Angie’s an Adult Redux Pt. 02

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Angie listened with glee as her parents screwed each other, Dad slapping Mom’s ass as he took her from behind. At least, that was what Angie guessed, since she couldn’t see, only hear the sexual relations between Miles and Pamela Sloane. That was when she heard something that really shocked her, just seconds after her father filled her mother with his seed.

“Hey, honey, what’s wrong?” Miles asked when Pamela suddenly started sobbing.

“I was so horny this afternoon and so eager to leave as soon as we could that I forgot to take the Pill! I took five loads in my pussy, dear. Sven doesn’t miss. You know that. He has impregnated Mrs. Hillsley every year for the past six years! It’s a good thing that Charles is sterile, so he doesn’t mind. Everyone at the Nouveau Riche knows about it. Now, I’m gonna have his baby, too. I’m so sorry, babe! I’ve been so careful, every time until today. Please forgive me! I didn’t realize it until you started role-playing that I’m Teresa and talked about knocking me up!”

“It’s okay, sweetie. I’ll raise the little Swede. You know that. It won’t hurt Angie to have a little brother or sister. She has been here alone since the twins left for college. You didn’t scream at me when I accidentally knocked up Susie Davenport, and she’s Angie’s math teacher. Hell, not even Susie’s husband got mad. Why should I lose my cool over this? It’s a risk we accept in this lifestyle. Swinging carries with it certain issues, one of which is pregnancy. You have to take the good with the bad. It’ll be fine,” Miles tried to calm down his wife.

“That’s not quite the same, Miles. You got Susie pregnant because your condom broke. You took precautions, but none are foolproof. I stupidly let Sven do me freestyle, which I NEVER do, because I thought that I was on the Pill as always. I got reckless, and now I’m carrying his baby! Now you’re having to foot the bill and raise another kid at your age, when you should be looking forward to an empty nest! Oh, I could so fuck myself in the ass right now!” Pamela fumed, truly upset with herself.

“I don’t think that’s possible, dear,” Miles quipped, which made his wife laugh in spite of herself and eased the tension.

“Point taken. Thanks for making me laugh,” Pamela smiled and kissed her husband.

“You’re very welcome. Look, I’m fine with it. Don’t get all worked up about it. We’ll treat him or her no different from Angie or the twins. Mr. Davenport is doing that with the kid I sired on Susie. Of course, he’s a swinger, too, and probably has a bastard of his own somewhere. One good thing about this arrangement is the implied understanding that if your wife or girlfriend gets knocked up by another man, the husband or boyfriend will claim the child as his own.

“We’ll be okay. I don’t mind another rugrat. Maybe we’ll have a boy this time. He can be Miles Junior. If no one else knows, then it’s cool. Actually, I’m turned on by the idea of you being preggers,” Miles confessed to Pamela.

“So, this whole thing makes you hot! I’ve got a bun in the oven, and it excites you to think about it! How will we explain the blonde hair?” Mrs. Sloane simmered down some more, but still concerned herself with the details and problems that could arise.

“None of their business. We can claim a distant uncle or something. Besides, it might not be blonde. That’s a recessive trait, you know. I just want to make sure that we wait to tell him the truth when he’s old enough. The only reason that he would need to know then was that Sven might have some hereditary diseases or something from the Gustafsen family tree. Of course, if he or she is blonde, that would need some explaining casino şirketleri in time to the child himself,” Mr. Sloane admitted.

“So, you forgive me and won’t divorce me or anything like that? It’s my fault, you know,” Pamela sought reassurance.

“There’s nothing to forgive. I’ve done some crazy things myself. You have understood that. I don’t regret getting married, swinging, having kids, or any of it. I wouldn’t be me if I had lived differently in the past. The same with you. Who knows what the little chap or lady might become? President, perhaps,” Miles caressed his wife, getting hard again at the thought of his pregnant wife and her horny ways. With both prior pregnancies, she had been insatiable in bed. He hoped for more of the same.

“Okay, you’re really turning me on, but I think I need a bite to eat first. Mind if I go to the kitchen and grab some food, Mr. Stud? You’ve had sex with two different women at the club this afternoon, not to mention me just now. How do you recover so quickly? It’s not just the vitamins, is it? Sometimes, I think that you’re a walking erection. I want some peanut butter and saltines. How about you?” Pamela teased her husband, her fear giving way to hunger for both food and sex.

