Alexa’s Birthday Party

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My wife, Cassie, and I went to visit her family in Arizona in order to celebrate her baby sisters’ 18th birthday. Money was tight because we had just had a new baby, so we unhappily accepted her parents’ offer to sleep in Cassie’s old bedroom. The house was a large two story with 4 bedrooms. Cassie’s old room was adjoined to her sisters’ room by a bathroom with two doors, one opening directly into each girls’ bedroom.

The birthday was a big event for the family. Alexa was Cassie’s youngest sibling by nearly 15 years and their parents were excited to have all of their children grown and old enough to fend for themselves. Her parents had planned a cruise to Alaska leaving from a port in California a week after Alexa was to be settled in her college dorm that fall. I was very unenthused by the event. I had met Cassie in New York when she was in her 20s and had spent very little time with her family. I found it strange that I should have a sister-in-law who was starting elementary school when my wife and I were married and made little attempts at playing games with Alexa when we’d visit for holidays. Now, at 40 years old, I had no interest in wasting my week’s vacation with my wife’s family, eating cake and watching Alexa open up presents as trivial as make-up and jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch. But my wife won out, as she always did, insisting that now would be a great time to bring our son to see his extended family.

We arrived the day before the party and Alexa met us at the door, throwing her arms around her sister, cooing at our son, and commenting on how much like each of us he looked. She was bouncy and energetic—excited about our visit, her new nephew, and her upcoming summer break. When she hugged me, I felt one of her many earrings graze my jawline and an erotic jolt shot down to my groin. It was then that I realized how beautiful she was, how much she had grown into a woman, but how innocent and vulnerable she still was, as a young woman who had not yet been truly exposed to the ills of the world. She wore a light pink tank top, which brought out the pink in her creamy white cheeks and highlighted the lip gloss that glistened on her full lips. Her long blond hair was loose, in somewhat of a disarray from the light breeze of the day, and she tucked it behind her ears absentmindedly as she chatted about her girlfriends and the boys she liked at school. Her jeans were tight—the trendy kind with holes in all the right places—and they sat on the slight curve of her thin hips. I wondered how her low-waist jeans had stayed up before she developed that tiny curve of her thighs and ass that seemed to fill out the pants just enough to keep them from slipping down her skinny figure and landing on the floor. The glitter of a stone in her belly button ring taunted me, as her midriff was exposed occasionally in response to her excited movements and gestures while speaking to Cassie. Alexa’s feet were bare, her chipped blue toe nail polish grabbing my attention. I had to work to keep myself from grabbing her foot and tickling her until I was on top of her. That really would not go over well.

At Alexa’s party, the next night, I tried desperately to avoid her. Friends poured in through the open front door, young men and pretty girls; plenty of eye candy to keep me occupied. When it was time to open the presents, Alexa sat in her pink party dress , legs crossed Indian style on the floor, as mounds of pink wrapping formed a castle in front of her. I was reminded of how young she was, giggling with her friends and laughing giddily as she opened gifts of all shades and sizes. When she opened a box from Victoria’s Secret—a gift from the boy whom she had spent most of the previous day gabbing to her sister about—Alexa blushed bright red and pulled out a sexy black lace camasol. Everyone at the party “oohed” nervously and a boy sitting on the couch over Alexa’s right shoulder high-fived his buddy. I struggled in vain to keep myself from picturing Alexa, stripped naked in the camosal, panties already torn off of her body. I crossed my leg to keep my erection from becoming obvious to anyone but me.

My wife had gone upstairs after the party to put our son to sleep in her old bedroom. After sharing a cigar with her father on the patio, I met her in the bedroom. She was already asleep in the bed when I got to the room. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to release myself inside of her, but I knew it was for the better. I would only be thinking of her baby sister anyhow, and that was too wrong. I changed into a white cotton t-shirt and light cotton pajama bottoms, and slid into bed beside her, half hoping she would wake up horny and make my decision for me. But, she slept deeply and I closed my eyes in hopes of falling into a quick sleep as well.

