Anna’s Valentine

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Anna kicked off her shoes and put her laptop bag on the floor. As she squeezed her toes into the thick hallway carpet of her London townhouse she sighed with relief. That tube journey seemed to be getting longer and longer. She’d left the office at 6.30 and it was now nearly 8, and she’d had to stand up most of the way. It was almost worth doing the car crawl every rush hour, just to be guaranteed a seat. She hung up her coat and placed her jacket over the back of a dining room chair. She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was not much there, other than some stale cheese, a mouldy half eaten kebab and some ex-vegetables. Such was her life as a rising star in the advertising business that she seemed to spend every evening either wining and dining clients or jetting across Europe and the U.S.

She dialled the number of the Chinese takeaway across the street and ordered a chicken chow-mein. She went upstairs to the living room and turned on her computer and then she went upstairs again to her bedroom and changed into comfy sweatpants and an old t-shirt. She’d just finished cleaning the makeup off her face when the door rang and she ran down the two flights of stairs to find the teenage son of the takeaway owners there with a bag.

“I don’t have any cash on me,” she said apologetically to the boy. “Can you ask your parents to charge it to my usual card, along with a tip for yourself?”

The boy nodded and ran off again. Anna grabbed a fork from the kitchen and went back upstairs to the living room. Her tropical paradise desktop background was gleaming at her and she sat down in the chair. She tucked into the food as she waited for Outlook Express to open. She hadn’t been on her computer for 3 days and there were consequently 3 new email messages from him.

She didn’t know who he was, but he obviously knew who she was. It had been a month now that she’d received daily messages from someone who called himself “Your Secret Admirer”. His email address was a generic hotmail so she had no clue as to his identity. The first message had said that he’d seen her at Tesco and thought she was very pretty. It still didn’t explain how he got her email address.

She opened the latest three in order. The first one read: “My dearest Anna. I saw you last night as you were getting ready for bed. Your silhouette against the light curtains was the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen. It made me dream of you dressing up in satin for me.”

The next one continued: “Your house is dark and empty. You must be away. Your pink satin sheet are so inviting, I dream of us making love on them.”

The third one was the most explicit: “Today I bought you this bra and briefs. They’ll be delivered tomorrow. I want to caress them off your body when I take your virginity. Be my Valentine on Tuesday. Reply to this email with a yes.” She scrolled down to look at the attachment. It showed a woman with a satin bra and low cut briefs with a frill trim. They were coloured peach and cream and she knew that they would go very well with her pale skin.

She knew that she should be appalled that this stranger seemed to know her most intimate secrets. She knew that she should probably call the police to deal with this sick stalker. But she was intrigued. At the age of 25 she must be the oldest virgin in the world, and it was not by choice. At work she put up a front and played the brilliant young executive, but in private she was painfully shy. She’d been dreaming of having sex for so long now, but still she ended up with only her fingers for company. She could feel how wet her pussy was as she studied the picture of the woman who was modelling the underwear that she was about to get. Her nipples were hard as she hit the reply button. She typed in the three letters. Yes. She hit send quickly so that she wouldn’t have a chance to change her mind.

It didn’t take long for a reply to arrive. “My darling. I’m so happy that you’ve agreed to be my Valentine. Take Tuesday and Wednesday off work. On Tuesday you will receive some deliveries in the afternoon. One of the deliveries will contain brand new satin sheets. Make your bed with them. Another one will contain some erotic toys. Put them on your bedside table. A third one will contain bath oils. Leave them next to your tub. Wear the beautiful outfit that I’ve bought for you by 7 o’clock and unlock your door. Then go upstairs, turning all the lights off in the house and light the candles that came in the fourth parcel. Lie down on your new sheets and wait for me to come and make love to you. You need to take Wednesday off work because you will not get any sleep during Valentine’s night.”

Anna switched off her computer and went to bed. She undressed and inspected her body in the mirror. Her tits were firm and generously sized D-cups. She had a flat tummy and a perfectly waxed triangle of blonde hair crowning her pussy. She lay down on the bed and licked her fingers. Slowly she started teasing her clit and her casino şirketleri dripping hole. She thought of Valentine’s Day and her date with her secret admirer. Just as she’d cum violently the phone rang. The voice on the other end was distorted.

