A Wonderful Son

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“Chemo is a bitch!” Those were the words I said to myself each and every time I came home from a treatment. I think I hated Chemo even more than the idea of going through life with one tit. My name is Allison. I am a mother of a very fine young man. No husband! He took to the hills when he found out I was pregnant. So here I am 23 years later, alone except for my son.

Chase, I have always called him Chase even though his real name is Stanley, has been my comfort. It was always him and I as he grew up. And to his credit he has always been a loving and attentive son to me. Life has not been easy for either of us. He has always had to struggle to make the grade and I seemed to have always been sick with one ailment or another. But through it all, he has stuck by me and nursed me through each and every one.

I look over at the little jewelry box sitting on my dresser. I know that what is in that box could help me feel better. But I also know that feeling better will unleash the demon that hides in that box. In that box are three marijuana sticks. Compliments of my son Chase. No! he doesn’t smoke! He told me that and I believe him. He said that he got them because they help me with the nausea.

They do that but they also have a side affect that I dare not let him even guess about. Since I was in my very early 20’s and had tried that evil stuff the first time, I realized that I made me crazy. I would smoke a little bit and the next thing I knew, I would be flat on my back, on my knees or on my hands and knees. And there would be some handy boy, man or woman doing things to me that I would beg for.

Sometimes, when I knew that Chase would not be home for a long time, I would take a few tokes. Damn! I guess I am showing my age using that term. Do kids even say tokes any more. Well, I would take a few tokes and it would make me feel better. But then the demon would show up. I would spend the next couple of hours giving my pussy a hard work out with my dildo and fingers.

I know that I should be ashamed! Especially about the thoughts that I have when I get like that. You see, for so long, the only man in my life has been my son, Chase. And when I am in the throes of drug-lust, he is the one I think about. Perverted! Huh! A mother that fucks herself thinking about her own son. But I can’t help it!

Chase is not one of those sons that played sports and has a rock hard body that women would die for. He has always been kind of a nerd. He worked so hard in school, thinking that he was not as smart as others, that he fooled everyone by becoming an Honor student. Even in college, he seemed to be so concentrated on schoolwork that he aced it easy.

He used to say that he had to become smart so that he could take care of me. And that he does. His job allows him to work from home. Most of his work is done on his computer. And he emails and faxes his work into the Company he works for.

I heard the soft knock on my door, then the handle turned. I put on my best smile. I hated for Chase to know that I was feeling the effects of my treatments. But he always knew. He came in and sat on the side of my bed. He took my hand in his and looked up at me. My heart melted with the love that I saw reflected in his eyes.

“Mom! I wish you would at least use the stuff I brought for you. I know that it would make you feel so much better.” I smiled at him. “It would baby! But mommy told you that it makes her feel so weird afterwards.” He looked at me and smiled. “Tell you what! I don’t have any work that I need to catch up on for the next few days. Why don’t we go up to the lake and you can rest. You always like to sit and watch the water.”

Chase had brought a cabin on a beautiful lake Upstate. He told me that he brought it just for me! And it was truly a place where I seemed to let all my worries go and just relax. He made it a point to take me there at lease twice a month, no mater what kind of weather we were having. Of course I agreed! He tries so hard to please me.

The next morning, we were on our way. All during the ride, Chase made small talk. We talked about his job and my illness. I told him that no mother could ever ask for a better son. That if he wasn’t my son I would marry him just to piss off all the lonely women that were out there looking for a real good man. That always made him smile.

We got to the cabin and like always, it was spotless. Chase always made it a point to go up a day or two ahead of time to get everything ready. I love to sit in my rocker and just stare at the lake. It is always such a calming effect. And Chase would sometimes just sit beside me. We would sit and stare for hours sometimes without saying a word to each other. That is another reason why I love him so.

“Mom!” I turned to him and could see some concern in his face. Like I always do when I think he is troubled, I stroked his face. Chase closed his eyes and I felt him press his face into my hand. “Yes Baby? What’s troubling you?” He looked casino şirketleri into my face as if he was searching for something.

“Mom! We both know that the joints make you feel better. But you always tell me that they make you feel weird. And you never smoke one around me. But you never explain just what weird means. I don’t smoke them, but if it would make you feel better, I would share one with you.”

