Adult Choices

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All characters are over 18.


Simon and Karen grew up within walking distance of each other’s homes. They lived in a rural community and they were the only children their age around so they spent a lot of time together. They went to school together. They went to church together. One of them usually had either breakfast or dinner at the other’s home. They also went about exploring all the wooded areas together.

When it came time to go to high school, Karen just went to the local high school but Simon got a scholarship to go to a very elite boarding school. From Karen’s point of view that was the end of her relatively happy childhood and the beginning of problems heaped upon misery.

Karen lived with her grandparents because her parents were less than stable people. She’d gone her entire life not ever seeing them but then in high school they decided to show up. First it was her mom and then her mom left. Then it was her dad. He left and came back like three times before her mom got around to showing back up. Then there was the revelation that there was a very high chance that the man everyone called her dad was not really her biological father. Her mother wouldn’t say who her real father was. Night after night Karen cried herself to sleep asking God why her family was so messed up, but more than that, why her friend had to leave her behind to deal with this alone.

At first Karen never entertained any ideas of going to college. How could she? She had the grades but she thought there would be no way her family could afford it. Then her grandfather pulled her aside and told her a secret. He’d saved up for Karen’s mother to go to college but that never happened. He kept the money safe and added to it over the years and he thought there would be enough. If she could get a grant or a loan to make up the difference then she would be college bound. It was one bright moment in the middle of some very dark years.

In the middle of all this she kept a happy face for Simon. He’d write to her almost everyday and during summer break they spent everyday together. When he found out where she wanted to go to college he applied to go there too. He missed her and he wanted them to pick up right where they left off.

The day before she left for college her grandparents sat her down and had some very hard words to say.

“Don’t be like your mother.” her grandmother had told her at the beginning of a very long speech about how they hadn’t raised her to be a slut. They told her she wasn’t going to college to find a husband or to drink herself to death. She was going to college to get educated and learn job skills so that she would always have control over her own life and could decide for herself what to do with her future.

That was very different advice from what Simon’s dad told him.

“Don’t just settle for the first girl you date. There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Simon’s father had a lot of regrets about the fact that he’d only ever been with his wife and hadn’t had more fun before he’d gotten married. In private he’d been pretty open to his son that if he’d had the chance to have sex with more women before meeting his mother he would have jumped at it. He went so far as to even make it sound like he’d gladly commit adultery if just given the chance.

College started and from the first moments that Karen and Simon were on campus together they immediately started to hang out together every moment they could. They also took as many of the same classes that they could. Karen was finally getting to a place where she thought her future would be good. It would be normal. It would be amazing.

It was coming to the end of freshman year when her grandparents dropped a bomb on her. They told her to stay away from Simon. Karen protested but her grandparents doubled down.

“He’s about to go through some tough times. Word’s going all over town about his father sleeping around with some waitress.” her grandfather said.

“Molly going to file for divorce. You’ve had enough heartache in your life, dear. You don’t need this. Let him deal with it by himself. Don’t let him drag you down too.” her grandmother said.

For most of freshman year Simon had not really had any luck with the ladies. There was the fact that he was a bit of a nerd and there was the fact that he was always hanging out with a girl and a lot of people thought that Simon and Karen were dating. It had taken almost the entire school year but Simon had finally reformed his image enough to maybe attract a girlfriend.

It sort of made Karen sad. Simon was going on and on about a girl named Susan but Karen knew that bad news was coming for him. The next day she saw him moping around and she knew it was time to talk about it.

That summer she didn’t see much of Simon. That was partly due to the fact that she was going to summer school to try and graduate as soon as she could. But it was also because Simon didn’t feel like seeing anyone. He didn’t go home. In fact he couldn’t go home. His parents were selling their house and all their land so it could be divided up. He went to casino şirketleri stay with an uncle for a bit but that didn’t exactly work out so he went and got a summer job in the city.

