Anal Trio Ch. 04

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Magdalena Scala/Pilar



When we last left these horny bitches, they had paired-up in three groups and pushing their FF anal urges to the limit

Magadelena & Pilar

Bent over the big desk in her office, the bed & breakfast owner’s dusky, pillowy, buttocks wobble

gelatinously as Pilar digs into her veteran poop-passage with relish. Faint brown streaks stain her 12” rubber dong as it pounds her inner bowels to jelly. Pilar’s designer sweat pants are down around her ankles; her top is open so that her big boobs can jiggle freely as she continues her relentless anal assault. Signora Scala’s knuckles are white as she grips the edges of the desk, muttering curses in Italian as her guest’s tireless thrusting stretch her anal orifice exactly the way she likes it: hard and rough.

Tamar & Kath

Tamar’s most recent lover hadn’t had a clue as to how to properly bugger a butt-slut like her. It has been awhile since a partner has expanded her anal horizons like this English bitch is doing! Daily anal sex over many years allows her to take the biggest, thickest dildos and butt-plugs on the market, but if the woman/women wielding those tools don’t know what they’re casino şirketleri doing, then size doesn’t matter.

“You like it, huh, bitch!?” Kath growls, really working-out in the big-titted slut’s receptive backdoor.

“You love it when I get all the way into this slut arsehole and bust it wide-open, don’t you?”

Eyes blazing lustfully, Tamar glares back over her left shoulder. “Fuck it harder!”, she taunts, rolling her big, lush rump invitingly as the oily prick spears into it without pause. “Come on! Give it to me like the bitch I am!”

Kath does exactly that……!

Clara & Lovette

The two women sleep like logs for a few hours, exhausted by their raunchy anal shenanigans earlier that day. They’d given each other rim-jobs, and Lovette had screamed herself hoarse after her lover had introduced a vibrating butt-plug and some over-sized anal beads to her seldom-used asshole.

After she’d cum three or four times, it was Lovette’s turn: she’d selected a foot-long, 4” thick strappie from her arsenal and with it proceeded to pack Clara’s fudge until she passed-out from the back-to-back “deep anal” orgasms that brutal butt-fucking had inspired. They’d gone to sleep with Lovette’s “dick” still casino firmaları buried in the slutty mother’s poop-chute. When they awake, they have a quick meal to replenish their strength, then they are back at it, even though Clara’s battered rectum is very raw and sore. That doesn’t stop her from spreading her luscious cheeks for another round of hard ass-pounding from her college ‘roomie”…..

Magdalena & Pilar

Magadalena crouches over Pilar like a frog, so that her huge jugs hang down within reach of the sexy latina’s questing lips. She suckles like a newborn calf at the blunt, brown cones of the hostel-owner’s nipples while her hips thrust upwards, giving the voluptuous Italian woman a butt-fucking like none she’s had in some time. Her daughter Cara, a smoky-eyed, slender but curvy 24 yr old, regularly gives her the anal pleasure she so desperately craves, but she is in America for a few weeks visiting relatives. This is Magdalena’s first sexual activity since Cara had left three days ago. Her shaven puss drips a steady stream of viscous cum and she shudders like a leaf in a high wind as the hungry itch in her rectum is soothed by the molded veins on the latex dong’s surface. Now, now, NOW…..the sweating, wild-haired güvenilir casino mother explodes like a cannon-shot, cumming uncontrollably both vaginally and anally. Pilar follows her seconds later, spraying her own thighs with a mixture of orgasmic secretions and piss, she cums so hard…

Tamar & Kath

Kath is ready to give herself over to her own building, impending climax. Her hips are a blur as she really starts to hammer-away at the impossibly-stretched lips of her partner’s ass-hole. Tamar snorts like a bull; a screech of pure animal lust rips from her as the final, pounding thrust sets-off an atomic-bomb type explosion, deep in her inner ass….

Clara & Lovette

Lovette isn’t sure when she’ll get another chance to butt-fuck her friend again, so she drives her cock like a jackhammer, even as her lower back twinges in exhaustion. Clara is farting uncontrollably, repeatedly; her butt-hole is so wide-open now that the huge cock is in danger of slipping out on each in-stroke. “You lousy BITCH; WRECK MY RECTUM!” she howls, as the first of several earth-shaking climaxes take her over. Lovettte has already cum numerous times and the final one is a DOOZY: she sees stars as her final hard, deep stroke sends her over the edge. Clara’s raw, ragged, anal cave belches a final, tremendous fart and a tiny rivulet of watery brown feces trickles down her inner thigh as she collapses onto her stomach.

Chapter 5 : Clara welcums her “flock” home!

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