Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 04.5

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Hi everyone. Sorry for the long delay. I haven’t lost interest in writing this series, but I have been very busy lately. The chapters will continue, slowly, but I can’t say when. I have plans to write about 15 in total, plus however many experiment chapters I can think of.

This “chapter” is a short one, taking place between the last class and the next one.


In the last class, I’d received an interesting sex toy: a remote vibrator. It was a small, shiny metal object. It was about two inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter, and it was rounded on either end. With it, I received a remote control, which had only one control: a simple knob, which controlled the vibration intensity.

Of course, I was very eager to test the new toy out as much as possible. So, that weekend, I decided it was time to try it.

I woke up early Saturday morning, before most of the people were out and about on campus. I massaged my pussy for a few minutes, to get it good and wet, then slid the bullet inside me. I turned the knob to the lowest setting, which produced a very low hum inside me.

Then I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around me, grabbed my shower basket, and headed out the door. Nobody was awake yet, so I simply took my shower, and went about my morning routine. The only difference was that I was horny the entire time, because of the vibration.

When I got back to my room, I took the towel off and got dressed. I put on my favorite pair of jean short shorts, and a green t-shirt. I decided it was early enough to forego a bra, and I wasn’t going anywhere that required panties. Then I grabbed the controller and my cell phone and walked out the door.

As soon as I was outside, I looked around and didn’t bahis firmaları see anyone. So, before starting my walk, I turned the knob up to the next setting. I could instantly feel the vibration get more intense. I put the controller in my pocket and started my walk. I walked all the way across campus, and only encountered a few people.

By this time I was very horny, and so I excitedly turned the knob up to two settings. Since it was so quiet, I could actually hear the quiet humming inside me. I sat down on a bench, and spread my legs slightly. I placed the remote control next to me on the bench and closed my eyes, enjoying the vibrator work me up even more.

After a few minutes, I suddenly felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I jumped, and opened my eyes. Sitting next to me was a young guy, maybe 18 or 19 years old. He had the remote in his hand.

“Hi,” he said. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just curious what this remote was for.”

“Oh,” I said, looking at it. I thought for a moment, and realized I couldn’t tell him what it was. “I’m not sure. It was here when I sat down.”

“Oh, strange,” he said. He looked at it for a moment, then twisted the knob all the way up, testing what it did.

Of course, I knew exactly what it did. I felt the vibrator go to the highest level inside me, and I could clearly hear the buzzing get louder. It took all my willpower, but I didn’t let it show what was happening. The only sign was that I closed my eyes for a moment.

Then he turned it down again, until it was all the way off.

“Strange,” he said. Then, after a short pause, he continued, “Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Tristan.”

“Samantha.” I replied.

“Cool. kaçak iddaa What brings you out here this early, if I may ask?”

As he made small talk, in his hand, I watched him idly play with my remote. He slowly turned the knob up, stopping for a moment after each notch.

“Oh, just going for a walk,” I replied, as I felt myself getting turned on again.

“Ah,” he said, turning it up another notch. “Yea, me too. I’m just killing time.” Then he pulled out his phone, and started flipping through it, all the while continuing to play with my remote.

I felt the vibration increase, slowly, with each click of the knob. As it increased, I also started to hear the humming. I was very worried he’d hear the humming. I was trying to think of something to say, in case he asked about it, but the buzzing was so distracting, I couldn’t think of anything.

I also felt a lot of wetness between my legs. Just by moving my legs slightly, I could feel the inside of my thighs slide against each. I knew if Tristan didn’t stop soon, I would have an entire other problem.

Finally, Tristan stopped. He put the remote back on the bench, and stood up. “Well, I gotta head to class now,” he said. “See you around, Samantha. Nice to meet you.”

I couldn’t say anything, because I knew my voice would give away what I was feeling, so I simply nodded to him. Then he turned around and left.

As soon as he was turned around, I grabbed the controller, and turned the knob all the way down, and finally, the buzzing stopped. As I caught my breath, I looked down. When Tristan was far enough away, I opened my legs a little, and assessed the situation.

The denim material between my legs was completely soaked with kaçak bahis my pussy juices. I was also now regretting choosing a pair of shorts that were so short. I could see the inside of my thighs were shiny.

I started to wipe away what I could, but then I noticed some people approaching nearby. So, I grabbed the controller and my phone, and started back towards my dorm.

As I walked, I couldn’t help but think about what had just happened. A boy that I had just met had been in control of a vibrator inside of me. Of course, he didn’t know that, but I did! As I thought about it, I couldn’t resist; I turned the knob on the controller up to about mid-way, and felt the humming begin again, immediately.

I was so distracted by the sensations inside of me, that I didn’t notice when my juices started running down my leg. It wasn’t until I was back in my room, that I realized the entire inside of my thighs were soaked, and it even slid almost near to my socks. I knew anyone I had passed (which included quite a few other students, as well as a professor or two), surely saw what was going on.

When I finally arrived at my room, I hastily shut the door behind me, stripped off my shorts, and laid on my bed. I turned the knob up to full power, and started rubbing myself.

A short time later, I came. Hard.

Then I took a short nap.

When I awoke, the vibrator was still buzzing, but it appeared I had turned it down to a low setting. However, that didn’t stop my pussy from leaking a ton more juices. I looked down and saw my sheets were soaked.

I turned the vibrator off, then squat down and pushed it out. It took a minute, because it had been in there so long, but it finally popped out, and I caught it in my hand. I placed it and the controller on my desk, then got dressed and took my sheets to the wash, along with the rest of my dirty clothes.

Then I went back to my room, and went about my normal day.

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