Once the next semester started Karen hoped that Simon would have dealt with his feelings but he was still acting distant. She wanted to go to him and be with him. However, she had her own problems to deal with. Even though Karen would never hurt anyone on campus and she always just left other people alone, there was now a vicious campaign being launched against her. She was being called the ice queen and every manner of foul negative thing was being associated with her. All freshman year, once the word had gotten out that Karen and Simon weren’t dating, a lot of guys had asked her out. She’d always told them no.

Karen didn’t want to date in college. It wasn’t like her grandparents had made a rule or anything but she figured the best way to do what they’d asked her to do was to not date. So she turned every guy down. Apparently they weren’t going to take that lying down so the rumors started. The worst one was that they said she had some sort of STD. They framed the story as one not of her rejecting these guys but of the police telling her they’d arrest her if she dated because they didn’t want her to infect anyone else. It wasn’t just guys saying it either. Once the rumor was out there, the girls at the college all seemed to revel in it. Karen had no peace.

This was total bullshit. She just wanted to learn and finish school and get a good job. That was the plan and a guy was not part of that plan. Why couldn’t they leave her alone? While all of this was going on Karen saw Simon talking with one of the heartless bitches who reviled Karen the most. At first she was going to just leave the situation alone. After all, if Simon wanted to date that was his business. But she knew that girl had a boyfriend and she knew the girl had cheated on both her current and previous boyfriends. She’d be a terrible friend if she stood by and just watched her friend fall under that girl’s spell.

There was also the added pressure that the message was relayed to her that she could get all the rumors and harassment to stop if she just went out with a certain guy. But of course going out with the guy would not really be enough. She’d have to also put out for the guy. Deep down, on some level she kind of just wanted to give in. The guy was hot, with big muscles, and he was cute too. She found herself thinking that and got disgusted with herself. No, she would not give in. Instead, she had a plan.

“What’s up?” Simon asked as he arrived at the meeting Karen had called. They were in a classroom that was never used on a hallway that was seldom even visited by the janitorial staff.

“I wanted to offer you something.”

“Great. What is it?”

“A pact like we used to do when we were little.”

“Ok. What sort of pact?”

“Why are you going to college?”


“What’s your goal? Why are you here? What do you want to accomplish?”

“I just want to get a degree.”

“So it’s just about a piece of paper for you?”

“No, of course not. That piece of paper represents something. It means I did the work. I put in the time.”

“Good. Now do you think that dating in college will help you to get that goal or hurt you?”

“I don’t think it matters.”

“Doesn’t it?”

“Well, … I guess if I think about it maybe it could. If you had a bad relationship then it could matter a lot. But so far I’m just trying to get any relationship.”

“What if I asked you not to date? Would you?”

“Why would you ask me not to date?”

“Dating can be a distraction.”

“Still I don’t think it would be right for you to tell me not to date.”

“I’m not telling you not to date. I’m asking you to make a pact with me.”

“What are the details of the pact?”

“The main one is that we look out for each other. We keep each other from getting into any bad relationships as you call them.”

“So you want a veto on who I date?”

“Actually, I was hoping we could get to a point where neither one of us dated at all.”

“I’m sorry but that just doesn’t sound like a pact I want to get into.”

“I wouldn’t be asking you to be celibate.”

“There are so many things wrong with what you just said.”

She was about to defend herself but he launched into his explanation.

“First of all, you are in fact asking me to be celibate because celibate specifically means not getting married. I had no plans to get married in college anyway but even if there was the possibility of getting married that would only come about if I dated someone which you are asking me not to do. Now you probably thought celibate meant not having sex. A lot of people think that. And to that I just have to say … WHAT? So you don’t want me to date but you’re fine with me sleeping around? Is that right?”

“What I meant to say was I know … I learned in biology class that … you know … about the brain producing chemicals to regulate certain things in the body. The human body casino firmaları can try to counteract a process it doesn’t like or it can try to speed up a process it does like. Our bodies are going to want to have sex and the longer we go without sex the more of those chemicals the brain will make to try and force us to just sleep with the next person who shows interest.”

