Additional Education

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I was sitting at my computer, messing around on the internet, when Jessica entered the room. I was proud of how my daughter turned out. She was a little over 5 feet tall, with soft brown eyes and wavy hair that just reached her shoulders.

“So Daaaaaad…?” my daughter whined. She had just turned eighteen a few weeks ago, but still liked whining to me.

“Yes, Jessica?”

“I wanted to ask you something…”


“So I’m going off to college in a few months…”

“Right…”, I responded cautiously, wondering where this was going.

“And… well…” The hesitation in her voice made me a little nervous. She continued, “I’m going to have a lot of experiences there…”

“Yes, that’s the idea…”

“And some of them might be… umm… sexual,” she almost whispered the last word. I blinked, though inwardly I jumped. Immediately I tried to remind myself that that’s totally natural. That she’s an adult now. I was even self-conscious about the reminder. Almost involuntarily my eyes flashed over her body: yes, she would probably find many men attracted to her. I forced myself to speak.

“Er… yes… I mean, that will probably happen…” I paused. “So why are you talking to me?” I tried to sound less awkward than I felt.

“Um, well…” She took a deep breath, and then mumbled something incoherent, staring at the floor.

“What?” I asked.

“Iwan-see–“, she mumbled it again. Her arms were twisted around her.

“I still can’t hear you…”

“Iwantoseeapenis!” she blurted out, and immediately launched into a long ramble. “I want to see your penis. I mean, I don’t even know what one looks like in real life, and I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of a guy I like and I’ve looked up images online but it’s not the same and it’s been a while since sex education and they don’t even tell you what to do in sex education and…” She kept talking. Eventually she ran out of things to say, and looked at me expectantly.

“Oh,” I said, dumbly. I just stared at her. After a few seconds of silence, she opened her mouth.

“So… can I?” she asked, her cheeks bright red.

“Um, well, Jessie, I’m not sure you should be seeing my…” I still didn’t feel comfortable completing the sentence. She didn’t cave yet.

“It’s okay, I just want to look… Besides, I’m already eighteen, and it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone. Would you rather I go out and look at someone else’s? Someone who I don’t like so I’m not nervous?” The idea of her looking at someone else’s penis… their cock… made my stomach churn a little. I looked at Jessica, eyes wide and nervous, and sighed.

“Okay… but not a word of this to anyone else, okay?”

“Yes thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.” She blurted out with her hands clasped together. I sighed again. This was ridiculous, and I found myself very nervous. But somewhere deep down, I also felt something like… excitement? No, that couldn’t be it. Why would I be excited for my own daughter to look at that part of me?

“Alright, well… Now?” I asked. Jessica nodded vigorously.

“Okay, well, close the door.” There was no need to close the bedroom door: my wife and I had been divorced for a long while and there was no one else in the house. But it seemed like the appropriate thing to do. Jessica got up and closed the door. As she did I found myself drinking her in. She was wearing a pair of boyshorts, below which her toned legs and calves stretched out. The shorts were pulled tight over her round ass and a set of hips that were the definition of “childbearing”.

I ripped my gaze away, ashamed, and stood up. As Jessica turned around I turned the other direction. I unfastened by belt and fumbled out of my pants. I waited, anxious, and after a moment I heard Jessica behind me.

I looked over my shoulder: “Well… are you ready?” Jessica nodded again, and I turned around, pulled down my boxers, and stepped out of them. I then stood there, and well… presented myself. I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands, so I put them on my hips. I kept myself clean-shaven, so there was casino oyna nothing to get in the way of Jessica’s view.

Jessica stared. I was suddenly even more conscious of her. She wasn’t just my daughter. She was a beautiful young woman. She was wearing a tanktop and I found myself trying my hardest not to stare at her well-rounded breasts. I realized I could get an erection, and that that would be terribly embarrassing. It didn’t help that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Of course now she wasn’t wearing one of those expensive bras she tried so hard to find.

To keep my mind away I started counting numbers in my head to keep myself distracted. Two times two is four. Four times two is eight. Eight times two is sixteen. I was at one-hundred twenty-eight when Jessica broke the silence.

“May I look closer?” She asked.

“Um, yeah.” I responded. She kneeled in front of me, a few inches away from my cock. I felt her breath on my cock, and I couldn’t distract myself enough. I felt the telltale pulses of an erection starting to form.

“Oh, it’s getting longer” Jessica said, slightly surprised, as my cock started to lengthen.

“Yeah, um, as you know guys sometimes get hard…” I said, and now my cheeks were bright red. “It just happens sometimes.”