In my minds’ eye, I could only see Alexa, running around the house before the party this morning in a short yellow ruffled skirt and tight white t-shirt that pressed firmly against her breasts and allowed her hard little nipples to peek through the material. Even through the material of the shirt and her bra, I was bahis firmaları certain I could make out some slight pink coloring. My mouth ached to nipple on those pink areolas, to squeeze her tits and watch her face light up into that giggley smile that she had worn throughout the entire birthday party. After 15 minutes, I gave up on sensibility, fished my porno magazine out of the bottom of my travel bag, and went to the bathroom to jack off.

When I turned on the light to the bathroom and locked the door to Cassie’s room, I was startled to realize that Alexa had left the door to her bedroom open. I tiptoed towards it, hoping to close it without rousing her from her sleep. When I carefully wrapped my fingers around the doorknob, I stole a peek into Alexa’s bedroom. She was asleep in her bed, curled towards me and laying on her side. She wore the light pink spandex tank top that she had worn when we first arrived. Blankets covered her from her waist down and I felt the inexplicable urge to know what she was wearing over her sweet ass. Without considering it, I tiptoed into her bedroom and stood over her. I was reminded of how small she was as I towered over her. So petite and fragile, almost like a doll. I looked at her peaceful face, imaging the childish thoughts running through her carefree mind, and I gently tucked a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. The contact roused her slightly, and she murmured something into her pillow before returning to the deep breathing that characterized her peaceful sleep. I took my index finger and traced her body, starting at her bottom lip, down her chin and onto the slope of her right breast. Her body responded uncontrollably to my touch, and I noticed that her nipples had hardened against her tank top. I ran the back of my hand over her hard nipple and watched as Alexa mumbled again into her pillow but did not wake. Continuing to gently stroke her sleeping angels’ body, I moved my fingers down her side and carefully drew the bunched blanket from under her left arm, sliding it down her hip and exposing her bare legs and thighs. Baby blue panties hugged her figure, lightly bunched between the external mounds of her pussy.

I watched her face as I lost all power of resistance and brought one finger to the line that ran between her mounds. I traced the soft cotton material, lightly running my fingers between the fatty mounds of the lips of her pussy. When I pressed the material deeper, I could feel her clitoris, erect despite the fact that she was still asleep. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined licking her clit, and when I opened my eyes, I nearly jumped to realize that her eyes were open too.

She stared up at me, half dreamily, and I waited for the situation to become clear to her and for her to respond. I braced myself for her scream, until I realized that she was rolling onto her back, kicking the covers entirely off of the bed, and spreading her legs for me. I saw the wanting in her eye, and the slight smile on her dry lips, and I leaned onto the bed, straddling her, looking into her eyes, and bringing my mouth to hers. She moaned gently, and responded to my kiss. I fed my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it like it was candy. I ran my fingers through the tangles in her sprawled hair, and smelled her sweet scent of birthday cake frosting and sweat. As our kisses became more forceful, she raised her groin up to mine and she let out a moan when she felt my hard cock press between our bodies.

I pulled my mouth from hers and began to nibble my way down her neck. Her skin was soft, almost like a babies’, and her moans were low and needy. Her fingers scratched gently at my shoulders and back, as my mouth enclosed her earlobe and my teeth tugged at her barbell rings. I lapped and sucked at the skin from her ear to her breasts, then looked up to meet her half-closed eyes, not asking for permission, but wanting to see that she wanted this as much as I did. She bit her lip, moaned lightly, and arched her body under the weight of mine, and I took that as the desperate cries of a woman who wanted to have her nipples sucked more than anything else in the world. I reached my hands between the straps of her tank top and yanked the stretchy material down so that her two small breasts were exposed. She gave out a sigh of relief, as though I had relieved some great pressure in her, and she tightened when I blew on one of her tight nipples. When I looked up to see her sweet face, she reached her hands down and clenched a two fistfuls of my hair, guiding my face into the depression between her tits. I licked her skin, and grabbed her tits- one in each hand—holding the nipples between my thumb and forefinger—and squished them against my cheeks. I put my mouth to her nipples and rolled them around with my tongue, gently nibbling on them and sucking like a baby reflexively begging for his mothers’ milk.

