A Union Consummated

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They were roommates busily studying at their desks. The dark one, Nina, got up from her desk and got behind where Renee was seated. She wrapped her arms around her lover and kissed her neck.

“Mmm..” purred Renee.

“Want to fuck?” Nina whispered, her breath warm in Renee’s ear.

“You know I do,” said Renee, with obvious remorse, “but I have to study.”

“We have to study,” Nina corrected, slumping down in disappointment. She flung herself on her bed and writhed on her back, touching herself through her thin undergarments. After a few stimulating caresses she froze and angled her head to watch her lover’s response, then asked, “How bout a quickie?”

“There are no quickies with you and me,” sighed Renee, turning the pages of her professor’s book.

Nina groaned with frustration.

The girls were roommates in college. Both were about to complete their freshman year. Both had several papers to write, books to read, and exams to study for.

Nina was 19 years old, with bobbed, jet black hair and tanned skin. She had a cute face with full, sexy lips and striking green eyes. She was slender, 5’5″ and endowed with a firm pair of generously proportioned tits that just begged to be fondled. Now, feeling relaxed and horny, she was squeezing and rubbing them under her shirt with both hands. She ran her fingernails over her pert brown nipples and caressed her body all over. It was a body that guys on campus could not ignore. Her cappuccino complexion was perfect, her figure was slim and curvy around her tits and ass.

While Nina loved cock, she loved Renee even more.

Renee was a shy girl normally, she had dated one boy all throughout high school and tried to keep up the long distance relationship after she went to college. But after spending time with her roommate Nina, they discovered a mutual attraction that they could only satisfy by long sessions of fingering and licking. Nina literally got turned on every time she looked at Renee. Who could blame her?

Renee had just turned 19, she had brilliant blonde locks and porcelain skin. She was only a tiny bit taller than Nina, and a bit less curvy. Her big blue eyes were framed by luscious long lashes, and her pink lips were even more kissable than Nina’s, according to some.

Nina and Renee only met two months earlier. At first, Renee confided in Nina about her distant boyfriend, and that helped mute the sexual tension. However as Renee grew disappointed with his apparent lack of commitment, she and Nina grew closer. They made a few jokes about keeping each other warm at night, as winter was cold and windy in the city. Then one night, which happened to be Renee’s birthday, Nina brought a bottle of wine up to celebrate. They talked, and hugged, and held the embrace.

The embrace turned into pecks on the cheek, and pecks on the cheek turned into kisses on the neck. Passion inflamed, they kissed on the lips. Their tongues intertwined, and they frantically groped each other. That night, they enjoyed ecstasy that they would never forget, but it was only an taste of things to come. Each mind-blowing lovemaking session was better than the one before. They grew closer and more intimate as the weeks passed.

Renee loved Nina and loved the sex they were having, but she sometimes wished she had a penis, so she could really give Nina a good fuck. Yet they always enjoyed each other, which made Renee wonder if a strap on dildo would really make an adequate substitute. Renee not only wanted to fuck Nina with a long, hard, cock, but she wanted to feel every inch of that shaft inside Nina’s tight holes. While it was only a fantasy, she dreamt of it often.

Since they had started going to college, the girls had their eyes opened to many quasi-political and social movements. From socialism to vegetarianism, feminism and sexual liberation, they had found sympathy for a wide range of causes. As in many things in their relationship, Nina led and Renee followed.

The green movement was perhaps the most important movement to the two of them. For them, saving the environment was a no-brainer. They tried to avoid big corporations (“big polluters”) whenever they shopped. So when Nina decided to buy Renee a strap on dildo, she found herself in a dimly lit curio shop in Chinatown. In the back of the store there was a black curtain and a little red sign that said “Adults Only Please!” It seemed no one was around, not even the store owner. So, after looking over her shoulders, Nina stepped behind the curtain.

She found herself in a small, closet-like space, brightly illuminated by three fluorescent bulbs. On one shelf were rows of home-dubbed video tapes. She couldn’t read the lettering on the spines, so she ignored them. On the other shelf were an assortment of books, all in Chinese. Below that were a few typical vibrators and pocket rockets. There were even a few Chinese versions of popular American porno mags.

Nina was curious about the stroke mags. The Asian girls on the cover were sexy, Nina couldn’t help but quickly examine each one. Before bahis firmaları she knew it, she felt a twinge of excitement in her pussy and she reached out for one of the mags. Remembering her anti-corporate convictions, she pulled her hand and her gaze away from the cover girls. Instead she reached for what she assumed was some sort of book on the Kama Sutra. As she cracked open the pages, she heard a feeble man’s voice gently call from the main room. “Can I help you?”

