A Weekend Together Ch. 02

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I would like to thank angel love for her help in volunteering to edit this story for me.


We are awakened by your phone ringing. It’s a text message from Lucy, saying she can’t make it today, but would like to in the future. You slide back into my arms. You look and feel so sexy, my cock is already standing to attention and pressed into the small of your back. My arms are crossed over your chest, my hands cupping and gently squeezing your gorgeous firm breasts.

I start kissing the back of your neck and your left hand reaches behind you to grab for my cock. You squeeze the thick shaft hard. I roll you over slightly so that I can kiss your mouth properly. My tongue penetrates your lips as we start to lick and suck each others mouths. I squeeze your tits harder as your little hand slowly starts to wank me up and down. Gently I bite your bottom lip, breaking away from our kiss. I lick down over your chin and leave a thin trail of saliva down your neck and cleavage.

Much to your disappointment my dick pulls out of your hand as I change position, kneeling over you. I whisper kisses all over your tummy. Your nipples are rock hard by the time I work my way back to your tits. I blow gently on your right nipple making it even more erect before sucking it. Even though your pussy is sore still from last night you are as wet as fuck. Your fingers of your right hand start to explore your swollen cunt as your left middle finger encircles your clit. I gently bite your left nipple and you start to moan.

I change position again, kneeling astride you, pinning your arms to your sides, so that you have nothing to do with your hands but bring yourself off. I grab some massage oil from the bedside table and pour it over your breasts. The oil is surprisingly cool and you gasp sharply. A beautiful grin spreads across your face as I grab your tits and squash them around my cock. What an amazing feeling my hard meat squashed between your sublime boobs.

I start to thrust gently, fucking your cleavage slowly at first. Your fingers pick up pace and you moan as your breathing gets shallower and increasingly rapid. I match your increase in speed and I’m fucking your tits at a tremendous rate. Your body convulses as you bring yourself to a fantastic orgasm. My cock starts to twitch as I jet my sperm over your neck and chin. I rise up and point my dick down, spraying your lovely tits with spunk. You scoop some of the semen off your chin and slowly lick it from your beautiful fingernails. I drop to your side and hold you in my arms as we start to kiss again. The cum on your tits starts to stick to my chest hair as I crush you gently in my massive arms.

After a few minutes you get up and start to rummage through my chest of drawers. The first drawer you open is my porn stash. You turn and grin at me throwing me a magazine. You try another drawer and find a white t-shirt of mine and slip it on. It is absolutely massive on you, but you look so cute buried in the material. You nip downstairs to the loo. When you enter re-enter the room I’m reading the porn. You climb onto the bed and straddle my groin. You bend forward, snatch the mag off me and snog me hard. I adore kissing you and your toothpaste kiss tastes exquisite.

You lean back, grin at me and start to leaf through the porno. You read story after story. You grind your pelvis hard down onto my cock. It starts to stiffen at the command of your moist pussy. Your reading one of my favourite stories about a PVC clad girl getting double penetrated. I stroke your thighs, snaking my hands from outside to in. My thumb reaches for your clit and you gasp as I strum your tender flesh.

You slip off my t-shirt and your tits start to swing free. My cock is throbbing beneath you. You raise yourself up and grab the shaft, placing my swollen bell-end between your cunt lips. You screw your eyes into slits as you slide down the length of my shaft. Your pussy feels amazing, hot wet and gorgeously tight. I grab roughly at your tits and pull you forward kissing you again. I twist your nipples hard, and you whimper as you orgasm gently.

I’m not content that you have cum hard enough. I push you back a little so that your back is arched. I use my massive thighs to force myself inside you harder and harder. Your boobs swing beautifully as I fuck you senseless. Your moans get louder and louder and rivers of juice gush from your cunt. My thumb rubs your clit furiously as your legs start to shake. The most intense orgasm ever wells up in your pussy and explodes throughout your body.

I moan with you as my cock twitches and I fill your soaking twat with my cum. You collapse on me, barely able to breathe. I hold you and kiss your minty lips as we recover in each others arms ready for the next stage.

