All In The Family Ch. 02

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It was a couple of weeks later that Bobby called me on Friday afternoon and asked if I was going anywhere Saturday afternoon. I told him no and he said for me to be home about 1 PM, that he and Cindy had a surprise for me. I said “Son, what are you two up to?”

“Nothing serious Dad, just be home, ok?” he answered.

So I made sure I had all my little chores done by noon and got showered. Again the wife and smaller kids were gone shopping and to a Disney movie, so they would be gone all afternoon.

At about 12:30, I was watching something on tv, some old move and Cindy came bouncing thru the door. She was wearing the shortest white shorts and one of those elastic tops around her breasts. Damn she is sexy!! She came right over to the couch where I was and sat down and leaned over to me and we kissed like we were desperate for each other’s tongue!

We pulled apart and Cindy said “Hi Uncle Joe! Like my shorts?”

I replied “I sure do baby, but I like what’s in them more!”

She giggled and said “Oh you mean this?” as she unzipped the front of them and she wasn’t wearing panties under them.

I said “Oh yeah honey, I love that cream pie of yours. I have been daydreaming about you ever since that Saturday we had together. Damn, girl I love your pussy!!”

“Well, how about my mouth, do you love it to? When it is sucking on that monster between your legs? And speaking of that, let’s get it out so I can play with it some. I’ve been horney for three days now, saving up for today!!”

I got up and pulled my shorts and briefs off and tee shirt too! When I sat back down on the couch, she reached over and took my cock in her hand and started massaging it, not jerking it up and down,, but massaging it. I got hard almost instantly! “Oh Joe, I do love a good hard cock so much! Are you ready to be sucked? I mean drained of all your cum?” she asked.

“Oh yea baby, as long as you let me tongue that sweet cream pie of yours. I do love to drink your juices, and the more the better. Let’s draw the drapes before some nosey someone sees me eating the best pussy in town and gets jealous and calls the police.” When I turned back around from closing the drapes, Cindy was on the floor with her legs spread wide. I went over and straddled her head and leaned down and rested on my elbows and picked her beautiful ass up with my hands and tried to take her whole pussy into my mouth. “Oh yea Joe, god, eat me to death, I am so fucking horney, I’m going to drown you when I come!” She said, and then took my cock into her mouth and sucked it in so fast that it casino şirketleri hit the back of her throat and I felt her gag reflex, but she didn’t slow down a bit.

She was sucking on my cock like it was the last one she’d ever get. And of course, I didn’t mind a bit. I just kept lapping at her pussy and biting on her clit (which she evidently loved by the sounds and the bucking she did). I wet my finger in her pussy juices and eased it into her asshole and she was moaning and groaning and humping…..I knew I had hit on something she really liked and would get her off fast. As I was licking on her labia, I eased on down a little and started tonguing the little bridge between her pussy and her asshole. She seemed to like that too. Damn this girl is hot!! I hooked my tongue in the bottom of her pussy and used my finger in her ass to push up on that little bridge and then I bit down on it and the more she moaned the harder I bit. That sent her over the edge.

She came up off my cock and was yelling “Yea Joe, god, eat me! Bite my asshole in two! Oh shit I can’t stand it! I’m going to pass out!! I’m cumming Joe! Oh yeah, I’m going to drown you! Oh shit Joe, fuck me, eat me till I die! Oh Joe you are so good! Oh Joe! Oh fuck I love it!!!”

And I was steady loving what I was doing to her. I wanted to have her do it again. As soon as her orgasm subsided, she went back to sucking my cock with a fever, licking my balls and rubbing my asshole with her finger. Now I was getting close, and I started pressing down harder into her mouth and with just a few strokes, I was completely down her throat. And on the next few strokes, she would hold me to her face till she needed a breath and then release me. I went back to her asshole and stuck my tongue in it as hard as I could and it was getting loose enough that my tongue slipped right on in. I wiggled it a little and she started wildly humping my face again and moaning like she was dying! We were going to come together! I raised up and gave her time to breathe and then pushed it all the way in her throat and started shooting my cum into her belly and she was cumming on my chin again, while I tongued her ass. When our orgasms had finished, I started pulling out but she controlled that, she was licking every bit of me as I came out. I was licking up and sucking up all her juices I could. She tasted so fucking good!!

We had finished and relaxed for a minute and got up and sat back down on the couch and Bobby walked in.

“Oh! You two started without me huh?” He said when he saw we were both naked.

