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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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My name is Gina Winslow. I changed my name back to my real father’s name since I despise my stepfather.

It’s difficult being in my situation and it’s only because of the alternating work with college courses that I’m able to scrape by and still get a college education.

The course work isn’t too bad at all. Mostly fun. I was always very good in school. It was only hampered by dodging my stepfather’s groping and putting up with my constantly drugged out and dysfunctional mom.

This made it so I had to raised myself for the most part. Remembering my real dad is all that kept me sane through my introduction to college. I was quite young when he died so I probably have romanticized him or so mom says anyway. I was always throwing this up in my stepfathers face at every available opportunity. That doesn’t happen anymore since I no longer have anything to do with my folks.

Mom got thrown into jail for drug trafficking with my stepfather. I turned him in. It was the only way my mom would get clean for any time at all and to get him out of my life for good.

I support myself from my jobs now and with a small scholarship for disadvantaged kids. I manage to get by.

Daily life generally is fine while I’m at school or work, but with three other roommates in an apartment too small for two it’s a big pain in the ass. It’s all I can afford right now and I’ll just have to make the best of the situation. I mostly just sleep there and even that is like a WWII submarine movie.

Guys are not in my scheme of things right now. They are way too immature around college for my taste, experience and desires. Life gets too complicated with all the hormones rushing. The older guys and profs are not all that interesting either. Sure am horny for something or someone though. Started on the pill so I’m ready.

A lot of the guys don’t give me a second look anyway since I’m not apparently cute, sexy, athletic or anorexic enough. Since I’m tall and a red head it doesn’t make for great popularity. We get a bad rap except most red heads don’t take so much crap as blonds seem to take? Blonds, blonds, blonds. I hate blonds! Most of them are bottle blonds anyway. A badge of intentional stupidity.

Even when I’m in my work quarter I don’t meet very many interesting guys. I go to a college where I work one quarter and go to school the alternate quarter. I wouldn’t make it any other way. Besides I’m getting a better education this way.

Life for me has gotten very interesting in a most unexpected way. That’s from a class project which, on its face would seem very mundane. I’ve learned a valuable lesson to never underestimate the mundane.

At school we all have a high end house project where the alternate works on it when I’m at work and I get to see and rearrange or redo what my alternate did, add and create my own stuff when I’m back in school. It’s a file sharing project. Kind of crazy but very interesting at the same time. It’s kind of like a mind game of figuring out in a remote way what the other person is thinking. I’ve not met this other person.

At first I thought it was silly and very annoying since my alternate is clearly not very skilled at CAD work and screws up the files really badly in certain ways. Yet the way he reshapes things shows deep knowledge, detail experience and design skill I’m not even close to realizing. He signs in as Fred. Who the hell is Fred?

I ask around and find out he’s an older guy who has his own business. He’s taking this particular CAD class as a professional improvement. That he certainly needs. They said he graduated some years ago, made a contribution to the college and this is a courtesy course for him. Why me as an alternate?

Complaining to the prof only got the “You’ll learn a lot this way from someone who knows a LOT more than you” response. It’s true.

I’m getting a workout cleaning up his mistakes for sure but I’m learning a lot in the process I might not otherwise have access to in a most peculiar and interesting way. I don’t just toss things out and plug in my own ideas without analyzing what he’s done very thoroughly. I’m starting to get into this guys mind in a strange sort of way. It’s almost like he’s leaving me a design map to follow. The detail areas are very well thought out in ways I would never have considered.

The way he’s reshaping the overall spaces is incredible. I get back to school this quarter and the whole design is reworked. His skills are getting better since he’s figured out how to casino şirketleri work the angular and circular functions. The whole design is a totally non-rectangular fantasy thing now. It’s full of errors and flaws but what an incredible design! Gotta meet this guy so I look up his business, Fred Otterland & Associates, Architects and get his email address.


Most folks call me Fred. I’m in a situation of taking a college course which is quite improbable but there are a lot of guys in business these days taking one or more college courses. I found I needed deeper computer skills in CAD work to keep up with the young CAD techs in my office just to keep them from intimidating me. I’m so busy running the office and doing the actual design work I don’t have time to keep up my original skills but I’m already finding the class to be very useful.

