An Ode to Lust Ch. 03

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Note: – This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are of or above the age of eighteen.

This story has a strong proclivity towards incest, between brothers and sisters and aunt and nephew. If this bothers you, in any sorts, please turn away immediately.

P. S. sorry for the delay. This story is a little short than the other chapters but I will try and make up to it in the next one.

Thanks to ‘Anonymous’ for delivering me the idea of this work.



CHAPTER-3- Mighty Revelations

It should come as no surprise, especially to myself, that I had wound up in this particular position. I do not, in this instance, refer to a physical pose; although various bodily orientations of a particular type were, without doubt, forthcoming. I refer to that specific intersection of time and space, and the circumstance in which is it surrounded. Whether by my own agency, or through myriad external forces: there I was.

Not that I was complaining.

I suppose it was inevitable. The next logical step in a long series of events. Naturally, I was excited, but I felt little else. Like a leaf on a swiftly flowing river, my path had been clear from the beginning, and I was simply following it to its intended destination. Likely not a final destination, I thought absently; just another stop along to the way. The way to where, though? Where would this end? How would this end? Maybe this path wasn’t the only one after all; it was simply the most obvious. When I considered it, the multitude of potential outcomes began to appear like the veins of that floating leaf if it were plucked from the flowing water and held up to the sun. It was daunting.

‘You ok honey? You seem pretty lost.’ I heard the sweet voice call from beside me.

My attention was drawn back to the present and I smiled as I looked to my side towards Rita’s angelic face.

The early morning sun was glowing over her face giving her an ethereal radiance. I glanced at her beautiful features, still trying to believe that this heavenly beauty was indeed lying beside me. she reached out and ran a finger over my left eyebrow.

‘You know it wouldn’t hurt to share your thoughts, you know?’ she said.

She was snuggling close to me, her arm and leg upon my body and her head resting upon my shoulder. I opened my mouth to speak but then closed it again. Finally I decided to tell her.

‘I was thinking that, we have been sleeping together for a while now, and I still don’t know absolutely anything about your life. I mean, I know that you are my aunt and that I have been seeing you since my childhood, still, there is so much I don’t know about you.’

She turned towards me. ‘What do you want to know about me?’

I looked into her eyes. ‘There are so many things. Like, why did you agreed to sleep with me in the first place. Don’t get me wrong. I will forever be indebted to my stars for sending you in my life. But it still doesn’t explain why that day you have taken me to that room and…Well, you know. Why did you do it? And don’t tell me it is because you find your husband inadequate. I have seen you two fuck that day and…’ I glanced towards her. ‘Let’s just say he isn’t remotely inadequate.’

She kept looking at me for some time. Her lips were pursed, the way it does when she thinks pretty hard about something. The corners of her eyes were crinkled and I knew that she was speculating me, trying to figure me out. And then, she started laughing, much to my genuine surprise.

‘Oh, Robert, you are so adorable,’ she said, pinching my cheek. ‘Having a pillow talk with a woman, it’s good for you. I must admit though, I never pegged you to be the inquisitive type. But I can’t tell you about my story. Not here, not now. Maybe I will tell you some other day, when we meet again when you are ready.’

‘Am I not ready?’ I asked.

She was looking at me with grave eyes. All sense of cheerfulness was gone from her eyes. I suddenly realized I was broaching a very serious topic. It made me wonder what she must be hiding from me? Is it that bad?

‘You are far from ready boy,’ she said. ‘Don’t get this the wrong way. I like you, I really do. But there are things even you wouldn’t understand.’

‘Then try,’ I urged.

But she wouldn’t say any more. I knew she was hiding something from me. But I also knew that if she could she would tell me everything.


She left the room with a kiss. A kiss promising that she’ll be back in the evening for more.

In the day, in full view of the others, we maintained a regular aunt-nephew relationship. Nobody could have suspected that at night, away from the eyes of the world, we would turn into savage animals lusting for each other, breeding like rabbits.

At noon, while we were watching TV, I noticed Emily giving me a saddened look. I had been avoiding her advances for a long time now, but she had been casino şirketleri relentless in her pursuits. I felt a little guilty, leaving her hanging like this. But I cannot risk getting caught. I was waiting for the opportune moment and one day, fate provided me with one.