After cuddling for half an hour or so I get up and go down to the bathroom for a shower. I’m busy washing my hair when you walk into the bathroom. You slide open the shower door and step in beside me, fortunately tuzla escort I have a 3 person shower. As I desperately try and wash the shampoo from my eyes, you grab the shower gel and squirt it all over my cock. The contrast of the cold gel to the hot steaminess has me standing straight to attention. You wank me off, slowly to begin with, but getting faster and firmer with each stroke. I love the sensation of your lubed up grasp on my knob, but your bare naked pussy looks soooo appetising.

Playfully I grab the showerhead and spray you. As you put your hands up to defend yourself I seize my chance, drop to my knees and lash your clit with my tongue. Your pussy is warm and wet and tastes beautiful, a lovely combination of your sweet juice and my salty spunk. I reach up and grab your buttocks, forcing your minge further onto my tongue.

Waves of pleasure spew from your pussy as I stroke the insides expertly with my tongue. My right hand starts to caress your natal cleft as my finger starts to circle your anus. You begin to moan as my tongue darts expertly between your labia, and my nose rubs your clit. Slowly I slide my middle finger up your bum. Your legs start to shake a little and you beg me to fuck your ass.

I push you back so that you are under the warm pressure jets and stand, licking up from your pussy, over your belly and tits to your mouth where I kiss you hard. You turn away from me, and place the flat of both hands on the shower wall. I slip my finger from your bum and squirt a load of shower gel onto my hand, before working three fingers into your arse again. The stretching of your sphincter and the coldness of the gel make you gasp.

I squirt more gel over my cock, before presenting my swollen dick to your ring piece. Your hole slowly opens as my red hot cock forces its way inside. Each time I plunge into you, you whimper a little louder. The feeling of relief as I pull out is amazing, only to be followed by the exquisite sensation of you being stretched to your limits. I grab your hips and force you back and forth harder and harder.

My balls slap your pussy hard, your right hand leaves the wall and you reach between your legs to give my balls a squeeze. I gasp as you scratch at my scrotum with your beautiful sharp nails. You slide your hand forward and plunge your middle and ring fingers into your sopping quim finger fucking yourself harder and harder. The hot water from the shower pours over your back and onto me.

My grip gets harder and harder as I start to feel my orgasm well up inside me. Your breathing gets faster and faster. You’re panting away at the combined pleasure of my cock and your fingers. You moan as the first waves of your orgasm start to pulse up your spine. Just as I grunt and start to squirt jet after jet of hot sticky spunk up your arse your pelvis explodes in the most intense orgasm.

Stars flash in front of your eyes, your fingers and lips tingle at the amazing sensation. I slide my soapy cock from your bum, and sit down on the shower floor. I turn you round and lower you down, straddling me as you do so. Your face, chest and breasts are flushed red, your nipples are like bullets and there are beads of sweat on your brow. You look amazing.

I pull you forward and we kiss each other, whilst the hot water continues to beat down on us. After ten minutes of basking with each other we get up and dry each other down, and get dressed to go shopping. I’m just wearing jeans and a shirt. You’ve got a short red summer dress and trainers on. We set off to go shopping, I need some new clothes and you need a new dress as we are going to the Surgeons Ball this evening.

The shopping centre is busy, but we have no trouble finding you a fantastic black ball dress. We spend ages in the lingerie shop buying you a sexy new black bra and panties with a garter belt and new stockings as your others are still covered with my spunk. You pick an outrageously sexy pair of black stilettos; finally you buy a glamorous pair of elbow length black silk gloves.

I’m in a changing room, trying on a new pair of dress trousers when you sneak in with me. You put your finger to your lips and shhhss me whilst lifting up your dress. Your white cotton panties are already damp as you pull them to the side, winking at me, as you expose your soaking hole.

I tear off my boxers, wrap my arm around your waist and lift you off the floor. My cock slides easily inside you as I pin you up against the wall of the cubicle and fuck you senseless. You bite my shoulder hard to stifle your moans as I piston in and out of you. I cum within 2 minutes, just seconds after you, and the marks on my shoulder show how hard you came. I lower you to the floor, as you pull your knickers back into position; kiss me on the cheek and leave. I put my wet cock away, thinking what a fantastic day it’s been already and how much more there is to cum tonight.

We’re ready to leave for the ball. You have spent the afternoon in the hairdressers tuzla escort bayan being made even more beautiful than usual. Your black gown is fantastically figure hugging. Your tits are pushed together into a fantastic cleavage. You have a black satin chocker (which I admit looks a bit like a collar) and your elbow length gloves. Your gown comes down to your ankles, and your 5″ stilettos are beautifully displayed below.

