Alex’s Gifts Ch. 15

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For everyone who has been clamoring for Lily and her friends to return, here’s a first taste. There’s a lot yet to come – the next chapter will get Carrie back into the mix, and then Ben & Megan’s situation will finally get some much-needed attention.

Special thanks to Samuraisan for assisting with editing.

Thanks & Enjoy.



Alex sat in his jeep listening to his stomach growl, trying to clear his mind and decide what to do next. He was due to visit Jenny and wanted most to share the news about getting the lifeguarding job, so he picked up his phone and dialed her number.

“Hey Alex, I was just talking about you,” Jenny answered.

“Good, I hope?” he said grinning into his phone.

Jenny giggled and he heard female voices in the background. “Your sister and Megan are here. How did tryouts go?”

“Do you guys have lunch plans?” he asked, avoiding her question but happy to hear the girls had paid her a visit.

“We were just about to get some takeout next door.”

“I’ll bring something over and let you know how it went. Which store?” he asked.

“The new one,” she answered.

“Ok, see you in about twenty.”

“Sounds good, we’ll be here.”

“Bye,” he replied and hung up.

Alex pulled into Jenny’s sex shop twenty-five minutes later with a bag of pungent Chinese takeout in the passenger’s seat. He entered the store, lunch in hand, and found the three girls gathered around the checkout counter with Jenny giving instructions on how to use the register. She looked up as he rounded the corner and smiled. “Hey there!”

“Hi ladies, I brought lunch,” he said, holding up the bag.

“Let’s go in the back, there’s a table in the break room,” Jenny said. When she stepped around the counter, Alex saw she was wearing a short blue skirt and creamy white stockings. He felt his cock jump as he wondered what else she had on underneath, and whether her attire was purposely selected for his enjoyment.

“So, how’d it go?” Casey asked while they walked through an aisle of erotic paraphernalia.

“I got the job,” he said with a wide grin.

“Nice!” Megan said enthusiastically.

“I knew you would,” Casey added, glancing at him with a nod. Jenny turned her head and grinned, proud to share in his accomplishment.

“What about you two?” Alex asked, referring to the petite brunettes. “How’s it going here?”

“I think they’re going to work out great,” Jenny said while opening the door to the employee break room. “Megan wants to work here, and Casey will float between both stores with me.”

Exactly as he’d expected. “That’s fantastic, congratulations girls. And thanks, Jenny,” he said, leaning in and kissing his new fling. “I owe you one,” he whispered as he bent down farther and tasted her elegantly long neck.

Jenny moaned faintly and he heard Megan whistle a catcall. “Enough of that you two, I’m hungry,” the spunky brunette said, pushing past them into the room.

Jenny blushed and Alex chuckled while setting the bag of food down on the table. The four ate and chatted about their new opportunities. Alex shared the details of his tryouts and everyone was suitably impressed with his performance. Megan was bubbling with excitement about getting to work in Jenny’s sex shop and he could tell Casey was eager to begin her tutelage under the professional party planner.

Once they’d had their fill, Megan stood and said, “I’m going to go practice with the register. Want to come, Case?” Her friend nodded and the two stood and left the room.

As soon as the door closed Jenny pounced on Alex, swinging her pantyhose-covered legs over his lap and spreading her skirt. She grabbed both sides of his face and forcefully pulled him in for a kiss, her tongue immediately sliding into his mouth.

“I haven’t been able to concentrate all day. I keep thinking about last night,” Jenny said moments later, gasping for breath. “I need you again,” she added in desperation while reaching down and tugging at his jeans.

Alex grinned and unbuttoned his pants. Jenny stood and locked the door while Alex stripped naked. He sat back in his chair and Jenny walked up to his knees. She lifted her skirt and revealed a shiny white triangle of fabric just large enough to cover her impeccable pussy. The material between her thighs was wet and stuck to her skin, pulling tight into her dainty slit. The sight made Alex’s cock bounce with desire. Jenny removed her blouse and bra, then unbuttoned and stepped out of her skirt revealing a white lace garter belt that wrapped around her narrow waist and connected to her thigh-high stockings via a set of vertical thin ribbons.

“Do you like?” she asked, blushing slightly and pulling up on her scanty panties.