The next day, Rita complained that she wasn’t feeling very well. Although she tried to tell us that it was only a minor headache and that she would be fine by the evening, but in the evening, she had gotten seriously ill and even vomited. Finally mum proposed to go to the town doctor. Rita protested saying that it was probably food poisoning but complied at last. Kate offered to go as mum couldn’t manage on her own. Emily wanted to join too but mum said there wouldn’t be any space in the car for her.

The following day, at eleven o’clock, they left. I stood at the porch looking after them until the old truck lost out of sight. An hour later, Evelyn left too, leaving me and Emily alone in this huge mansion.

As soon as we were inside, Emily threw her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. I was taken aback at first by her unexpected move, but then started kissing her back. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, urging her to do the same, just the way Rita taught me. After we broke our kiss, I held her close to me, keeping her steady. She looked at me with woozy eyes, her lips trembling.

‘Wow…’ she whispered. ‘Just…I…w…where did you learn to kiss like that?’

I grinned. ‘Just something I learned on the way,’ I said.

‘Well, you certainly got a very good teacher.’

‘Come,’ I said, grabbing her hand. ‘We don’t have much time.’

We went upstairs to the second floor and then to through the corridor which connects the east wing of the mansion to west wing. This part of the house is seldom used and is almost in a dilapidated state. The sunlight doesn’t pass well through the dusted window and the hallway always remained dark.

‘Where are we going?’ she asked as we passed by one door after another.

‘You’ll see!’

We ran at full speed, the sound of our footsteps, echoing through the hallways, until we stopped before a door at the end of one the hallway. It was old, like the rest of the doors, made of solid oak. The paint was chipping off the wood, but the intricate designs carved on the panel, were still perfectly visible, showing the skilled craftsmanship of the late sixteenth century.

I twisted the knob and entered. Inside, the room was dusty and mottled, exactly the way I had left it. It was the same room where I had lost my virginity to Rita. And today it’ll be the same place where Emily will lose hers.

I picked the mattress from the corner and put it on the floor, then spread a clean bed sheet upon it. I grabbed the candles from the mantel and lit them. Then I turned to Emily and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Her lips were soft and smooth like petals. Their softness beckoned me for more and I knew I need to feast from them often. The kiss turned out to be so overwhelming for her that when I had pulled away, I found that she was almost passed out from exhilaration.

Slowly and deliberately, we started undressing each other. I pulled off her top to reveal her red and white polka dot bra which looked undeniably cute on her. Pity, those will come out too. I dropped to my knees and, slipping my fingers into the elastic band of her pink leggings, pulled it down, exposing her white cotton panties.

Being this close, her amorous scent pervaded my nose-trills and I couldn’t resist planting a kiss upon the spot where her puffy lips began. She squirmed as soon my lips touched hers and she had to grab my head to keep her knees from buckling. Finally, I stood up and, cupping her cheeks, held her close to my face. I looked into her eyes, the same deep green as mine, shimmering lightly.

‘Emily,’ I spoke. ‘Before we proceed, I need you to tell me that you really want this. Remember, there is no going back from what is about to happen. You cannot undo it. If you are having any kind of doubt or any second thoughts, you can stop this right now. All you have to do is tell me and I’ll walk away.’

She kept looking at me, thinking for a long time before replying. She put her hands over mine and squeezed them firmly. Her touch felt warm, soothing.

‘Robert, ever since that night when I had seen you naked for the first time, all I ever wanted was to feel it inside me. I always wanted you to have me. Don’t take it the wrong way. I am your sister and I love with all my heart, but even then, no matter how hard I try, I couldn’t deny the way I feel about you. Whenever you are around me, I feel like my heart has stopped beating, and it’s not just my heart. My entire well-being depends on you. My body yearns for you, brother, just for you.’

I smiled warmly at her. ‘You didn’t need to say all of that. I was flattered the moment you said that you always wanted me to have you.’

She laughed. ‘So are we going to do it, or what?’

