Amy Ch. 05

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I awakened the morning after to the sound of Amy in the shower. I rolled over, naked in bed, and remembered last night – creeping into Amy’s room and jerking off into her mouth as she slept. At first I thought it was too good to be true – that it must be a dream – but then it hit me that it had all happened. I moaned, still unable to believe what I had gotten away with. I smiled contentedly and rolled over onto my side, facing away from my door, and started to fall back to sleep.

I was re-awakened a few moments later by weight shifting on my bed. I could smell Amy’s usual perfume, and I knew she was climbing onto my bed and lying down behind me. Suddenly I felt her naked body pressed up against my back under the covers – her tits pressed flat against me – and my breath caught. My cock sprang to attention, and my body tensed. I relaxed after a moment when she wrapped her arms around me from behind and started caressing my chest with her fingertips.

“Morning, sweetie,” she said.

“Morning,” I replied, enjoying the situation, and trying to be nonchalant about it.

“Guess what we’re doing today.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“We’re going to go camping tonight at the hot springs outside town. We can stay most of the afternoon tomorrow too, and come back Sunday evening, just in time to get back to school Monday.”

“Well, I’d better get packing then,” I said.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “You won’t need many clothes. I know I won’t be wearing much – it’s the hot springs after all.” She giggled and I felt her get up and out of my bed. I turned to watch her walk out of my room, and admired her perfect heart-shaped ass swaying as she walked away.

I urgently got up and started packing the essentials, not bothering with many clothes as per Amy’s instructions. I managed to get everything I’d need into my backpack within fifteen minutes. I threw that and my sleeping bag into the hallway, and then put on a pair of boxers, shorts, a tank top and some hiking boots.

I walked across the hall to check on Amy’s progress, and found her packing her own bag, still naked. I admired every curve of her body shamelessly as she moved around the room, bending over here and there to expose her perfect ass and pussy to me. Her tits wobbled flawlessly as she moved around. She looked up and smiled at me as if nothing was happening. I noticed that there wasn’t just a slim collection of clothes in her bag – there were none at all. I smiled at this, but said nothing.

When she was done packing, she went to her dresser and picked out her clothes. She took out a red v-string thong and slipped it on sexily, arching her back and bending her legs as she pulled the string up into her crack. She looked over her shoulder and winked at me as she did this. Next she put on a pair of short kaki shorts which literally didn’t cover her entire ass. I could see the bottoms of her ass cheeks peeking out beneath the hemline of her shorts. Finally she put on a thin white tank top which barely covered her nipples and was transparent enough that I could see them anyway.

“Okay, ready to go,” she said, and picked up her stuff, heading for the door.

We drove for about three hours towards the hot springs, a place where we’d been before with other friends in a group, but never the two of us alone. We got some food on the way there, and talked a lot about inconsequential things. I was constantly looking to my right to admire her tits as she sat in the passenger seat, gazing dreamily out the window.

When we arrived, we grabbed our things and started hiking immediately to find a camp site. We walked along a secluded narrow trail and never saw another soul the entire way. I was liking this better and better. beylikdüzü escort We found a secluded spot behind some trees and near one of the springs we liked in particular. We laid out our things and gathered some wood for a fire that we could burn later after dark. After this was done, we ate a couple sandwiches that we had brought along, lounging around on top of our sleeping bags, talking and laughing. Always my eyes were on her body when she laughed, admiring her tits as they jiggled, nearly popping out of her tank top every time.

After a while, she announced that she was going to hit the spring, and asked if I wanted to come along. “Yeah!” I said. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

We started walking towards the hot spring we liked, not far from out camp. I walked deliberately behind her so that I could admire the bottom of her ass, which peeked out seductively from beneath her shorts. When we arrived at the hot spring, which looked very inviting as steam rose from its surface, I suddenly realized that neither of us had any bathing suits to change into.

