A Time of Love

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Christmas was Olivia’s absolute favorite time of the year. All the parties, the food, the cute winter clothes, the presents and most importantly her brother, Kent came home for three weeks. He lived in Japan and only came home during Christmas and Olivia worshiped her older brother. Olivia was in her final year of high school, having turned 18 a couple of weeks ago and when she graduated, she planned on moving to Japan to be with her brother. She missed him fiercely but knew that he was doing well for himself in Japan and that was where he needed to be.

Olivia snapped out of her thoughts and looked in her floor length mirror, admiring her naked body. She received a fair share of attention from guys, with her long, thick, shiny brown hair, large grey eyes that changed color depending on what she wore and full luscious lips that begged to be kissed. Her small D cup size breasts were perky with long, large nipples which were extremely sensitive. Olivia was trim but still had some curves and she definitely took advantage of her hourglass shape. She kept her pussy shaved, liking the feel of fabric against her bare lips. Turning, Olivia smiled at her cute, pert ass, one that would give any Kardashian a run for their money.

“Come on, Olivia! Time to go!” her mother, Jane, yelled up the stairs. They were going to pick up her brother from the airport and needed to leave or else they would be late.

Olivia opened her bedroom door and stood at the top of the stairs, “Just a second!” she called down. Her mother had already disappeared in the living room so there was no need to be modest about standing in her hallway nude…besides, Olivia was something of an exhibitionist and liked being daring.

Hurrying back to her bedroom, Olivia pulled on a pair of black tights that she had cut a hole in to let her pussy hang out. She threw on a tight scoopneck sweater dress that hugged her curves and only came down a few inches under her ass. The scoopneck was low and showed some great cleavage and her bra-less nipples stood at attention, nearly poking through the red sweater dress. She pulled on a pair of knee high black boots and with one more swipe of a tinted red lip gloss, she grabbed her black peacoat and ran down the stairs.

“Well don’t you look cute,” her mother complimented. She was trim herself with the same brown hair both Olivia and Kent shared, but Kent had Jane’s blue eyes while Olivia had her father, Jackson’s, grey eyes.

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Thanks…can we go now?” She couldn’t wait to see her brother. Her feelings for him had changed over the last few months and she intended to show her brother her new feelings. Hopefully he would reciprocate and they could have a wonderfully fun three weeks.

Her father was already in the car, getting it warm. The winters in Kennesaw, Georgia could be a little brutal, at least by Southern standards. The suburb outside of Atlanta was quaint and Olivia loved that the culture and amenities of Atlanta was only a 20-30 mile drive away. As soon as Olivia and her mother came out of the house, Jackson jumped out of the car and opened the car door for his wife. They shared a deep kiss before Jane dropped delicately in the seat. Olivia smiled, liking to see the passion between her parents. Her friends thought it was gross and weird, but Olivia loved it.

Olivia settled into the backseat, her peacoat covering her lap. Digging her phone out of her coat pocket, Olivia put in some earbuds and replayed voicemails her brother had left her, his deep baritone voice resonating in her head and turning her on. She flipped through some pictures of Kent, her pussy becoming wet with the thought of seeing her brother for the first time in a year. Slouching in her seat, Olivia closed her eyes, one hand settling in the wet heat between her legs. She felt naughty for fantasizing about her brother and even naughtier for touching herself while in the car with her parents.

Suddenly, Olivia heard her mom whimper, “Not now, Jackson – Olivia’s in the backseat!” Her voice was wavering and Olivia longed to open her eyes to see what was going on.

“She’s asleep, Jane. She has her earbuds in so she can’t hear anything. I just want to touch you, sweetheart. I want to feel how wet you are knowing we’re going to pick up our son.” Jackson’s deep voice was hushed but Olivia could hear him perfectly.

Olivia could hear the swish of material and cracked an eye and saw her mother’s breast bared and her father twisting and pulling on her nipple.Olivia’s pussy got even wetter watching her mother’s breast be caressed in the afternoon sun. “Oh Jackson,” Jane moaned, her voice breathless.

Her father continued driving with one hand while the other hand tormented her mother’s breast. “I can’t wait until tonight,” Jackson said. “You think he’ll be up to anything tonight?”

“I don’t know, honey. Don’t be disappointed if he isn’t.” Jane replied. “I think it’s going to be really hard trying to hide this from Olivia. She’s older now and I think she and Kent have become bahis firmaları really close this last year”

Olivia couldn’t make sense of what they were talking about. Why would they be hiding something from her? What did her father and mother want with Kent tonight?