“Hello darling,” he said. “You’re so beautiful when you bring yourself to a climax on your own. I can’t wait to see how you’ll look when it’s my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my cock that bring pleasure to your pussy. Sleep tight, my love.”

It didn’t come as a complete surprise to her to find out that the number of the caller had been withheld.

The next morning Anna went to work as usual. Shortly after lunchtime she heard all the secretaries giggling and then there was a knock on her door. One of the receptionists stood outside with a giant red balloon that read “My darling Valentine”, a bouquet of red roses and a delicately wrapped parcel with the name of a famous lingerie shop printed all over it. There was no doubt what was in there. Since Anna had just told her secretary, within earshot of half the office, that she was taking Valentine’s Day and the following day off, it was obvious to everybody what was going on. Anna the Ice Maiden had a secret boyfriend.

She was incredibly embarrassed and spent the rest of the day locked up in her office. Since it was Friday, everybody left as early as they could get away with and soon there was only Anna left. She finally plucked up the courage to open the parcel and found the beautiful lingerie from the picture last night, in the right size for her. She decided to take a taxi home.

When she got home she undressed in front of the mirror and tried out her new underwear. It was wonderful. It felt luxurious and decadent against her skin and the colour was perfect. The phone rang and it was the same distorted voice as the previous night.

“My darling,” he said. “I can’t wait for Tuesday, but I have to, and so do you. Take your nice new clothes off and don’t wear them again until I’m ready to fuck you.”

He hung up and Anna quickly stepped out of the underwear. Still naked, she looked around herself. How could he tell what she was doing? She couldn’t see any camera anywhere. The houses across the street were offices so they couldn’t see into her bedroom. She was baffled. She put on her dressing gown and went to the computer. There was an email from him.

“Darling, I’m sorry I was so short with you. But the outfit I bought is special and I want you to wear it on the night that you lose your virginity to me. You were so beautiful when you walked around naked. I wish you’d sleep naked tonight. Turn up the heating and sleep without a cover. For me. I love you.”

Anna did as she was told. She didn’t need much encouragement. Her secret Valentine had made her so horny that she struggled to think about anything than having sex. After pleasuring herself with her fingers she finally settled on her stomach, one leg slightly curled up, giving a great view of her pussy for the minute camera in her fire alarm to zoom in on. A couple of miles away a man typed in delivery instructions on various web sites where he’d ordered some Valentine’s Day gifts for Anna. He kept glancing at the screen where she was sleeping and he stroked his hard cock, knowing that it was only a matter of days until it was going to charge through her virginity and make her his.

On any normal Saturday Anna went jogging in the park and this was no different. She kept looking around, trying to figure out if any of the men she saw was her secret admirer, but she knew that she didn’t stand a chance of recognising him. When she returned home, there was a box leaning against her front door. She picked it up. It was red and shaped like a heart and there was a note attached to it.

“Go and have a long soak in the bath after your run. Eat these chocolates as you cover your delicious body with bubbles.”

He even knew that she preferred a bath to a shower after running. Once again she walked around her bedroom and bathroom as she got undressed, trying to figure out how he could see her. As she finally stepped into the steaming bath and her luscious tits disappeared under the bubbles he stroked himself to an orgasm. She was the sexiest creature on earth and she would soon be his.

She spent the Sunday with some friends from university and when she came back home she found a red bag with a DVD and a bottle of her favourite wine. She opened the note that was attached to the bottle.

“My darling, soon you will be mine. Open the bottle and take it upstairs to your bedroom. Get undressed and watch this DVD. Then send me an email and let me know what you thought of it.”

