Ah, Oops! Pt. 05 – Stepdad Ramps It Up Further

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Mark was having a lot of fun these days. For a while his life had been boring and lonely, with his wife becoming uninterested in sex since starting her new job. However, when he accidentally flashed his busty stepdaughter and gave her a glimpse of his huge cock, things began to escalate quickly.

Before he really knew what was happening, he’d had both his young stepdaughters on their knees, taking turns to practice blowjobs on him, and had introduced his young black intern at the office to his dick by way of a video call, as she watched him get jerked off by an unseen hand.

Mark’s latest suggestion to the girls had been that perhaps when they were around the house, then they needn’t wear bras and should let their big tits have a little freedom, and as for trousers- maybe skimpy shorts or just micro panties barely covered by their t-shirts might look nice?

Both girls readily agreed, and over the next few days, the rule was very much “more is less”.

Mark joined in too, increasingly only wearing boxers around the house, which seemed to meet with the girls approval.

Every time his wife’s back was turned, Mark would find himself feeling up one daughter or another, sometimes both!

There hadn’t been much chance to ramp the games up further, but Mark still had high hopes. Certainly judging by the way his girls loved to fondle his cock and balls, he wasn’t alone.

On one occasion though, they were nearly caught out.

Mark had ‘accidentally’ walked in on his younger stepdaughter Millie in her room and, with a quick hand gesture had her on her knees with his cock in her mouth.

His wife, Janice was in the kitchen preparing dinner, and Mark thought he had plenty of time.

Millie was very good at sucking his cock by now, having had a fair bit of practice, and Mark was pondering whether she was better than her sister when he heard footsteps coming upstairs! Since Jenny was out, it could only be his wife so, with a slurping noise he pulled his dick from Millie’s willing mouth, tucked his rock hard cock away and motioned Millie to get up quickly.

Just in time, as Janice entered the room to find them standing there, holding her phone and flicking through some pictures from a party Millie had been at the night before.

Mark turned to leave the room and as he did so his wife glanced down at him, and clearly saw his rock hard cock bulging the front of his boxers.

She frowned, and turned to Millie, noticing for the first time the skimpy outfit that the teenage bombshell was wearing.

She looked like she was about to say something, but shook her head dismissively and told Mark and Millie that she had made snacks for that evening because, she reminded them, tonight was a Friday and Friday night is movie night!

Mark used to love movie night back in the day. When his wife still had feelings for him, they would snuggle up on one casino şirketleri sofa, while the girls shared the other. It was a nice time and more often than not ended up with a Mark and a Janice retiring to bed where they would fuck vigorously, knowing they had plenty time since there was no work tomorrow.

Not lately though. So as Mark headed down to the lounge he couldn’t help wondering if he would get a chance to feel up one of his step daughters that evening instead.

As he entered the lounge, he saw Millie sitting on one sofa and the other was empty.

“Mom’s gone to call Jenny” she said, “She just got home and we’re all going to settle down.”

“Well, mind if I join you?” Said Mark and plonked himself down beside his ample bosomed step daughter.

Just then, his wife Janice arrived, with her other daughter a Jenny in tow. Jenny frowned when she saw Mark beside Millie, but went over to the other couch and sat beside her Mum as the movie started.

Surprise, surprise! With 3 women in the house it was a romcom, and Mark quickly lost interest. After 30 mins or so, he went to fix drinks all round. Beer for him, red wine for the ladies. As he was doing so, he noticed Janice had left her bag on the worktop, and inside he could see a bottle of pills. It was her new prescription of sleeping pills and, without really thinking, he took a couple and crumbled them into a Janice’s drink. Stirring it with his finger, he took the drinks through, making sure Janice got the right one, and sat down next to Millie once more.

This time though, Millie snuggled in to him and her hand ‘accidentally ‘ brushed the front of his boxers.

As usual, his trouser snake began to rise to the challenge, and Millie giggled as she again brushed his cock.

Janice glanced over at the noise, and could only see that Mark was sitting quietly with his arm around Millie, and that she was snuggling in, watching the movie.

Mark allowed his arm to slip down Millie’s back and was soon cupping his step daughters ass cheek and allowing an occasional finger to slip into her crack and tickle her rosebud.

Millie responded by moving her arm and placing her hand right onto Mark’s hard cock. She gave it a gentle squeeze and left her hand there- right in full view of her mother!

Janice yawned as the wine and sedative mixture began to kick in. She felt really drowsy and glanced over to Mark to see if he felt the same.

It was really strange, because it looked like Millie had her hand on Mark’s cock, but of course that couldn’t be the case. She glanced back to the screen and carried on watching the movie.

Next time she looked over, she gasped! Mark’s massive cock was bulging up the front of his shorts and Millie’s hand was definitely on top of it.

She felt herself drop off to sleep just as Millie slipped her hand into Mark’s shorts and pulled his monster cock casino firmaları out.

Mark looked over to Janice and watched her eyes close just as Millie got his cock out and started to stroke it.