It was silent in the car except for the occasional sigh from Jane as Jackson continued his assault on her bare breast. More fabric started rustling and Jane moaned, louder this time. Olivia cracked her eye open again and saw her father’s hand between her mother’s legs.

“No undies…nice, Jane.” her father smirked. His hand moved a bit between Jane’s legs and Olivia could begin to smell her mother’s arousal as the scent of her pussy filled the car. Olivia moved her fingers against her clit as she watched her father finger her mother. “Why can’t we invite Olivia to join in this year? She’s old enough and God, you know how much I want her, Jane.”

Again, Olivia was shocked. Her father wanted her? In what way? Surely not in the way was she thinking… And if he wanted her in that way, then what are they doing with Kent? Are they all having sex with each other? No, that couldn’t be what her dad was talking about.

It seemed that her mother couldn’t talk- her head was thrown against the headrest, her breast moving up and down as she struggled to breathe normally. Jackson’s hand was moving faster between her legs now and Olivia could hear the wetness. Suddenly, Jane grasped her breast and pulled on her nipple as her back arched as she squealed her release.

Olivia’s body shuddered too as her own orgasm caught her off guard. Her hips bucked slightly as she rode out the pleasure of her orgasm.

“God, Jane. You’re so fucking hot,” her father moaned. His hand was still moving between Jane’s legs, slower now. “We’re going to have to find a bathroom so I can fuck you proper.”

Olivia almost groaned at that. Now that she knew her parents wanted her, she wanted nothing more than to be with them. She was going to make that happen and the sooner the better. Quickly thinking of a plan, Olivia tore the hole in her tights more, the cool air drying her cum on her pussy. She discreetly pulled on the neck of her sweater dress, stretching it out so her breasts could flop out freely if they wanted. After that, she tugged on her nipples, making them hard and causing them to stand out underneath her dress. Satisfied with the results, she resumed petting her pussy and feigning sleep until they pulled up at the airport.

Her father came around to open Jane’s door and Olivia watched as he helped her out and then kissed her, one hand going under her skirt. Olivia, still pretending to be asleep with her peacoat covering her like a blanket, pulled a breast out of her dress and stuck two fingers deep in her pussy. Her parents were still kissing, with Jane now having unzipped Jackson’s fly and was pulling on his dick.

A police car roared by and that caused Jane and Jackson to jerk away from each other for fear of being caught. Jackson zipped his fly while Jane straightened her skirt and pulled out a compact from her purse. “Wake up Olivia while I fix my face,” Jane said to Jackson.

Olivia closed her eyes and focused on breathing deeply and evenly. She heard the car door open and then her father pushed her jacket off her, while kissing her cheek. “Wake up, Olivia…time to go get your brother.” He sucked in a breath once the jacket fell to the floor board and he saw her naked breast and her fingers in her pussy. Jackson moaned deep in his throat and reached over and licked her exposed nipple before backing out of the car.

Being known as a hard sleeper, Olivia knew he wouldn’t expect that to wake her up, so she kept her eyes closed and her breathing even. Her pussy was even more wet now that her father had licked her nipple. She wanted more than that! Olivia felt her father move away and listened as he talked to Jane.

“Look at our daughter,” Jackson told her, his voice a bit breathless. Olivia heard as her mother opened the passenger side door and ducked in to get a look. Olivia heard Jane’s sharp intake of breath as she viewed her daughter splayed out as she was. Olivia felt her father sit down next to her, felt as he leaned over and sucked her nipple into his mouth again.

Jane gasped, “Jackson! Stop that right now!” Olivia could hear that her mother was turned on, her voice had a raspier quality to it. Deciding to mess with them a little more, she moved slightly in her “sleep” and spread her legs even more, her fingers falling out of her pussy, leaving what she imagined, was a very wet hole.

“Oh dear God,” her dad breathed, his breath warm against her naked breast. She felt his lips against her nipple once more and nearly jumped when she felt his fingers brush against her clit. A gush of warm fluid gushed from her, making her dad groan.

Suddenly a car alarm went off in the parking deck, echoing loudly off the concrete walls. Olivia knew it was loud enough to wake her, so she jumped and opened her eyes. kaçak iddaa She saw her father leaning over her, his fingers shiny with her juices. “Uh, dad?”

