Allie’s Surprise Ch. 01

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Allie stood in the middle of the room after her last guest had left. Beer cans and wine bottles littered every surface, cigarette butts floated in abandoned glasses, half empty pizza boxes dominated the coffee table, and she was pretty sure someone had thrown up on the patio. She stretched and sighed. It could wait until later. Half five in the morning and she was beyond tired. Flicking off the lights, she made her way upstairs.

Reaching her bedroom, she stood for a moment in front of the mirror. She smiled at her reflection, which still looked far younger than her thirty years. She could easily pass for at least ten years younger. Her eyes started at her black patent stiletto heels, going up her long, tan legs, to where the hem of her tight black dress just covered her shapely behind. Further up, over her flat stomach, to where her full, round breasts were encased underneath the stretchy black material. Then further still to her beautiful face; with it’s full lips, wide green eyes bordered by sooty black lashes, and perfect cheekbones, all of which was framed by shiny, straight brunette hair that hung to her waist. She reached down, pulling the dress off over her head and dropping it to the floor to reveal her breasts in all their glory, and black lace panties. After giving her reflection a satisfied nod of approval, she turned and went into the large en-suite bathroom. She crossed the tiles and stood in front of the sink, then realised it was too dark to see a thing, turning and going for the light cord which was back on the other side of the room.

Halfway across the tiles, she stopped, listening. Looking around she could see nothing but darkness, and inwardly teased herself for being such a scaredy cat. She shook her head, about to move on, when her breath caught casino şirketleri sharply in her throat. Someone was behind her…

“Ssshhh…” said a voice. Which wasn’t necessary, as she was far to scared to make a sound. Her heart thumped against her ribcage as she stood there. A warm hand came to rest on the curve of her waist, sliding slowly upwards until it cupped her breast. A thumb caressed her nipple, and she felt it harden at his touch. His other hand followed suit, and Allie felt herself respond, back arching involuntarily. She felt betrayed by her own body. She should scream, run, call someone… but she found herself unwilling, caught by his caresses.

He dropped one of his hands, the other crossing her body and pulling her back against him. His lips found the sensitive skin on her neck and nuzzled her there, kissing and licking. She tilted her head, allowing him access. He stopped suddenly, and she felt disappointed. Maybe he had changed his mind. She stood still, wondering if he was going to leave. Then a hand nudged her forward, before pushing at her right shoulder, forcing her to bend over the bathtub before her. She made a quiet yelp of surprised, and he ssshhh’d her again.

His hand slid up the back of her thigh, before he pulled her panties aside and slid a finger inside her. She moaned as he began to finger her slowly, feeling herself becoming wet and warm. He slid another finger in, and her thighs trembled slightly as he moved them both in and out of her, rhythmic and deep. She sighed softly with every movement, hearing the wet sound of her juices as his fingers pumped back and forth. He slid his fingers all the way out, before pushing forwards and finding her hardened clit. She cried out as his fingertips slid over the swollen button, massaging in casino firmaları firm circles. Her body felt weak, and her breath was coming faster and harder. Her knees buckled and she sank down onto the bathroom floor, and he followed, never stopping until she came hard against his hand. Her slick wetness gushed over his fingers as her body shook, convulsing with panted mews of pleasure.

“Who…” she began to ask, breathless. But was just ordered to ‘ssshhh’ once more. He gently turned her to face him, not that could see each other. She sat patiently in the quiet darkness, listening to the sounds of him taking off his top, then lowering the zipper of his pants. She felt a thrill of excitement, her pussy still contracting deliciously with the aftershocks of her orgasm. He took her hand, and placed it on his erection. Curling her fingers around it she found it warm, hard and surprisingly thick. She began to move her hand up and down his shaft, gripping him firmly. He gasped, and she smiled. She felt his pre-cum sticky on her fingers, using it to lubricate her movements. His cock felt like solid steel covered by the softest velvet, and she wanted it inside her. She let go and tried to push him back slightly in order to straddle him, but he caught her wrists in his strong hands. He pulled her roughly towards him and she felt his cock against her stomach. She understood that he wanted to be in charge and didn’t protest, the only sound in the room being their hitched breathing.

When he pushed her back down against the tiles she allowed him. He didn’t follow, and she sensed he was still kneeling before her. She slid her panties down, slipping them down her legs and kicking them off, before opening her thighs willingly, giving him free access. Still nothing happened, and she was güvenilir casino about to speak, when he plunged two fingers inside her. She groaned aloud, her hips rising to meet his hand. He finger fucked her hard and fast, her juices dripping from her hot, wet pussy and pooling on the tiles underneath. She thrashed beneath him, climaxing noisily, her body shaking and weak. She felt as if every nerve in her body was on fire but she still ached for more. His fingers explored her pussy lazily, trailing up and down her slit and over her clitoris, making her wind her hips and moan softly.

His hand moved away and there was another moment of silence and stillness. Allie lie there in anticipation and wanting, and was rewarded when she felt him move closer between her thighs. He pressed the tip of his straining erection against the entrance to her pussy, and slowly pushed himself in. She let out an ‘aahh’ of pure desire, feeling it stretch and fill her completely as he slid it all the way inside.

His hips moved slowly, and she felt tingles all over her body. She felt light headed and euphoric, focused completely on his cock sliding back and forth inside her and the consequent feeling. Her hips moved in time with his, and she began to moan softly with each thrust. She found herself smiling, completely lost in sensation, wanting him deeper and deeper. Her hands went around him to rest on his backside as she thrust up against him. She felt his hand brush her hair from the side of her face, and she almost melted. Who was this man?

Suddenly she was blinded by stark white light, and threw an arm across her face to shut it out. There were screams and shouts, and she felt him slide quickly from inside her. She sat up, blinking in the brightness, wondering what on earth was happening. The first person she saw was her friend Sophie, looking pale and wide eyed. The second person she saw was Liam… completely naked and still with a rock hard, straining erection, shining with her juices. Liam… her brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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