I looked into his face. Such a sweet, dear son! I started to smile. Then I started to laugh. “Oh Chase! Are you sure that you just want me to smoke so you could have one without feeling guilty?”

His face seemed to fall. I had hurt his feelings. “Mom! I told you that I don’t use that shit! I see how stupid it makes people get. But you use it for medicinal purposes. That’s different. And if it would make you feel better, I would gladly do it with you. Besides, we don’t have to go anywhere and no one is around to bother us. I will take care of you if you start acting weird. What harm could it be?”

I looked at him. “Oh Chase! If you only knew what harm it could really be!” I thought those words but dare not utter them out loud. He was trying so hard to make me feel better. I had to do something to make him feel better.

“Ok Chase! I will smoke one of your joints. But you have to promise to let me go directly to bed afterwards!” He seemed to brighten. Did he know my secret? No! There was no way he could know how marijuana effected me. We spent the rest of the afternoon just sitting around. Then like we do most of the time, Chase took me for a short walk.

It was just turning dusk, when he came into the living room. He had the jewelry box in his hand. I began to think that maybe giving in to him was not such a good idea. But then he did promise to let me go to bed right afterwards. Maybe in my room I could drift off to sleep and the demon wouldn’t emerge.

Chase took on of the long thin joints from the box. Smiling at me, he stuck it in his mouth and got it wet. He took it from his lips and lit it, taking a big toke. I watched him as he drew in sips of air to mix with the smoke in his lungs. Then he handed it to me. This was a big mistake! I could already feel my thighs trembling and my panties growing moist. Shit! I haven’t even tasted it yet.

“Go ahead mom! I want you to feel better.” I looked at him and stuck the joint in my mouth. His eyes watched me intently as I drew in a deep breath. I held it for what seemed like a lifetime. Then I slowly let it out. And all the time my son watched me. It hit me like a shot. My face felt flush. I felt like my whole body was coming alive.

“Good huh?” He looked at me smiling. I could only nod, as my fingers put the joint back in my mouth. As I felt that hot bitter smoke ease into my lungs, I felt my pussy begin to throb. “Please! Oh please! Not this time! Not now! Not in front of Chase!”

He took the joint from my trembling fingers and took another toke. “This is stronger than the stuff I normally get you. I got if from a friend and he said it was Primo!” I looked at him. I smiled at him. When he closed his eyes to inhale again, my eyes looked down at his crotch. “Oh my goodness! Did he have a hard on?”

I could definitely see a bulge in the center of his crotch. And it was no small bulge at that. I felt my pussy throb. I had to retreat to my room before I let anything happen. But when I got ready to stand up, my legs didn’t want to cooperate. I sat down heavy in the chair. Chase looked at me concerned.

“Are you ok mom?” I smiled at him. “Yes baby! Like you said, this is much stronger than the usual stuff you push on me. If I didn’t know better, I would think you are trying to get your old mom wasted. Is that what you are trying to do young man?”

Chase almost choked. “MOM! I would never do anything like that. The only thing I ever want is to make you feel better. You have gone through so much. Sometimes I feel so inadequate in taking care of you.” He sounded almost close to tears.

I reached out and my fingers touched his face. It felt like electricity going through my body. I jerked my hand back. “Baby! When I had my operation and they removed my uterus, you were there every moment and nursed me back to health. And after they found the cancer and had to remove part of my breast, you were there to take care of me.

No mother could ever ask more of her son. Shit! I don’t know of many husbands that would take care of their wives the way you take care of me! If you weren’t my son I would marry you in a heartbeat!” I watched him smile.

“I know mom! To make all the lonely women jealous at losing such a good man. But you know something? If you weren’t my mom, I would marry you in a heartbeat too!”

This time I had to laugh. “Chase! I don’t have all of my insides, and part of my tit is missing. I’m not even a whole woman. What would a fine young man like you want with a dried up old woman like me?”

He looked at me. I watched as his eyes casino firmaları looked from my face all the way down to my feet. And I noticed that they lingered on my tits more than they should have. “Mom! You may be older than I am, but you are definitely not dried up. And if you weren’t my mom, I would be all over you.”

