A Wild Time with My Daughter! Ch. 02

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Hiya – I’m back, to continue with the story of our study trip.

You’ll understand my story better if you read Part One before you continue here but that’s up to you, no-one says you have to…and then, when you’ve finished, there’s Part Three to enjoy too.


I’d better describe Carol for those of you who appreciate a bit of youthful female beauty. She was, as I’ve said, just 18 coming up 19 and she always seemed to look a bit tomboyish – shorts and a t-shirt were much preferred to a dress, it seemed. She was tall for her age at around five foot eight but was still some five inches shorter than me. She kept her dark auburn hair cut short, which actually enhanced her pretty neck and showed off her facial features better. She had dainty ears, ‘strong’ arching eyebrows, deep brown eyes – come-to-bed eyes as they used to say – a slender nose and sweet cupid lips.

Quite honestly I didn’t, in those days, know what size she was but I’d guess at perhaps 32B up top; possibly a bit more and probably about size 10 down below; all I knew was that she appeared to have a lovely figure with long legs and wonderfully perky tits.

Me, the other half of the story – I’m Chris. I’m in my late 30s. I wear a small goatee beard and have somewhat unkempt hair; dark brown but lightly peppered with grey already. I’m fairly lean but strong and fit; not gym-fit but fit from plenty of good outdoor living and healthy food and that’s me in a nutshell…

My work in environmental studies demanded a good number of wildlife investigative trips to wild and sometimes remote places in and around Britain; a pleasurable interlude, in my opinion, from working in the ‘depot’ as we called the Society’s offices.

And so on with the story…


Part 2

I was awake early as usual; even without an alarm clock I woke around five o’clock every day; so used was I to rising with the summer sun.

Carol on the other hand was still well asleep however, her pretty naked breasts rising and falling slowly as she breathed. I scanned down her uncovered body and discovered that her knickers were clearly moist; almost wet in fact and even her thighs looked a bit sticky too!

‘She must have had some good dreams last night after she’d tossed me off!’ I mused to myself.

I shook my head to banish my wicked thoughts and exited the tent quickly before those bad ideas could reach my penis and then, after a morning pee I settled down in my study tent to run through the night-time activity, noting that the cameras had taken some pictures and that the video had been activated.

‘Ah – action at last,’ I thought as I began viewing the pictures.

Instead I got one hell of a shock!

Because there, instead of some wild animal, was my daughter! One camera had caught her and had taken a series of photos as she squatted down for a pee actually facing the camera; her knickers were missing and the night-vision picture even clearly showed the stream of piss issuing from her body. Another camera had caught her briefly as she walked across its path; completely naked again, her knickers in one hand and something held in the other.

Gaining no further information or pictures I opened the video link, now expecting to see Carol rather than some wild animal, and I was right.

She’d obviously woken in the night and needed a pee so she’d taken off into the undergrowth; unwittingly following the animal trail I’d selected. Then she’d moved down to the stream, perhaps for a refreshing wash I thought, but instead she had something more interesting to do! Because as she appeared within viewing range the video camera showed me what the object was; a large carrot from our food stock!

Captivated and with a rapidly hardening penis in my hand I watched as Carol chose her spot and squatting slightly she brought the carrot to her mouth before sliding it down between her legs and pushing it steadily into her cunt! No wonder her knickers had been sticky and wet!

I nearly came as I watched the erotic sight of my daughter bringing herself off; her hand rapidly moving the long vegetable in and out of her hole while her other fingers played around her clit.

Wishing fervently that the pictures had been in full colour rather than basic night-vision I undid my shorts and pulled my erection out into the open, my hand soon working rapidly up and down my already slippery shaft.

Then suddenly I remembered that I also had a microphone close to where she was playing with herself. I paused the video and started up the audio recording and soon I heard her footsteps as she neared the chosen spot.

She was silent apart from the occasional crackle underfoot of dried twigs and leaves until she squatted down.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “So need your cock; got to have it! Wish this was your cock!”

I heard her mouth slurping as she lubricated the carrot and then silence until she moaned.

“Ooooh yessss, that’s better. Push it in; all the way, yes, oh yes!”

A little later Carol moaned again.

“Oh that’s casino şirketleri good; ahhhh, feels good,” she was panting, “Ahhhh, yeahhhh, oh God yeahhh!”