Jenny was watching from beside Janice as Mark moved Millie upright and pulled her t-shirt up over her head. Her big tits bounced as Mark started to grope her, right in front of her sleeping mother.

He took one nipple in his mouth and started to nibble gently, as he squeezed her other boob.

Alternating, Millie gasped as he worked his magic on her ample chest, but managed to keep her rhythm as she began to jerk him off.

“Suck me!” demanded Mark and Millie dutifully obliged. Shifting her position, she lowered her head and took his massive cock into her mouth.

Mark looked over at Jenny while her sister worked on his dick. She had slipped her panties off, and was now fingering herself vigorously as she watched the scene before her.

“Is she definitely asleep?” he asked.

“Hell yes, you could do anything here right now and she won’t wake up! She’s out for the count!” said Jenny.

“Anything?” said Mark, as he raised an eyebrow.

“Anything” came the reply.

Mark looked down at Millie as she diligently sucked and licked his cock. She was really very good at this but Mark was ready for pussy now.

Mark pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Millie, I want you to get your phone and get the camera ready. It’s time for me to fuck your sister and I want it captured. Make sure you get your Mom in shot too!”

With that, Mark stood up, slipped his boxers off and stepped over to the sofa where Janice lay asleep, and her teenage daughter lay beside her, frigging away frantically at her wet pussy.

Mark positioned Jenny so that she was on her back, half laying across her Mother’s lap.

Without much ceremony, he took an ankle in each hand and parted her legs. Moving himself forward he positioned the head of his cock carefully, looked over to Millie and, seeing that she was filming the action, began to push.

His cock pushed its way into her wet cunt. She was very tight, and Mark was very big and very hard. Gradually he began to slide to and fro, pushing his cock deeper with each gentle thrust.

Her muscles clenched at his erect cock as he pushed deeper and deeper. It was tight, and warm, and wet and Jenny began to moan as he forced his cock deeper inside her.

He looked down and could now see that he was fully inside her. He paused, and looked down at her, then at her sister as she filmed. He finished by looking at their sleeping mother and, as she slept on, he began to saw his cock in and out of her daughters wet cunt.

Slowly at first, but building speed gradually he began to fuck her. Hard!

Jenny couldn’t believe what was happening as her stepdad pumped his cock in and out of her, like a remorseless pile-driver.

She güvenilir casino began to build towards what would be the first of many orgasms and groaned as she felt the wave of pleasure wash over her whole body.

This was more than she had ever imagined, and she felt her next orgasm begin its surge. Mark was relentless as he pumped his horse cock in and out of her. He paused for a second as he looked over to the camera, smiled wickedly and with one hand began to grope his sleeping wife’s tits as the other grabbed at her daughters busty body.

Jenny was out for the count as Mark ravished her daughter, but occasionally the feeling of her tits being squeezed could penetrate the fog and she began to respond.

She unconsciously began to push back against the pressure of Marks hand as he squeezed her tits.

Mark carried on fucking Jenny but now used both hands on his sleeping wife’s body.

So, she didn’t want to fuck him any more? Well, he was fucking her daughter instead, and pretty soon he’d be fucking her other daughter too. He glanced over to Millie, and was pleased to see she was still filming.

He massaged Janice’s tits as he pumped his cock into her daughter. Jenny was lost in the moment now as he thrust into her, forcing her to cum again and again!

Mark took one hand off Janice’s tit and reached to her mouth. He pushed a finger to her lips and watched as it slipped into her mouth.

He moved his finger around, and pushed it in and out between her lips. Janice’s mouth opened, as if to accept a cock and Mark readied himself.

Just as Jenny came down from another climatic orgasm, he pulled his dick free.

He stood up on the sofa, leaned his groin forward and pushed his dripping cock into Janice’s open mouth.

She began to suck, lost in some dream as her husband began to fuck her mouth. Oblivious to the taste of her daughters pussy coming from the meat in her mouth, she felt it go deeper and deeper.

Mark groaned in ecstasy as his balls began to tighten and his clock got even harder.

He began to come, and load after load of hot cum pumped from his cock into his wife’s mouth.

Eventually, he was done and he almost fell back as he removed his cock.

Janice was still asleep, though moaning slightly as whatever dream she was having continued. Jenny was watching as Mark stood up and looked over to her sister.

“Did you get all that?” he asked.

“God yes!” she replied, “it was amazing!”

“Good!” said Mark, as he rose from the sofa.

Turning back to Jenny, he told her.

“Stay here with your mother, and make sure she doesn’t waken and come upstairs. I’m going to take your little sister up now, and I’m going to fuck her just like I fucked you. Long, and deep and hard!”

Mark walked across the room towards Millie, and the camera phone shook slightly as she focussed squarely on the huge cock coming towards her.

“How can he still be so hard?” she thought, as the huge cock filled her viewfinder.

“You can switch it off now!” said Mark as he reached Millie.

With that, the camera screen went dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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