Anna was giddy with excitement. She was sure that she was finally going to see who he was. She opened the wine and brought it with her up the stairs. She put the bottle and a glass next to her bed and she took her clothes off. At first she was in a hurry, but then she realised that he must casino firmaları be watching her. She lay on her back with her legs in the air and peeled her stockings off her long legs. Then she slowly shed her bra and finally she pulled her briefs off. She poured herself a glass of wine and started the DVD. Her TV screen was filled with a woman, not all that unlike herself, who was lying naked on a bed. Then a man entered and he parted her legs. For the next few minutes his tongue and fingers brought the woman on the screen to a screaming orgasm and Anna got to see everything in close-up detail. She was dripping wet by the time she pulled on her robe and went downstairs to her computer.

The minute she logged on a new name popped up in her messenger. It was him.

“Hello my love,” he typed.


“Did you enjoy my gift?”

“Very much.”

“Did you wonder what it would feel like with my tongue on your clit as you were fingering yourself?”

“Yes I did.”

“Did you wonder what it would feel like with me lapping up your pussy juices?”


“Did you wonder whether I have a beard, like the man in the film, or whether I am in fact the man in the film?”

“Are you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“And the beard?”

“You’ll find out on Tuesday, my sweet. Now go to bed. We only have two more lonely nights before Valentine’s Day and then my cock will finally be inside your cunt.”

Then he logged off. Anna had a restless night’s sleep and a bad day at work. Her boss fussed at her during a meeting since she didn’t have all the relevant numbers and then he even criticised her in front of more junior staff because she didn’t have her usual sharp with about her. It was a relief to finally be able to go home and her heart jumped when she saw a parcel by her door. She opened it and it contained a bright red babydoll that was held together by a simple ribbon to tie between her tits. She read the note.

“Darling Anna. Wear this, and nothing else, tonight. More instructions to come.”

She went inside and changed into the flimsy garment. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She ate and checked her email. There was no message from him. She relaxed in front of the TV, but couldn’t settle. All she could think of was what was going to happen in 24 hours’ time. Then she heard something coming through her letter box downstairs. She looked at the clock and it was much too late for deliveries. She ran up to the window, and she could see the shadow of someone disappearing down the street. She ran downstairs and found a parcel. She opened it and it was another DVD and note.

“This is what I’ll be watching tonight. Enjoy it, my love. Tomorrow night it will be us.”

She hurried upstairs and turned on the DVD. It appeared to be a full length film this time and she settled on her bed with her fingers teasing her pussy. On screen was the same girl from the previous film, but with a new guy. She watched the action, hornier by the minute, as the guy fucked Anna’s look-alike to oblivion. When the onscreen fucking was finally over, Anna masturbated herself to her best orgasm yet and then she fell asleep. Her swollen pussy glistened in the night as her audience of one gave his swollen 7 inches a final few strokes before shooting his load straight onto a printout of a photo of Anna in the shower that was hanging on the wall in front of him.

Valentine’s Day had finally arrived! Anna skipped out of bed and had a long shower. As she was soaping her breasts she shuddered with excitement at the thought that tonight they were going to be touched by a man for the first time. As she was making her breakfast the doorbell rang. She thought it strange since his email had stated that the deliveries would arrive in the afternoon. She opened the door and there were three delivery men with their arms full of red roses. She signed for them and then watched as they entered her house to place them in very carefully selected positions. There wasn’t a single space in her house that didn’t smell of roses now.

Shortly after lunchtime the new satin sheets arrived. They were a deep red, the same shade as the roses. Anna carefully made the bed with the beautiful sheets. She was tempted to lie down on it, but she felt that would be cheating. A while later a man delivered a box. She took it upstairs and opened it and blushed when she saw the red coloured contents. She was still a virgin, but she did know what all those toys were for. There were two dildos. One was like jelly and relatively slim. The other one was shaped more like a cock and it had a little rabbit attached to it, it appeared to be a vibrator. There were several other little toys that seemed to be designed to pleasure a pussy and she was really tempted to try them. The last thing she got out was a huge bottle of lubricant. She shivered as she left them on her bedside table and put away the box.

Another while later there was one more delivery. It güvenilir casino was a bag of bubble baths, bath oils and lotions. She placed them all in her bathroom. As it was starting to get dark, she decided to check her email. There was one from him.

