Alley Encounter

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Big Dick

Kara knew what he wanted.

On the way home Percy pulled into a dirty alley and stopped the car. Her boyfriend wanted another quickie, for a second time that day. Percy loved to screw in public.

Kara released her double-d boobs and dropped her bra on the floor… and that’s when she found them. A pair of lacy crotchless panties! They weren’t Kara’s.

“You cheating bastard!” Kara slapped Percy’s face, ripped his shirt and punched him in the balls. Her boyfriend pushed her out of the car and drove off before she could grab her bra.

Kara flipped him off with both hands as she stood in the alley, with her naked tits hanging out. She didn’t care until she heard two bums whistle. “Shit.”

Running behind a dumpster, Kara tucked her tits in her blouse and tried to make a call. But her phone was dead. Shit-Shit-Shit. No bra. No phone. No Uber.

Kara found herself alone, miles from home, hiding behind a dumpster. It got worse.

The two bums cornered her. “Hey sweetie. We want your purse and your purse-y.” They laughed. “That pretty pink purse-y between your legs.”

Kara tried to run but they shoved her down, grabbing her purse. One guy yanked open her blouse while the other guy pulled off her panties. They whistled at Kara’s naked tits and twat.

“We’re gonna take turns with you honey.”

“Stop it!” Kara screamed. “HELP!”

Out of nowhere roared a leather-clad angel. His Harley roared right into the bums, knocking them down. They stumbled over each other and ran off.

Kara quickly tucked in her tits, jumped up and hugged the stranger as hard as she could. “You saved me!” Tears came to her eyes. “I’m totally grateful! They were going to rape me.”

“No they weren’t. I been watching you the whole time. “He laughed.” I was ready to beat up those jerks.” The stranger squeezed her butt.

“But I waited until they got your clothes off, ’cause I wanted to see your snatch.”

Kara wanted to slap the stranger, but she couldn’t. She felt his hand moved under her skirt and Kara pushed it away. She was totally grateful, but not THAT totally grateful.

Then Kara recognized her savior, his name was Rocco… And he was dangerous.

Rocco smiled as his dark eyes gleamed. He looked her up and down like she was a piece of candy… or maybe a piece of meat. His strong arms pulled her close again, crushing her fat tits into his leather jacket.

“Hey cutie I’ll bet your stressed as hell. ” Rocco held out a joint. “Here, this will calm you down.”

Kara froze, being held in his arms felt surprisingly nice. She stuttered, “But I- I don’t smoke.”

“Aw c’mon.” She shook her head. “C’mon try it babe. Or are you just a stuck-up prissy.”


“A PRISSY—not the other word.” Rocco laughed “Hey I recognize you, you’re Kara.” He smiled. “Last week I was delivering some herb to the frat rats. And sweetie I seen you on campus, jogging, with your bongo boobs bouncing up and down.

Kara blushed, covering her chest. Rocco reached down and squeezed her thigh. “C’mon geek girl let’s have some fun and get to know each other.” He held out the joint again.

“Okay sure, whatever.” She sucked on the joint— and coughed up a lung.

Rocco laughed harder making Kara blush. “Not like that sweetie, take it in slow and easy… hold in your breath.”

She inhaled and felt limp. An odd feeling coursed through her body as her mind floated. Through her haze, Kara saw Rocco’s dreamy brown eyes. He pulled her to his chest again.

And she noticed the aroma yakacık escort of leather and sweat, with a hint of gasoline … terribly erotic.

“That’s it babe, take another long hit. Sweetie you know, you’re damn sexy for a geek girl… in that hot-as-fuck plaid skirt… You really-really turn me on!”

Kara smiled and stared at her feet. They looked fuzzy. An odd thrill tickled deep her pussy at the thought of this beast having the hots for her. Not that she’d ever do anything with him. Rocco was rude and so dangerous.

But he did save her from getting gang-banged by those bums. That was worth something… maybe a piece of something.

Rocco took a hit and passed it back. Kara took another puff, feeling wasted after the third hit. Shit. This was the strongest weed she’d ever smoked.

Kara’s body tingled as his hand rubbed under her jutting tit… and unbelievably she wanted him to feel her boobs… to squeeze and manhandle them with his calloused hands. My god, I feel all buzzy and fuzzy.

“You’re a real hottie babe, real tight body. Got a boyfriend babe?”

The question stunned Kara’s foggy brain. “Uh… no… I just broke up with my BF, Percy. The bastard cheated on me!”

Rocco laughed. “Percy? Percy the Pussy? Hell, I knocked some of his teeth out in high school.” Rocco nibbled her ear. “You want me to beat him up again? I’d love to knock out his Chiclets.”