Nina flushed. “Get it together, girl,” she chided herself. “You’re here to buy a strap on. Don’t bother trying to give him a good impression.”

“Um, hello?” she said. She chided herself again for her hesitance. She stepped past the curtain back into the main display area. There she found a short, stooped man in a black silk outfit standing just six feet away. His face was old and wrinkled and his eyes were nearly shut. His hands were folded inside his sleeves in front of his stomach. He stood as motionless as a statue. Even the gentle smile on his wrinkled lips seemed as unmoving as the thick bark of an old willow tree, so still was he. He must have been over eighty. When he saw Nina however, his eyes moved, and he looked her up and down, from her sexy almond eyes, to her lovely rack, to her pert hips and long legs and back again, to her slender neck and graceful jaw line.

Nina felt emboldened to see the old pervert checking her out. “Hi, um.. I’m looking for a.. for something.. for my friend. I’m.. do you have a strap on?”

“Your.. pardon?”

“A strap on dildo? You know,” Nina gestured to her crotch, moving her hands as if to stroke a giant invisible erection.

“Ah, ha ha ha ha ha,” the old man said, chuckling so softly that Nina could barely hear him over the muffled, steady din of cars and traffic ever-present on the city streets. He smiled at her, and Nina smiled back.

Well, at least I didn’t beat around the bush, she said to herself.

“Wait here please,” the old man said. He went behind the counter and straight into a back room. He returned moments later with a smooth, glossy pink box the size of a cat.

“Oh wow,” Nina exclaimed, intrigued already. She opened the box and saw inside a remarkably lifelike dildo, complete with straps and connections, resting on satin cushioning. The cock had to be nine inches long, and it was complete with a pair of bulging testes. Just looking at it made Nina horny. She had to get back soon anyway, so she decided to purchase it.

“How much?” she asked.

“Fifty?” said the old man.

Nina held out two twenty dollar bills. “Forty.”

“Deal!” he said, as his wrinkled smile grew broader. He took the money but held on to the box. “On one condition. No return policy. Okay?”

“Sure thing,” Nina replied as she scooped the box into her arms. “See ya!”


Nina took the subway back to the dorm. She couldn’t wait to present the new toy to her lover. Renee was thrilled, and both were happy that the item was not a mass produced piece of corporate plastic but truly a unique item. “No occasion, just something for my blonde bombshell.”

“Thank you, Nina,” Renee cooed, grasping the dildo by the shaft.

“So can we take a break from studying?” Nina asked.

Renee nodded, her eyes bright and grateful. “Just a short break though. I have a test tomorrow.”

“I have two,” Nina said in a sultry voice. She leaned forward and their lips met in a kiss. Their mouths opened, tongues slipping into each other’s lips in a passionate french kiss. Nina pulled Renee into her embrace, running her fingers through Renee’s long hair and probing with her tongue into the blonde’s eager mouth. Nina straddled Renee’s thighs and pressed her breasts against Renee’s.

Renee was getting very aroused. “I can’t wait to fuck you with this thing!” She put the strap on on the bed and began pulling off Nina’s clothes. In seconds Nina was wearing just her fishnet stockings, and Renee had removed all of her own clothing. She had little trouble getting the snap-on in place. “In the shower,” Nina said, still wanting to freshen up a little after her trip to China town. She practically jumped into the bathroom like a pouncing jaguar and turned on the water. By the time it was warm, Renee had arrived at the curtain’s edge, wearing her strap on.

Once the water was warm, they both stepped over the rim of the tub and left the curtain half open, never mind the splashing water. Hot water streamed over their lithe naked bodies. The enormous nine inch dildo jutted up from Renee’s pelvis. Nina was pleased to see that the color actually matched Renee’s pale skin tone quite well.

Nina turned around and stuck her ass out, spreading her legs slightly, as she looked back at Renee. She spread her pussy lips with her left hand and leaned against the wall with her right.

Renee placed one hand on Nina’s tiny waist and with the other, soaped up Nina’s ass and pussy. Then she guided the head of her strap on to Nina’s wet, soapy slit. Nina arched her back, pushing her hips back towards the toy. kaçak iddaa At the same time, Renee slowly pushed the head of it forward. It went in easily enough, so Renee slowly pushed inch after inch into Nina. Nina could feel every vein and bump pushing into her tightness. Renee took it slow but at the last two inches, she lost her patience and thrust the rest in.