Amy didn’t seem too bothered by this. She simply unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and slipped them off down her perfectly smooth and long legs, stepping out of them gracefully and kicking them aside. Next she removed her top, letting her tits bounce as it pulled free. She left her thong on as she waded into the water and backstroked across the shallow water to rest against the other side. “Come on in,” she said casually, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

I took off my shirt hesitantly at first, and then became more comfortable as my horniness overrode my feelings. Next I removed my shorts and – with a what-the-hell-I-might-as-well kind of shrug – slid my boxers off to reveal my raging hard on to her. She smiled and said, “Wow, big boy! Come on in and have a seat next to me!” She giggled in that way that made me melt and I did exactly as I was told.

I waded into the water and sat down against the edge of the pool right next to her. I put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me. She put and arm around my waist, letting it rest on my opposite thigh, dangerously close to my swelling, aching cock. She rested her head on my shoulder and sighed, “This is just perfect. Thanks for coming out here with me, sweetie.”

“No problem, Amy. I wouldn’t miss a chance to spend time with my favorite girl,” I replied.

“Awwww,” she said. “Come give me a big hug,” she said, grinning. “You’re such a wonderful friend.” She suddenly turned to face me, climbing into my lap. My cock nestled between her legs, flat against the sheer material of her thong. I could feel the heat of her pussy. Her tits pressed firmly against my chest as she wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. She sighed like a contended cat, and she could no doubt feel my throbbing erection against her pussy.

She pretended not to notice and simply lay there in my lap, silent and peaceful. Several times over the next couple hours as we cuddled almost totally naked in the hot spring, I could’ve sworn she’d fallen asleep. My erection never flagged.

Eventually, she stirred a little and whispered in my ear, “I think it’s my bed time. Carry me back?”

“Sure, sweetie. Just keep your arms around my neck.”

She did as I said, and I stood up, letting the warm water cascade over her nearly totally naked body. I looked down over her shoulder, admiring her perfect ass glistening wet in the early evening moonlight. I placed my hands on the back of her thighs to hold her up while I carried her, leaving her clothes behind. She hadn’t asked for them, and I secretly thrilled at the prospect bostancı escort of putting some distance between her and any clothing.

As I walked, I slowly let my hands slide further up her legs towards her ass, waiting to see if she’d notice or complain. She never did, and eventually my hands slid over the perfect globes of her ass and stopped there, clutching her body tightly to me as I carried her. Her soft, perfectly shaped slippery wet ass felt heavenly in my hands, and my erection swelled even more against her silky smooth stomach.

When I got back to our camp, I laid her down gently on top of her sleeping bag, figuring she was capable of getting ready for bed herself. But she didn’t want to – she wanted to continue teasing me until my head exploded.

She lay on top of her sleeping bag for a moment while I built the fire up. She said, “Nathan?”


She finally asked, “My panties are all wet and I’m really cold. Will you take them off for me?”

I hungrily obliged her, trying to act casual. I hooked my fingers under the strings of her thong and pulled them down over her waist, admiring her perfectly heart-shaped and soft ass as I did. She lifted her hips slightly to help me as I slid them down and off her legs. After this, she slowly opened her sleeping bag and slipped inside. I admired brief glimpses of her pussy and tits as she bent her limbs to fit inside, but then she pulled the covers up tight around her neck, shivering slightly.

I finished building up the fire and then crawled into my own sleeping bag – naked as well. I tried sleeping for a while, but realized it was impossible with her next to me, naked in her sleeping bag. The thoughts of fucking ever orifice of her body and spraying my cum all over her would never go away, and I would never be able to sleep. I simply closed my eyes tightly and tried to will myself to sleep.

Then my thoughts were interrupted my Amy’s voice: “Nathan?” she asked.

“Yeah, sweetie?”

“I’m still too cold. Will you come and share my sleeping bag to keep me warm?”

My cock – which had briefly began to decrease in stature as I relaxed for the evening, sprang once again to attention. Eagerly, I crawled from my own sleeping bag towards hers. She held her bag open as she faced away from me, giving me a full view of her perfect back and ass, naked and beautifully pale in the moonlight. I slid in behind her and zipped the sleeping bag up behind me.

My cock – harder than it had ever been before – nestled perfectly between her ass cheeks. She wriggled her ass slightly as she snuggled up against me, probably deliberately trying to torture me. Suddenly, I couldn’t take the temptation anymore and my hands – which at first had come to rest on her stomach – began to grope and squeeze her tits greedily. I started to slide my cock back and forth within the crack of her ass, dry humping a girl for the first time in years. All the while, I was desperately and passionately kissing her neck and shoulders from behind.