“Sounds great, with a nice, cold beer. Maybe we should just shower and start the birthday party, though. It’s late enough, and Angie is bound to be back soon. When she is busy changing clothes and stuff like that, we can use that opportunity for more hot sex,” Miles suggested, thoughtlessly opening the door before his pants were back on. His naked cock was enough to qualify him for porn, instead of his actual job as a radio DJ.

It was so abrupt that the Sloanes caught Angie standing outside the door. Her fingers had drifted down to her gym shorts and were actually buried inside her panties, stroking her clit. She had gotten sexually aroused by listening to her parents. There was no way out of this situation but the truth. The birthday girl was sexually attracted to her own parents.

“Uh, sorry, Mom and Dad. Since it’s my birthday, can you go easy on me? I just couldn’t help but eavesdrop, and it turned me on a lot. Dad, that is a hell of a cock! Sorry, Mom. Then again, you apparently share it, anyway,” Angie stammered, revealing that she knew much of their secrets.

“So, about this baby on the way… ,” she added, trying to get a psychological edge by going on the offensive.

“Angie, I think that we need to talk. I should cover up first,” Miles blushed, realizing that he had flashed his own daughter with his dick.

“Don’t bother, dear. She’s seen it. The damage is done. Besides, we have a shower planned before the birthday party. Remember? We just have to put on some clothes before our company arrives. Otherwise, it’s fine. My turn to be calm and yours to freak out,” Pamela winked at her husband, though a little embarrassed by her own nudity.

“Okay, so how much do you know about our lifestyle? And how long have you known it?” Miles bluntly asked his daughter, noting that her fingers hadn’t left her shorts.

“Everything, as of this last little discussion that you had. It turned me on as much as the sex. I don’t blame either of you. Dad is a stud and Mom is a MILF. That’s fine with me. Apparently, I have a half-sibling already and one yet to come. Mrs. Davenport slept with Dad, huh? You have great taste in women, Dad, including Mom, of course. So little Natasha is my sister. I like that.

“Here’s the truth. I won’t lie to you about it. I’m tired of hiding it anyway. Don’t get pissed at me, please. I find both of you physically attractive. I’m bisexual. I’m casino firmaları not a virgin, either. I was this morning, but I lost my cherry to Allan Dumont. Yeah, that guy. I also had sex this afternoon with Ray Lassiter, Mrs. Dumont’s boyfriend. And I did it with Charmaine, with Mrs. Dumont herself. They have been my only sex partners at all so far. That’s three, total, in case you’re worried.

“We signed an agreement, the four of us. It allows me to include you, if you wish. We went to Reuben’s and wrote down our pact on napkins while eating there. And I took it in the ass. Sorry, Dad, but I’m not innocent anymore.

“I guess that I took after both of you. I always wondered why I was so horny, though I only jilled off until today. In any case, I want a very specific birthday present now, especially after what I heard and saw. I want to fuck my parents after the guests leave, of course. I want to commit incest with both of you: a threesome. Is that okay?” Angie pleaded, while lowering her bottom lip and slipping off her shorts.

“Actually, I think that we should do this now … and after the party, if we have any energy by then. I’m very horny now, and so are you, Miles. I can tell. She’s always been a Daddy’s girl. I should have seen this coming. I’m game with it on one condition,” Pamela put a finger to Miles’s lips to prevent him objecting.

“What’s that?” both Angie and her father wondered.

“We include the twins later. If we’re gonna be a family, we have to be united, not divided based on who gets to fuck their parents and who doesn’t. We also include the baby when he turns 18. Now, I’m very wet and the first guests don’t show up for another hour. Miles, will you go ahead and fuck our daughter? It’s what she really wants. Angie, you’re getting the turn with your father’s dick that I intended for myself. You owe me, I think. I want you to eat me out while he fucks you. We have to get moving fast, ‘cause most of the family wouldn’t understand this,” Pamela insisted, leading them back to the master bedroom and closing the door behind them.

“Sure, Mom. I want Daddy to fuck me hard and fast anyway with that big cock of his. Mom, lie on your belly and spread your cheeks. I’m gonna lick your ass as well as your pussy. Daddy, please take me hard. Don’t be gentle. We need to cum fast, right?” Angie took over the act, having one of her “moments” as she called them.