The very thought of your sexy undies underneath has me hard already. Typically all I have to do is wear my dinner jacket, and for me I actually look quite smart. We get a cab downtown to one of the cocktail bars and meet up with some of my friends pre-ball. The drinking commences apace. We start talking to Jon and Emma. Jon is devilishly handsome, the ex captain of the rugby team, and looks very Pierce Brosnany. Emma is his girlfriend, pretty blonde nurse wearing a tight white ball gown, stockings and stilettos. I can tell you fancy both of them as your nipples stiffen mildly and your pupils dilate as you talk to them.

After a couple of rounds we head off for the ball. It is a grand old building, full of tapestries, oil paintings and red carpets. We are seated for the meal in a room of 450 others, and as we sit your hand moves over and starts to stroke my thigh under the table. You wink at me as you squeeze my cock, feeling it harden under your touch.

You’re making my conversation with my boss deliciously awkward. The meal continues with much drinking and hilarity. After the speeches we break away for dancing and the casino room. After one particularly invigorating ceiligdh you grab my hand and lead me away. We head back to the dining room, which is deserted. We’re kissing long and hard. You unzip me and stroke my thick hard cock with your gloved hand… it feels amazing.

You whisper in my ear that your pussy is dripping, and I can take no more. I spin you round, bend you over the table and hitch up your dress. I rip your panties to the side and force my rigid dick straight up your tight wet minge. My hands grip harder and harder round your garter belt, my fingers denting your soft silky flesh. I fuck you harder and harder, the table sliding slowly across the floor under our rhythm.

You start to whimper as the hammering your taking starts your orgasm welling up inside you. My balls start to twitch and you moan as your legs spasm and you cum hard. I spunk hard, fountaining jets of jism, hard into your pussy. Your panties snap back into place as I release them. I put my cock back into my trousers; you stand up and pull your dress down. We kiss and grin at each other as we return to the dancing.

The remainder of the ball is great, we’re both quite drunk as the slow songs start, and my hard dick is soon pressing against your tummy. We’re snogging away as the lights come on. As we’re waiting for a taxi, we bump into Jon and Emma again. Jon is absolutely wankered, and we all agree to go back to my place for more drinks.

Once back at my apartment we sit round the kitchen table, drinks in hand. You go and find a pack of cards and smile like a Cheshire cat when you suggest we play strip poker. The girls are much better than the guys. Soon I’m down to my shirt and boxers and Jon is naked. You and Emma have both lost your dresses, leaving you both in bra, stockings, panties and shoes. You’re cheating by wearing your gloves too.

You lose the next hand, and rather than loose a shoe or glove, reach behind yourself and unfasten your bra. You slip it off and allow us to admire your perfect boobs. Jon’s cock starts to stiffen. I suggest that we change the game to truth or dare. My first challenge is to dare you to snog Emma. You both readily accept the challenge, standing up you lean over the table and your lips press together. Your tongues slide into each other’s mouths, as you lick and bite each others lips.

Despite the booze Jon’s cock is hard as is mine. Fortunately for you, mine is an inch longer and wider than Jon’s. Now it’s your turn. You bet Emma that you are better at blow jobs and dare her into a blow job giving contest. She grins and accepts the challenge. You stand and lead me into the lounge, Emma follows leading Jon. I slip off my boxers and sit down, my thick hard cock jutting out for you to stroke.

Emma has to wank Jon hard as he is on the edge of passing out. She finally coaxes him to stiffness and I shout go. Your right hand cups my balls and grips my shaft at the base, as your loving mouth opens around my bell-end and you take my throbbing shaft into your mouth. Your tongue licks gently over my shaft as your lips grip me hard.

My hot dick rubs the roof of your mouth as your saliva runs down the sides. Your hand wanks slowly upwards, as you swallow me down to your tonsils. My head rolls back and my eyes close as you suck me hard and deep. Your head bobs up and down, your hair cascading onto my thighs as you take my cock deeper and deeper down your throat.

Your hand escort tuzla wanks furiously up and down and my balls start to throb as your tongue swirls round my helmet. I glance over to the others; Jon has passed out, despite Emma’s best efforts. Your amazing pace and beautiful touch has my cock quivering. You sense I’m about to shoot my load, slipping my cock out and carrying on wanking until I cum all over your gorgeous tits.