It’s difficult getting those skills while I’m working or after I’m burnt out in the evenings at home. Especially after working out. This way it’s a forced time out from the office for one thing and gets me totally focused for two quarters out of the year for half a day twice a week. It’s actually shaken me out of my rather narrow professional world and taken me back to the beginning in a peculiar sort of way. I’m in a very different atmosphere I would normally not be in.

After my contentious divorce a few years ago I’ve given up on women for the most part. I will occasionally date and I even had a couple of call girls. They were pretty much a mild disaster plus the chance of catching something struck the fear of god into me.

Now I find myself surrounded by young and for the most part gorgeous young women when I’m taking my CAD course. At first I thought I would be totally ignored but I’ve found more than once a young college girl has come on to me. What a pleasant surprise!

The one thing I had missed with my marriage was the inability to get my wife interested in having sex in furs. This has been a fantasy all my life and I thought in a loving situation this would be a no brainer. She was totally turned off to my surprise. Even the call girls who will do anything you ask were not very good at all with furs. Really clumsy and impersonal sex. Not much better than jerking off.

I wear fur all the time now that I don’t have a wife telling me what I should or should not do. I have furs all through my condo for my own pleasure. I’ve even gotten a lot of complements over it’s beauty and stylishness for me and my place. Some clients even ask me to include some in the houses I design for them since we do most of the décor as well. I stress natural materials for the finish work, décor and as a conservationists ideal philosophy of design using natural and renewable materials.

When I’m at college I’m noticed for the fur and more of a sexy smile than a frown of disapproval. Even gotten a few guys who gave a ‘right on!’ comment.

Unfortunately I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the opportunity to design and build my own place even though it’s my business. I’m just too busy doing it for others.

I decide to work on some of those ideas in the course I’m taking at my old Alma Mater.

My alternate is obviously very skilled at CAD work but a total novice at design. Well it is a Sophomore level course. Thinking back on my Sophomore design work I blush.

My alternate, Gina, must be really pissed at me, leaving her a jumbled mess to clean up but the prof says that’s one of the points of the exercise. To learn working with others even if remotely and not at the same skills level.

This last quarter I got my mind around the angular and circular functions which I’ve been prodding my own CAD techs to do for some time now. They are reluctant and I figure out why. It’s much more difficult with the follow through. I can now confidently push their intellectual lazy buttons.

I was able to get quite far into a much more interesting design this quarter. So much so I burnt a disc of the work just in case Gina goes sideways on me. I have decided I’ll use this design to get a house going once I get deeper into it.

Wonder how Gina will take this new turn?

I ask the prof about her and find out she’s already intrigued with what I’m doing but pissed at all my mistakes. He says she can handle it. She’s really smart, stubborn and with a strong personality.

Early in the quarter, barely a week, I get an email from Gina. She wants to know what I’m trying to do. She’s not at all conciliatory but quite .. bossy.

I email back that I’m using the exercise to design a house for myself since I don’t have any other time to do it I’m so busy.

She writes back after a few days and asks if we could meet over coffee? She wants to talk about it. Maybe get more actively involved. Smart and aggressive.

Gina decides on an old hangout I frequented when I was in school and where I still sometimes spend a weekend afternoon. It’s still the artsy place to be.

It’s a coffee shop in an old warehouse space with big skylights, antique casino firmaları tapestries on dark walls with old heavy tables and a random collection of chairs and couches that seem to change over time. On a sunny day peoples faces pop out like in a Renaissance painting, lit by the skylights. It’s a great place to talk and it’s near the Arts and Design College.

She said she has red hair and I can’t miss her.


I see this older guy, maybe late thirties with a short cropped beard and short hair coming through the door, up to the order counter like he does it every day and is really comfortable here. Think I’ve actually seen him here before? I was hoping I would be on my ground and have the advantage.