Alex responded by wrapping his arms around her hips and grabbing her soft bare ass. He pulled her closer, letting her lift her silky white legs around his. He reached forward with his mouth and sucked one of her dark pink nipples into his mouth. Jenny tilted her head back and bahis firmaları moaned, running her fingers through his short hair while he kissed and suckled her creamy skin.

Moving a hand around her front, Alex cupped the shiny white fabric cladding her sweet lips. He reached under the cover, probing for her inner folds. She was wet, very wet, confirming that she had in fact spent much of the day thinking about their pool-side tryst the night before. He pulled her panties to the side and guided her glistening opening around his cock.

Jenny let out a long moan as his length sank into her aching void. She wasted no time savoring the feeling and immediately began bouncing on Alex’s lap, grunting each time she slapped down on his thighs. Her lust quickly overcame her control as she flexed with her legs, thrusting her hips faster up and down, smacking violently against her lover. She yelped and felt her insides clench as an orgasm boiled out of her, but she did not slow her pace.

Alex held both hands on her hips and watched the short-haired brunette ride his cock. He knew that after what happened in the locker room shower he could take his time if he wanted, and he did. Jenny’s tits bounced hypnotically in front of his face, and he felt her moisture seeping between his legs, coating his short hairs and trickling down his sack.

Jenny squealed and shook, climaxing again, this time more intensely than the first. Her knees wobbled and she struggled to maintain her rhythm. She stopped and ground against him, rubbing her clit into his pelvis and feeling him dance inside her. Alex wrapped a strong arm around her waist and stood, a move he performed the previous night when he’d lifted her from the pool. Jenny gasped and leaned in to kiss him. He set her down on the sturdy wooden table and she laid back with her legs spread wide.

Alex looked down to where his cock split her lips, her sopping white panties unceremoniously pushed to the side. He reached down with both hands, holding his shaft as he pulled out of Jenny’s gaping chasm. He shifted her panties back into position and pressed his tip against her mound, rubbing up and down the length of her silky underwear and watching her lips bulge and flutter under the thin material. He paused over her entrance and pushed, driving a couple inches of her panties into her entrance. When he pulled back out, the flimsy material stayed bunched inside her.

Lifting one of the seams, Alex pulled the fabric free and slid himself underneath it, contacting her bare skin. He savored the feeling as he slid his cock over her pussy while under her silky panties. Jenny reached down and pressed him against her, feeling his bumps and ripples through her panties while he glided his shaft along her throbbing valley. She gasped each time he passed over her clit and her legs quivered uncontrollably, still not recovered from her dual climaxes.

Directing his length downward, Alex pushed into his lover once again. Starting slow, he supported her stretched legs with his arms and slid through her rippled entrance, soon building speed as her tightness clenched around his girth. The table complained under their movements, swaying and squeaking in rhythm with Alex’s forceful thrusts. He groaned and Jenny whined in a high pitch, trying her best not to cry out. He felt his climax approaching and dropped her legs. Leaning over her, he placed his hands on the table and stood on his toes for leverage, applying as much pressure as he could manage and held. A loud moan escaped his lips as his cock jumped and erupted deep inside her. He bucked his hips in time with the spasms, driving harder into her wet embrace with each release. Jenny twitched and mewled as he emptied into her womb, her eyes closed tightly, head swinging side to side, lost in euphoria.

Once Alex calmed, Jenny opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her lover down to her. She met him halfway and held him for an intense kiss, her throat humming as she felt him jump inside her. She held the kiss until he eventually softened and slid out of her tenderness.

“Are you going to be able to concentrate now?” he asked with a grin, looking down at her flushed face.

Jenny sighed heavily and sat up, pulling her panties back into place. She slid off the table and stood. Alex looked down and chuckled at the wet smear that trailed to the edge of the wooden surface.

“No, I’m not,” she said and sighed again. “I might need that cabin trip sooner than we planned.” Alex leaned in and kissed her lightly, trailing down her sexy neck. He heard her gasp and then squeal and pull back as she clutched her panties. Her knees wobbled and she said, “You just came back out of me. It felt like I was peeing.”

Alex canted his eyebrows and thought, ‘Here we go again.’

Jenny giggled as she slid her thighs together, feeling his seed slip between her swollen lips. She pulled down the panties and handed them to Alex. “These ones are all used up. I’ll get a clean pair off the shelf,” she said and winked, knowing he’d appreciate kaçak iddaa the donation.

