Ally’s New Boss

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As Ally walked into his office, she was both excited and nervous. The people in HR had warned her about her new boss. That he was very strict, liked things a certain way, and was very demanding. She hoped to catch on quickly. She walked in with his coffee, black is what she had been told.

He muttered under his breath and sighed. He had been gone for two weeks and came back to a desk full of work and a new secretary. She walked out after setting his coffee down. He glanced up as she walked out. She was of average build with large breast and brown hair, but her eyes were what were remarkable to him. They were a greenish-blue, but something was missing that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

He buzzed for her to come into his office. He paid attention to her clothing, nothing impressive but he visualized her in an unbuttoned shirt, lacy bra, short skirt, and black high heels. He would have her at his feet, serving him. It had been a while since he had a submissive, maybe it was time again.

As she sat down across from him she tried to avoid his eyes, but they were so dark it was hard for her not to stare into them. He was very distant and it was impossible to read him. As he started dictating the things he wanted her to do, she watched his mouth and all she could think of was his mouth on her. She felt her nipples harden under his tongue, the tingle of her skin as he kissed her neck. As Ally drug her attention back to his face. He was staring at her and could tell she wasn’t listening to him.

He had asked a question that she didn’t answer. As he looked up from his file he noticed she was blushing and he wondered what she was thinking about. He asked her the question again and she just sat there. This will never work. Some rules will have to be set.

The next morning Mr. Johns called Ally into his office as soon as she arrived. He instructed her to close the door behind her. He would have to be careful to get the information he wanted. He started with casual conversation. “Let’s get to know each other a bit since we will be working together,” Mr. Johns stated.

“Yes, sir.” Ally replied.

He thought that is a good response, it is certainly going in the right direction. After a brief conversation, Mr. Johns stood and walked casino şirketleri around his desk. He came to stand right in front of her and leaned against his desk. She would not make eye contact with him. “Look at me Ally!” He waited for her eyes to meet his. They were grayish blue today. He could see her pain and a desire to be seen in them. After a moment he instructed her on what her duties were for the day and sent her on her way.

He did some checking and ran through her social media and dug as much as he could into her. It would seem that his conclusions about her were right; her social media revealed she had lost her husband a few years ago. The look in her eyes was what drew him in but there was something there. Something he had not seen in a long time and he wondered if she even recognized that side of herself. He wanted to pursue this further. He felt it was worth it, she was worth it; plus the demons in him were scratching at the surface and he wanted to play some.

Later that afternoon after everyone had left he called Ally into his office. She had done good work today and he wanted to be sure to let her know. She needed to be built up and he was going to see if his presumptions were right. As she walked in he asked her to take a seat. Everyone was gone so he left the door open. “Ally, you did an excellent job today, I like the way you work.” As he watched her response he saw a tiny sparkle that he could see in her eyes all of the sudden. Then that flash of what he thought was there was gleaming back at him. He felt a little excitement at the thought of a babygirl in his life again. He longed to nurture that side of her.

As Ally sat and listened to him, she had such a hard time focusing. He was watching her very intently. She had never had someone look at her the way he did. She felt a stir of emotions that she had never felt before. She was immediately drawn to him from the first moment she met him. He was very intriguing and intense. She watched his mouth move as he talked. She focused on the way his mouth would feel on her, on her neck, on her nipples, down her body to her pussy. It had been so long since she had been with someone who could make her orgasm. She had been with several men recently but none could make her orgasm. casino firmaları She longed for her soul to be touched. She noticed she was wet just hearing his voice. She listened to him talk about himself some and about the job he did there. She listened to his words. No one has ever told her she was doing a good job. She had worked so hard for so long just doing what was necessary, what was expected of her.

As he talked he watched her responsiveness, her breathing, and the movements of her body as she adjusted in the chair. He watched for all the classic signs. She was submissive and he wondered if she had ever submitted to anyone before. He wasn’t sure he wanted to take on a new submissive. He had strayed away from long-term relationships for a few years and he had felt the darkness heavier of late. But he felt a draw to her. There was something different here and he just couldn’t help himself. It was the weekend and he had a ride to go to. He enjoyed riding very much. It gave him the time alone to think through things. He had isolated himself for a long time but he lived by his rules and that’s the only way he did things.

The next few weeks were crazy busy. Ally had done an excellent job keeping up with the projects they had going and he wanted to reward her. He also wanted to get to know her more outside the office. He called her into the office and asked her to go to lunch with him. She agreed and they climbed into his truck and set out. Their conversation was light until they got their food and sat down. Then he asked her if she was dating.

“No sir.”

He went on to tell her about his motorcycle and asked if she rode.

“No sir, I rode some as a kid with an uncle but that was it.”

It was supposed to be a pretty weekend and he asked if she would enjoy getting out a bit with him. She agreed.

Saturday morning as he was getting on the bike he decided he would see how things went today. He knew it wasn’t wise to pursue her with them working together but he really couldn’t seem to stop this. She had given him the address and as he pulled up she walked out. She was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. He envisioned her naked underneath him. He helped her with her helmet and guided her on the back. She follows instructions pretty güvenilir casino well. He was eager to see how she did with submission. They took off and rode a few miles. She would occasionally put her hand on him and he felt oddly comfortable with it.

She sat behind him on the bike. It was amazing; the sun, the wind, the roar of the Harley, the vibration of the motorcycle between her legs. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. She felt alive for the first time in a long time. She had felt so broken for so long. She thought back over the last few weeks at work. Mr. Johns had been so encouraging. He complimented her work and told her how good she looked several mornings. He had brought her a poker chip from a run he had done a few weeks before. She hadn’t had someone be this nice to her in a while. Ally brought herself back to the ride. They were almost back at her house. As soon as they pulled up he helped her off and helped her with the helmet. She asked him if he would like something to drink and he agreed. As they walked in he sat at the table and she fixed him a glass of tea and sat it in front of him.

He had decided when she invited him in now was as good a time as any. “Ally, I’m going to ask you to do something, do you trust me?”

She replied, “Yes.”

As he stood in front of her he saw exactly what he needed in her eyes. “Ok, Ally, I want you to strip your clothes off now.” She hesitated just a second and then started removing her clothes. Her eyes never left his as he stood in front of her. “Ally, I’m a dominant, do you know what that is?”

“Yes sir.”

She stood naked in front of him. He walked around her and slowly touched her back and arms. He could feel the chill bumps on her. Her body was very responsive to his touch. He came up behind her and as he gently moved her hair to the side and kissed her neck he could feel the flame inside, the desire, the need. He could tell she was uncomfortable being naked in front of him. He also felt the weariness in her. She hung her head. He needed to fix this. He sat on the couch. “Ally, come here,” he patted his lap. She just stood there bewildered by his request. “Ally, now!!” She came toward him and he held out his hand. She took his hand and he guided her into his lap. She was so tense. He slowly started rubbing her back and legs, just a feather of a touch. He could feel the tension slowly leave her body and she relaxed some. He looked at her and said, “let’s talk.”

The beginning…

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