A Taste of Incest – Pears , Cider

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Author’s note: The following incidents are probably mostly fictional. All sexual participants are living humans aged 18+. These standalone A TASTE OF INCEST tales (adapted and expanded from RON’S JOURNAL episodes) include incestuous and bisexual groups, and minimal non-sexual violence. Views expressed are not necessarily the author’s. Your constructive comments are welcome. If you like this, join the 1%ers and VOTE!


A Taste of Incest: Pears & Cider

(Ron and another cousin and sister, and more)


Let us set the scene.

The time and place: long ago and far away (yes, some decades back), before internets, cell-phones, home video, ecology, and the Carter Presidency…

Long, lean Ron wandered a few years after high school. Put it another way: Ron was a drifter, a bum. A personable bum, well-read and -bathed, with decent manners, but still a bum. He hitchhiked, worked odd jobs, played guitar, screwed whoever was available — no ties, no responsibilities. A bum.

“Oh, that was nice, thanks,” Kate said, hugging him close. Kate was her name, right? They lay on blankets spread in the back of her station wagon, parked behind a hill away from the Pacific Coast Highway somewhere north of Santa Barbara. She rubbed his softening cock with her naked knee.

“Really, nice, yeah. Thanks for the ride, and thanks for yourself!” Ron kissed a nearby nipple, and then the other, and back again.

“Are you in a hurry to get anywhere? Would you like a place to stay tonight? My place is just a couple miles away.”

“I’m in no hurry, no. But I’ve got to warn you — I’m a rambler. I don’t hang around, not for long.”

“Well, ramble inside me tonight. We’ll worry about the rest of it tomorrow.”

Ron hitchhiked up from the southland at the end of a California summer. [See A TASTE OF INCEST – PEACHES & CREAM for that sister+cousin story.] He crashed with old friends and lovers at their cozy commune in San Francisco, shared their food and wine, slept in their beds — the usual. A couple weeks’ day labor put enough cash in pocket for immediate needs. He looked north.

He thumbed across the Golden Gate Bridge on the Redwood Highway. The latest of a series of short rides dropped him on the far side of Petaluma. A blue Volkswagen Bug pulled over; two girls peered at him, his rucksack, guitar, and destination sign: FURTHUR.

“Hey guy, where ya headed? We’re going up around Eureka.”

“Great! I’m headed for Seattle. This’ll be a fine start.”

He scrunched his six-foot-four frame into the back seat. He had scrunched into many such cramped Bugs. Ah, the hitchhiking life…

Introductions were made. Stories were exchanged.

“We’re art majors,” the blonde passenger said. “We’re working on an entry for the Kinetic Sculpture Race next May. We’re gonna kick ass, too! It’s a floating tetrapod, very moderno-retro-looking, with hydro-mechanical thrusters and…” …many more details, yada yada.

Petaluma to Eureka is a great long drive from suburbs through farms, vineyards, orchards, pine forests, giant redwood groves, and long steep river valleys. Mid-afternoon, they stopped at a sunny Eel River overlook off the Avenue of the Giants. They threw a blanket on the ground, got naked, drank Champipple Cocktails (Champale malt liquor plus Ripple wine), and sunbathed. He massaged their backs and legs, and kissed their warm, smooth, bubbly butts. But nothing more there — too public.

They sunned, and sipped, and chatted, and then dressed (too bad!) and drove on.

Joan was a bouncy honey blonde, maybe a foot shorter than him. Lacy was calm, chestnut-haired, and a few inches taller than Joan. Both showed great hourglass shapes and firm legs, with loose shorts and tight navel-baring pullovers — Joan’s with wide red stripes, Lacy crosshatched in blue. Both pulled on long heavy Humboldt State U. sweatshirts before they arrived at dusk at their lapboard cottage in the Arcata fog zone, not far from campus.

“It’s getting kind of late, Ron. Are you in a rush to go on? You can stay over with us tonight if you want,” Lacy invited. This tall guy intrigued her. He had good hands. And a long cock.

“Yeah, we can order a pizza,” Joan added, “and I made a new hookah we can try out. It looks like the Nautilus in that 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA movie. Some people said I should have built a Starship Enterprise instead, but Star Trek’s getting kind of old, don’t you think?”

“I’d love to stay over with you! Hitching the coast north of here at night gets pretty damp and dreary.” Ron mentally licked his lips at the evening’s prospects.

Kindling and logs were lit in the living room’s corner fireplace. The room grew warm and layers of clothing thinned. A Hawai’ian Special pizza was ordered and devoured, washed down by more Champipple Cocktails. For dessert they enjoyed hashish and human bodies. Yes, Ron sucked their lovely breasts, and ate them both, and fucked them both more than once, and was happily sucked by both, and shared. Yes, they canlı bahis şirketleri all curled up under blankets before the nourishing fire like a pile of puppies. Yes, they kicked him out in the morning.