“I hope you’re enjoying my gifts. It won’t be long now.”

It was nearly 6 o’clock when the candles arrived, all red. She placed them all over her bedroom and then she had another shower. When she was done she put on her new bra and briefs. It was a couple of minutes to 7 when she unlocked her front door and went upstairs. As she lay down on the bed she thought to herself that she must be crazy. This could be a rapist. This could be the most twisted sadist and she was just letting him into her house. But she couldn’t change this. She’d never met him. She’d hardly had any interaction with him, but she knew that she wanted to make love with him.

It felt like hours, but it was probably only a couple of minutes until she heard her front door open. It then closed and she could hear it being locked. Someone was taking their time, hanging their coat up downstairs. On her bed Anna felt compelled to run downstairs and meet him, but she knew that wasn’t the plan. Her pussy was soaking her new briefs and her nipples were hard as rocks in the beautiful bra. Soon she heard the steps up the stairs. He reached the first landing. Then there were more steps and he reached the second landing. She stretched herself to see, but the hallway was dark and the bedroom lit up with candles. He stopped outside her door and she could hear him undressing. The suspense was killing her. Then the door opened and a man came slowly into view. Her eyes stopped first at the bone hard 7-inch shaft that protruded from his hips. Then her eyes moved up past a chest covered in brown curls to a face. She gasped in recognition.


“Yes, Anna,” said her manager. “It’s me.”

“But how? Why?”

“I fell in love with you the day you started working for me. So many late nights in the office I just wanted to tear your clothes off your body and make passionate love to you, but you seemed so distant. You kept pulling back at the tiniest sign of physical contact. Then I heard you at the Christmas party. You were rather drunk and you were bawling your eyes out to Gracie about still being a virgin and that no man would want you. That’s when I came up with the plan of making you mine on Valentine’s Day.”

“But you saw me, you could tell what I was doing in here.”

“Well, when I figured that you were getting intrigued by your secret admirer I decided to install some spy cameras. I sent you on a business trip to Paris for two days, borrowed your spare keys from your desk and came her at night. There’s one in here and one in your bathroom. I’ll take them out later. They were all part of my plan to get you horny and ready for tonight.”

“It worked.”

“I’m glad. You’re so beautiful tonight. Stand up and let me admire you.”

Anna stood up and he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She loved the feeling of his hot erection against her tummy and she pressed herself against him. She felt his hands on her tits and they separated a little. He caressed her nipples through the soft satin and then he wrapped his lips around one. When he let go the satin was soaked and Anna’s nipple was aching with desire. He finally reached around and unclasped her bra. As the bra flew to the floor his hands cupped her round tits. Once more he started sucking on a nipple, this time without the satin between his lips and her flesh. Anna’s pussy was drenched when he finally let go.

Mike’s hands moved down her body and he hooked his thumbs under her briefs and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and be brought them up to his face where he felt the wetness with his lips before he let go of them and smiled. Once more he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately, more urgently this time. They were both breathing heavily, discovering each other with their hands, when he finally picked her up in his arms and then placed her on the red sheets.

He parted her legs and settled between them. Anna breathed heavily as his lips moved closer to her pussy. Soon she could feel his warm breath against her sensitive skin and then his lips met hers. He kissed her slowly, as if he was kissing her mouth and then he pulled back. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue along her slit. She shuddered in reply. Soon his hands pulled her pussy lips apart and he flicked his tongue lightly across her highly sensitive clit. He licked downwards and soon found the source of her sweet nectar and lapped it up.

Anna was in ecstasy. She’d always figured that it would be nice to have her pussy eaten, but this was far beyond nice. She kneaded her tits and moaned as his tongue investigated her folds and teased her. It wasn’t long before his lips closed over her clit and he started sucking on it and teasing it. Anna cried out. If it hadn’t been for his hands on her thighs she would have wrapped her legs around him. It was only a question of time and soon enough she cried out and squirted a pool of sweet juice as she experienced her first orgasm at the hands of a man.

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