“So, what are you suggesting?”

“I thought about this. I think I know a way for both of us to get what we want and to get through college without any complicated significant others weighing us down.”

“I’m listening.”

“We should have sex.”

There was silence. She didn’t move and she didn’t speak. She gave him time to digest what she said. She wanted him to be the next one to speak. Eventually he did.

“Me and you. What about our friendship?”

“We’ll still have that.”


“How could we not?”

“So, you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?”


“Huh? I don’t get what your saying.”

“In order for us to both keep our bodies in check, we should just be there for each other to release any sexual tension built up. We’ll have sex as friends and when the sex is over we go back to just being friends.”

He looked at her and noticed that for the first time in his life he was looking at her body. He felt foolish for arguing against her plan. She was hot. She had larger than average tits and a very sexy body. He was starting to get a hard on just thinking about the fact that she was saying she’d give her body to him.

But he was also her friend and no matter how much his dick wanted to say yes to this plan, he had to defend the friendship.

“I don’t think it’ll work. It’s just going to get us all tangled up.”

“I thought you might say something like that. So I came up with some rules.”

“Like what?”

“We can’t have sex everyday. Far from it. We have to kind of make a schedule and stick to it. We can’t just spontaneously go to see each other and expect sex. We’ll only have sex at those specific times and no other times like taking medicine with a prescription. That way there won’t be one of us pressuring the other for sex.”

“Could work. Maybe. At least with a schedule we’d know that outside those times we have to be only friends.”

“Rule number 2.”

“Wait, there are more rules?”

“Yes. Rule number 2. We don’t date. I don’t date and you don’t date. We get through college. That’s our mission.”

Simon was going to balk at this but his dick was telling him to agree, agree, say anything so that she’d let them have sex.

“What about me and you date each other?”


“I mean, we’d already be having sex. We care about each other.”

“Rule number 3, we can’t date each other.”

“Why not?”

“Pressure. If our families found out we were dating there would be all this pressure for us to get married. That’s not what this is about. This is about us getting through college.”

“So, we’d just be having sex and nothing else.”

“We’d still be friends and we’d still do everything we did together before. We’re just adding this one thing and we’ll keep it on a schedule.”

“So, we have sex and then we pretend we’re not having sex.”


“I don’t know. I’m not sure your emotions will let you do that. What if you fall in love with me?”

“I won’t.”

“You don’t know. You might. Besides, what if I fall in love with you.”

“Simon, the whole reason for doing this is to keep one of us from falling in love in the first place. We’re going to be so great together as just friends and we’re both going to be so happy to finally have sex with no other issues bothering us.”

“So rule one, sex on a calendar. Rule two, no dating. Rule three, no dating each other.”

“And rule 4. We have to keep it a secret. If people found out we were just having sex then they’d expect us to date and then if we dated they’d expect us to get married …”

“So rule four, it’s a secret.”


“I thought you said it was a pact?”


“So you want to spit in your hand and then we shake on it, like when we were little?”

“I had something else in mind.”

He looked at her for a moment and realized what she might want to do to seal the deal.

“Here?” he asked. “Now?”

“No. Somewhere comfortable and soon. Right now we need to make a plan. But before that I need to know if you’re in or not.”

“Can I get some time to think about it?”

“Sure. Oh, and there is a rule 5.”

“What’s that?”

“If either one of us ever strays, then I think the pact is over. We get only one chance at this. What I don’t want is for one of us to be tempted so we break off the pact and then we date and then after it doesn’t work out we try to reform the pact. This can’t work that way. This is a one time only pact. If either of us breaks it off or breaks a rule then the pact is dead forever.”

“Zero tolerance, huh?”

“Absolutely. I want this calm and stable or I don’t want to be part of it.”

Simon thought about güvenilir casino what she was offering. The more he thought about it, the more he thought that it wouldn’t be so bad. He really wasn’t giving anything up.

“What about our friendship? If we have to break the pact then what happens to that?”

“Nothing. We were friends before this pact and the pact ends when we graduate anyway and we’ll be friends after the pact.”