I restarted the video and now sound and video were almost synchronised; even my hand was moving at the same rate that her hand was as it drove the pseudo-cock in and out of her welcoming hole.

I heard the slurping noise as the carrot penetrated her wetness and the groans as she stimulated herself.

“Nearly there,” I heard her intone, “Nearly there! Yes, yes I’m nearly there!”

So was I as I frantically rubbed my penis up and down; I just hoped that I could hold my orgasm back until I could watch Carol explode.

“Yes, yes, ahhhhh, ahhhhh!” groaned Carol, her hand moving the carrot faster than ever; her other hand also a blur as she played with her clit.

“Oh God Dad – fuck me – fuck me!” she cried as she orgasmed and exactly at that moment I too exploded; my first squirt of cum splattering once again onto the tent wall.

Carol reached her climax quickly and then came down almost as rapidly, the carrot slipping from her hole and from her grasp.

“Oh Dad, I wish that was you!” she moaned snapping my concentration away from my penis, “I need you – I need you!”

I’d got a small towel with me this time and I allowed my copious spunk to squirt into the material where it began to soak in but even so I’d managed to overshoot it completely just as Carol called out the words ‘Dad – fuck me!’

Eventually I cleaned myself up and folded the towel away in an equipment box, debating as I did so whether or not to delete the video and pictures. I decided against that idea and instead I finished watching the video, which only showed Carol locating the carrot and walking off and put it and the photos in a separate folder well away from the research notes, pictures and films.

‘I’ll enjoy wanking to that video again,’ I thought before another thought hit me.

That was my daughter I’d been watching pleasure herself; that was my daughter who was asking me to fuck her; that was my daughter who I’d just masturbated over.

“I told you no,” I said quietly to myself as I left the tent and zipped it up, “And I mean it.”

All was still quiet as I now prepared ‘breakfast’; some porridge with some muesli stirred in; my regular starter when out on trips, with some coffee to chase it down.

Eventually I poked my head into our sleeping tent and yelled at my daughter to wake up – it was time to get to work once more.

Carol emerged sleepily, now standing up and stretching, her desirable breasts thrusting out into the sunlight again, her pert bottom flexing and shaking as she exercised. My mind thought of some other exercises we could perform while she was virtually naked but fortunately Carol couldn’t hear my thoughts.

Instead I heard her quietly say “yuck” before she ducked back into the tent, soon reappearing with a smile, a t-shirt and wearing a different pair of knickers. She waved a dozy ‘hello’ then headed off, complete with towel this time, to have a pee then a refreshing splash in the stream before returning looking somewhat more awake.

“Hi dad,” she said cheerfully, “Sleep well?”

“Yeah fine,” I said, feeling the memories of her hand return, “And you?”

“Had to go out for a pee a bit later on,” she said, “But otherwise I slept wonderfully; feel a lot more relaxed today.”

‘I bet you do!’ I thought, remembering the video vividly…but I quickly threw it from my mind quickly.

“Didn’t hear you,” I said, “You were quiet.”

‘Not so quiet when you used that carrot!’ I thought silently as I looked at her for some signs of embarrassment, but there were none.

“Tree house today; hope you’re feeling fit!” I said cheerfully and Carol nodded happily.

“Fit for anything,” she said as she worked her way through her breakfast, “When are we off?”

“Half hour perhaps,” I suggested; that would give me time to get an outline of our intended morning in the tree loaded into my notepad.

Soon it was time to head out. We had a good half hour walk to the tree house during which time we noted the profusion of birds and insects, not to mention a small herd of fallow deer who quickly registered our presence and who soon moved away.

“Used to be here when the Manor was up and running,” I told Carol quietly, “They’re feral now and obviously doing well.”

The tree house wasn’t grand; it was really just a canvas covered viewing platform about ten feet square some thirty feet or so up in a huge oak tree. A loose rope ladder let us clamber up although I found myself missing my footing more than once as Carol climbed above me; the view as I looked up was completely distracting!

Inside the shelter was some equipment, a bench seat and some flaps that opened for viewing and it was quite hot and sticky inside the canvas enclosure.

Soon I was noting down observations of birds and insects, occasionally bring my binoculars or camera into use while Carol merely sat and looked at the treetop casino firmaları scenery; her own binoculars being used regularly. Every so often I was able to point out something of particular interest but it must have been rather boring for her, I eventually realised.