“Oh!!” Nina gasped as the phallus filled her deliciously.

Renee moaned at the hot sight of the shaft disappearing below Nina’s pert backside. Water and suds cascaded down her bare shoulders and tan skin, to splash between their loins and run down their thighs. Nina’s fishnet stockings were soaked but tightly clung to her upper thighs. Renee began pushing the dildo in and out, in and out, drinking in the sight of Nina’s perfect figure getting nailed from behind. It was a perspective she had never had before, and it set her pussy on fire.

She loved being able to fuck Nina with a thrust of her hips, and decided to take full advantage of it. She reached under Nina’s arm with one hand and fondled her tits, and with the other hand she started playing with Nina’s clit. Renee’s hips kept perfect rhythm, and Nina trembled and moaned. Each thrust brought Nina closer to climax.

Renee’s heart was beating hard and fast in her chest as well. She was so turned on she could hardly stand the heat of the shower. She focused on her rhythm while playing with Nina’s clit, and watched in awe as Nina cried out and shook with orgasm. Renee pulled out slowly and Nina shakily turned the shower knob to off.

“Renee, that was– you are.. ” she panted, slowly turning.

“I know. I almost came too!”

“Really!?” Nina gasped. “More!” she grinned, and turned around again, this time spreading her ass cheeks wide. “Come on, do me up the back door, you horny slut. You know you want to shove that big dick of yours up my tightest hole.”

Indeed, Renee had told Nina about her anal fantasies more than once. “You are a cock slut and a dirty whore,” Renee replied, instantly feeling nasty.

“Come on, fuck me.”

Normally when Renee had sex, she thought mostly about how her partner was feeling. This guided her and made her a better lover. She had a sensitive touch, because she concentrated on how what she was doing was making her lover feel. She recalled the way that certain touches made her feel, like light but furious licks to her clit, or what it felt like when her boyfriend sucked on her hard nipples. Now she felt something different. She was thinking of filling Nina’s holes with cock, filling each hole and blasting her load.

Renee had no thought but the urge to shove her cock violently Nina’s ass and pussy and fill her with cum. She imagined that this must be the exact thought any guy in her situation would have. She caught herself at the last moment, realizing she would have to take it slow with such a large dildo.

“Hey, Renee,” Nina said, still bent over with her ass cheeks spread wide. “Are you going to fuck me or what?”

Renee took a moment to compose herself. “Bitch, you better watch what you ask for. I am going to turn you into a fucking shish-kabob with tits.” With that, she slapped Nina’s ass cheeks violently for several seconds.

Slap! Slap! Renee’s hands hit Nina’s ass cheeks loudly.

Nina moaned and flexed her cute little ass. The sting only made her more impatient to experience some of the pain and pleasure of anal sex.

“Now, spread em,” Renee said, and Nina obeyed. She pulled on her tight, round ass cheeks and relaxed her anus. Renee put some body wash on her hands and soaped up Nina’s ass crack, paying special attention to her anus. She squatted down behind Nina, teased her anus with her middle finger, and eventually plunged her finger in. After fingering Nina’s ass for a few moments, Renee could see the rosebud opening. She pulled her finger out and stood up. She pushed her strap on up to the hole.

“Don’t hurt me,” Nina said. She was being serious, Renee’s dildo was huge.

“This is what you get for forgetting your place, whore,” Renee countered. “Good luck walking to class when I’m done.” And with that, she pressed the head against Nina’s asshole. It gave way easily, and soon Renee was halfway in. She moaned with glee and began thrusting once more.

“Oh god, oh god,” Nina moaned. The dildo’s girth was almost too much. She felt so naughty and dirty, the sheer rebelliousness of the act had her body singing. She turned on the shower again, and hot water splashed down on them both, rinsing white suds down their smooth, nymphish bodies.

Renee grabbed Nina by the hips and began thrusting full force. She could tell that Nina’s ass was gripping the phallus somewhat tightly, and this turned her on even more. She could feel her “man instincts” taking over again as she plowed Nina’s ass with abandon. She wondered what it would actually feel like with her own hot, stiff cock. What do guys feel, she wondered for a brief moment.

“Oh fuck!” Nina screamed. “Keep fucking me, fuck me harder!”