I pulled casino firmaları her towards me and mashed my lips upon hers. The feeling of intense euphoria came rushing inside us and we welcomed it and embraced it. I might be the more experienced one of the two, but she was leading this one. She pushed deeply into my mouth and forced her tongue into mine. We battled, both wanting to feast what we had denied ourselves. She clung to me as her head turned right, then to left. Each time she moved, she drove deeper into my mouth.

I removed the rest of the clothes, before laying her gently upon the mattress. I have seen her naked before but today, she looked a lot more attractive. I knelt down and putting her legs up on my shoulder and my hands under her thighs and bottom, thrust my agile tongue through the charming lips of her labia. It had an instantaneous effect—her hips jolted up and her bottom heaved, pressed her pouting cunt against my face. She put her hands on my head methodically and muttered endearingly—’Oh dear God, Robert!! It feels so nice. Please don’t stop!’

I continued licking away. Her cunt was already moist and leaking, and her clit was hard as a thorn. I ran my tongue over it, sucking it between my lips. My hands roamed over her flat belly and her soft round globes, flicking my thumbs over her nipples, feeling their hardness. Her breaths shortened, she began to heave her body faster, her lips trembled and she spoke incoherently.

‘Yes, yes, oh dear Robert, it feels so good! I—ah, stop. I am going to faint—I, I, I, can’t—can’t bear it any longer—oh God!’

Her body stiffened, as she spent into my mouth, then her limbs relaxed and, giving out a long sigh, she mellowed away. I kept licking her gash though, tasting the sweet juice pouring out of them. Although it wasn’t as plentiful as Rita’s, it tasted nice. Looking up, I asked her how it was.

‘It felt like heaven,’ she told me. ‘At first, I became scared. I thought something bad might happen. It was almost too much to bear—but then it felt great. I doubt anything could be more wonderful.’

‘Um, yes, if you say so,’ I said, sitting up. ‘But the thing is…there is one more thing that is far more amazing than this one and I think you are going to like it a lot more.’

As I rose, her eyes went down towards my prick, hanging down thickly between my legs, obscenely hard. Her eyes widened just by looking at the sheer length of it and for the first time since we came to this room, I saw fear flick in her eyes.

‘Don’t worry. If it hurts too much, we can stop.’

I reached into the front pocket of my jeans lying upon the floor in a heap and fetched out a packet of condom. Rita gave me a couple of these a few days ago, ensuring I don’t accidentally get her pregnant. After slipping it on, I started to lick her cunt once again, bringing out same effects I had before. She started to squirm and spent into my mouth for the second time. This time, she came more voluminously. After her muscles were sufficiently relaxed, I spat upon my hand and lubricated my cock from tip to root, then started rubbing the tip up and down her wet gash. She squirmed uncomfortably. Clearly the fear of our last actions hasn’t still eluded her mind.

I waited, and then quickly pushed the head in through her moist lips. It went in easier than I had expected and with one little thrust of my hips I got the head and about two inches of its length in without any consequences.

We both sighed together in relief. I could hear her heart beating just as frantically as mine. She muttered about how big it felt and how it seemed to stretch her. All of this was far too exciting for me and I had to put in each and every effort to keep myself form ramming my whole length in one single thrust. I knew that I had to take it slow or else I will ruin it once again.

I pushed once more gently, slipping in another inch, before I felt that I had hit into some kind of obstacle. I thrust again, a bit harder and she cried out, telling me to pull out. I held still. There was no way in hell I could pull out now. I was so near to achieve my goal, I felt like I must go on. So, taking a deep breath, I plunged forward, pushing my hips, and making her cry in pain.

The tightness of her walls and the sensitivity of my tip turned too overwhelming for me and I spent then and there inside her, without actually deflowering her.

I lay still for some time, letting her adjust to my girth. She looked a bit stunned by the heady mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through her nerves. After a while, I felt my cock swell once again, gaining its usual stiffness and with that, Emily started moving too, her young passion reawakened.