“Sorry darling,” I said as I took a break after what must have been at least a couple of hours, “You all right up here?”

“Hot, I’m bloody hot,” she said, fanning herself with her hand, “No breeze – could I take a breather down on the ground? Wouldn’t mind having a wee too.”

“Yeah, no problem,” I said, I being more used to the heat of the hide, “But going down isn’t as easy as coming up so you’ll have this safety rope round you, ok? I’ve been here before but it’s new to you so we’d better be safe than sorry.”

I showed her the rope which was wrapped around a kind of winch affair so that I could stay aloft and help lower her to the ground and soon she was attached and safe.

She stepped out of the doorway and began her descent while I allowed the safety rope to ease her trip – but not ten steps down Carol cursed.

“Aaagghh, bloody thing!” she yelled, “Go away!”

“What up?” I asked, concern in my voice.

“Think it’s a wasp or something; keeps coming at me – agghhh – go away!” she yelled again.

But as she yelled she waved her arms around and the next moment she was almost hanging in mid air; supported by the safety rope and one hand.

“AAAAHHHHH help!” she yelled, “Slipping!”

“Hang on, hang on,” I yelled, as I secured the safety rope, “I’m coming down…”

Swarming down the ladder was quite easy as her weight held it tight and soon I was at her level. Moments later I’d reassured her that she was safe and I passed below her to help lift her feet back onto a rung.

But as I pushed her legs upwards so I swivelled around on the twisting swaying rope ladder and I came face to face with her groin, my cheek actually pressed against her upper thigh at one moment. And even in our moment of panic I felt my cock rising; I willed him to go down, to no avail…

It was just then that I discovered that part of her problem was that a rung had broken, the rope was perished – no wonder she’d slipped, but now she needed to be lifted up to the next step.

Straining, I lifted her upwards, the rope ladder catching in her clothes as she moved but Carol couldn’t do anything about it as her hands were above her head as she clung on.

I pushed her up further and as I did so her shorts, snagged by the rough broken rope, pinged open and slid down her legs.

“Fuck it!” I said, then to myself, “Don’t look!”

Because now I was virtually facing her bare pussy and each time I pushed upwards I came closer, until one last push actually had my nose up against her abdomen…all I needed to do was to stick my tongue out and I’d be able to lick…

“Don’t even think about it!” I told myself.

“Carol,” I chided, “You’ve got no knickers on again!”

“I know Dad, I kind of like being free down there,” she replied, “Fresh air’s good for you anyway!”

Above me Carol now had control of the situation it seemed and she called down to me.

“Hold it there Dad, think I’m ok now,” she said, sounding less panic-stricken now, “Stay there while I catch my breath, will you.”

With no valid option I remained still, my forehead pressing against her belly, my nose absorbing her hot sexual aroma, my tongue wishing it could be put to good use. My cock was as hard as iron and throbbed as my face remained in close contact with her body.

“Ok dad,” called Carol eventually, “I’m going to move now; going have another go at moving up a bit…”

As she did so her pelvis tilted firmly towards me; my nose becoming embedded between her lips!

“Aaaaahhhh!” I heard Carol cry, “Oh God – yesssss.”

I pulled my head back.

“What’s up – what’s the matter” I asked.

“Nothing dad, just what you did – do it again, please, please!” she cried, her pelvis once again thrusting at my face.

Instinctively and completely automatically I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, immediately finding myself to be almost absorbed by her warm slick wet lips.

“Yessss dad, there!” groaned Carol as we hung on the ladder in sexual embrace, “Use your tongue, please, please Dad.”

I just couldn’t help myself; I couldn’t draw away; I didn’t want to anyway.

My tongue slithered over her hot flesh, sliding up one of her lips, passing her quivering hole and meeting her stiff clitoris.

Carol jerked her body once more and hissed her pleasure as I ran my tongue over and around her sensitive clit.

“Yessss” she hissed, “That’s lovely Dad, harder; suck my clit, suck it!”

God, she was delicious; hot and exciting, slippery already and so smooth and inviting…!

But at that moment I felt another rung of the ladder giving way and I just about had time to move my foot before the rope of the rung beneath my foot parted; the ladder was old and needed replacing, that was now very obvious.

With güvenilir casino a last brief parting flick at her clit I told Carol the news and now she became serious.

“How do I get down then?” she asked as she was still attached to the secured safety rope but I had the answer.

