An Uncle’s Love Ch. 2

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Uncle Bobby could not wait for my mother to leave each night to work before he would come to my room. Honestly I could not wait either, the thought of his thickness still makes me throb with want. Tonight however was going to be something I had never expected. He left me a note this morning telling me he has a surprise, and he was sure I was going to enjoy it.

I waited the normal fifteen minutes to make sure my mother had left before going downstairs to find Uncle Bobby. He enjoyed when I dressed up in my shortest skirts, a thong, white button down shirt tied under my breasts with no bra; I was sure he would love the outfit tonight. The mummer of other voices must have escaped me during my reverie of what was to come; when I reached the bottom stair I realized we were not alone.

“Hi Tiffy!” Uncle Bobby looked straight at me and smiled with a twinkle in his eye. “I told you I had a surprise for you tonight, and here it is.” There stood my great Uncle Jeff, and his son Marcus, both very handsome men for their ages. Uncle Jeff was 51, and his son was 38 about the same age as Uncle Bobby. I felt sort of foolish standing there in my micro mini exposing more than I should in front of company, but it seemed to please everyone in the room.

The pleasantries were given, I hugged them both, “I am glad you came by, but I wish Uncle Bobby had told me you were coming.” They both smiled looking me up and down with gleams in their eyes and at that moment I knew something was up.

“Come sit down sweetheart so we can all talk.” I did as I was told sitting next to Uncle Bobby on the love seat. The other two sat across from us on the couch intently staring at me like a last meal. Uncle Bobby put his hand high on my thigh, “Relax little one, this will be a wonderful evening.” While he spoke he urged my thighs open so that Uncle Jeff and Marcus got a clear view of my already moistened box. His hand brushed my right breasts instantly making my nipples hard, they pressed against the tight white shirt like beacons yelling, “Suck me”.

“As I was telling you fellas, Tiffany and I have a special relationship and I think it is time she learned a few more things from loving male members of our family.” He hugged me close sliding his hand up my thigh to grasp my thong pulling it aside so they could see my bare shaved essence. Uncle Jeff licked his lips; Marcus openly stroked his casino şirketleri hardness through his pants.

“Bobby, you have done well lad. We will teach little Tiffy here how to make a proper woman beg for pleasure, not to mention being filled with big cock too.” He grinned widely as he stood walking toward me. “Sit her on the coffee table son and let’s have a look at this pretty little box you have been bragging about.” Uncle Bobby obeyed his uncle and set me on the coffee table, with a quick grasp he ripped off my thong exposing me to all three men.

Uncle Bobby then put his arms under my thighs pulling my legs back toward my chest leaving my honey hole gapping for both men to look at. Uncle Jeff took his large calloused fingers and examined it fully, gently fingering my clitty while he stared into my apprehensive face. “You like that don’t you Tiffy?” I nodded in agreement. “Yes all little sluts love their clits fingered,” sliding one finger deep inside my hole he moaned aloud, “Oh yes, she is still very tight and will serve us all well.” Now my mind was racing as to what he meant by that.

Within minutes all three men were standing there naked stroking the biggest cocks I had ever seen in my life. None were more than nine inches, but they were all very thick and well cut. “You like our cocks Tiffany?” It was Marcus who spoke this time, yet I did not answer. He walked over and grabbed the back of my hair a little roughly and spoke again, “I said, do you like our cocks you little fuck slut?”

“Ut, yes …yes I like your cocks very much,” I stammered.

“Good ‘cause you will have all of us tonight and will beg for more.” He bent down between my legs and began licking my clitty while Uncle Bobby again held my legs back. When I began moaning Uncle Jeff walked next to Uncle Bobby a few inches from my head and rubbed his thick purple head all over my face stopping at my lips.

“Open your mouth little one and show Uncle Jeff what you have learned about sucking a man properly.” I obeyed, placing little kisses on his massive meat darting my tongue into his slit then finally taking him into my mouth. It pleased him and I knew it by his groaning as my small mouth took him in. He grabbed my head rocking his thick meat in and out of my mouth, “Yessss, what a beautiful little cocksucker you have become, and you love it so much you nasty little girl.”