Renee kept kaçak bahis at it. She could feel her own orgasm building once more. She remembered a story Nina one fondly recalled. Nina had been visiting her boyfriend’s house. That boyfriend had several other guys over, and all of them had gone out to the barn. There in the hay, all six had fucked Nina in every hole until all of them were spent. She pictured this while using both hands to grab Nina’s short black hair. She pulled hard while pushing the cock deep into Nina’s ass. As soon as she felt Nina shudder and climax, Renee started cumming.

“Ohh god.. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Renee panted. It felt like the universe opened up inside her legs. She gently let go of Nina’s hair. Warmth spread from her loins, up to her chest, down to her knees, then, like the ripples of a puddle, it filled her from head to toe.

“Renee, oh my god,” Nina said, her heart racing, “I am so in awe.” It was unspoken, but the hair pulling was a move Nina had taught Renee. The young blonde was a great lover and student of the art of lovemaking. Her young teacher was impressed.

She pressed her breasts up against Renee’s and slipped her fingers under the strap on and into Renee’s sopping wet pussy.

“So, is it my turn?” Nina asked, as her other hand fumbled with the clasp.

The pair did not study at all that night. Renee and Nina were so horny that their screams of passion actually kept others nearby up past midnight. They took turns using the strap on, and in fact when they finally realized they had better settle down and get some sleep, Nina was too tired to even bother to take it off.

When she awoke, Nina had a strange sensation of warmth between her legs. Actually it seemed to come from without, it definitely came from outside of her body, and yet it felt like the most awake, alive part of her. It was long and hard, a stiffness that gave her pleasure as she pressed it against the bedsheets. Was it a dream?

She got up with a start. There, standing straight up between her legs, was a real cock. It had a long, thick shaft complete with a bulging head and two balls. If the throbbing hardness hadn’t felt so good, she might have been horrified.

But ooh, it felt magnificent to touch. She unconsciously began stroking the shaft with both hands. She had never had a boyfriend with a cock anything near this size, it had to be as long as one of her math textbooks and almost as thick! The light brownish color matched her cappuccino skin tone perfectly. She wanted to suck it so badly.

“What the hell is going on?” she wondered. But an instant later her only thought was “I need to fuck, now!”

She squeezed her throbbing dick with both hands and looked at Renee, her sexy hips rising and falling slowly under the covers. Renee was still fast asleep, although soon their alarms would go off and it would be time to get ready for class, and — the test!

“Oh no,” she thought. Neither of them had studied very much the night before! Hopefully they had absorbed enough during the semester to pass.

“Well, this hard-on isn’t going anywhere,” Nina said under her breath, noting that the tip was slowly dripping with precum. “Renee, oh Renee,” she softly called.

Renee, groggy, did her best to animate at the call of her lover. When she saw Nina’s ten inch throbbing cock, too realistic to be a mere dildo, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“Agh!” she cried. “Oh, oh my god Nina!” She leaned forward to take a closer look.

Nina groaned. “Renee, it feels amazing. This must be what it feels like to have an actual dick.”

Renee looked closely. Sure enough, it looked like a very well endowed, perfectly gorgeous penis. Only this time, the color matched Nina’s dark complexion perfectly.

“Wow, now I know why boys always want to fuck,” Nina breathed, focusing her gaze on Renee’s mouth.

“How do we get it off of you?” Renee wondered. “You don’t want that permanently, do you?” she added.”I mean, you did give it to me after all.”

“Baby I don’t know, but I feel like a dog in heat!” With that, she pulled Renee’s face closer. She guided the cock to Renee’s lips. She pushed it forward, and Renee took it into her warm mouth with some apprehension. The taste of the precum was sweet, and she tried to take it all in. She she only got about half way before gagging.

Nina however was beside herself with lust, and began pushing her cock hard against the back of Renee’s throat, thrusting insistently. “Oh god, oh god,” Nina chanted.

Renee flipped over on her back and let her head fall off the side of the bed, and Nina stood on the side of the bed so she could skewer her massive shaft down Renee’s throat. Renee did her best to open up for the huge cock, and Nina forced it down Renee’s throat.

Now, Renee had never imagined she could deep throat a cock this big, but that is not to say she didn’t have some experience. She tried not to panic as her air supply was cut off. She went limp as Nina thrust her cock into her mouth. After just a few seconds, she felt hot cum spurting into the back of her throat. Nina cursed and groaned in ecstasy. Jet after jet of cum splashed down Renee’s throat. As the brunette climaxed, she pushed deeper and deeper into Renee’s throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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