A Taste of Forbidden Fruit

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Coming home late from a bar I went into the lounge. I knew that mother had already gone up to bed because I could hear her music blaring from her bedroom. She often went to bed early when she was drunk or stoned. For a while I watched a programme on television but it was boring so I decided to take a bath.

She rushed into the bathroom to go to the toilet. Ignoring my presence she pulled down her brown cords revealing to my curious gaze a pair of black panties. I could hear the piss jetting out of her and splashing in the water. She was sitting on the toilet and looking straight ahead at me when out of the blue she smiled and said “Haven’t you got a big one?”

I froze in shock as the import of my mother’s words sank in. I was almost certain that she had made a pass at me – my own mother surely not! Then I became aware of my own feelings, which were now going through my mind. I felt shocked that my own mother could say such a thing to me; I knew it was appropriate for a girlfriend to say, nevertheless your own mother.

At the same time, as this feeling of shock, feelings of lust were stirring through my body. I gawped at her thick thatch of brown pubic hair covering her abdomen and my cock was instantly hard. The thin material of her kaftan was moulding the shape of her breasts – they were neither big nor small. I could see that her nipples were erect.

I began to feel ashamed of my feelings, as all I really wanted to do was rip of her kaftan and suck at her stiff pointed nipples. My cock was hard and throbbing under the warm water. I tried not paying any attention to her as the peeing sound splashed the water of the bowl. Driven by my cock I all I saw was a half naked woman in front of me, I had conveniently forgotten that this woman was my mother, or that the cunt I lusted for was the canal that had brought me into this world. My urge for her was becoming greater by the second!

The only thing stopping me from fucking the ass off her was my shock at my own reactions. I could hardly believe that I was lusting over my own mother.

She knew that I was watching when she yanked off her cords, then removed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her kaftan revealing her breasts. My eyes were out like organ stops, they were firm and flawless and all that I wanted to do was cram those two melons into my mouth! Pretending to ignore me she gazed into the mirror applying cream to her face.

I found myself looking at her backside and between the opening of her legs. I poured in some bubble bath and splashed about trying to whip up some bubbles to disguise my stiff cock. It was then she turned and caught sight of me holding onto my soapy cock and masturbating. As she went through the door, she turned smiled and gave me a very deliberate wink.

The water rushed sensuously against my tightening balls as I played with myself, desire for her rippled through me like an ocean wave. Try as I might, I could not rid my mind of the image of her naked body. I got out of the bath and tiptoed up the stairs, as not to disturb her if she was sleeping.

Her music was still on, I had gradually made it to the top of the stairs. As I had expected, she was asleep lying spread-eagled on the bed totally naked. I stood there in the doorway looking at her. She looked so peaceful as she lay there. With lustful eyes I ogled her body, her pubic hair was so thick, that I could barely see her genitalia. Then my gaze traveled up her body and I admired her firm erect tits. I couldn’t help but gawp at her cunt, my cock was straining now to fuck her. I crept into the room and slipped my hand between her legs.

Her slit was slick, when she fell asleep she had been as ready for it as I was now. It would be so easy to take her as she was, but not only would I be braking the incest taboo, but I would be compounding it by taking her without her consent. My brain was full of knowledge as to what I should do, and if I had followed its dictates I would have turned around, closing the door behind me as I left the room. But my cock was not listening to rationality, and had no knowledge of moral taboos.

Slowly I began to rub her sticky cunt, my fingers slid with ease along her slit. I opened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her glistening labia exposing to my look and touch her bud, which was swollen and shining with her juices. I moved so I was standing between her legs. Tentatively I pulled on her leg – she did not stir. Using a little more force I slid her across the bed so that her ass was on the edge. I knelt down, draped her legs over my shoulders, bowed my head and began to circle her clitoris with my tongue. She stirred and moaned but did not awake. Trembling with fear, I circled my tongue faster around her clitoris – still she did not awake.

The throbbing in my cock grew stronger and more insistent – I wanted only one thing! Getting back to my feet lifted her ass – my cock was automatically aimed straight at her yawning pussy. There was only a momentary hesitation before I entered her with ease. Slowly I began to thrust into her gushing cunt. Any remaining qualms I had seemed to fade swiftly away as I started to enjoy the fact I was screwing the woman who had given me life.

Every stroke was another blow against my father I only wished that he could see me – I rued the fact that he would never know that I had fucked his wife – albeit ex-wife! I was getting near to cumming, I could feel the fullness of my balls as they slapped against her ass. When she began to stir and moan I gripped her tighter lifted her legs higher and thrust harder. She awoke as my spunk jetted into her cunt, fearing her reaction I relinquished my hold on her.

“Is that all you’re going to give me.” She said sitting up. I did not reply – to be honest I was tongue-tied, what do you say to the mother you have just fucked without her explicit consent?

“Come on. Let me know just how big you really are?” She patted the bed, I moved so that I was lying beside her. She took hold of my hand and guided it to her sloppy cunt. “Play gently with me.” She murmured as she bent her head to my cock and placed it between her lips.

She bobbed her head up and down getting my cock hard once again. Each time she bobbed down she took more of it into her güvenilir bahis şirketleri mouth until I felt my cock-head engage in her throat. As she bobbed her head up and down, I could feel the spunk filling my balls as they slapped against her chin. “I’m going to cum.” I shouted.

She took my cock out of her mouth, she lay back on the bed, and I climbed over her and again stood between her legs. With a single thrust of my hips the entire length of my cock slipped into her wet cunt.

The warmth of her juices running down my cock as I pumped her cunt, sent quivers down my spine. I had to clench my buttocks and fight the impulse to cum. Eventually I lost this battle and once again the spunk boiled from my balls.

Holding my head tight to her breast she said, “Well! You are better than your father ever was. Shall we do it again?” I looked at her, my spunk was leaking from her crack. I took a joint out of my shirt pocket and lighting it I took a few puffs then handed it to her. When she took the joint from me I asked if she would like a cup of tea. “Yes Please darling!” came her reply. I went downstairs naked, my cock glistening with her cunt juices.

I hurriedly made the tea so that I could get back to the hidden treasures of my dear mother. I had fucked my sister before, but my mother was the best fuck I had ever had and I certainly wanted more.

Opening the bedroom door I saw that mum was fingering her cunt. “Allow me to please you.” I said. She slipped her two soaking fingers teasingly into my mouth as I lay beside her; she wrapped her other hand around my cock. Slowly she pulled back my foreskin, I reciprocated by fingering her clitoris circling it with my fingers.

She began to moan, we both acted as though what was taking place was natural. She slid between my legs, took my cock in her mouth until my cock was once again rock hard. Then she straddled me and slowly lowered herself guiding my cock into her gapping hole. I placed my hands on her hips guiding her motion as she pumped up and down on my cock.

I shouted out, that I was about to cum. She began pumping harder and harder on my cock, I squeezed her tits tightly as I shot my load deep inside her cunt.

Even as I came I knew that there could be no going back, she had found what she wanted in me and I at last had found the love that I wanted. For better or for worse we were bonded together in a love that was a taste of forbidden fruit.

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