“It’s okay, this is what I wanted to see anyways” she smiled slightly, without taking her eyes off my cock. For some reason, the idea of her wanting to see my erect cock just made me get harder faster. She continued to watch as it started to not just lengthen, but stiffen. With each pulse my cock jumped up a little, until all 7 inches were fully upright. Jessica let out a sigh, and I found myself staring down at her, looking at the valley between her breasts as she stared at my cock. What was I doing?? This was my own daughter I was lusting over!

“Dad?” Jessica’s voice snapped me out of it, but I was sure she caught me looking. “Can I ask some questions?”

“Um, go for it.”

“So, this is your penis. Um, first, is there another name that’s, well… sexier?” She must have realized how that sounded, so she added a quick “I’m asking because I want to sound good when I’m talking with a boy.”

“Well, it’s often called a cock.” I said.

“So you do call it a cock, huh…” She mused. The implication that she was familiar with that name didn’t escape me. “It’s pretty big…” Her talking like that meant I wouldn’t lose my erection anytime soon.

“All of this would fit inside a woman? Like me?” An image flashed through my mind of Jessica, spread-eagle on a bed, impaled on my cock. I swallowed and nodded.

“Yes, all of this would fit inside a woman.”

“And this” she pointed at the head of my cock, her finger a few centimeters away. “That’s the head of your cock?” I nodded, and she moved her finger down.

“And this is the shaft…” She moved her finger further down, “and these are the balls.” My heart was beating rapidly in my chest.

“They look so different from…” she paused. “Daddy?”

“Yes, Jessie?”

“They just look so different, so um, I was wondering… Can I touch?”

I should have said no. Maybe then it would have stopped there. Instead, I stared down at my daughter, kneeling in front of me, and the word that came out my mouth was “Okay.”

“Thanks Daddy” she said, and gingerly reached up and placed a finger on the head of my cock. My cock jumped a little and she let out a little giggle. Damn, she was so sexy.

“It’s soft…” She stroked the head gently.

“Yes, that part’s really sensitive.” I said. She moved down to the base, first feeling the hard surroundings and then my urethra. Without warning she reached her whole hand around it, and grasped it softly.

“It barely fits in my hand” she marveled. I found myself biting my lip. She looked up at me briefly as I stared at her, cock in her hand. Then she let go and moved her hand to my balls. She touched them ever so softly. Then moved her hand back to my shaft.

“I like holding it” she smiled. “It’s nice and… solid.”

“Uh, thanks.” I managed. A drop of pre-cum formed at the tip slot oyna of my penis.

“Oh, and this is…” she didn’t say anything. She just let the implication hang in the air. Guys may get random erections all the time, but we were past calling this a coincidence.

She looked up at me again, and one corner of her mouth turned upwards in a mischievous smirk. Quickly, before I could react, she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and placed the tip of my cock in her mouth. I let out a gasp.

“Jessie, what are you…” My question was interrupted by a sudden intake of breath as I felt her tongue dance across the head of my cock. I didn’t do anything. I just watched as my own daughter explored the head of my cock with her tongue. She took my cock back out of her mouth.

“Sorry, daddy. I just wanted to know how it tasted… And it’s easier to ask for forgiveness…” She smiled that angelic smile at me. It didn’t seem so innocent now.

“Well, are you done?” I asked. Without hesitation she plunged my cock back into her mouth, this time going well past the head. I let out an involuntary moan. She started exploring my cock aggressively with her mouth. Licking it from base to tip. Kissing the side. Sucking hard on it while cradling my balls.

“Your cock tastes good, daddy… I didn’t think cocks would taste this good…”

“Jessie, you shouldn’t… be doing that…” I struggled to get the words out as she went back down on my cock. This was not good. If this kept up I was going to ejaculate all over her face.

“Why not, dad? I want the experience, you’re enjoying it, and I’m enjoying it.”

“Because I’m going to cum if this keeps up.”

“I also want to see that…” said again with that mischievous smile. She started bobbing her head up and down more rhythmically. Her left hand slipped down between her thighs, all pretenses gone.

“Jessie…” I moaned. I could feeling the coming ejaculation. I was going to come from my daughter giving me a blowjob. “Jessie, this is…” I couldn’t hold it anymore, and erupted in her mouth.

The first few shots went down my daughter’s throat. Then she drew back. One shot landed on her face, and she had to closer her eyes. The next across her mouth. The final shots coated her breasts. When it was finally over I stood there, surveying the damage. Jessica sat in front of me, semen all over her hands, and dripping down her cleavage. One eye stayed closed because of the semen on it. If I hadn’t just cum, I might have again instantly.

“So this is what semen tastes like.” My daughter licked her lips. “And that was an ejaculation. It was a lot! You got me so dirty, daddy.”

“Sorry, Jessica. I just…” I tried to say something but, didn’t know what to say. My cock started to soften.