A few short rides along the rocky coast brought Ron to salt-blasted Crescent City. A fisherman’s cute wife gave him a dry ride and a nice wet kiss, only slightly fishy. He hitched a ride with an over-caffeinated logger on the Klamath Highway across the coastal Siskiyou Mountains to Grants Pass, Oregon, where Interstate Five left the Rogue River behind. Sawmills scented the air with evergreen resin and smoke.

Ron’s dad’s younger brother Hank and his wife Kate ran a grocery on the east side of Grants Pass with family living quarters above the store. He last saw this branch of his family almost a decade before. They welcomed him, and filled the dinner hour and evening with comfortable talk and laughter.

Little cousin Edie snuck into the guest room before midnight. She was his junior by two years and looked like a chin-high sister, with dark hair, cool hazel eyes, sharp features, great body — yet another product of their good-looking genepool. She smelled like licorice.

After their first vigorous but quiet sucks and fuck, they snuggled and chatted.

“Geez, Ron, you don’t look much like the photo from the last time you were here. You’re much better now.” She gave his worn cock an appreciative squeeze.

“And you’re really gorgeous, babe. I remember you as a snippy twelve-year-old tomboy with no tits, no hips, and skinny legs. Smart, though! Now you’re a total fox. How come you didn’t marry a studly lumberjack or something?” He kissed her perfect creamy tits again, savoring her now-familiar flavor.

“Well, if I wanted to boost your ego, I’d say that it’s because I saw you in the shower then, and I just loved how your big dick looked. Believe that if you want. But mostly, nobody around here is, well, interesting. So I have a plan. I’ll work the store another year and save my money. Then I’ll move to San Francisco or Seattle or somewhere — with a better selection of man-flesh.” She cupped his balls.

“I’m heading for Seattle right now. Want to come along?” He nibbled her neck.

“Umm, thanks, but I’m not really into vagabonding. And I made promises to Mom and Dad. Tell ya what, come back in a year with a good car, no goddam pickup or bug or clunker, and I’ll go riding with you for a season. How’s that for a deal?”

She rolled him on top of her and stretched out her legs. He slid smoothly into her welcoming channel. They groaned softly; she wrapped her strong long legs around his back and pulled him close. Their mouths joined again. They stopped talking as the eternal rhythm swept them along.

“Are you going to be high-maintenance?” he asked after some more quiet climaxes.

“Oh, probably. I sure don’t want dregs. I want to live better than I do now.” She lay beside him, his arm around her shoulders, her leg thrown over his.

“And I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be, when and if I grow up.” He ran his tongue around her ear.

“For now, I’ll just say that you’ve grown into a pretty good sex machine, Ronny. Mmmm…” Yes, she felt satisfied.

“I’d offer to be your fucktoy, your kept man, but that probably wouldn’t go over well here.” His hand found her firm, soft breast.

“Yeah, Dad would probably put you on permanent meat-locker duty. Make you live in there too. Or just chain you inside like the animal you are.”

They fucked again, and slept. Edie crept out just before sunrise. After breakfast, Ron helped in the back of the store, schlepping bulk bags and cartons — but he avoided the meat locker. Just in case, right?

Uncle Hank and Aunt Kate invited Ron to stay for dinner and another night in the guest room. Dinner was fine; grocers eat well. Ron helped clean up. After dinner, the adults delved into business paperwork. Edie and Ron retired to the screened-in back porch with maps, guitar, sketchpad, and two cold quarts of Rainier Ale.

They talked. They shared many interests: folk-blues music, figurative art, raw humor, hard science and science fiction, New Wave cinema, frugal living. They had differences, mostly political, mostly minor. But mostly, they felt like soulmates.

Edie crawled into Ron’s bed again. They were slower and tenderer this night. Their joining was sensuous, drawn-out lovemaking. They merged.

Edie left his bed before dawn.

But not early enough, apparently.

Ron was rousted from his dreamy dozing by Edie shaking him desperately.

“Wake up! For fuck’s sake, wake up! We’re caught! Mom saw me leave your room. She’s pissed. She told Dad, and he’s pissed. You’ve got to get out of here!”

Ron sat up, dazed. Edie shook him again.

“And I’m in deep shit! Look, grab your stuff and run! Down the back way, NOW! Go to the coffee shop on the next block. Wait for me there. Here’s a few bucks, buy yourself something. And just sit tight! I’ll see you canlı kaçak iddaa there real soon. Too soon.” She kissed him. “Now GO!!” She swatted his ass.