We then went to casino firmaları the bedroom and had another fantastic session of fucking and sucking each other. Of course Cindy was getting the most orgasms! After we had fucked and sucked her silly, I decided it was time to see how far she would go with her loving sex. I got up and went to the bathroom and got some KY jelly and came back.

“Oh no Uncle Joe, Not my ass, I can’t take that. I’ll do anything else you want to, but not my ass, it’s too small!!” She said.

“Oh come on Cindy, let’s at least try it, and I promise you that if it hurts too much, I’ll quit, I promise.” I said.

She looked at me and said “Uncle Joe, I trust you, and I know you won’t hurt me, so OK we’ll try it and I’ll take as much pain as I can, but then you have to stop, OK?”

“Cindy honey, I would not hurt you for the world. You just say stop and I’ll stop. And we won’t do that anymore.” I assured her. So I got her up on her hands and knees and I started greasing up her ass and my fingers and working then in and out of her ass, she was liking how that was feeling. When I finally got four fingers inside her, I decided it was time to put the old cock in. I greased it up and rubbed it against her ass hole and she was squirming against it like she wanted it and moaning and I eased forward and the head just popped in and she only grunted and I started pushing in further. I was in about 2 inches and she said “Stop a minute Joe. Don’t pull out, just let me get used to it. So I held still for a minute and then very slightly started rocking back and forth. Then she started meeting my movements and I started pushing in further. Bobby was telling her how sexy it looked to have a big cock in her asshole. In just a few more strokes, I was in her ass all the way. I stopped and said “Baby, how does it feel, can we go on or stop here?”

“If you pull out of me now Joe, you’ll never fuck me again! Now fuck my ass hard so I can cumm, come on!” She demanded. I slammed into her a few times and she was moaning and bucking and humping and tears were in her eyes and she was yelling “Fuck it Joe, Wear my asshole out! Make it big for me. Fuck my ass Joe! Oh yeah, fuck I’m gonna cum!!”

I stopped and said “Cindy, baby, let’s change positions before you cum. See how we like that, ok?”

“OK but hurry, I’m right on the edge!” she said.

We worked around till I was lying on my back with her on top of me with her back to me and I looked over at Bobby and said “Son you see that empty pussy up there? Put something in it, will you? This girl needs another güvenilir casino orgasm!”

Cindy said “Oh Bobby, can you get in with me stretched out like this? Or you can eat me honey!” Bobby got up and leaned over her and she took his dick and guided it into her pussy and he slid right on in.

“Oh Cindy you are so tight like this, damn, I don’t know how long I can last in this tight a pussy!” Bobby moaned to her.

Cindy said “You asshole, you better not cum before me. Damn Joe, where’d you get the idea to put two big cocks in me at one time.? You have no idea how fantastic this feels, I am stuffed with hot cock and I am ready to cum on both of them!” Cindy yelled. As she started humping up and down on us. I could feel Bobby’s cock in her pussy and I know she was full of cock. The longer she humped the louder she got and the faster she went.

Then all three of us were blasting off with all the cum we could muster together. When that one was over, I was completely spent. Cindy had not gotten off of my cock yet, I was just lying there exhausted and feeling my cock go soft. Then it just plopped out of her and I could feel my cum running out of her. Bobby had already rolled over on the floor and finally Cindy rolled over beside him. They swapped a few kissed and smiles and coos and licked each other’s faces. It was a scene of pure love, I swear!.

Finally we all got up and showered and went to the kitchen for some coke and relaxing.

When Cindy came in and sat down, she jumped back up and said “Shit, my ass is sore as hell, guys! And you two did it to me!” she said with a big grin on her face and then she eased her cute butt down in the chair. “But this won’t be the last time you two fuck my ass till it’s sore, you better be aware of that!’ she said with a smile.

We had some Cokes and sandwiches and just sat and talked for a while.

Then they were ready to leave and Cindy said “Oh by the way Uncle Joe, would you be interested in trying to make a really cute redhead cum?”

“Well, that depends honey, I have not been one to cheat on my wife, you were the exception honey!” I said.

She continued, “Joe she is one of my best friends at college and she swears that she has never had an orgasm! I just want her to feel what I feel when I am with you guys!”

Bobby said “Well what about me Cindy?”

“Oh no buddy, that cock is mine and only mine for as long as I can keep it happy! Now I might let someone borrow it for a few minutes, but I have to be there.” She explained.

I laughed and said “Cindy, if you like her that much and if you two can work it out so that she does not know we are related, we can do it. Just give me some notice, ok?” She agreed and off she and Bobby went to that place that teenagers go to.

End of Chapter Two

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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