Anonymous Lover Ch. 02

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Author’s Note (v2). If you want to understand this story you really need to read Chapter 1 first, which is very short but sets the scene, so to speak. It continues the theme of incest, so if you are offended by the thought of brother-sister consensual sex, don’t continue. All characters are fictitious, and all are over the age of 18.

The story is told from David’s perspective.


Beth came to me that night.

I was awakened by the click of the latch and the soft swish of the door being pushed open. For a moment she stood in the doorway, poised for flight on those long legs like a frightened gazelle, with that particular stillness that I had observed so many times. The light from the hallway spilled into the room like warm honey, so her hair was suffused like a golden halo and the shape of her body was thrown into stark relief under the thin transparent material of her gown. She stepped forward quickly and the room sank back into relative darkness as she shut the door. I felt the mattress compress as she climbed onto the bed, and she shuffled forward to peer into my face.

“Are you awake?” she whispered.

I sat up in alarm. “What are you doing here, Sis!! Mum will find out!”

“Shhh.” I felt the soft touch of her fingers on my lips. “Mum is asleep. It’s only us. I’m here for you.”

I stared up at her. Strips of moonlight penetrated through the window blinds, throwing bars of bright silver across the bed, and I could see her, kneeling beside me with her legs folded in that graceful, double-jointed way that women have. I saw her arms move up, lifting the nightgown over her head and tossing it away with a whisper of fabric. The moonlight illuminated her right side, her skin shining like polished pewter and the breast in sharp relief, surprisingly large and with the nipple erect with desire. One side of her body was in darkness but I could see enough of her face to interpret her expression.

Her hands cupped my face and she leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine, her mouth opening and her tongue thrusting forward. I grasped her torso to balance her as she shifted her weight, and my cock hardened involuntarily as my hands acknowledged the warm plasticity of her flesh. She moaned into my mouth, speaking soft urgent words between the kisses.

“Ah, yes! Yes! I’ve wanted you David. God I’ve wanted you!”

My body was rigid. This wasn’t the Beth I knew nor did her words reflect the relationship that we had all of our lives. Like a surfer who expected a five foot wave and suddenly found a Tsunami, I struggled to accept the enormity of the switch from kid sister to a desirable and available woman. A flood of conflicting emotions filled my mind. I knew that I had already fucked her but that had been an accident, with neither knowing the identity of the other. This was different, requiring a premeditated and deliberate crossing of the line. I would abandon family responsibility, and tear down social, legal and moral norms and I was lucid enough to understand that doing so would be to set me on a path where secrecy and shame would be my new companions.

But, God help me, I am a normal red-blooded male, and the temptation was strong. Nothing about this warm body in front of me matched the blueprint of the kid sister I had grown up with. I had never really noticed the change from a skinny frame to a body stacked with all the right equipment – or perhaps I had, but had shut it out. Either way, there was no doubt about her physical credentials…she was hot and she knew it, and she was offering every delectable inch of herself for me to use as I wanted.

She must have sensed my turmoil for she broke off and leaned back a little. Her eyes were dark pools in the moonlight and her voice was urgent.

“Do it again to me, David. You enjoyed it last time didn’t you! It was good, wasn’t it? I need you to do it again!”

She moved her hand down to my groin, groping under the sheet and seizing my cock, squeezing it, sensing the heat of my arousal. “Ah, yes! Fuck me with this! Fuck me like the last time!”

The grasp of her hand around my sex was the final catalyst. Like the crumbling walls of a dam my resolve shattered, sweeping aside logic and sense, abandoning reason. It was still my sister kneeling naked in my bed, but she was there for me, ready to be taken – and I was ready to take her. My brain was filled by her perfume and the smell of her body. I was transfixed by her marvelous symmetry, the black and silver sheen of her skin, by her thrusting breasts and the pressure of her thigh against me. In the silence of that infinitesimal moment of change I fancied that I could hear the bubbling liquid heat of her sex, aroused and open, waiting for me, calling to me.

I growled deep in my throat and sat up quickly, locking my lips against hers. One hand cupped her left breast, fingers dark against the silver whiteness, and the other held her at the small of her back, feeling her slender body arch up to receive me. Her nipple burned against casino şirketleri my palm as I massaged it. She ripped aside the sheet and in a single movement straddled me, head bent back in raw pleasure as I kissed her neck and shoulders. She pushed me back against the pillows and spoke again, her mouth close to mine.