I laughed to hide what I was truly feeling. My panties seemed soaked. I could feel the lips of my pussy pulsing hard. And I knew that if I stood, he would see the wet spot that I was sure was on my ass. But his words made me feel so sexy. I think I needed him to see me as a woman.

I got up to stand and felt a bit unsteady. His arms were around me before I knew it. Damn but it felt good to be held. I looked into his eyes and saw only love there. A love that I had always seen in his eyes but had refused to acknowledge.

“Damn! This is some strong stuff. I was hoping to take a bath, but I don’t think I could stand up without falling down.” Chase laughed. “Tell you what mom! I bathed you when you were sick. Why don’t you let me give you a bath. All you have to do is lay there and let me do all the work.”

I felt my one good tit harder at the nipple. A wave of pleasure seemed to grow between my legs. I should say no! Go to my room and lock my door. Stuff the sheet in my mouth so he couldn’t hear my moans and cries as I pleasured myself thinking about him.

I should have done all those things. But my body was taking control of my mind and my thoughts. I smiled at him. “OK! It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before! But I expect you to behave yourself young man! I am not one of your sexy girlfriends.”

Chase laughed, then led me into the cabin on unsteady legs. We went straight to the bathroom. The bathroom had one of those oversized garden Jacuzzi tubs. I watched as he filled it with water. Then he turned to me. “Do you need to undress yourself, or do I need to do it for you?”

I held out my arms. “You suggested this, you do all the work! All I have to do is relax and enjoy it!” Did his eyes beam as he looked at me? Did the bulge in his pants jump just now?” I turned and looked away as I felt his fingers on my dress.

Chase didn’t rush as he unbuttoned my dress. He seemed to take his time. And with each button that came loose, I could feel my panties grow wetter. Suddenly I gasped. When he got to my panties, he would see how wet they had become. He would know.

Laughing, I stepped into the tub before he could react. I slid down into the water with my dress still on. Chase looked at me. Then he jumped back as I splashed water up at him. Now he wouldn’t know that his momma’s panties were so full of her juices that they felt plastered to her cunt.

I unbuttoned the last button and pulling my dress off, threw it at him. He laughed as it hit him, wetting him thoroughly. My bra came off next and I threw that at him also. He caught it and tossed it aside. “So you want to play, huh?” The next thing I knew, he had turned on the shower and icy cold water splashed down on me. I screamed and tried to duck under the water.

I felt when he got into the tub behind me. The cold water was still cascading down on me and I was trying to twist and turn away from it. the next thing I knew, Chase had lifted me up a bit so that it sprayed directly down on my chest. But it was the way he lifted me up that stopped me in my tracts.

His hands were around me. He had pulled me up on his lap. I could feel his strong hard manhood pressing into my soft ass. And his hands were beneath my tits holding them up to the cold spray. Feeling myself pressed against him in such a fashion was almost too much to take. I wiggled against him feeling his hard dick press between my ass cheeks.

Time seemed to stand still. Suddenly, the demon seemed to take control of this opportunity. It was like I had no control of what I was doing. My legs slipped over his so that they were on the outside. I could feel his warm hands pressing into my tits and they felt wonderful.

Chase had stopped moving when he felt me wiggle down against him. I’m sure that he felt his dick pressing between my cheeks even through my panties. I opened my legs wider. I had to feel him! I had to let the demon have his way. I pressed back against Chase lifting my hips from him.

I felt him helping me. Then my hand slid between my thighs and I grasped his hard shaft. I heard him gasp then a soft moan escaped his lips. His head pressed into my neck and I felt his lips brush my ear. I guided him to me, pulling my panty aside. My pussy pulsed and I could feel the wetness even through the water.

The tip was at my hole, I could feel it pressing pass the hair and pushing the lips apart. Still he didn’t move. I felt his tongue licking my neck. I eased down and felt him parting my cunt lips. I moaned, as I felt him enter me. He said only one word. “Mom!” But it came out more like a moan and whimper of surrender, than a word of warning.

I closed güvenilir casino my eyes. “Yes Baby! Oh yes!” I eased myself down until I felt him inside me! It felt like part of my mind was exploding. I had a man inside me! One that was all man! I felt his dick slowly spreading me open. Felt the way my cunt gripped him as I took more and more of him inside me.

