Anna’s First-time Anal

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I couldn’t help myself. Reading the emails back and forth always put me into a frenzy, but the latest ones nearly threw me overboard. He had a way with words, you know. The kind that eat at your very center as you squirm away in your chair, feeling the fabric of your panties just growing wetter and wetter…

“I can only imagine how it will feel. After getting a taste of that wonderful pussy, I can only BEGIN to imagine how my dick will feel inside that tight ass of yours…”

I read that sentence over and over, my fingers hungrily massaging between my pussy lips, circling the swollen nub of my clit as my mind envisioned the hardness of his cock tormenting my poor virgin asshole. The thought excited me as much as repulsed me. I think the repulsion came from the fact that I was always taught “EXIT ONLY” — but I also believe this contributes to more of the appeal, with knowing how taboo in society it is. And if you could feel the dampness of my cunt, well…you would say it was obvious that I didn’t care much anymore what society thought about what I did with my ass.

Two fingers teased the slit of my cunt, prying open the tight walls as I buried up to the second knuckle. I sat back on my chair, one leg propped on the desk as the other relaxed outward. Slipping my eyes closed, I whimpered, daring with my free hand a chance to prod and poke at the puckered bud of my anus, feeling how my pussy juices coated and coaxed my finger to slide inward. My chest heaved with every lustful breath, and finally, on the last exhale, I slipped my middle finger in, feeling how the tight rim of my asshole encompassed the flesh of the digit, drawing it further in without resistance. Immediately I could feel my pussy pulse around my other fingers, clenching as I felt around the inside of my ass. A low groan emitted from deep within my throat, a sound I’ve never been familiar with. It surprised even myself. Withdrawing the two pussy-playing fingers, I circled them back around my clit while the other, more pre-occupied hand worked that single finger in and out, taunting, pulling, pushing… and with greater speed about my clit, I found my body succumbing to climax.

It was with his face envisioned in my mind that my body tensed, my back arcing off the rise of the chair, toes curling as my frame jerked with each welcoming pulse of orgasm that I came. It was a delicious orgasm, too, one that was new to me and I was certainly curious to know more — how would my body react if it took upon his cock like so? Pulling out my finger from my ass, I drew it up and looked at it, grinning at the fact that it was slick with the tracings of my cunt that seeped down the crack, providing that delicious coating for lubrication. I shifted on the chair, settling back into it as I realized how much more wet I was than normal. This whole idea must really turn me on!

“Hot damn,” I laughed, looking around the room with a new found intrigue. “I can’t wait to taste more of what it will be li…” and my words were cut off by the soft vibration of my cell that happened to be sitting a few feet from where I just released. I glanced down at the Caller ID and let out a small laugh again, hitting the answer button and bringing it to my ear.

“Bastion,” I greeted cheerfully, my eyes staring down at the finger that just teased deep within my body, previously unexplored. Finally I wiped the secretions off on my lap and settled back into the chair. “I was just thinking of you.”

“Were you now? What of me were you thinking about?” Bastion questioned, and I could hear in the tone of his voice he was somewhat amused.

“Mmmnnn,” I drawled out. “You don’t want to know!”

“But if I didn’t want to know, I would not have asked, Anna. Tell me, what of me were you thinking?”

I shifted in my chair, leaning forward now on the desk, one arm bent and propping my weight as the other cocked up to hold the phone to my ear. I was blushing furiously now, my eyes closed, forehead dropping to rest against my forearm. Weakly I answered, “I was fantasizing about you…” I paused.

“Carry on, sweet girl. You were fantasizing about me…?” he whispered, his curiosity present in his words.

“Yes Bastion. I was fantasizing a moment ago about how it would feel to have your cock deep inside, well…deep-inside-my-ass-and-fucking-me.” The words came out so quickly that I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I was SO shy with even admitting this, I mean c’mon! This is my asshole we’re talking about! Remember, EXIT ONLY? My eyes opened as I lifted my head, staring at the computer screen before me, re-reading the sentence he just so recently typed to me. And again, I felt that stirring between my legs that caused me to squirm just a tad while sitting there listening to his breath on the other end of the line.

“Come open your door,” his voice answered finally, causing my heart to plummet into my stomach and my eyes to widen in shock.

