A Visit to My Mother-In-Law’s Ch. 3

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Thanks for all the kind words about parts one & two, now for the sex!

As soon as my mother-in-law’s hand touched my hardness I nearly came right there! How long I had dreamed of this moment! She seemed to want me as much as I wanted her. She slowly started to stroke my hard cock, moaning as she kissed me. One of my hands was squeezing her ass while the other cupped her full breasts. Squeezing, pinching her nipple. “Oh gawd Sandy, you can’t imagine how long I’ve thought of this!” I said as she moved her fingernails over my balls. Then her tongue was in my ear, playfully darting in and out. My hands couldn’t touch enough of her warm body. It wasn’t firm like a college student, it was better. Forbidden fruit always is. We were both putting our marriages on the line, but neither of us cared, not now anyway.

She whispered in my ear “ummm, you’re so big and hard, I want your cock!” Wow! The way she said it, emphasis on cock, had me ready to explode! “And I want you casino şirketleri to have it Sandy! Where do you want it?” I asked, sure to be happy with any answer she could give. “I want to put it in my mouth” she said, her sexy eyes looking directly at me as she said it. “Your father in law won’t let me suck him, but I love to feel a man’s cock explode in my mouth. Don’t look so surprised” she said, “Sometimes I just need sex, no commitment, don’t you?”

My mother in law just told me she fools around, and seemed surprised that I don’t – expect for this! “I’ve never cheated on your daughter Sandy, except for this. And yes, I’d love for you to suck me off; I love hearing those words come from your mouth. You can’t imagine how sexy you are!” As I said that Sandy had already stared down to take my manhood in her waiting mouth. She looked up at me from her position at the foot of the bed. She kept eye contact as she took me deeper still into her moist, hot mouth. She smiled casino firmaları as she did, seeing the pleasure she was giving me. I briefly closed my eyes, waking to the reality that my mother in law, who I have lusted over for years, was now giving me the best head of my life. This woman who I thought somewhat prudish was an incredibly talented, sex –starved women.

“Swing your legs around Sandy” I said, “I want to taste you!” Without letting my cock free, she maneuvered her legs to either side of my head. This is one of my favorite positions with my wife, because I love a good blowjob, and I love to eat pussy. I dove into her like a starving man. The smell. The musty odor of her wet pussy was overwhelming! And she was wet, very wet. I spread her asscheeks with my fingers so I could get my nose in as deep as possible. My tongue, lips, teeth and nose worked together to attack her pussy.

“I need you in me – now!” Sandy said as she raised her head from my stiff güvenilir casino cock. She swung around and lowered herself onto me, my glorious mother in law, sitting naked, straddled on my cock. “Ummm, I knew you’d fill me up” she moaned. I was surprised how tight she was for a woman her age. Then she closed her eyes and started massaging her breasts, one in each hand. Man was that sexy! I started to slowly thrust up and into her, straining all 7” of my shaft as deep into her as I could. She met each thrust, squeezing me, clamping me with her vaginal muscles. Our pace quickened as she said “Fuck me baby, shove your big hard cock into your mother in law! I know you’ve tried to see me for years, I’ve felt the subtle groping, the too long kisses. Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

“Sandy, I never knew you knew!” I replied, shocked and turned on at the same time. Then she started to tremble. “I’m coming, oh fuck yeah!” she screamed. She started to ride me like a rodeo rider, bucking wildly, tits bouncing, grabbing her nails deep into me as I tried to hold on. Then in a rush we both exploded, the final thrusts slower and more pleasing. “Oh god Sandy! You’re such a good fuck!” And this was just the beginning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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