“Alright, baby, here it comes,” Miles warned his daughter as he entered her tight pussy for the first time. He found Angie extremely wet, which wasn’t surprising since she had been touching her clit and eavesdropping on her parents in a very erotic context.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Thank you, Daddy!” Angie squealed before she got quiet and busy licking Pamela’s pussy and ass.

“You’re very welcome, baby. Now, make your mother cum soon!” Miles barely managed to say, between strokes of his cock entering and exiting Angie’s cunt.

Angie ravenously licked her mother now, relishing the taste of Pamela’s sweet pussy, taint, and ass. She concentrated as much as possible on the task, though it was no chore since she loved every second of it. The only problem was that her father provided Angie with a constant, if wonderful distraction in the form of his dick buried in her cunt. She had to work hard to focus on eating her mother out, since Miles’s cock felt so great inside her.

At last, Pamela became rigid and red with her climax, cumming in Angie’s mouth. The delicious flavors of Mom and the ruthless pace of Dad’s cock pounding her pussy drove Angie so close that she felt that only a slight new stimulus would make her cum. That was when Miles güvenilir casino did something instinctive and natural for him that did just the trick for both of them. He swatted his daughter’s ass cheeks while he fucked her, an irresistible urge that he had done with lots of women.

“God, that’s great! Keep spanking me! Mom, help him! Swat me, too! Spank me, Daddy!” Angie begged her parents, knowing that it would trigger her orgasm at last.

Miles and Pamela smiled at each other, as each of them swatted Angie from different angles. Mr. Sloane continued spanking her from behind as he fucked her, while Pamela leaned over and struck the opposite cheek from her husband. Angie had a fantastic release thanks to the couple, getting her juices all over Miles’s cock. He couldn’t fight the impulse any longer and he shot his load into his daughter.

Angie took a moment to catch her breath and get steady on her feet. Then she kissed both of her parents with incredible passion. They kissed each other as well, and the trio enjoyed a group hug that none of its inventors would have intended. Pamela couldn’t help but love the sensation of her daughter’s breasts against her own, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. Miles, of course, was in a state of hedonistic bliss as he caressed both of his girls.

“Alright, ladies, it’s time to shower. Who goes first? Our shower is big enough for two, not three,” Miles remarked.

“Unfortunately. I would love to shower with both of you. However, I showered earlier with Allan. You guys go ahead. I know that you’re looking forward to it. I’ll wash myself off with a damp cloth. It was worth it. That was the best birthday present ever, to become lovers with my sexy parents. Now that I know that you’re swingers, I hope to have my chance with each of your partners. So do the others in my little foursome, who’ll also want you two, as I said. Mom, you’re really gonna love fucking Allan and Ray,” Angie encouraged her parents, who followed her advice and got in the shower.

Angie giggled as she saw Dad hit Mom on the ass with the bath towel. They were such great parents and now they were fantastic lovers. She couldn’t wait to link her group with their sex club. Swinging was so much better when one added family to the mix. Angie went back to cleaning up the evidence with the wash cloth and then getting dressed. She then got busy finishing the preparations for the birthday party, which had already started, but was evidently interrupted by something that made her parents horny.

As Mom and Dad joined Angie in organizing for the party, several of the guests arrived. They were a little behind, but no one complained. The Sloanes were always worth visiting. Rev. Samantha Mitchell, rector of the Sloanes’ Episcopal Church was especially understanding, noting that this was no ordinary birthday. Sometimes special occasions “required more preparation and people got a little carried away getting things just the way they liked”.

If she only knew, Angie thought. Then again, given the way that Sam ogled her bottom when she thought that her husband and the rest of parishioners weren’t looking, maybe she did. Angie made a mental note to see if she could tempt the sexy minister and her equally delectable hubby into sin. It gave her a devilish smile to anticipate luring them into her trap. Yielding would bring nothing but pleasure, as far as she intended.

With those salacious thoughts in mind, the time came for Angie to make her birthday wish. It was easy to decide THAT one, under the circumstances. She only hoped that it would cum true. After all, this had been one fantastic birthday so far. Why shouldn’t it get even better, she asked herself as she ate her slice of carrot cake. It was her personal choice, just like the rainbow trout, rice pilaf, and broccoli. Angie was a Daddy’s girl, as Mom noted, so she always got what she wanted in the end.

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