She reacted to this by moaning gently and grinding her ass hard against me as my cock rubbed against it. She reached back and above her head, running her fingers through my hair and giving me better access to her tits, which I squeezed firmly, pinching and rubbing her nipples between my fingers. “That feels so good,” she moaned between soft breaths.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to fuck her. Roughly, I spread her legs apart by urging them so with my knee. I reached down and began to guide my cock between her legs from behind. The head rubbed against the lips of her soaking wet pussy and began to part them when Amy said firmly, “Wait! Stop!”

Although çekmeköy escort my balls threatened to burst with tension, I obeyed, groaning. She said, rolling over to face me with her tits pressed against my chest and my cock rubbing against her perfect little tummy, “I’m sorry, sweetie. I just don’t know if I want to go that far with you. I like flirting and messing around, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship by going too far too fast.”

I groaned, visibly in pain, desperately needing release. She grimaced, clearly feeling bad for leading me on. She said, “I’m so sorry, sweetie. Maybe we can fuck sometime soon; I just want to think about it a little more first. Is that okay?”

I wanted to scream, “No!” but I didn’t. I simply nodded, my brow creased by visible discomfort and pain.

After a moment of palpable silence, she said, “Well… I guess I’d be cold to give you nothing after all that… I tell you what, sweetie. Since you’re such a wonderful guy and you deserve a little fun, I’ll let you fuck my tits if you want.” She tried to smile sweetly at me and ran her fingers through my hair.

I grinned, kissed her briefly on the lips and said, “Thank you.”

She grinned back, said, “You’re welcome,” and then rolled onto her back. “Now stop fooling around and fuck my tits, you dirty little boy,” she said, grinning wickedly.

I wasted no time in straddling her chest and placing my cock between her perfectly flawless, soft D-cup tits. She pressed them together around my cock and I started to thrust back and forth between them, fucking her tits as hard and fast as I could. I didn’t even care about pacing myself. I was in desperate need of release. It wasn’t even desire that was propelling me – it was animalistic lust.

I placed my hands over hers on her tits and started to squeeze them gently. She removed her hands so they she could caress my legs gently with her fingertips, increasing my arousal tenfold by that very small gesture. I pressed her tits together even more tightly and started thrusting faster as she talked dirty to me. “Yeah, baby,” she said, “Fuck my tits! I want you to come all over my face. I want to watch it all shoot out onto my face and I want to wrap my fingers around your cock and feel it spasm while you come. That’s it, baby. Fuck my tits!”

I couldn’t take much more, and I didn’t. After only a couple minutes of this, I let go of her tits and thrust my hips forward as far towards her face as I could. She stopped caressing my legs and started to jerk me off rapidly with one hand while she caressed my balls gently with the fingertips of her other hand. My cock jerked, spasmed, and I started coming all over Amy’s face. The load was enormous – I’d never come that much before in my life. She kept jerking it until I’d finished spraying my come all over her and then took it into her mouth, sucking the head gently while it was still incredibly sensitive. This made me shiver violently until I couldn’t take the intensity of the sensation anymore, and I pulled away.

I looked down at her smiling, and admired the sight before me. She smiled back as my eyes danced over her tits and face, which were both covered in my come. It glistened in the glow of the campfire, and I had never seen anything as beautiful and arousing as this before. As I watched for two full minutes, she wiped up every drop of come with her fingers and sucked it greedily from them. She swallowed every bit of come that I had sprayed all over her.

I collapsed next to her in exhaustion and wrapped my arms around her from behind, pulling the covers up to our chins to keep warm. My cock nestled into the crack of her ass as it was already beginning to harden again. “Thank you,” I whispered into her ear as I gently caress and squeezed her tits from behind.

“You’re welcome, sweetie. You deserved it after the way I’ve been teasing you lately.”

I smiled quietly, and whispered, “I love you, Amy.”

“I love you too,” she said.

We drifted off to sleep like that, and I had never in my life slept so well.

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