Ron quickly dressed and stuffed his canvas rucksack full. He heard angry voices resound through the building. He grabbed his guitar and hustled out the back door. Two guys on the store’s loading dock saw him and laughed.


Ron quick-stepped to the faded diner and ordered the cheapest pancakes and coffee. He was on his third creamy cup when denim-clad Edie came through the front door. She carried an Army duffel.

Edie grabbed and drained his coffee. She shook back her long dark hair.

“We’re fucked.”

She threw the duffel into a corner of his booth and sat across from him. She waved at the old Asian waitress. “Hi, Marge!” More coffee and pancakes arrived soon.

Edie was tense and trembling.

“We’re fucked. You’re definately persona non grata and I’m not far behind. What they called me! Told me not to come back till I’m married — and not to you! Dad says to stay away from you– if we have kids, they’ll all be morons with tails.”

Ron took Edie’s strained hands. Her jaws clenched. She looked at him.

“Okay, here’s the deal. I’m outa here. I’m on the road with you now. You got any money? I have a few grand in the bank; we can live for awhile.” She stroked his cheek.

“But guess what? We’ve both got to grow up, real quick. You want me? I’m yours. You do good things to me and you’re no creep. I like you. Maybe I love you.” Her face twisted into a wry smile.

“Yeah, maybe. So let’s go! We’ll travel, see shit, do shit, yeah. But we’ve got to get stable before long. You think you can be an adult anytime soon?”

Ron was a bum but he wasn’t dumb. He knew this was a turning point. Whatever he decided and said would have repercussions, echoing down the stony corridors of time. And he didn’t have much time to decide.

He stalled.

“How soon till we have to be boring, I mean serious, I mean responsible adults?”

She expected this.

“We start right now, but we go step-by-step. You still want to go see stuff? Me too. Yeah, we’ll go places. But no hitchhiking, no jumping trains, nothing that risky. No being stuck outside in miserable weather. I’m not going to suffer for you, and I don’t want you suffering, either.” Edie stroked his face again.

“So that means that wherever we go, whatever we do, we’ll be as safe and comfortable as possible. If we stay up north, we better be pretty stable before this winter. If we go south, we have till next summer. That’s my timetable.

“I’m no rich bitch. I don’t need luxury. I’m not hung-up on material goods. But I want to… I want US to live well enough. And that’ll mean going back to school. We’ve both had just two years, junior college. We need degrees — or we’ll be doing shitwork forever, and we’ll hate it. So, we’ll head for a college town eventually.”

Ron waved for more coffee.

“Makes sense. You make plans, don’t you? I improvise a lot. Your plans sound good. Living on the road, crashing wherever, bumming around — that gets old. I feel like I’m aging fast. The road doesn’t go on forever.” He looked down, then back up again.

“I think we’d make a good team, Edie. Yeah, okay, I’m with you. It’s about time I grew up. I think I’d like to grow up with you. Is it a deal?”

“Deal!” Edie stuck out her right hand. Ron took her smaller palm in his. She shook up and down, once, twice, and then intertwined their fingers. “Deal… partner,” she whispered. “Just don’t fuck things up.”

They stared at each other silently. Their eyes passed messages. They nodded.

Ron sat back. “So what’s your next plan? Anywhere specific you want to go?”

“You mentioned Seattle. Why not? Maybe Vancouver. It’s a little late in the year for Alaska. Hmm, no, maybe not Canada, stuff is expensive up there. I don’t know — Denver? Santa Fe? San Diego?”

“If we’re not thumbing or hoboing, I can think of a few cheap ways to get around. There are driveaway agencies, taking someone’s car somewhere for them. And buses. And motorbikes. We could get a couple street bikes for not much money.”

Edie shook her head.

“I have a better idea. There’s Ted, a guy I went to high school with here, he’s a car salesman now. He’s always been soft on me. We dated a couple times, but, well…”

Edie shook her head at the memory.

“Anyway, Ted’s got this eight-year-old Chevy pickup he fixed up, said it was for me. I can probably talk him out of it. I may have to kiss him, but I’ll get the pink slip.”

“I thought you didn’t like pickups?”

“That was yesterday. Things change. Seems like a good idea today. I was just tired of driving the store’s pickup, that’s all. Anyway, we can put a shell on the back, and have an easy place to sleep. I can probably get the shell from Ted too. I’ll make some vague promises. He’ll be easy.”

Easy, as long as he doesn’t think I’m running a game on him, Edie thought. What canlı kaçak bahis the fuck, I can be persuasive.

“It’ll be good for us. It’s a long-bed stepside with the old 250 straight six and a compound-low differential, almost as good as four-wheel-drive. It used to belong to the forest service. The shell I’m thinking of has outside storage, so we’ll be able to pack a lot of stuff and still have room inside.” She visualized the final setup.