“Tell me you want me, David”

My voice was hoarse with desire “Oh God, Beth! What are you doing to me?”

“Tell me!”

“Yes, oh yes! I want you. I want to have you. I need to fuck you, to fill you up.”

She shifted her legs, opening them, and I felt her hand grasp my hardness and engage it against the swollen lips of her sex. She hunkered down, and I felt myself break through the soft gateway of her labia and then the furnace of her body as I slid into her. She moaned softly, her head thrown back as she felt me penetrate, as she struggled to adjust to my girth. She growled softly.

“Ahhh! That’s it! That’s good. Slowly, slowly. Fuck me. Fuck your sister’s pussy.”

“I will, I will.”

“Fill me up. I want you to come into me and fill me up.”

“I will. I’ll fuck you and fill you up. I’ll spray into you Beth”.

She leaned back a little and I felt her cunt contract, squeezing me. There was not enough light to see me entering her body, but I didn’t need to. I imagined my thick shaft stretching open her vulva, the soft inner lips of her labia clasping at me, slick and wet, the wisps of her public hair glistening with our juices. I imagined the bulbous head of my cock penetrating upwards inside her body, stretching and invading far into her soft body. I thought it to be somewhere level with her navel as she crouched over me.

And then I was fully in and we held that position, each savouring the moment. For me, the feeling of my cock fully encased in a firm young cunt, with its rhythmic clutching and the trickle of juices at its opening. For her, the feeling of fullness and pressure, the spasms as my cock twitched inside her, the stretch of the purple head buried in her body.

She raised her body up, so slowly, and I felt the long slide out. I saw the moonlight glistening silver on my shaft as it appeared from the pool of dark shadow, until the bulging head was barely inside her, held only by the clutching labia. For a moment she held herself there, and then she sank back downwards. I groaned at the incredible warmth and pressure and wetness of penetration as her body swallowed me up again. We began to whisper to each other in the darkness as we fucked.

“Jesus, Beth! God Jesus that’s good! I’m fucking you, I’m really fucking you”

“Ah yes! Ah, I feel it. I feel you deep inside me. I’m milking you with my cunt.”

“Say that you like your brother’s cock.”

“I love my brother’s cock inside me. I love to fuck my brother. I’m a dirty sister and I love it. We’ll fuck forever.”

“Tell me I’m the first.”

“You’re the first. You’re the only one.”

She leaned back, supporting herself with her arms, so that her head was right back, hair shining in a band of moonlight like a mane of silver, mouth open and eyes tightly shut. Her breasts were thrust forward and I buried my face into them, grasping a nipple in my lips and worrying it so that it hardened even more in my mouth. The shift in our positions caused me to rub against the front of her pussy, and she reacted by moaning softly, moving her hips in a circular motion. Her first orgasm enveloped her swiftly – her body bent backwards like a bow, every muscle stretched taut and a thin wail breaking from her lips. I felt a flood of moisture spurt around my balls, dribbling down to soak the sheets.

She stopped for a moment whilst her ragged breath slowed, and I could feel the muscular contractions of her vagina as the last of her orgasm passed. She resumed the circular motion, rotating her hips whilst thrusting forward and down with her pussy so that I was rhythmically swallowed and released. Her cunt made small slurping noises as it devoured me. There was light enough for me to see the sheen of sweat on her face, observe the soft curve of her lips and the small white teeth behind them. I flipped her sideways and rolled over her, my cock still embedded inside her. She raised her legs and locked them over the small of my back, and I pushed up on my arms so I could watch her face as we fucked.

“I love you, Beth.”

She opened her eyes, cornflower blue in the daylight but dark pools now.

“I love you too. Fill me with your seed.”

“I will. Inside you.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes.”

Like a gathering storm I felt it building, like a stream of living magna escaping towards the light, rushing through the shaft of my cock until in a single frozen moment of time it burst out of me, splattering the walls of her sex. She cried out in triumph as she felt it, reaching down to grasp my buttocks and hold them tight against her so that I was buried into her as deep as possible. She milked me with strong rhythmic contractions casino firmaları of her cunt whilst I pumped ribbons of cum into her writhing body, and I heard the shriek of her own orgasm as it consumed her.