“What?!” I exclaimed, “Come bursa escort open my door?! You mean to tell me you’re here!” I stood up, practically tossing the chair back in all of my excitement, staggering a few feet before regaining my balance. “Oh my god, I didn’t realize you were on your way over!”

I could hear him laughing both on the phone and in the background. It was like stereo-mocking, and I stared down at the phone, at his name that tormented me so on the screen: BASTION 555-7106.

“Oh my god, you ass,” I muttered, moving towards the door but not opening it just yet.

“Are you going to let me in?” he questioned, rapping lightly at my door. I listened for a moment, staring at my non-showered self at the mirror in the foyer. My hair was pulled up in a lopsided bun, tousled and tangled from having just woken up a few hours prior. It’s a good thing I brushed my teeth, I thought. Finally, without a single word more I hung up the phone and opened the door.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” he grinned, giving me the once-over with a look of satisfaction. Along with the tangled slop of hair, I stood before him barefooted and wearing an oversized t-shirt, three times too large for me. And as I’m sure you guessed it — no panties. After all, I was busy with myself only moments prior!

I moved away from the door, suggesting with my hand that he enter. My eyes couldn’t look him in the face, I was far too embarrassed for that right now. I mean, after all, I just admitted a dirty secret to a man I’ve been lusting after for only a short period of time. As he passed through, I watched him from behind as he walked past my foyer, looking around at the wall decorations and whatever else caught his eye. Summoning up some courage, I stood up straight and cleared my throat, “I really wasn’t expecting you to just drop by like this.”

But he didn’t seem to care what I was saying. In fact, I think my words, if anything, excited him for he turned towards me, his head canted to the side as he studied me silently.

“What?” I shied, glancing away self-consciously. My fingers tugged down at the t-shirt, then up to my hair. I felt completely on the spot, and I’m sure that’s exactly what he was going for.

“Anna,” he half-whispered. “Relax.” His words were a calming demand, and surprisingly, my body did just that. I relaxed, finally able to look him in the face, and what I saw there was such a deep hunger and desire, that I thought he would consume me right there. Instead, his hand reached out and I took it, and we moved through my house silently. Meandering through doorways, he finally found my bedroom and led me in, still not another word uttered.

I walked past him and stood a few feet away from the bed. He watched me with his cool blue gaze and grinned, his goatee framing those succulent lips perfectly. It took all I had that very moment not to move to him, to press my mouth to his and suckle in that bottom lip I so desired. Shifting my gaze elsewhere, I watched from the corner of my eye as he undid his necktie, then drew off his belt.

“Come here,” he spoke softly, fingers working to undo the buttons of his light blue button down. I stared at those hands as they maneuvered the shirt, one by one plucking a button through the eyelet. Standing now before him, he looked down at me from his towering height and leaned forward, taking my mouth to his and kissing me with such passion that I felt I would ignite.

It was in that moment that I finally let go of all inhibitions and reached up, pulling his hands away as I worked that shirt off from his frame, tossing it onto the back of a vanity chair. With the same hunger, I undid his pants, still kissing against him, tasting him as my tongue trailed between his lips, entangling with his own. He smelled of foreign spice, exotic and alluring, and it drove me further into oblivion. Once his pants were past his hips, he took three steps forward, pushing me back against the bed, and I heard the fabric shift as he stepped out of them.

“You smell so good,” I muttered against his mouth, feeling the brush of his beard against my face, my cheeks. I inhaled deeply as I leaned my back against the bed, hands tugging at his sides to draw him against me, my legs lifting and wrapping about his waist. I still wore that oversized, ratty shirt, but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel him. No, I had to feel him, and I could sense he had to feel me too, for a mere second passed and he was on me, in me, burying his surging manhood into the depth of my pussy, his mouth once again pressed hard into mine. With muffled moans, I rocked my hips up, my hands braced at my sides and my elbows propping me upwards. I loved his smell, and how he felt as he began to fuck me, working his cock with expertise as my body rolled into his.