I moved my mouth down the midline of her stomach, stopping at that belly ring that had taunted me the previous day and chewing gently on the metal, letting it clank around against my teeth as I breathed hot air onto Alexa’s bare kaçak iddaa stomach and made her twitch in excited frustration. When I reached her panty-covered pussy, I lifted my head to admire the beauty of it. Juices drenched the baby blue cotton material, darkening her panties most noticeably in that groove between her pussy mounds and glazing her spread inner thighs. I watched her watching me, as I reached my tongue out as far as it could go and lapped at one moist thigh and then the other. She moaned, smiled that angelic smile, and stiffened her body all at the same time. Our eyes met as my fingers slipped under the sides of her panties and she said: “I’ve never.” In a barely audible voice that was merely a statement and nothing more. She wanted me to go on and nothing could stop me now.

I slid her soaked panties down her thighs, admiring her pussy as it became exposed from underneath the soft material, and kissing the backs of her knees as I pulled them off of her body and tossed them on the floor. I went back up to her full lips to taste her mouth one more time, before placing my hands on the backs of her thighs and surrounding her pussy with my open mouth. Instinctively she rested her knees on my shoulders and with my first mouthwatering taste, she tightened her thighs around my neck and arched her lower back, softly holding back moans that would likely have woken the whole neighborhood if she could really let herself go. Her juices were thick on my tongue, and the sweet mucous dribbled down my chin as I lapped at her hole more and more. I nibbled on her clit tenderly, responding to her physical reactions and not wanting to tease it so much that it hurt more than it satisfied. Her fingers found the lobes of my ears, massaging them and pulling at random clumps of my short hair. Her thighs tightened and relaxed in waves that seemed to match her pleasure as my tongue entered her vagina and orally fucked her. Her breasts jiggled and her breath came in short bursts as she raised herself up from the bed to hump my face. I wanted nothing more than to slide my cock inside her and explode.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the bathroom door from Cassie’s side. I looked up at Alexa, terror in her eyes and yet she was still bouncing her ass against my face. I ran to the bathroom, closing the door to Alexa’s room quietly, splashing some water on my sticky face, and opening the door.

“What are you doing in here?!” Cassie asked me, “I woke up ten minutes ago to pee and I’ve been waiting for you to get out of the bathroom all this time!”

I struggled with my words, but I managed to grab my porno magazine from the counter behind me and raise it up. I shrugged sheepishly without speaking, and a wave of understanding seemed to come over her. She looked down at my hard cock, begging to break free from my pajama pants, and she smiled apologetically.

“Honey, I’m so sorry. I know we haven’t had a lot of alone time since the baby was born. I just haven’t felt in the mood. But I’d rather you fuck me than jack off in some nasty magazine.” She said, untying the string to my pants and pulling it down below my ass.

She reached her hands towards my raging hard-on and squeezed it tightly. I had been so excited about the thoughts of fucking her sister, that the build-up in my cock was enormous, and I gave out a deep moan that I could hardly stifle. I hoped Alexa couldn’t hear it through the bathroom door. Cassie led me by my cock back towards her bed. She kissed my mouth—and I hoped that she couldn’t differentiate the taste of her sister’s cunt mixed in with my saliva—and pushed me onto my back on her bed. She yanked my pajama bottoms all the way down, and pulled off her old t-shirt, exposing her heavy breasts. I couldn’t help but compare them to her baby sisters’. Cassie’s were so much fuller, and heavy from breast feeding. The nipple was more brown than Alexa’s pink areolas. I cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently, knowing that they were still tender—and she straddled and mounted me.

My cock slid right inside of her and we both moaned. She bounced on me and I held her hips, still thinking about how Alexa would have felt around my cock. I closed my eyes to enjoy an intense wave of sensation as it coursed from my balls to the head of my cock, and when I opened them I realized that the door was open behind Cassie and Alexa was standing in the doorway. My first instinct was to grab a cover, throw it over Cassie’s naked body and pull out of her. We had been caught in the act before, and confronting the audience was typically the way to go. But Alexa watched us and I got the feeling that she was enjoying watching us. I looked up into Cassie’s face, eyes closed, completely unaware of our visitor, and I concentrated on thrusting even more deeply inside her. I fixed my eyes on Alexa and watched as she watched us. I watched how she touched her breasts, pinching her nipples the way I had done with my mouth only a few minutes earlier, and I tried to imagine the feel of her clit against my tongue as Cassie bounced and moaned around me. When I came, it was intense. Cassie kaçak bahis had begun to spasm around my cock, but the real catalyst was that Alexa had began fingering herself, sliding one finger into her exposed pussy, then bringing it to her lips to taste. I lost control and came with Cassie, only barely aware of her words: “God, you feel so good!” and “I’m coming, baby, ohhh, I love you so fucking much!” The orgasm was like fireworks in my groin, and I knew that my cum had filled Cassie up. She sat on me for a few more minutes, and I felt the tickle of the cum—both of our juices—spilling out of her hole and onto my inner thighs and balls. When she climbed off of me, I lost sight of Alexa for an instant, and when Cassie layed next to me, I was surprised to realize that Alexa was gone. Cassie rolled on her side, whispering something about how well she sleeps after she fucks me, and I told her that I would have to go to the bathroom to clean up. I knew that she was probably already asleep, falling into one of those numbing fits of relaxation that come right after a good cum.