I could only casino firmaları moan as he spoke, the entire scene was very intense. Marcus now sucking hard on my pebble as my first orgasm began he felt my hips start to move and he stopped. My eyes shot open to look at him, “Not yet our little fuck doll, you come when we say you can and not a minute sooner.” With one swift thrust he buried his cock to the hilt in my pussy, pounding repeatedly. I almost screamed, as he seemed to be the biggest of all of them. I felt like he was going to rip me wide open.

It wasn’t long before Uncle Bobby joined the action, his member straining so hard and thick, bigger than I had ever seen it before. He joined Marcus; to my surprise he bent and began sucking my clitty again. I was at such an angle I could see him lick the big thick pole that was mastering my little cunt. He enjoyed tasting my juice and it appeared he didn’t care where he got it. I watched him for a few moments before I felt my thighs quiver, Uncle Jeff pumping my mouth, Marcus pumping my pussy and Uncle Bobby licking a cock drove me nearly insane.

My hips raised off the table a little as Marcus stepped forward leaving my ass open to the air. I could not see Uncle Bobby any longer but the waves of pleasure were shooting through me like never before. I could feel my come oozing around Marcus’s cock and down my ass as a finger rubbed it around my anus then I felt it, I knew where Uncle Bobby was. The head of his cock slowly entered my ass as he stood behind Marcus. It was not long before he too began pounding me with his thick meat. All three men in every hole made me feel so wonderfully full.

Uncle Jeff had been watching the whole scene and his throbbing in my mouth told me it would not be long before he would fill me full of his wonderful creamy jism. “My little baby better get ready to take my load. I am going to fill that beautiful baby mouth full of come and you better take every bit do you hear me?” I nodded and prepared myself as he pushed my head one last time hard against his meat spurting out hot white come down my throat. “Good girl, good little come guzzling slut. That’s the way to take it, suck it baby, suck it all.” His high fevered pitch of lustiness made him rough, but it turned me on to know I now controlled three men at once.

Marcus seeing this started to yell, “Get ready you little bitch, I am going güvenilir casino to fill your cunt full of my seed and I hope you get pregnant. We need to raise more little whores like you to please the men in our family. Who better to do it than you?” At that moment I hated Marcus, he had a big cock and all but he was just a punk. He started to come ramming his thick meat deeper than I had ever felt before, “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Pump her harder Bobby your cock feels so good rubbing against mine inside your little slut.”

Uncle Bobby seemed to have had second thoughts about inviting Marcus along with Uncle Jeff, because he pushed Marcus forward bending him closer to my face. Marcus’s eyes bugged out of his head when Uncle Bobby took his still throbbing rock hard meat and thrust it deep into Marcus’s unprepared ass. “You want to hurt my baby girl? Huh, do you? Well how do you like this you sick bastard?” His strokes were long and hard shoving Marcus deeper yet into me banging his squirting head into my cervix.

All of us slightly in shock, but so turned on at the new turn of events. Uncle Jeff became instantly hard, his hand stroking his rod like no tomorrow. “Well kitten, Uncle Jeff is going to come all over that pretty little face,” he laughed slightly with eyes still locked on Uncle Bobby pounding his own son. Marcus seemed to be enjoying it as his moans became louder with each thrust.

“I am shooting my wad into you, you sick fuck.” Uncle Bobby grabbed his cousin’s shoulders pulling him hard against him as he released his load of jism deep into his bowels. Marcus moaned with delight, Uncle Jeff lost it and started coming all over my face.

Soon we were all spent, my thighs and back aching from the position I was in. Marcus and Uncle Jeff left without too many words being passed between them and Uncle Bobby. He returned to the room as I was walking slowly up the stairs, each step seemed to make me ache a little. I soon felt his arms around me; lifting me up like a little child and carried me to my room to lay me on the soft bed.

We didn’t speak many words as Uncle Bobby brought a basin to the bedroom and cleaned me with a warm wash clothe, then helped me into one of his T shirts. “Baby girl, you know I love you more than life itself. I won’t ever do that again to you.” He bent and placed a kiss on my forehead, he turned to leave when I captured his hand in mine.

“Uncle Bobby, will you please sleep with me tonight?” I gave him one of those looks doe eyed looks I knew he could not resist. He nodded and crawled in next to me spooning me close as I nuzzled my butt into his crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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