“And you feel so good, Anna,” he grunted, his forehead pressing against mine as he stole a glance downward, staring at the cloth that hid my breasts. He pulled bursa escort bayan back, standing there with his cock deep inside me and grabbed me by my hands, shifting me into a near sitting position at the edge of the bed. His fingers roughly snagged at the base of my shirt and tugged, pulling until finally I was free of the burden. My nipples instantly hardened as his hands captured my breasts, pulling, teasing, tugging hard at the pink nubs until finally I cried out, warning him I would come if he continued that.

But that seemed to be just what he wanted, for he released my breasts and pushed me back, lifting me up to gather me fully on the bed. His body hovered over me, his hands grasping at my legs as he pulled them apart and thrust fully into my mons. I could feel my breath quicken… how that knot developed deep in the pit of my stomach as my body threatened to orgasm. My eyes slipped closed, nails digging into his shoulders as finally my back arched and I succumbed to his desires. Loudly I moaned, teeth biting down on my bottom lip as I met with hungry fervor back into him, my cunt clenching, pulsating as his cock was coated with my slick juices.

“That’s a good girl,” he grinned, kissing my throat and shoulder as he held himself fully inside me, riding out my climax. Once again, his lips found mine and I felt him pull out, a cool trail of sticky cum dribbling between my slit as I realized, I had really lost it, and hard. My eyes opened as I watched him, my breath coming back to normal. Bastion shifted my legs to relax at either side of him, is gaze playing on my face with a slight amusement present. He glanced down between my legs, one hand traveling from my left breast to my stomach, the other hand grasping his shaft as he began to trail his cockhead between the moistened folds, teasing me with it against my clit.

I squirmed with a giggle, leaning forward to steal a glimpse of him between my legs. He was thick, that was for sure, and the length was perfect — what with the shiny coating of my recent spending. I couldn’t believe how quickly he had gotten me to come, especially since I had recently finished myself off. With that thought, I grinned to myself and he grinned back down at me. He moved his hips gently forward, letting the head of his dick press into the shallows of my cunt as I slowly rocked back and forth with him.

“Relax, okay? Just let me do the work,” he whispered, leaning over me to give me one of those mind-warping kisses, his tongue trailing between my lips before capturing my top lip between his teeth and finishing in a passionate, hungry suckle. While he was losing me with his mouth, I felt the head of his cock glide between my folds and rest tauntingly at the pucker of my ass. My eyes sprung open to stare at him, and he met my gaze with a laugh. “Shhhh,” he reassured me, and his tongue parted my mouth to flick against my own, and I groaned against him, rolling my eyes into my head.

Slowly, gently I felt the thick bulge of his cock begin to part the rim of my anus, and all I could do was clench. I tried desperately to relax, but my ass continued to pucker, cinching him off from any further movement. He withdrew, and once again pressed his head against that bud, this time a bit more insistent. Both hands found the rounds of my breasts and he gently toyed with them, trying to create a diversion from the pain that I was beginning to feel. It was more than just his head now inside of me, pulling my asshole widely open as it encompassed his throbbing shaft. I cried out in pain, my facial features contorting as I winced from the sensation. After what felt like a near eternity, he paused and just lay down atop me, once again back to kissing my throat, my ears. Meanwhile, the blood was rushing so loudly in my head that all I could hear was that and the ‘thud thud thud’ of my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and that I let him so easily take me!

“I can’t take any more of you,” I whined, biting down on my lip as I looked at his face. His lips curved into a crooked smile and he nodded. “Good, because I can’t put any more of me in you; I’m in, Anna. Relax. Just let your body get used to it. Feel it…”

And I did. I felt him all right. And strangely enough, he felt deliciously amazing. It felt strange, mind you. I’ve never had anything inside of my ass before, at least, an outside object, aside from my fingers just what — less than an hour before? And here I was, legs spread and ass whored for his cock’s pleasure! And I wanted it! I wanted to feel him fuck me with that massive prick so badly that I began at my own tempo with rolling my hips into him and down into the bed. It hurt, that’s for sure, but after a minute of adjusting, it hurt…so…good.

“Do it, Bastion…I can’t take it anymore. Please, I’m near begging you. Please, fuck my ass. Fuck it!” and for once, I wasn’t blushing, I wasn’t embarrassed. Instead, I was reigning in the bitch in heat escort bursa that I truly was and I needed it. Desperately!