I once again went into work. First, I slipped a hand down between our bellies and started rubbing her clit. After she was sufficiently excited, I started moving my hips in quick short jabs. This time I was in control, been already spent once. She was totally unaware of what was going to happen. She spread her thighs güvenilir casino further and lifted her butt high up, giving me easier access to her vagina. I raised myself, angled my cock a little downwards and then suddenly pushed with all my strength. I felt as if I have broke through something as two inches of my cock went in. She shrieked, struggling to push me away, but I held my ground, grabbing her hips with both hands and pulling her towards me as I pushed towards her, driving the entire length of my cock inside her up to the very hilt.

She kept on screaming, tears pouring freely from her eyes, and the sight of it seem to intrigue me for some reason and once more I came inside her, filling the rubber with another torrential outpour of my semen. I fell upon her, exhausted but still keeping my hold around her hips.

The silence dragged on for a minute or two before I finally rose and looked her in the eyes. They were filled with tears and hurt. Once she came up to her wits, she immediately tried to push me off of her. I tried to tell her that it is over now and it won’t hurt any more but she was persistent.

To keep her from fighting, I thrust my hips forward, pushing my cock inside her and she jumped at the sudden incursion. I did it again, and she couldn’t help but moan a little.

‘Stop it!’ she said.

I pushed in once again and this time actually felt her cunt involuntarily squeeze my prick. She looked at me disbelievingly as I began to slowly thrust my cock into her, her hands still pressed against my chest. With every thrust, my stiff cock went in a couple of more millimetres. The progress was slow, but it was enough to make her give in and finally she started moving her body under me.

Soon we were engaged in a heated motion of sex. The hands which were once pushing me away went around my neck, pulling me closer to her. The tight walls of her vagina squeezed around my dick like a pair of vice. She craned her head up and our lips met delightfully, our tongue probing into each other’s mouth. Her cunt held my cock like a perfect sheath as if it was made just for giving us the ultimate sexual pleasure. And then finally the act reached a glorious climax as we came together, filling the empty house with our lustful screams.

We remained locked in each other’s arms, my prick still engulfed inside her tight sheath. We kissed and fondled, until once again, my cock turned violently hard, and once again I ended up fucking her deep and hard. I liked the way her cunt throbbed against my cock when inside making it far too irresistible for me to let her go. My cock reached its rock hard length in no time and soon we were fucking once again.

At last, after an hour and half, I decided to let her go and carefully pulled out my cock from inside her—which has barely lost any of its hardness. The tip of the condom was bloated from the numerous loads that I have dumped into it. Emily pulled it off gently and carefully held it before her eyes, her jaws open in awe. Then to my sheer shock, she upended the liquid content into her mouth. She began to roll it with her tongue, savouring its taste and then gulped it down, the whole of it.

She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. Thus, the bout of the introducing my sister to the vast and deep ocean of desire and lust began and finished. There were many followed, each one more scorching than the previous one, and for all my life, she remained the most amiable and the most active participant in my sexual escapades.


We dressed and came down to the kitchen, relieved to find the house still empty. I made her something to eat and grabbing a glass of apple juice, passed it to her. Then I leaned against the counter, turning towards her, watching her eat. I have to admit, she looked really beautiful. Her shoulders were wide, her arms slender, her legs well-shaped, her waist was small, her breasts round and nice. As to her bottom, it stuck out well and hard behind, quite sexy to watch.

‘What?’ she asked when she caught me staring. I shook my head.

Afterwards, we went upstairs to my room and undressed. I laid her on my bed and licked her cunt until, she came into my mouth. Then rising, I shoved my dick into her wet hole. It was still too tight, but this time it went in far more easily. We never left the room until the late hours of afternoon, during which I had fucked her multiple times, trying each and every position Rita had taught me. Since we had the whole house to ourselves, we held no inhibitions, pouring in all our strengths upon each other. Turns out, Emily was even a much quicker learner than I proved to be. By the time we finished, the bed was on the verge of falling apart.

We dressed and began to rearrange everything quickly, eradicating all signs of our fuck-fest from the room, returning it to its former state. It was tough. We had made quite a mess of the room.


An hour later, mum returned, followed by Rita and then Kate. All of them looked exceptionally happy.

‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘What did the doctor say?’

Mum looked towards Rita and she nodded at her.

‘Children, I have some really good news,’ she started, clasping her hands before her. ‘You are going to have a cousin!’

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