“That’s okay Dad. It’s exactly what I wanted.” I breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down on the bed. Jessica stripped off her tanktop, and started wiping her face and breasts with it. The sight of my daughter’s teardrop shaped breasts jiggling as she cleaned herself up kept my cock semi-hard. As Jessica continued to clean herself up, she opened her mouth.

“But Daddy, I want something else.” I kept looking at her. She stood up, and I could see her in all her glory now, standing before me wearing nothing but her boyshorts. Her amazing child-bearing hips still stretched them tight, and her perky breasts rested above her flat stomach. Her hair was slightly tousled from the blowjob, with a little of my semen in it still. My cock started to rise again.

“I want”, she moved her hand down to her stomach, and then to her hips.

“To find out”, she turned around and stuck her perfectly round ass towards me. I could see a damp spot through her boy shorts.

“What it feels like”, she grabbed a hold of the waistline of her shorts.

“To have your cock inside me.” With that final word, she pulled down her shorts, and I found myself gazing at her pussy. Her labia was open, and I could see right inside. A strand of grool hung down across her entrance. I was speechless.

Jessica smiled over her shoulder and looked at my canlı casino siteleri cock, now as hard again as it had ever been. She spun around and approached me. I expected her to come and touch me, but instead she bent down next to me, and got onto the bed on her hands and knees. She made her way to the center of the bed, ass in the air. I watched every movement, transfixed. When she got to the center, she flipped over on her back, arms over her head, one knee up, and looked at me.

With another mischievous smile, she opened her legs in a spread eagle. “Well, Daddy… Are you going to come educate your daughter? Show her what it feels like to be full of your cock?” If I had been in my right mind I wouldn’t have. Instead, I found myself kneeling over her, cock at her entrance. And then, carefully, I started to push into her.

Her mouth opened wide as she felt my cock head pop into her. She was more-than wet enough. I waited for a second before I started to push into her more. Jessica grabbed at the bed with her hands and thrust her hips up eagerly to greet me. My daughter stared at her entrance, as she watched her father’s cock penetrate her bit by bit. Finally, I bottomed out, my cock head firm against her cervix, my balls against her ass. A perfect fit.

“Oh… Daddy…” she moaned. “You did fit…” I smiled slightly. I pulled out ever so slightly, and then nudged in again, feeling the friction as I pushed in. I pulled out again, this time so that just my head was still inside her. Jessica looked up at me with her big brown eyes. Then I slowly pushed in, savoring every inch. My daughter let out a long moan as I did. I did it again, this time a little faster. And again, faster. Soon I was hammering my daughter with my cock. Her breasts bounced wildly and she clung desperately to the headboard.

“Daddy…” Jessica’s voice came out ragged. “I want to feel what it’s like for you to cum inside me.” My cock jumped inside her as she said the words.

“Jessica,” I managed, “you’re not on birth control are you?” We shouldn’t even be having sex at all, let alone without a condom, and even more-so me coming inside my daughter.

“No daddy… I’m not on birth control.” I kept pounding her. “But that’s okay…” I slowed down.

The next words out of my daughter’s mouth made me lose control. “Because, daddy, I want to feel what it’s like to carry your child.” The thought of my daughter swollen with child, breasts engorged, so full that she could barely waddle across the house, made me lose all control. I started fucking Jessica even faster, and she started to let out a long, loud moan. I could feel the semen rising now in my shaft as my cock hardened even further. Faster and faster I fucked my daughter. Jessica started pushing her hips against me more and more.

Finally I exploded, and let loose a torrent of semen into my daughter’s waiting, fertile womb. Jessica’s body tensed and her back arched as she quivered in orgasm. The semen poured out of me, and I silently urged every last drop to reach as deep inside my daughter as possible. I came more than I ever had before, and I felt certain my seed had thoroughly filled up my daughter’s womb. Finally the outflow stopped, and I held myself over my daughter, looking down into her eyes. Jessica finished riding out her orgasm, and then she finally looked back at me.

Jessica leaned up and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I slowly eased my cock out of Jessica. A stream of cum rolled from her pussy down her ass. Jessica propped herself up on her hands.

“Thanks, Daddy.” She said, rubbing her belly, right above her womb. “Now I think I’m educated”, she smiled.


Seven months later, I greeted Jessica at the door for thanksgiving break. I hugged her carefully, leaving room for her massive pregnant belly between us.

“What, did you already eat a full turkey?” I quipped.

“Daaaad”, Jessica rolled her eyes. “You shouldn’t make dumb jokes like that! After all…” She leaned in close to my ear and whispered “it’s your fault”. As she pulled away she glanced down at her massive breasts, resting on her belly, making me look at the damage.

“Now you can unload the car”, she directed, “while I go inside and… get ready.” She winked and waddled past me, and I watched her go. This was going to be a good thanksgiving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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