My hands gripped his as he gently squeezed and kneaded my tits. He didn’t care that one was so much smaller than the other. He didn’t care that the organs I had that carried him and gave him life were no longer there. He only cared that he loved me. And I was loving him in a way no other women ever could.

I let out a big groan as I felt him slid so deep inside me that it almost hurt. “Yes Baby! Oh yes!” I felt him tremble. “Oh mom! I love you so much.” I turned my head. I wanted to kiss him. I needed to feel his lips on mine. But the position was all wrong. So I did the only thing I could do. I began to slowly and softly rock my hips back and forth.

It was over in a heartbeat! It took an eternity! It was soft and gentle! And yet, he filled me in a way no man had ever filled me before! I could feel the pleasure building. I could hear the demon whispering in my ear. “Your dream has come true! Your son is loving you! The way you have wanted him to! Enjoy it!”

I felt his hands become more demanding on my tits. His hips began to move to match my rhythm. He was going in even deeper than before. But I wanted more! I needed more! The water was sloshing over the side. When had he turned the cold water off? I didn’t know or care. All I cared about was feeling him sliding in and out of my cunt.

“Yes! Yes Chase! More! Please baby! More! Oh Chase! Love me! I need you to love me! I need to love you! Oh baby!” Suddenly, he stopped. I almost shouted in frustration. Did he finally realize what we had done? Was he going to push me from him? Retreat to his room and never look at me with his love again?

I felt his harsh breathing in my ear. “Mother! Mother! Get up!” I wanted to die! What had I done? Like a whipped puppy, I pulled myself from him. It felt like he was pulling my cunt inside out. It felt so good, I almost shoved my ass back down on him. But I was afraid. So afraid!

I began to sob. Tears of frustration and shame ran from my eyes. How could I ever face him again. How could I ever look at my son and tell him I loved him without this incident making it all seem so dirty. I almost cried out as I felt him slip completely out of me. Then I felt him stand up and get out of the tub.

I wanted to die! I wanted to find a hole in the deepest bowels of the earth and climb in, pulling rock and dirt over me. I felt soiled and dirty. Then I felt his hand in mine. He was helping me to stand. Still I couldn’t look at his face. Would I ever be able to look at him without feeling ashamed again?

I let him guide me out of the tub. I stood there with water dripping from me. I didn’t dare look up at him for fear of what I would see. Then I felt his hand beneath my chin. He was lifting my face to look at him. I turned my head, afraid to see what I knew would be there. But he was insistent.

I looked in his eyes. His face blurred with my tears. Then I felt his lips touching mine. “I won’t make love to you in a tub. I won’t let it be something that just happened in the spur of the moment. I want you! I want you the way a man wants a woman. I love you! And I won’t show you how much I love you, by fucking you in a tub! Not even this one.”

I was in a daze, as he led me dripping wet to my bedroom. Chase had thought of me even when he put furniture in the cabin. We both had big queen-sized beds. Why did he take me to my room instead of his own?

I felt him gently lying me down on my back. Then I felt him above me with his lips tenderly kissing mine. I started to cry again. This time with the feeling of love. I opened my legs when I felt the pressure of his knee. I bent them at the knees and opened them wider.

I felt his hand as he guided his dick to my core. I took a deep breath and waited, anticipating the feeling of him shoving that delicious dick up into me. But he was Chase! Slow and gentle like he had always been with me. He eased into me. I think I cried out when he hit bottom. I know that I wrapped my legs around his waist to try and pull him in deeper.

No man had ever made love to me the way he did. He was slow and determined. I felt each and every inch of him as he slid slowly in and out. He didn’t fuck me! He made love to me! Slow! Sweet! Tender! Beautiful love! I don’t remember how many times I cried out in orgasmic bliss.

I opened my eyes which had been closed. I wanted my senses to experience the feeling totally. Looking up into his eyes, I could see the love that he had for me as he looked down at me. His dick was working slowly in and out of my now dripping cunt.

He smiled down at me. I know that the grin that was on my face was one that would stay there forever. I felt him pull free. He hadn’t cum so I knew that he wasn’t finished with me. Chase kissed my lips. Then I felt his lips kissing my neck. He licked and sucked on my tits, making me arch my chest up to get more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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