Bastion shifted up again, and began to ease slowly from my depths. I could feel every inch his cock had to offer in my ass; it was certainly different than when he was in my pussy, that was for sure! It was almost as if I could feel every vein, every ridge his dick had to offer, and that only made me hornier. My hands lifted to brace against his shoulders and I hoisted my hips up, feeling as he retracted, my eyes pleading for him to thrust into me hard, to take me the way no one had ever taken me before.

“Now, Bastion; now!” I screamed, and his body reacted in such a violent way to my voice that he slammed himself deep into my bowels, a fire running the course of my ass, my back, all the way up to my neck. I cried out loudly, tears forming in my eyes as the sting was near unbearable, but I couldn’t stop. Oh no, I couldn’t stop! I used his shoulders as leverage and pulled myself back, until finally we had a tempo going, meeting one another with a hunger that dared not be sated.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he stated, concerned at the tears in my eyes. I grinned though, looking up at him through a half-lidded gaze, heavy with a lust I’ve never understood until now, and barked for him to shut up and fuck me. And he did just that. And the tears kept coming.

Every nerve fiber was alive in me; every sensory receptor was in overdrive as I took this man’s length so far into my ass, I thought it would swallow him whole. My cunt boiled with desire, jealousy, envy to be fucked in the way he was using my ass. Every hair on my neck stood at attention with his grunts and moans as he thrust harder, deeper into me. Half-realizing my intentions, I dipped my left hand between my legs and searched, feeling how incredibly wet I had become just from the ass-fucking alone. My eyes widened and I laughed, caught between multiple emotions as I quickened my hips, bucking harder against his pelvis.

“My god, I’m soaked!” I exclaimed, driving two fingers deep into my waiting pussy, feeling how his cock pushed against the walls of my ass, near denying the right to my own body. I moaned loudly now, my head rolling back onto the bed as I finger fucked myself with this delicious dual penetration. I never thought anal could feel so fucking good!

“I can tell,” he managed through heavy breaths. “You’re soaking my cock and balls, and baby, it feels so fucking good…!” I could sense he was using every ounce of his will to hold back from coming. Even his cock jerked and stiffened as he felt me teasing my pussy through that thin membrane.

Withdrawing those digits, I found the swollen nub of my clit and circled around it, encouraging my own body to build in climax. It was insane. The intensity of the moment had my body on fire, electricity coursing through every extremity as I found myself completely alive and absorbed in the moment. “Oh god, Bastion, don’t stop,” I moaned, the words rolling off of my tongue like liquid velvet. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…”

His thrusts didn’t stop, but I felt him slowing. His eyes cinched shut tightly and he gritted his teeth so loud that it reverberated through the room. He was holding back, and I was denying him his right to cum. Not yet, not now. I quickened the pace of my fingers on my clit, my back arching as I grinded up into his body, letting him keep his member buried to the hilt in my ass as I rocked my hips against him. My breasts jiggled as my breaths began to hitch in my chest, every muscle tensing on my frame. I was almost there, alllmooost there…

“CUM!” I squealed, my own orgasm shocking me as I hadn’t expected the intensity, the harshness of it as it rocked me to my core. “Cum!” I cried louder, forcefully fucking back into him, causing him to push harder against me until finally his own body jerked, twitched, and a loud grunt and moan emitted from his clenched mouth. I could feel every single spurt of his seed inside me; something I have never felt before in my life! Every single jolt of his cock vibrated through my ass, and each splash of his jizz against the walls caused me to react more violently than before

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” I repeated in a string followed with obscenities. My entire world went white as I blacked out to everything around me. My legs wrapped so tightly around his waist that we could have been conjoined, momentarily fused as I searched, scrambling inside my brain to find any sense of who I was and what I was doing. Finally, it was his gasps and soft moans that brought me to, as well as his weight upon me as he was spent, exhausted and sweaty. His lips were kissing my throat, my chin, my shoulders, as I lay there trying to remember how to spell my name.

A moment later and I giggled, finally coming to and relaxing my legs about his hips. I turned my gaze to watch his face and he looked at me, smiling and sated. Never before had I felt that insanely amazed at how good something so taboo could cause me to feel. His fingers stroked my hair and I exhaled a large, pent up breath that seemed to relax me to the very center.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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