I pick you up and sit you on my knee – kissing the salty taste off your lips. Emma strides over and kneels between your legs, as Jon has fallen unconscious on the other sofa. Without a word she starts to lick my cum off your tits. Her mouth clamps round your nipple as her tongue teases your little bullet to distraction. I start to stroke the bare flesh of your thighs, between your stockings and your pussy.

Her left hand pulls your knickers to the side and she slips two fingers into your dripping twat. Her thumb teases your clit, as you start to dribble over her hand. I kiss your neck, and chew your ears, you crane your head round and start to kiss me hard.

Her mouth snakes down your body until her mouth is blowing gently on your pussy. Her tongue darts back and forth over your clit and your buttocks clench with pleasure. She tells us that she wants to fuck a lady with a strap on. We smile as we stand up and lead her upstairs to my bedroom. I lay on my back, my cock filling to hardness by the second.

Emma dons the strap-on harness as your cunt slides down my now solid cock. Emma parts your buttocks and licks heartily at your ring piece. You sink all the way down my shaft, as two of her fingers slide up your bum. You start to flood as her tongue leaves and she introduces her lubed up shaft to your ass. You cum immediately as she fucks your ass and I fuck your cunt… Your pelvis is stuffed full as your second orgasm explodes in your pelvis.

We both continue to fuck you mercilessly, as your pussy gushes time and time again. The rub of the dildo on her clit has Emma cumming hard as I finally shoot my load into your sticky, soaking cunt. You collapse helplessly onto me as Emma cums like a train, whilst fucking you. She withdraws her cock from you, biting your ass as she does so. Her tongue corkscrews into your stinging asshole and you moan gently as we kiss. She leaves your ass alone, slips off the strap-on and lies next to us. You kiss each other and I join in, my tongue massaging both your tongues. You grab the harness from Emma and slip it on…..As you wink at me, I wonder where it is going.

You take the strap on harness and tie it snugly, around your waist. I come behind you, kissing the back of your neck. I reach between your legs, and stroke your sopping pussy. I pull the strap of the harness up between your thighs, squishing it between your swollen lips and clipping it to the back of the harness.

My cock is already twitching and bouncing off your beautiful arse. You grab some lube and roll Emma onto her tummy. You slide your middle finger into her tight arse hole. She lets out a gasp, and I slide my finger up your arse too. It’s still slippy from the fucking it received just minutes ago and slide in another two easily.

As you line up your dildo to Emma’s arse and fuck hard into her hole, I force my hard cock right into your ring piece. Emma moans loudly and you gasp gently as we start to set up a steady fucking rhythm. The inside of the harness rubs your clit delightfully, and it swells up harder and harder.

The friction of the harness and my thick cock up your arse is soon too much for you to take. Your breathing gets faster and shallower as you start to pant. Your pussy is gushing as you reach round to stroke Emma’s clit. You cum hard and squirt all down your thighs as Emma’s arse spasms around your cock as she cums too.

I pull you back, extracting your dildo from Emma as I do so, but continuing to pound you with my cock. Emma starts to kiss you as she unclips the harness. Her fingers are all over your body, twisting and pinching your nipples, before her right hand traces its way across your tummy to your soaking cunt. You cum instantly as her thumb strokes your inflamed clit, and she makes you whimper as she forces four fingers inside you.

Just then Jon makes his way up to my room. He’s greeted by the sight of his girlfriend sucking face with you as she fingers your pussy and I fuck your arse. He walks over and kisses Emma then you. She grabs his cock and wanks it to hardness.

Greedily you playfully push Emma away and grab Jon’s hard meaty cock. You lower yourself towards it and start to lick his helmet. His salty tasting cock slips into your mouth. Emma dons the harness as you get stuffed by two big cocks. She slides on her back between your parted thighs and positions her dildo between your aching cunt lips. She bucks her hips upwards as I force you down onto it.

You cum again and again as all your holes are fucked simultaneously. You can hardly breathe as wave after wave of pleasure rips through you. Jon’s buttocks clench and he starts to grunt as he spurts his load into your mouth. I groan as my balls spasm and I fill your gorgeous little arse with spunk.

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