He sees me as soon as he walks in like he knows exactly where I would be sitting. He grins like all is so ease for him. Nice looking .. well built guy. Dude’s wearing an incredibly luscious fur lined denim hoodie, very casual jacket. Wears it like it’s a sweat shirt. Very distinguished and confident in ways my profs are not.

Gina is far more striking than I had expected. Biggest, fattest pony tail I’ve ever seen with her super curly red hair. Actually quite attractive with some very nice quirky features. Thin lips that look like she’s grinning and frowning at the same time as I come over to her. Her demeanor is reinforced by a slightly protruding chin which she uses like Katherine Hepburn to command her situation.

“You must be Gina?”

“Yeah. You’re Fred?”

“You betcha.” sitting.

“You’re not as old as I expected.”

“Don’t let looks fool you.”

“So you have your own firm?”

“Yes and we do some pretty advanced designs. Lot of green build and energy efficient projects.”

“Saw that on your web site. Looks like you’re doing what some of my profs talk about as a goal. That would account for some of the things I see in the CAD work we are doing?”

“That’s where I want it to go anyway. It’s a house I want to build for myself.”

“That’s what really got my attention. I certainly would want to work on something that will actually get built. Even if it’s just part of my classwork.”

“I’ll be happy to promote it as a joint design. Give you extra credit and a boost.”

“WOW. That’s really nice of you.”

“I know I’ve been a really crappy CAD tech partner on what I’ve been doing but it’s such an excellent opportunity for me. I’m so damn busy during my work day I don’t have time otherwise to do this. This forces me to concentrate on the skill.”

“I love the design you are coming up with. I have to confess that I was really pissed when I first picked up the other end of this. But you have been coming along really well.”

“I’ve had to learn this .. at least enough to intimidate my CAD techs at the office.”

“Sure hope you’ll be happy with what I’ve done with your design when you look at it next. It’s fleshed out quite a bit since you last did anything to it.”

Wonder if the folks working for Fred are as taken by him as I am now?

“What else are you taking besides the CAD class we share?”

“Design, Math, Physics, Art History and a few other humanities. More to come.”

“How are you doing in them?”

“I get a near 4.0. I’ve always been pretty good in school.”

“Wouldn’t make any difference in Design if you don’t have the talent for it. You would get crap for grades there. Besides I could see you have the germ of talent in design from what we’ve been doing.”

“Thanks a lot. How about I email you what I’ve done so far?”

“I would love that if it doesn’t violate your assignment.”

“I don’t think so. I’ll ask.”

Gina is a real treat to be around. I hope this isn’t the last time. We spend well over an hour talking about design and the technical aspects of CAD work. Things wander further afield into other areas of her career aspirations.

I’m feeling so at ease with this guy. Seems I can talk about anything I wish. He’s not only interested but sensitive to my views. Got to see more of him. I’ve dated a couple of the profs but none were anything like Fred!

“Could we meet again after I’ve emailed the work to you? Maybe talk it over some?”

“I would love to. Tomorrow same time and place?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

I take off and Gina stays at the coffee shop.


The next afternoon I get Gina’s email and see what she has done with the design. It’s far more complete and she’s obviously spent a great deal of effort on the design as well as just cleaning up my clumsy CAD work. What she’s done is exemplary. She’s catching on quickly. Smart, aggressive, sexy and talented.

It’s Friday and she’s waiting at the same table. Soon as I order my espresso I go over and sit with her. She wears her hair long today and in a loose over-the-shoulder style with long bangs over her eyes. Her hair is quite beautiful actually. With her big dark greenish brown eyes I’m a bit weak in the knees. Her body is pretty fine too in her not to snug jeans. Certainly güvenilir casino not anorexic yet not over weight by any stretch. Nice firm smallish B cups covered by a loose coarse weave brown wool T neck sweater. Her face and what skin I can see is covered with dense freckles. She’s very tasteful, conservative and self effacing.

“What do you think of the updates?”

The curl of her lips is mixed with an eagerness but with a cautious reserve. I can tell she’s been hurt before .. deeply.