Alex lifted the white g-string to his nose and smelled their combined scents. A puddle of their combined fluids was trapped in the gusset of the small triangle. He set the panties on the table and grabbed a napkin to clean up their mess. He watched Jenny run a cloth between her legs and then throw it in the garbage. Having cleaned up their mess, the pair dressed in silence. Alex folded the white panties, trapping their secretions inside, and carefully slid them into his front pocket.

As Jenny walked for the door, Alex held her wrist and spun her for one last kiss. He stealthily lifted her skirt with his hand and squeezed her bare bottom. She whimpered and then grinned. “As much as I like your panties, I could get used to this, too,” he said with a wink, caressing her soft mounds of skin.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” the lithe brunette said and unlocked the break room door.

“There you guys are,” said Casey. She was standing in the lingerie section holding up a pair of see-through black lace panties. “What do you think of these?” she said, asking no one in particular.

“Alex and I think most of that stuff is garbage. I’m going to unload it for cheap and order some quality lingerie,” Jenny said. “Like this,” she said, holding up a pair identical to the ones Alex now possessed. “They don’t last long, trust me,” she said while secretly squeezing Alex’s rear and surreptitiously stuffing the clean g-string into his back pocket.

“I told you I’d buy you some new undies, sis,” Alex said and smiled.

Casey flashed a startled look at Jenny, unsure if she knew of the depth of her relationship with Alex.

“Oh really?” said Jenny. “And what do I get?” she asked, pinching his butt playfully.

Megan, hearing the topic of discussion, walked up and said, “Yeah, me too?!”

Alex laughed and said, “Well, I guess I’m going shopping this afternoon.”. Casey beamed at him and Megan clapped. He had other reasons for needing to hit the mall, but their evident delight sealed the deal.

“Jenny, I have some questions up front if you have a minute,” Megan said politely. The two departed, leaving Casey and Alex alone together for the first time in a while.

“Does she know about us?” Casey asked.

“Yes, I told her last night. She told me some things that made me trust her, very private things.”

“Ok, I just wanted to make sure,” she said and then pulled him in for a kiss. She moaned as he wrapped his strong arms around her petite frame and held her close. When their kiss ended Casey said, “What kind of things did she tell you?”

“I shouldn’t say.”

“Oh, come on, you told her my biggest secret and I didn’t have a choice,” she said, feeling slightly betrayed.

“I’m sorry. You’re right, that wasn’t fair. How about if I just say that it made me want to meet her sister,” Alex said with a smirk.

“Ohhh,” Casey said, eventually catching his meaning. “She hasn’t mentioned her yet but I’ll let you know what I find out.”

Hoping to change the topic he asked, “What size panties do you wear?”

Casey giggled and said, “Usually extra small, sometimes small. That blue thong I wore in your room is a small, and it was a little big on me.”

“I’m guessing Megan is the same?”

“Yep. And I bet Jenny’s either a small or medium,” she added.

Alex reached into his back pocket and pulled out the white g-string, searching for the tag. “This says small, and I know it fits well,” he said with a grin.

“You dog!” she exclaimed, slapping his arm. “You two totally did it back there, didn’t you?”

“What can I say?” he shrugged. “Watch this,” he said, then walked around his sister and quietly approached the counter behind Jenny. He bent down and wrapped a hand around her ankle. She flinched in fright and nearly kicked him.

“What are you…” Jenny started to ask as Alex lifted her foot and threaded the white string around her shoe. She put her foot down and lifted the other, squirming as Alex pulled the skimpy underwear over her stockings. He stood and leaned against her back, blocking Casey’s view as he lifted her skirt and pulled the garment into place over her garter straps. “Thanks,” she said, shaking her head and blushing in response to his overt gesture.

“That was pretty hot,” Megan said from the other side of the counter. She couldn’t see anything but it wasn’t exactly hard to figure out what had just happened.

“Where were we?” Jenny asked and sighed. She was distracted enough without him constantly reaching under her skirt.

Alex turned and grinned at Casey. Her eyes were wide and she laughed quietly with a hand over her mouth.

“I have to be going,” Alex said. “See you at home, Case. Megan, are you coming over for dinner tonight?”

“Nope, I have to get back to my place, my parents are starting to wonder where I’ve been. I just need to figure out how to explain this,” she said, raising her arms and looking around the sex store.

Alex kaçak bahis chuckled. “Good luck with that.” Looking at Jenny he asked, “Dinner Wednesday?”