As I stared down at her face she faded from underneath me, and I was alone in my dream.


I woke early, feeling jaded and with a nagging headache behind one eye. The sun was streaming into my room and I could hear Mum downstairs. I remembered it was Saturday and that she played tennis in the morning so she would be heading off soon. I lifted the sheet and looked down at my body – it looked decidedly unfucked. I considered the dream, remembering every detail, and my cock grew hard at the memory. I tugged at it, but there was no enthusiasm there and I left it alone and gathered my troubled thoughts. Twice now I had been though an intense sexual experience with my sister, real or perceived, but I had yet to resolve my feelings. I needed to think.

I considered my discovery of the Eagle Mask, now pushed back under her bed exactly as I had found it. The shock of that discovery was still intense. The key question was whether she knew it was me that she had fucked…did she know I would be at that party? I racked my brains to figure whether she would have had any hint of who was going to it. She wasn’t in the circle that Damian moved in and I doubted if he had invited her directly, and I didn’t know of any mutual friends that they had. Try as I might, I could not remember discussing the party beforehand or giving any other hint of where it was. Her appearance there must therefore be a coincidence, in which case she didn’t know I would be there as well. It was a chance meeting, I thought.

She was normally a reserved girl, with only a few boyfriends that I had known about and none of them seemed to be serious. She wasn’t inclined to wild parties, or staying out late or taking risks – yet she had dressed provocatively and set out to have sex with a stranger in a one night stand, with all the risks that that entailed. Her behaviour wasn’t in character and I was angry with her… but I was aware that the sexual predator that night had been me, prepared to fuck anybody without thinking of the consequences. I shook my head as I remembered my sperm pumping into her, and the rhythmic contractions of her pelvis as she sucked it into her body. What if she were pregnant? What would we tell Mum?

And what of the dream last night? It was as clear as if it had happened – the lustre of her skin and the pressure and tightness as I drove up into her, and her own sighs and spinning orgasm. Even the thought processes I had experienced were clear, especially the critical point where I had set aside any question of morals and accepted that I was going to willingly fuck my sister.

Finally, I tried to figure out what I was going to do about it. Up to a week ago I had been content with my life but now I was racked in doubt as to what Beth meant to me, and my own complicity in what had happened. I knew that things had changed for me – but the chances were that they had not for her. She probably didn’t even know that it was me who had fucked her, and who now agonized over how to resolve the situation. Where once I had once thought nothing about her, I now watched with eyes that would surely betray me if she looked into their depths.

All this did nothing but hurt my head and so, after a while, I climbed wearily out of my bed and had a shower.


I was reading the paper and eating a bowl of cornflakes when she bounced into the kitchen, with a cheery smile and a good morning. That was unusual.

“Mum gone?” she asked.

“Yep.” I paused. “You’re cheerful this morning.”

“Mmmm. Had a good night last night, and a great day lined up for today.” She sat down next to me and poured cereal into her bowl, splashing it liberally with milk.

“And what was so good about last night?”

She stopped pouring and looked at me. She had been growing her hair and it was tied back into a little pony-tail that shone in the morning sun. Her eyes were a vivid blue and her skin glowed with health and vitality. She tipped her head a little to the side and regarded me for a moment, her lips slightly apart. My heart skipped a beat. She was beautiful.

“Don’t you remember? I told you that I was going out with the girls!”

The girls were her buddies Sam and Laura. “Ah, yes, I remember,” I said. “Sorry, you did tell me. Where did you go?”

She acknowledged with a nod and resumed pouring milk onto her Cornies. “Just hung around at Laura’s place. She’s got a hot brother”. Her eyes flicked across to my face, just briefly.

“He’s only a kid!”

“Not that young. Anyway, he’s already taken. I didn’t go there to see him, though. We just had fun hanging out together.”

“Do you think anyone thinks I’m a hot brother?”

She stopped in astonishment, the spoon half way to her mouth. “That’s a leading question! What caused that? Feeling güvenilir casino unloved are we?”

I shrugged. “Just exploring perspectives.”

She regarded me for a moment, as if taking a fresh assessment of my assets. “I guess so. None of my friends are interested, but there must be someone around who figures you’re cute.” She smiled and then added “Although their Guide Dog might not like you.”