“Let me dash over. The lot’s just a couple blocks away and Ted’ll be there early. I should be back in an hour. Wait here. Hey, Marge!” She waved at the waitress again. “Keep an eye on this guy, willya? Don’t let him get away. I’ll owe you.”

“You owe me big-time already, girl. What’s a little more?” She smiled. “Get going.”

Edie slid from the booth and ran out the diner’s front door. Ron piled her duffel next to his rucksack and guitar. Marge brought the coffeepot.

“I’m pretty buzzed already — Marge, right? Thanks. Maybe decaf, okay?”

The old Asian woman brought a fresh carafe and sat next to Ron.

“Haven’t seen you around before, boy. Are you taking our Edie away somewhere? You playing tricks on her? Fooling her?” She poked his chest with a stubby finger.

Ron considered how much he could safely reveal. Should he say he’s Edie’s cousin, her lover, her downfall? He equivocated.

“Yeah, I haven’t been here for awhile, a long time. Umm, we’re, like, old, old friends — no, more than that, but I shouldn’t say. And if anyone’s taking anyone anywhere, it’s me that being took. I…”

Marge, her black eyes flashing, poked him again. “Don’t tell me bullshit stories. Edie’s a great girl, much too good for this sawdust town. I knew she wouldn’t stay. I’m surprised she’s even here this long. But now YOU show up, and she’s in a hurry. I wonder why. You better be good to her, boy. Or else…”

Her unspoken threat hung in the air like a gray cloud. Ron slurped his coffee. Marge prodded him once more.

“You’ve been living a life out of balance. I can see that. Edie has too, but a different imbalance. You could spin out of control. Don’t you go falling off the edge, now. And if you do, don’t you take her with you.”

Ron nodded politely. Mortal imbalance? Mental imbalance? Moral imbalance? He was not sure what she meant, but he was not about to argue.

Marge sighed. “Damn kids. Look boy, I can see you mean a lot to Edie. You’re something special to her. And you probably aren’t a bad one. Don’t mess her up, okay? Just be a decent human being.”

She did not wait for his reply. She stood and pointed at the carafe on the table.

“Have all the coffee you want. Yes, it’s decaf. You like some pie? Got a good apple pie here, local apples, real fresh. You look like you’re an ala-mode pie-eater. Just wait. Want cinnamon or nutmeg on that? You look like a cinnamon guy. Stay put.”

Marge brought a plate loaded with pie and vanilla ice cream, and a glass of cider.

“Eat up. You’ll need your strength. You both will. Oh gods, help the young and foolish…”

She shuffled back to the kitchen. Ron ate the pie and quaffed the cider. Delicious!


A low rumbling grabbed Ron’s attention. A creamy-white pickup truck (what Australians call a ute), its bed covered with a matching shell with outside storage compartments, stopped outside the diner’s curb window. Edie jumped from the driver’s side. She pushed open the diner’s door and plopped down beside Ron.

“Only had to kiss Ted twice. I think I need a rinse now.” She poured a cup of decaf and swirled the brew around her mouth, then swallowed. She grinned.

Ron glanced at the wall clock. “Wow, that was fast. You’re all legal and everything?”

Edie kept grinning.

“Yeah, I got the pink slip and insurance and everything. You have a license too, right? Okay, let’s head over to Fred Meyers and get some supplies. We’ll need stuff, no matter where we go. Camping gear, yeah — tent, ’cause we’ll want it… sleeping bags, blankets, air mattress and pump, mess kits, canteens, ice chest, Coleman stove, lantern, axe, shovel, gas and water cans, tarps, rope, nylon hammocks for lounging in the forest, folding table and chairs… I better make a list.” She pulled a pen and notepad from her boob-bulging shirt pocket. “And canned and dry food, soda, beer, white gas for the stove and lantern, portable radio and flashlights and batteries, bleach to purify water, aspirin, toothpaste, first aid kit, all that stuff. We’ll get water and maps and fresh food along the way. Oh, and binoculars.”

Ron was dazed and amazed as she scratched-in her shopping list. Damn, this girl was ORGANIZED! She would be a great road partner.

Marge finished her rounds of the diner’s other customers. She sat across the table in their booth and gazed appraisingly at the bright young couple.

“So, girl, you’re really cutting out now? Kissing your hometown goodbye?”

Edie finished writing. She looked up at the older woman.

“Whatever you hear, don’t believe it. Yes, I’m gone. Yes, I should have left long ago. Yes, I’ll be back sometime, but I don’t know when. Yes, I trust Ron. And Marge, you’ve just been the best friend! Thanks so much for everything, all your advice, all your help, all those years.”

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