Jackson jerked out of his spell, his eyes moving from her pussy to her face. His face flushed a deep red. “Hi punkin,” he said softly. He still hadn’t moved away from her and that was quite alright with Olivia.

“Whatcha doing, daddy?” Olivia innocently blinked her wide eyes.

“Just admiring how damn beautiful you are,”Jackson murmured. His eyes drifted from her eyes, to her lips, then bare breast and nipple and finally down to her pussy. He rested his hand high on her black tights covered thigh, his fingers twitching to touch her again.

Olivia moved her hand on top of his and slowly moved it up towards her wet heat. “You can touch me, daddy. I want you to,” she breathed. Even though she knew how her dad felt about her, her stomach was still a tangled mess of butterflies, steeling herself for rejection.

Her dad didn’t stop the movement of their hands towards her center, so Olivia kept moving. Once his fingers hit her wet pussy, she removed her hand and let his take over the work. She sighed happily as he moved his fingers against her clit again. “Feels good, doesn’t it, daddy?”

Jackson nodded before turning to Jane, who had settled in the front seat to watch the show. She was watching intently but looked up when she felt Jackson’s gaze on her. The corners of her eyes crinkled as she smiled at him. “How does she feel?”

“Unbelievable,” he murmured, his fingers still skating across his daughter’s clit. He ventured lower and circled around the opening to Olivia’s pussy. Without warning, he dipped a finger deep into her pussy.

“Fuck,” Olivia whispered, her back arching. Her dad’s fingers were long and thick and felt so good inside of her. She shivered when he withdrew his finger and plunged it back in. He moved it around inside, brushing up against her pussy walls. He pulled out again and another finger joined the first one as he pushed them inside of her. Olivia moaned, her fingers pulling at her nipple as her dad’s fingers fucked in and out of her. “I’m close,” she warned her dad. With that, he simply leaned over and kissed her hard, opening her mouth with his tongue and deepening the kiss. That intimate kiss was what pushed Olivia over the edge and she stiffened with the force of her orgasm.

As she rode out her orgasm, her dad kept fingering her. Once the tremors subsided, his strokes were more soothing than arousing. Olivia looked over at her mom and dad with a gorgeous smile on her face. “I love y’all,” she said.

“Oh honey, we love you too,” her mother said. She squeezed herself between the two front seats so she could lean in the back to hug her daughter. One hand brushed against her daughter’s wet pussy and her mother couldn’t help but explore a little. Olivia nearly came again with the feeling of both her parent’s fingers on her most intimate spot.

“Can we do this again?” Olivia asked hesitantly, looking at her parents with hope and love gleaming from her eyes.

“Definitely,” Jackson said authoritatively. “This is just the beginning of a very special relationship with us and your brother if you want it.” Even though he was pretty sure of what Olivia’s answer was going to be, he was going to leave the decision solidly with her. He even removed his hand from her wet hot center so as not to sway her decision.

Olivia pouted at the loss of contact on her pussy, but then broke into a big grin. She sat up and hugged her dad and then her mom. “Of course I want it! I have for a long time now. I didn’t know that y’all felt the same way.”

Olivia’s phone beeped and she looked at it. She gasped when she read the notification that Kent’s plane would be landing in ten minutes. Waving her phone at her parents, she tried to push her dad out of the car. “He’s almost here! We have to get inside!”

Her father laughed and moved out of the car, turning to help Jane out. Olivia bounced out, not even noticing that she had one breast bared to the cold air. She smoothed her dress down and looked at her parents. “Come on, come on!”

Jane laughed at her daughter’s antics. She stepped up to her and took her breast in one hand, her fingers pulling at the nipple. “Gotta put this away first,” she chuckled. She tucked it back in Olivia’s sweater dress with a few more squeezes and tugs as she dropped a light kiss on Olivia’s lips.

Jackson had shut all the car doors and turned to his girls. “Come on, you two. Let’s go collect our boy.” Olivia noticed that he reached down and adjusted himself and she put her hand on the distinct bulge he was trying to camouflage. She ran her hand up and down the length through his pants. “Promise I can have this later?”

Growling playfully, Jackson moved her hand, tucking it in the crook of his arm. “It’s all yours, baby girl.” After tucking Jane’s hand in his other arm, they started walking to the baggage claim area. “Well, you will have to share with your mom and kaçak bahis Kent though. Can you live with that?”