“I’ll come up past you and I’ll let you down. Won’t be comfy but you’ll be safe enough,” I said as I began to climb the ladder.

It was awkward moving on the same section of ladder Carol was on but I was managing until I’d almost passed her, when I felt her hand on my thigh, sliding upwards.

“Let go, cut it out Carol,” I told her but she had other ideas!

“Just want a feel,” she said, “he’s there right in front of me; let me feel him!”

In my slightly precarious position I didn’t have much choice as Carol’s hand snaked up inside my shorts and quickly found my still half-hard penis.

Moments later he was completely hard in her hand as she pulled him down the leg of my shorts and I felt her fingers sliding my foreskin back.

“Oh Dad, he feels so good I could eat him,” she groaned, “We’re going to have to do something Dad.”

“No! For Christ’s sake concentrate,” I reprimanded her, “We’ve got to get you down…”

I nearly added the word “first” before realising the implications of the completed statement.

Somehow instead I managed to extract myself from her clutching fingers and eventually regained the safety of the platform.

“Ok – I’m going to lower you down,” I called, “You ok?”

“No Dad, I’m not,” Carol replied, “My shorts are still tangled in the rope – pull me up first, then I can get out of them…then let me down.”

I complied, straining hard to lift her although she helped too then, with a wave from Carol and a yell of “ok”, I started lowering her towards the ground, her shorts now waving at me from a twist in the rope.

A short time later the rope slackened as Carol reached the ground and with another wave she untied herself and stood there waiting for me to descend.

On the way down I managed to untangle her shorts which I dropped to her and a couple of minutes later I was on the ground beside her, both of us panting from our efforts.

“Oh Dad, you were a darling!” she cried as her arms engulfed my neck, “You saved me!”

Her perspiring body clamped itself around me in a loving embrace, her naked pussy firm against my ever-hard cock.

“Oooh Dad,” she groaned, “I was scared and that made me excited and what you were doing was just so, so good!”

“I only lowered you to the ground,” I said, ignoring what had happened in between but Carol persisted…

“You know damn well what I mean Dad,” she continued, “Your tongue; your lips, oh God!”

With that Carol sank downwards and thinking that she was about to make a play for my manhood, I quickly dropped my hands and covered my groin, but instead Carol dropped still lower, now sitting on the ground.

“Come here Dad,” she moaned, “Come back and finish off what you were doing!”

She reached up and pulled at my legs; right behind my knees – and she caught that point at which your knees, mine perhaps weakened by the efforts of rescuing her, simply collapsed.

In a moment I was on my knees between her already widespread legs.

“Yessss Dad, come on, please!” she cried, “Love me, just love me!”

Her quickly moving arms wrapped themselves around my neck and pulled me downwards but truthfully it didn’t take all that much doing to get me to lower my face to her welcoming gash as her upper body fell backwards.

Carol’s hips were raising her buttocks high off the ground; pushing her naked wet parted lips up to meet me and I just couldn’t resist; I let nature take over.

“Ooooh yessss Dad,” groaned Carol as my mouth met her flesh, “Don’t stop this time!”

Could I stop?

No way!

From an initial clamping of my lips over her hole, I stuck my tongue into the small crevice and slid it up and down, bring cries of excitement and floods of lubrication from Carol. I pushed my tongue as far into her hole as I could, feeling her hot flesh tightening around me and I wished that it was my penis in there instead.

Having tasted heaven I moved a few inches upwards, passing up through her ever wetter cleft until I located her throbbing clit. Carol’s hips jerked under me and now I used my hands under her buttocks to lift her pussy up towards me; to pull her tighter to me.

I nibbled at her clit, caressed it and stroked it, moulded it with my lips and sucked it into my mouth, loving the pliability and resilience of her flesh and adoring the way her body was reacting.

Carol was jerking wildly as I held her to me; she was seemingly becoming hotter and hotter; sweat was breaking out all over her and the wildly exciting aroma of overheated sex was filling the air around me. I’ve a feeling that my over-excited penis was adding to the pheromonal scents; he felt strong enough to plough furrows in the ground and I just knew that he was leaking like mad.

Carol’s body had its fill; she’d reached her peak of pleasure and now it was time for release. I was having no trouble holding her to my mouth as her sex organs tried so hard to reach me; to drag me inside – I swear her body wanted all of me inside her!

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