obvious to anyone else.

When I approached Curtis about it, he denied it at first, of course! But as soon as I explained to him that it was all right and told him about our own situation, he sure opened up! In fact, he went straight to his mom (Betty Lou) and brought everything out into the open! My mom was stunned at me! She hadn’t wanted anyone to find out about us, and let me know that I had blown it big time!

Well, thank goodness as time went on, and the afternoon progressed the way it did, she became less and less angry with me about it. What do you think? Can you believe by the time we left to go home, she had been sucked to death by Betty Lou and Rita, and totally fucked alive by Curtis! He did things to her I had never thought of! I mean anal penetration? I didn’t know about such things before Curtis did that! güvenilir casino He even jacked off all up into her nose and ears! I’ve never seen such things before! Even my mom was kind of surprised with all the jism he sprayed in all those places! I have to admit though, once I saw him do it, I couldn’t help but promise myself I’d do it the next chance I get!

As for me, I was fairly fucked out of my brains too! I had been sucked and fucked by the mother/daughter duo, and was totally drained as we traveled home. Mom and I both kept quiet during that trip as we were deep on thought remembering all the things that had transpired. As you can probably figure, both moms wanted to see the other being fucked by their own son, so we two fucked our moms simultaneously while the others watched.

It was a hot time to say the least! Rita spent a lot of time slurping up all the cream that Curtis and I were producing. It was fun to watch her go after it. She also spent a lot of time masturbating which was equally hot to me. I’m going to ask my mom to do more of that around the house. I wonder how she will react to that. Well, she knows how much I love to masturbate, so it seems fair for her to enjoy it as well…

Okay, I’ll have more for you later. One thing you should know: My mom has no idea that I’m sharing all these experiences with you. I’m going to wait until just the right time, and then I’m going to show her my stories here. I really think she’ll enjoy knowing how much our experiences have helped others to cum as good (or almost anyway) as we have. I plan on having her really turned on when I show her. It should be a hot time for both of us. More later as new things transpire…

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