“I’d like that,” she said smiling, the glow in her face still evident.

Alex nodded and waved, “Bye girls. Be careful with that one,” he said to Jenny while pointing at Megan. “She may go home with half your store if you aren’t careful.”

Casey snorted loudly. “Very funny, Alex!” Megan yelled indignantly and threw a crumpled piece of paper at the laughing young man as he walked out the door.

Alex was still chuckling when he got into his jeep and pulled out of the parking lot. He turned up the road toward the town mall, intent on doing some shopping. He needed to restock his work attire, spending all of his time at home or on the phone meant he rarely had to get dressed up to do his consulting job. He normally hated clothes shopping, but the added task of picking out panties for three of his sweethearts was plenty of motivation.

After finding a parking spot at the mall, Alex entered a large department store. Wasting no time, he picked out half a dozen shirts and two pairs of pants and tried them on. After exchanging a few items, he was satisfied with his choices and turned his attention to the women’s underwear aisles, feeling embarrassingly out of place. When he saw a young female employee start to approach, he turned and scurried back to the safety of the men’s section. This was going to be tougher than he thought.

Alex paid for his new clothes and wove his way into the mall proper. He stopped at the map, scanning the directory for possible stores. Two names stood out, Forever 21, and of course, Victoria’s Secret. He thought he’d go to Forever 21 first and save the obvious choice for last.

Alex walked through the noisy echoing mall, making a turn at the main intersection and locating the storefront he sought. Mannequins wearing cute dresses and skirts stood propped in the entrance. He hesitated, spotting the pretty salesgirl through the glass. What was he doing shopping for ladies underwear? His old anxiety crept in but he swallowed it. Sucking in a lungful of air, he walked into the store, head held high.

The store clerk approached, she looked about his age with dark shoulder-length wavy hair. “Can I help you with anything, sir?”

Alex cleared his throat and stammered saying, “Uhh, I’m looking for some things for my girlfriend.”

“Anything in particular?”

“Well, mostly underwear,” he said and blushed.

“Our collection is over there. We have a three for nine sale going on now,” she said, pointing deep into the store. “I’ll be here if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” Alex said and grabbed a shopping basket before heading to the back. As he neared the racks of intimates he passed by a couple shelves of sleepwear. A shimmering crushed velvet PJ set caught his attention. He felt the fluffy soft material and smiled. The set included a tank top and a loose pair of shorts which he immediately imagined his sisters wearing. He chose one cream-colored pair and a second set in pink.

His attention turned towards a mannequin wearing a bodysuit. He looked down at the assortment under it and found a fetching black lace and red satin teddy. Grinning as visions of Megan crossed in his mind, he added it to the basket. Then he found a pile of seamless bodysuits, some with a ribbed texture and some plain. He took a plain one in white, it reminded him of Casey’s leotard, except it snapped open between the legs and the back was cut more like a bikini.

Alex moved into an area filled with lace and bright colors, amazed how inexpensive the panties were. Whenever he found something he liked, he added it to his basket. Sheer black with polka dots, red lace cheeky cut, satin boy shorts, high-cut microfiber bikinis, and thongs. Lots of thongs. In black satin, with pink ruffles, ribbed knit, see-through mesh, rainbow stripes, tiny g-strings in microfiber lace and sheer white lycra. He had at least thirty pairs in his basket before he finished, all sized to fit his sister and her friend Megan.

Satisfied with his assortment, he walked to the counter. The attendant came over quickly and stood in surprise as Alex piled the colorful garments on the counter. “Find everything you were looking for?”

“And then some,” Alex said and laughed while he took out his wallet.

“I’ll say. Lucky girlfriend,” the cute clerk said and smiled in awe at the handsome young man.

After hearing the total Alex handed over two hundred dollar bills. He collected his change and thanked the young woman, then took the bag she’d packed and left the store.

Thrilled and emboldened by his success, Alex strolled deeper into the mall. He located his next stop and immediately walked inside without fear. He could tell Victoria’s Secret was a step above. Bustiers, teddies, camis; lacy and strappy things filled his view as he turned in circles, dazed and overwhelmed.

“Can I help you?” a feminine voice asked.

Alex turned and met a familiar face. “Lynn!” he exclaimed. “Good to see you,” he added with a thankful smile. Even though they’d met only once at his sister’s birthday party, he was thankful to not have to rely on a complete stranger for help.

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