She didn’t answer and he laughed. Rocco’s hand ran up her thigh, all the way to the candy store. “You need a real boyfriend, a real man. A real hard man.”

Through her buzz Kara felt confused. “Oh… oh like you? But you’re a tug. ”

“A tug or a thug?” Rocco laughed, taking another hit. “Maybe I ought to show you my big tug?” He winked and passed her the joint.

Kara took a long hit… and suddenly she was a cotton-mouthed iguana, with a hundred hot flashes swirling through her reptilian tail. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“I mean let’s get even with your ex.” Rocco grinned, in a shifty-eyed grin. Grabbing her head he kissed her puffy lips. Kara was stunned but too foggy-headed to think.

Rocco covered her face in hot kisses Kara felt his tongue press at her lips and she accidentally parted them. His long tongue jammed into her mouth. “Unggg!” Rocco’s mouth nearly ate her face, sucking on her lips and tongue.

Kara knew better but kissed him back. She felt her naughty parts burn and yearn.

Soon Rocco had her blouse up. Kara was so wasted and horny, she didn’t resist. He squeezed her boobs then pushed her hand on his crotch. “Here’s my tug sweetie… tug my tug.”

In a daze Kara rubbed his crotch, feeling his bulge swell and harden like hot steel.

Kara abruptly came to her senses. I’m not doing THIS with HIM… even if he… But she felt his cock throb in her hand, making her pussy ache and her resistance melt.

Rocco opened her blouse and Kara’s plump boobs bounced out. Pink and perky, jutting out with stiff pink nipples. “Wow—Nice knockers!”

Kara blushed. She was proud of her breasts… biggest boobs in the geek squad. Rocco mauled them with his rough hands. Then his big mouth sucked her tits, pinching her nipples with his teeth.

“Oh my Gawd.” Kara gasped as he sucked, and her hand felt his wicked cock grow longer.

“Pull it out Kara.”

With her mind buzzing Kara fumbled to get his zipper down, and Rocco’s prick sprung up in front of her… a glob precum dripped from the tip. Kara groaned as her eyes focused on it, his prick only inches from her face.

Gosh yakası escort it was long and VERY hard!

Rocco grabbed the back of her head. And Kara squirmed as the jerk rubbed his cock-head over her face, smearing the pre-cum around. He pressed his prick to her lips. “Suck it sweetie!”

“But it’s too—” He shoved it in her mouth. “Mmfff!” Kara gagged as he pushed it deeper.

“Mmm, oh yeah Kara. Suck me good.” Kara realized she had no choice. Sucking on his prick she slid her tongue around his shaft, digging into his pee hole. “Aww, that’s it sweetie.”

Her lips tightened as she sucked harder, bobbing her brunette head up and down.

Rocco pressed his prick deeper until his fat cock-head hit the back of her throat. Kara gagged again but struggled to control it as she got face fucked.

“Suck it geek girl… You’re a good cock bobber, with those puffy-puffy lips… so damn sexy.”

Saliva dripped out of her mouth as Kara sucked like a slut, bobbing away on his huge prick. Rocco fucked her face as she sucked… And soon she felt his prick swell… and swell…

He pushed it to the back of her throat— blasting out a thick wad of hot spunk!

“Mmfff!!” Kara’s eyes teared as she gulped. But more cum wads of shot out— overfilling her mouth. She choked and swallowed as fast as she could, with lines of sticky cum dripping down her chin.

After the last spurt, Rocco pulled out and handed her a beer to wash down the cum. “Damn honey, you’re a fantastic suck.”

The beer made her warm and Kara blushed at a compliment that should have disgusted her… but only made her hotter.

“Your turn now sweet lips…” He yanked Kara to her feet and kissed her hard… while feeling up her perky boobs.

Kara panted as Rocco’s mouth moved to her heaving chest, sucking her stiff nipples and plump tits. The guy’s big hands reached under her skirt and yanked her panties down to her ankles.

“No Rocco, don’t do that! Wait…!”

“What? Aren’t you on the pill?”

She blushed. “Of course, but…”

“Then no prob.” Rocco pressed her against the dumpster, sucking on her boobs as he pushed his hand roughly over her damp crack, running his fingers through her curly pubes.

He found her slit and pushed one long finger inside her, then another. “Oooh.”

The big guy kissed her lips as he finger-banged her. Kara bounced from leg to leg, squirmed her pussy up and down, doing the two-finger tango. She moaned. “Oh Rocco…Stop fingering and fuck me!”

“Oh yeah baby, I’ll fuck you like a real man… And you need a REAL man, with a REAL prick. Don’t you geek girl?” Kara flushed as the huge cock rubbed her pussy lips.

