Amber and Her Daddy have Sex

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Amber Sansone wasn’t sure if she was bi-sexual or heterosexual. She and her friend Laura had a moment where they shared a kiss together. They both were inexperienced but after locking lips for a while both became experts together. They enjoyed french-kissing and exploring the world of kissing. Amber was eighteen and basically confused.

After kissing for an extended amount of time, they undressed and played with their breasts. They pulled and pinched each other’s nipples. They took turns sucking and massaging them too. With all the exploration, their pussies were wet in their panties. You could see the wet spots forming on the center of their panties.

They then, took their panties off and rubbed the other’s sweet bits. They got each other very hot with the friction they were causing with their fingers. They lay together on the bed and Laura climbed on top of Amber and they explored their pussies in the sixty-nine position. They licked and sucked each other’s clitoris and tongue-fucked their cunts. Both of their faces were covered in the other’s juices.

Both girls weren’t sure if they were lesbians but enjoying fucking around with each other when they were together. Amber and Laura kept their little secret to themselves. They enjoyed their special time with each other until Laura got a boyfriend. This left Amber alone and wanting sex. She never was with a boy but did have eyes for her father. He recently lost his job and was spending all his time home looking for work. He did have problems with depression and usually would be drunk watching baseball games.

Brenda, Amber’s mother had to leave unexpectedly and fly home to Chicago to arrange for a nursing home for her ailing mother. She would deal with selling her house and any other matter that she saw fit. She thought she’d be away for about a month. Amber’s dad would keep an eye on Amber while she was away.

Amber wanted her father to be the first to introduce her to sex. He was a pushover and probably would be happy to show her. He was depressed most of the time and did a fair amount of drinking.


Amber was out in the pool swimming and thinking about how she would approach her father. He casino şirketleri was inside drinking beer and watching a baseball game. It was about all he ever did since losing his job.

Amber decided to take off her clothes and wrap her body in her towel. She would start a conversation and make her towel fall off her body. She was pretty sure after that happened, he would get an erection and want to have sex.

She swam a while more, removed her bathing suit and wrapped the towel around herself. She opened the screen door and walked over to where her father was watching television. He was in his recliner drinking beer and eating popcorn when Amber walked in. She stood in front of the television and took off her towel. She stood naked in front of the television.

“Jesus! Amber, what the hell are you doing? You’re fucking naked!”

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes. But that’s not the point. You’re my daughter and it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to see you this way.”

“It’s fine. Do you like my breasts? Come and feel them…Daddy!”

Jack, Amber’s father just sat there while his daughter played with her breasts. She moved her hips side to side while dancing for her father.

“Your mother wouldn’t be happy that you’re doing that. What is it you want from me?”

“I want you to take me to bed. I’m a virgin and want to experience sex.”

“You’re a virgin? Shouldn’t you find a boy to take your cherry. Jesus! Your mother would be pissed off if she knew I took your virginity.”

Amber opened her legs and played with her pussy while she continued dancing for her father. He drank and watched her while his erection was growing. Amber could see how excited he was getting from the outline of his cock in his gym shorts.

“It looks like your dick likes what it sees. Please fuck me!”

Jack stood up and held his daughter in his arms. They were about the same size. His hands roamed over her naked body. He French-kissed her while feeling her buttocks.

“Let’s go to the bedroom. You better not tell your mother. She’d probably divorce me.”

Amber and her father went upstairs to her bedroom. She got comfortable on her bed and casino firmaları her father opened her legs and got acquainted with her bare pussy. He kissed and licked her vagina which made her moan. She liked his tongue exploring all her folds. She held onto the headboard while he gave her oral pleasure.

Amber played with her breasts while her father pushed his tongue further up her vagina. Her pussy juices dribbled down which excited her father. She screamed out while she had oral pleasure.

Her father enjoyed pleasing her and continued to eat her pussy until she begged him to fuck her. She seemed to really enjoy his tongue tickling her cunt. He sucked and lightly chewed on her clitoris which made her scream louder. He pushed his finger slowly inside of her pussy to prime her for his cock. He wasn’t a huge man but had a nice sized dick.

“Daddy fuck me. Fuck my pussy! Don’t go too fast because it’s my first time.”

“I’ll be slow darling. You just lay back and enjoy it. Your cunt is so juicy. Are you sure you’ve never had sex?”

“Laura and I had sex but never with a man.”

“Fuck, are you a lesbian?”

“No daddy! We just experimented and had oral sex.”

“I’d love to see my dirty daughter licking some cunt. You should bring your friend back and show daddy what you and your girlfriend do. I’d love to see you eating pussy.”

“Would you please focus on me. Stop thinking about Laura and me having oral together. Please fuck me now!”

Jack stood up and removed his clothes. His cock was hard as a bat. He went into his wife’s underwear drawer and pulled out some KY Jelly to put on his daughter’s pussy.

He walked back into the room and wiped the jelly over his cock and her pussy. He climbed on top of her and slid into her virginal hole. She was extremely tight which excited her father. He took his time pushing into her pussy.

She moaned in pain while he positioned himself and started to thrust into her cunt. He kissed his daughter softly on her mouth while he made love to his daughter. She tasted beer on his breath while they sucked face. He kissed her breasts while rocking and thrusting his cock inside of her pussy.

Her güvenilir casino pussy eventually with all the thrusting became wet in the process. He rolled over and made his daughter ride him. He played with her buttocks while she rolled her hips and fucked her father. Her breasts swung to the left and the right. Jack sat up and played with her breasts. He also licked his finger and pushed it gently into her asshole.

She liked that action and continued to ride her father.

“Baby! Get off my cock and suck my dick! Daddy needs to cum and doesn’t want to make you pregnant. A girl can always get pregnant. Your mother wouldn’t get that.”

Amber got off her father and went on her side. She opened her mouth and took his penis down her throat. She bobbed up and down pleasing her father and shortly he blew his load down her throat.

She gagged and swallowed the sticky cream. Jack smiled at his daughter and they lay on her bed next to each other.

He noticed her pussy was bleeding which made him excited. He opened her legs and licked her blood away. He liked that he was his daughter’s first man.

“Did you like that baby girl?”

“Yes. It was nice.”

“It was nice. Bring your friend Laura around and show me how you lick pussy. Daddy is excited thinking his baby eats cunt.”

“Laura has a boyfriend now.”

“Fuck! Maybe you can lick your mama’s pussy. She’d love some loving from you.”

“Daddy! We can’t tell mama we had sex.”

“She might enjoy some loving from you too. Your mama loves getting her pussy licked too. She might like her daughter giving her cunt some loving.”

“No! You can’t tell her we had sex. I don’t want to sleep with her.”

“Will see. I bet she’d like some dirty sex with you. You better be a good girl and do as Daddy says or Mommy and you will have lesbian sex.”

Amber was pissed off that her father wanted her and her mother to have sex. She’d have to change his mind. She only wanted sex with him. She didn’t want to have sex with her mother. She was annoyed and needed to make sure he wouldn’t tell.

Her mother wouldn’t be home for several weeks. She would continue trying to persuade him not to tell her mother. She would even contact Laura and see if she would sleep with her while her father watched. She was desperate and wasn’t sure what to do. Her father had her in a situation that she wasn’t sure what to do. Time would only tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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