“I’m very impressed with the thoroughness and attention to detail. It’s coming along very well.”

My espresso comes and Gina takes a sip of her coffee with a wry curl of a smile. Kind of a gotcha moment. She’s already striking me as quite mature for a Sophomore. More so than some of the older folks at the office.

“It took a lot of work to clean up your errors but it was worth the effort for certain.”

“Am I getting any better?”

“Improving.” With an even bigger wry grin. A big gotcha moment of confidence.

“Are you ready for the next phase of development in the project?”

“What? Next phase? You mean we aren’t nearing the finish?” with a small frown.

“We have just begun. There is a whole other program I have passed on to your prof for us to begin working with. What we have been working with is a relatively common and simple 2D program as you know. This new program will get us into big time 3D. It’s the one we use at my office.”

“Oh WOW.” Half eager half uncertainty.”

“Don’t worry. It’s a cross platform transfer and then you will be into the new program. None of your classmates have this so it’s a big step up in your skills level.”

“You have a lot of people at your office?”

“Not as many as you might expect. Only about twenty. The group photo in the web site is everyone to the copy girl. We get a lot of work out of fewer folks, partly because of this program. You’ll see.”

“What kind of projects do you do?”

“Just about everything. I like doing high end houses a lot though. Don’t think I’ll ever give that up even though they aren’t big money makers.”

“I couldn’t help but notice you wearing fur. This one is fantastic too. What is it?”

“You mean the lining? It’s Mink. Hope you aren’t put off by it.”

“Not at all. I never thought of such a casual use. The whiskey color is fantastic.”

“That’s the fur name .. Whiskey Mink. It’s certainly warm and very light weight. I wear ones like this to the office all the time. Ecological too.”

“Love the way it and the leather are color matched. What’s the other one?”

“It’s Lynx and a regular denim hoodie as you probably noticed. I have them all put together to my designs. Mostly from used furs.”

“I take it you have more?”

“Oh yes. Some of my clients have me use furs in their décor they like it so much. Hey .. want to go for dinner?”

“Uh .. sure. If it’s not too much for you.”

“It’s that or another coffee. What do you like?”

“Oh …… Chinese? Italian?”

“OK .. anything, right?”

“Yeah! Surprise me.” flashing a big toothy grin.

Fred is really comfortable to be around. A nice edge of excitement too. He gives me a whole new view of design with his strong artistic sensibilities. I like his look too. We end up at an Italian restaurant I had only heard about. If he’s trying to impress me he’s succeeding. Not like sneaking around with the professors.

“This meet with your approval?”

“I’ll let you know after we’ve eaten.”

After ordering we have the Antipasti to munch on while we talk. It’s super.

“How are things daily for you .. you know … your friends, daily life? Or is that too personal?”

“Oh no .. I don’t mind but you won’t find it very interesting. My life is actually quite dull.”

“You certainly seem interesting and not at all dull .. to me anyway.”

“It’s the company .. with a wry grin …… Between my groping stepfather and my drugged out mom I didn’t have much time for a childhood. So that’s pretty uninteresting and the guys at college are not the most interesting. Big on fraternities which I despise, so my dating is non-existent. Besides that my living situation is miserable. Any time not spent at the apartment is a relief. So I spend most of my time in class, the library or the coffee shop studying or just hanging.”

“Any chance of a better living arrangement?”

“Can’t afford more than what I’m in now.”

A long, rather sad pause, then the food arrives.

“This is a huge meal!”

“You can get a doggie bag.”

“Yeah and my roommates will devour it.”

Wine is poured as we get ready to eat.

“Well here’s to better days Gina.” and we toast.

Quiet descends as we begin eating. I’m mulling over ideas and trying to contain feelings at the same time over this guy. After a few minutes of eating ….

“So what about your past. I’ve given up a good hunk of mine. You must have been with more women than I could think of … married no doubt?”

“Yeah .. once and a catastrophe at that.”

I tell her a bit about my failed marriage. I don’t tell her all the sorted details of course. Her sweet and eager yet pensive look has me melting inside. She’s getting to me very deeply.

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