“Yes… oh yes sir…fuck me silly!”

Rocco lifted her one leg, wrapping it around his hip as he pressed his cock into her cunt. As soon as the head fitted in, he jabbed forward, impaling her small hole on his huge spear.

“Ooof!” Kara cried out, but his prick was already inside her, pumping away. Soon her pussy swirled with a thousand tingles. Kara felt her tight pussy flesh pulling on his prick, milked his prick as it fucked in hard.

She gripped him with her legs as his prick rammed deeper… and his balls slapped her butt. Her whole body shook and jiggled and she grunted with each thrust, “Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”

“OH…OH BABY!” Kara felt him slam into her hole, fucking away in full-tilt rabbit mode. His huge cock ramming deep before spurting a load of thick, hot cum deep inside her. Kara squeezed her pussy muscles, milking his prick as his ataköy escort orgasm pushed her over the edge.

“Yesss! I’m cumming!!” She screamed, her voice echoing against the dumpster as her body squirmed on his spear. “Yes, I love it!”

Rocco kept humping as their orgasms merged and faded. Then he pulled out, dripping cum down her thigh. She looked up to see his cock hanging down like a third leg. Damn.

Kara was shaky as she pulled on her panties and blouse. He helped her squish her tits back in. Her bleary eyes stared at Rocco. “Did you only save me so you could screw me.”

He laughed, “I’ve wanted to bang you since I saw you jogging, with those bouncy boobs.”

That made Kara feel better. “Umm… drive me home guy? I’m sore and stoned.”

“Sure babe. Hop on my hog.” She got on his motorcycle and held onto his chest. It felt nice. He roared down the road.

Soon they stopped at Kara’s place. Rocco carried her up the steps and shoved his hand in her panties. “Stop that, my slit is sore. Get your finger out of me!” She pushed him away with a giggle.

Rocco kissed her soft lips. “Busy Friday night babe? Wanna go to a kegger at the river?”

“Me, at a kegger? Sure!” Kara smiled and smoothed her hair. ” Um Rocco, I’m not busy tonight.”

“Sweeet… Let’s meet up later, say eleven?”

“Ohh, that’s way past my curfew, I could never go out that late.”

“Never say never.” He lit up another joint. “C’mon sweetie, sneak out and have some real fun. We’ll crash a frat party. Dirty dancing and beer pong. You’ll love it!”

“Really, oh my gosh.” She took a long hit and felt her body burn. Rocco excited all her naughty parts. “Yeah… yeah, sure. Sounds fun.” She giggled feeling fuzzy and wicked.

“Oh Kara you’re so sexy…” Rocco squeezed her plump boobs, rubbing his lump against her mound. “Girl you make me so hard… Hey I know a fun thing we can do right now.” He took a hit and blew the smoke in Kara’s mouth as his finger slipped into her pussy.

“No Rocco, not on my parents’ front porch! And my pussy is too sore.”

He handed her the joint. “Hey Kara, did you and Percy ever do anal?”

Kara took a long hit and without thinking she said,” Sure we did anal, but only on Fridays. That was his thing, Assfuck Fridays.”

Rocco laughed. “Today’s Friday honey. And you haven’t been butt-banged yet, have you?” The stoned girl shook her head. “Then I guess we have to do it.”

Kara pulled down her panties and bent over on the front porch. In her defogged brain somehow it made sense. “Ooof!” The guy’s fat prick jammed into her asshole, stretching it wide. Gosh, his was so much bigger than Percy’s.

Rocco humped her butt, fucking her doggie-style. And just like Percy, Rocco pulled on her tits and dug his fingers in her pussy as he fucked her ass. It hurt but she’d had a lot of anal sex, ever since high school…

She remembered prom night, when her date accidentally stuck it in the wrong hole…

As Rocco’s long cock reamed her out, Kara gripped the deck tighter, moaning and panting like she always did on her Friday Ass-fuckings. “Ohh Rocco… ohhh… you’re stiff as a pipe.”

Soon she felt his prick ram all the way up her butt and spew. Warm cum dripped down her crack. Rocco pulled out, dripping more cum down her leg.

“Gosh, that was nasty.” Kara wobbled to her feet and pulled up her panties just as a cop car drove by. The cop shined a spotlight on them.

Rocco waved at the cop. “Hey look, that’s Officer Bob! He’s my favorite arresting officer.” After the cop car drove away Rocco kissed Kara’s nose and poked her butthole. “Is it sore?”

“Ouch! Yes it is! Stop that!”

He laughed, kissing all over Kara’s face. “See ya soon geek girl.” Rocco roared off on his hog, laughing and waving her pink panties in the air.

He was such a beast!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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