I locked the door to Cassie’s room in the bathroom and walked straight through Alexa’s room. She was sitting on her bed, completely naked, with her legs pulled tightly against her chest. Between her thighs, her pink pussy called to me. I grabbed some tissues from a box on her desk and went to clean the cum and juices off of my cock—desperate that I still might have the opportunity to fuck Alexa once I got hard again. She leaned forward, kneeling in front of me, and waved away the tissues. She looked me in the eye as she licked the cum and juices from my ball sack, sucking my balls in one after the other and lapping at the creamy white dried cum that had landed on the backside of my balls near the opening to my ass. She batted her eyes at me, seductively, and I am sure I had never seen a more beautiful sight than Alexa, opening her mouth to devour my damp, flaccid cock. She took care to suck all of the juices out of the fatty skin that surrounds a flaccid cock, and as her tongue swirled around it, I began to grow erect again. She could no longer reach the base with her lips, so she held it in her two small hands and nibbled on the tip. She closed her eyes when my hand rested on her soft hair and she responded to the pressure by sliding her lips down the length of my shaft until my cock made her gag. I grabbed a clump of her hair and pulled her back off of the length of my shaft, and again back to see her gag, and back off. I pushed her head gently down, so that her chin would knead the tender skin between my balls with each devouring motion and she responded by putting her hands on my naked chest and lightly scratching my pecs and stomach. Her heels, sitting under her bare ass, glittered with the moisture of her dripping juices and I knew I had to pick her up and fuck her. When she said “All clean now” in a silly, child-like whimper, I grabbed her arms and lifted her up off the ground.

I brought her against a wall and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her aggressively and rubbing my hard cock against her belly. I put my hands against her ass and lifted her petite body up towards me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we were eye level now, nearing the point of no return. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her soft breasts into my face. I lapped and sucked at her nipples as I rubbed the head of my cock against her dripping pussy. I squeezed her ass, anchored her tightly against the wall, and rubbed the cylindrical surface of my shaft against her aching clit, moving against her in circles that I mirrored around her hard nipples with my tongue.

When I couldn’t wait anymore, I lined my aching cock up with her hole, maintained a firm grip on her ass and forced my cock in towards the wall. I didn’t feel her hymen tear, but I knew when it happened because she gave out a quiet yelp and buried her face in the nape of my neck. I sat inside her for a moment, letting her get used to the feel of a cock—my cock—in her hole, before I started to form circles with my groin against hers. I waited until she responded, forming a circle with her groin that went in the opposite direction to mine, before I slid the length of my cock out of her and forced it in again. Her moans were euphoric. I felt like she was releasing years of sexual tensions on my aching cock, and I wished I could fuck all of her holes at once. With one of my fingers I massaged the skin between her cunt and her ass, and she moaned in response, breathing deeply into my neck.

I lay her on her back on her bed, folding her knees together against her chest. I wanted to see her face while I fucked her, look her in the eyes while my cum filled up her hole. I slid my cock back inside her, the bottoms of her feet pressed against my stomach and her knees nearly hitting her in the jaw as I held her thighs and used all my strength to fuck her. The smacking noises were so loud that I was afraid the whole house would wake up, but they drowned out the moans and I didn’t care about anything but the electricity in my cock at that point. She whimpered and cooed, and I bludgeoned her hole with everything I had. When she said my name for the first time all night, I felt my glands express their contribution to my load and I looked into Alexa’s eyes.

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