“Only if I can have them too,” Olivia said, snuggling close to her father’s side. She deliberately pressed a breast into his arm, knowing he could feel the pillowy soft mound and the hard nipple. With her other hand, she reached in her dress and pulled at her other nipple, making it hard and causing it to protrude out sexily.

Jackson looked down at her and then smiled over at his wife. “Seems we have us a bit of an exhibitionist, darling.” Jane peeked around Jackson to see Olivia tugging on her nipple as they walked down the middle of the parking deck.

Olivia nodded. “I love being naughty in public. I like the thrill of it, the threat of being caught. I never wear underwear anymore – I like the chance to “accidentally” flash people – and of course, the easy access to my pussy is always a plus.”

“It certainly is,” Jackson agreed. “You mother doesn’t wear underwear anymore either, isn’t that right, Jane?”

“Yep. I like my boys to be able to get at me whenever they want to. You have no idea how many times I’ve been fingered in restaurants by Kent and your dad while you were oblivious,” Jane giggled. “It was always such a turn on to have my two boys fingers on me while you were yammering on about something.”

Olivia felt her pussy throb at the thought. “God, that’s so hot,” she groaned, her fingers pulling harder on her nipple. Each tug sent a wave of fire from her breast to her pussy, causing it to throb.

Jackson moved his arms so they were around both his girls. His big hands rubbed up and down their backs before going lower and drifting over their ass. Olivia felt the cool air as he raised the back of her dress, his warm hand skating across her ass, kneading the soft globes. Olivia heard a hitch in her mother’s breath and knew that she must be getting the same treatment.

By now they had reached the edge of the parking deck, needing to cross over several lanes of traffic before heading inside to the baggage claim area. Jackson reluctantly gave their asses a final pat before removing his hands. He kept his arm around Jane but let Olivia go. At her slight frown, he leaned forward and kissed her softly. “We don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves,” he whispered against her lips. “We can’t have fun if everyone is staring at us.” Olivia nodded, knowing it was true.

They crossed the lanes of traffic and entered the airport just in time to hear the arrival call of Kent’s flight. Olivia couldn’t stop herself from jumping up and down, which caused her braless breasts to flop around like crazy. One nearly popped out completely but Olivia tucked it back inside her dress. They set up watch in front of the baggage claim carousels, tucking Jane in between Olivia and Jackson. Jane was facing Jackson, with Olivia against her back. Olivia had her peacoat slung over her left arm, which she held around Jane. Her father did the same with his right arm, essentially covering Jane from the waist down. Olivia took advantage and slid her mother’s skirt up and found her pussy. It was already wet and she could feel it get wetter as she played with her mother’s clit. “You’re so wet for your little boy, aren’t you? You want to be ready to fuck him – maybe even right here in this airport, in front of all these people. You’re a dirty dirty mom and I love you so much,” Olivia whispered in her mother’s ear, all the while playing with her mom’s pussy. She stuck a finger inside Jane’s cunt, twisting it around before pulling out and adding another finger. Plunging back inside, Olivia heard Jane’s sharp intake of breath and knew her mother was feeling good. She slowly worked her fingers in and out of Olivia’s pussy, reveling in her mother’s wet heat.

Suddenly, Olivia looked up and saw Kent. He had spotted them and was walking quickly towards them. She didn’t stop her assault on her mother’s pussy, in fact, she sped up as her mother’s juices ran down her hand.

Kent stopped in front of them, a curious look on his face. Jackson dropped his arm that was shielding their activities since Kent was now blocking the view. The look on Kent’s face was priceless – his mouth dropped open and his eyes went from Jane’s pussy, to Olivia, to Jackson and then finally to his mother. “The whole family now, huh?” His lips quirked into a hesitant smile, as if he couldn’t believe his luck.

Jane sniffled and nodded. She held out an arm and tugged Kent to her. “I’m so happy you’re home, son.”

Kent hugged her tightly before slipping one hand down to her pussy, playing with her clit while Olivia was still fingering her. Jackson joined the little group hug to make it look more natural and put a hand on Kent’s hardening cock, rubbing it through his pants.

Everyone was focused on Jane, on coaxing an orgasm from her. Kent’s fingers strummed her clit like he knew just what he was doing. Olivia’s fingers dug in her mother’s pussy, always deep and hitting the right spot. Suddenly Jackson kissed Jane and Olivia felt her mother spasm around her fingers as her orgasm came hard and fast. It took the whole family to hold Jane up as she quivered and shook from the pleasure of her orgasm.

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