“Thanks for the confidence booster.”

“You’re welcome. What’s happening with Susan?”

Susan was a girl I had met at work. “Not much. Going out tonight, as it happens, but too early to tell.”

Beth smiled again. “Be nice to her dog. Sounds like you need serious sex.”

We were quiet for a moment, sunk in our own thoughts. I sought to resurrect the conversation.

“I didn’t hear you come home.”

“Nah” she mumbled, cramming a spoon of cereal into her mouth. “Although it wasn’t late. I was back about midnight.” She looked at me again, her eyes crinkling. “You were snoring your head off!”

I had no idea of the timeframe of my dream but that could have been the moment I was buried deep in her pussy, metaphorically speaking. More like grunts of lust than snoring.

“I don’t snore! Besides, you wouldn’t hear it through the door.”

She laughed. “I could, it was like a chain saw. Right through the door and the walls.”

She lost interest in the conversation and pulled a magazine over to read it. I used the opportunity to look at her face, but after a moment she became aware of my scrutiny and glanced up at me.


She had a drop of milk on her chin. Without thinking I reached over and she tilted her face up to meet my touch. I rubbed my thumb over it, sliding up over her bottom lip, leaving my hand lingering there. For a moment her eyes were vulnerable and she sat still, her little face tilted up towards me and her expression soft. Then she pulled her face back sharply and I could see confusion and then anger in her eyes.

“What are you doing?!”

I shrugged, my heart beating fast. “You had milk on your face.”

She stared at me, a faint blush staining her cheeks. Her voice turned hard. “Thanks” she said, “but keep your Goddamn hands to yourself.”

I sighed. Her eyes, when they looked at me, were like chips of ice. At least I had confirmed what her side of the relationship was.


Susan was about as different from Beth as two girls could be. Where Beth’s hair was the colour of pale wheat, Susan’s was black, cut into a Cleopatra bob that delicately framed an oval face of pale, almost translucent skin. Her eyes were her best feature, large and toffee brown, inclined to laughter, I thought. She had a good mouth with soft lips that turned up at the edges, reinforcing the impression of good humour, and even white teeth. Whilst not a classic beauty – her face was too long and marred by a slightly crooked nose for that – she was attractive and, in this our first date, had shown herself to be very good company.

We were sitting in a small Italian restaurant. She had chosen a Polenta with Porcini that the florid waiter had delivered with a flourish that I thought disproportionate to the lumpy mound of mushrooms on her plate. I had chosen a Beef Braciole that was good but not great. I thought she was a vegetarian and I hoped she would excuse me for being a carnivore, but we were both enjoying a full bodied Chianti. She was talking about a colleague at work, her voice animated.

“And then he asked me out!” she rolled her eyes to highlight the undesirability of this, and she stabbed at the air with her fork. “So we went to the movies and he insisted on sitting in the back row, as if I was going to do anything with him…’ she emphasizied the last word, “…and he kept putting his hand on my knee and I kept removing it.”

I made a mental note not to put my hand on her knee unless invited.

“…and I kept pushing it off. Anyway..” the fork swayed about. “..he got the hump and sat there, and next thing I know he’s picking his nose and mumbling to himself!”

“Unbelievable!” I murmured. “What did you do?”

“I waited until his finger was jammed into his nostril and then nudged his arm sharply. His finger went in up to the second knuckle and had a massive nose bleed and had to leave”. She laughed, a good honest laugh that lit up her face. “The rest of the movie was much better without him.”

I smiled. Her humour was infectious.

“Tell me about yourself, David. What do you do for pleasure?”

I had a powerful vision of Beth, her head thrown back and her face distorted with lust as I spurted into her. Telling Susan that I fucked my sister for pleasure was probably not what she wanted to hear.

“Music, Cars, Movies, Candlelit dinners, Holidays.”

“Wow!’ she was impressed. “Most blokes can only think of one.” She regarded me for a moment. “Which one do you like the most?”

I smiled at her. “At the moment, candlelit dinner. You’re great company, Susan.”

She blushed a bit. “I chatter too much”. She was silent for a moment, and then, as if the strain of that moment of abstention was too much, she launched into a story about the last candlelit dinner she had had, when her date fell asleep into his plate.

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