“What if one of us breaks a rule?”

“The pact is outside our friendship. No matter what happens, we stay friends. We have to both promise that.”

“So, you’re saying we can have sex to keep us from being tempted by anyone else and no matter what happens, when all is said and one, you’ll stay my friend.”

“That is exactly what I’m saying.”

“Then I’m in.”

She walked up to him and put one hand on each side of his face. Then she gave him a peck on the lips. “Then it starts now.”

“That was how you sealed it?”

“Yeah. What did you think we were going to do?”

“Uh, you know.”

“We have to have a schedule first.”

“Right. Your place or mine?”

“I don’t have a roommate this semester so mine.” she said.

“Today or … when?”

“Do you have time today?”

“If we’re going to have sex I do.”

“Ok, then let’s go.”

They walked together back to her dorm and they were both much quieter than they’d normally be when they spent time together. Usually they’d be laughing and joking but now they were both very serious. At the dorm she let him into her room and he sat in a chair at her desk. He was nervous and didn’t want to be too forward.

She was going to try to get into something more comfortable and she was going to hide behind her closet door while she changed but then she thought that he was going to see her naked anyway. She got undressed in front of him and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

The fact that she was getting naked made Simon think that it would be ok for him to get naked. He got his shirt off and she didn’t really notice but when he dropped his pants and underwear she looked intensely at his dick.

He got on the bed with her and they were both naked.

“Remember, after this, we go right back to being just friends. Ok?”

“Ok.” he said.


“We made a pact.”

They didn’t experiment with any foreplay like a blowjob or anything. She just opened her legs for him and he was almost able to go right in.

“Ouch.” she said.

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“No. It was like a good hurt.”

“Have you ever done this before?”

“No.” she said. “Have you?”

“Uh, in high school. There was this college girl and we kind of …”

“I don’t want to hear.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“What was her name?”

“Huh? Oh. Jill.”

“Simon and Jill. How come you never told me?”

“Well, it was a secret. It was complicated.”

“Because it’s always complicated.”

“But you want this to be simple.”

“Ouch. Yeah, simple. Just sex. No mess.”

“Is it ok?”

“I’m fine. Are you all the way in?”

“I think so.”

After that they started to just try and have sex. They went slow and Simon noticed how all the skin on Karen’s neck and chest was turning red. Simon tried to hold out but he couldn’t bring her all the way to orgasm before he had to pull out. He let his cum launch all over her bed.

“Great. Now I’m going to have to wash my sheets.”

“Sorry. I’ll do your laundry for you if you want.”

“It’s ok. Just get cleaned up. We’re not finished.”

He did as she asked and it was time for round two. This time she made him lay down and she got on top. Her tits were pressed into his face and he didn’t now if he liked that more or the fact that his dick was now back in Karen’s pussy. He grabbed her hips and helped her motion as she moved up and down, then forward and backward. She adjusted her body from laying on top of him to sitting upright. She was looking for what felt right. She was looking for a way to get herself off.

She was so close. She kept trying to get to that moment. She was trying to get there. She got glimpses of her orgasm but it eluded her. Then Simon had enough. He pushed her to the bed and she felt his cold cum on her back. He got on top of her and entered her. For some reason she was just ready to cum at that moment. That position coupled with Simon acting a bit more aggressive sent her over the top and she felt her body have an implosion insider her and then all that energy exploded outward.

Karen woke up the next morning to find herself and Simon still in bed together and still naked. She woke him up and got him out of there. They both told each other that they were just friends still and they always would be.

If sex was supposed to get Karen to stop thinking about sex and to ignore all the pressures around her asking her to have sex then it did the opposite. She spent the entire day thinking about how it had felt to be with Simon. She didn’t want to be on a schedule. She wanted more of his dick right now. But it was ok. They hadn’t finished the schedule yet so she could put today on the schedule. As soon as class was finished, she found him and dropped the hint. He was game. He’d been thinking about her all day as well.

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