A Tangled Web Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Young Alex seduces his stepmom

Charla had become very relaxed as she soaked in the Jacuzzi with her thoughts. As the beautiful young widow began falling asleep her thoughts were replaced with a strange dream. She was walking down the staircase when she noticed the bedroom door partially open. She peaked in on her stepson Alex who was lying nude on his bed; he was uncovered and lying on his stomach.

She stood there for a moment mesmerized and unable to take her eyes away. He rolled over on his back fully exposing himself to her; she tried to back away from the door but was unable to move. Then he opened his eyes and smiled at her as he motioned for her to join him on the bed.

Charla opened her eyes and stared blankly across the room for a moment before opening the drain and stepping out of the tub. She wrapped a towel around her waist and stood in front of the mirror for a moment as images from the dream flashed through her mind. Suddenly feeling very warm she turned on the cold water and began to sponge her face and shoulders. Wearing only the towel wrapped around her waist and still wet from her bath she opened the bathroom door and walked across the bedroom.

After removing the towel and drying herself she placed it over the chair in front of her vanity and sat down. From her large collection of lotions and fragrances she picked up an unopened box. It contained an elegant looking bottle which she removed from the carton. After sampling the aroma she began to apply the lotion to her beautiful long legs.

She had purchased the lotion at the mall a few days after Tim had left on his trip; she was planning a special night upon his return. Charla continued to apply the lotion massaging it over her shoulders and then her arms.

Having finished with the lotion she opened the double doors and entered her large walk in wardrobe. She looked through her swimsuit collection until she came across a bikini that she hadn’t worn since that Hawaiian vacation. It was a two piece string bikini, the kind you have to be careful wearing. It seems like there’s always someone that thinks it would be funny to pull one of the tie strings.

Charla remembered that she had worn it only once after becoming embarrassed at a public beach, white in color the thin material becomes somewhat transparent when wet. Luckily that day was dry and breezy and the material dried quickly after her swim. She decided it would be okay to wear it to get some sun but she would stay out of the pool.

After checking herself in the full length mirror she put on a pair of high heel sandals and walked towards her bedroom door. As she left her room she noticed the door. She was sure she had closed it when she had come upstairs, she paused, maybe she had just left it open. She shrugged it off and went down the stairway and into the large family room.

In one corner of the dimly lit room was a large mahogany wet bar completely stocked for entertaining their adult guests. Connie found the remote on the end of the bar, she picked it up and began pressing on the keypad as she walked around the bar. The curtains opened across the eight full length glass panels followed by the vertical blinds. With the room lit up, she took a glass from the cabinet. After filling it with ice she pulled a bottle of tequila from the well and filled the glass half full.

She said, “It’s noon somewhere,” as she opened the cooler door and pulled out a bottle of margarita mix. Charla had decided that it was time to stop living in a daze and start trying to have a little fun; she took a drink from her glass and went into the kitchen. After removing her cell phone from the charger she opened the patio door and stepped outside.

Alex was by the pool testing the chlorine content; he had changed into a pair of swim trunks but had not yet been in the pool. Once again she found herself admiring his dark tan and muscular young body as he stood up and walked around the pool. He looked up at Charla; her white bikini drew his attention as she crossed the patio. He watched the shifting of her hips accentuated by the string bikini bottoms as she walked. Charla sat on one of the chase lounges and began checking messages on her phone.

As Alex walked across the patio, Charla put on her sunglasses and placed her phone on the stand next to her. Catching herself staring, she tried to look away. The image of him lying nude on his bed was still fresh in her mind. Anyway it had to be some kind of sin looking at your husband’s son and thinking those thoughts.

Alex turned around and asked, “Are you getting in the pool Charla?”

Alex had called her by name, something he had been doing that more often lately. This never went unnoticed and Charla realized there was a pattern in the way he addressed her. Part of that pattern was that when he called her by name he was usually in a playful mood. So much so that sometimes she didn’t know if she could take anything he did or said seriously. A feeling of intimacy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri came over her when she would hear her name spoken by him. It may have simply been his voice which was almost indistinguishable from his fathers.

To answer his question, she replied, “I’m not getting in the pool right now honey, I’m just going to get a little sun.” The competition trunks he was wearing fit his body like a glove and she caught herself once again letting her gaze linger.

As Alex jumped into the pool Charla answered a call on her phone. It was a representative from the consulting firm she had hired to help manage the construction business. She recognized the deep voice on the other end even though they had never met.

Good morning Mrs. Sedona, this is Murray from Conway Consultants.”

Charla answered, “Hi Murray from Conway, call me Charla please.”

“Hi Charla, Look, I’m really sorry to bother you on the weekend but I was hoping you could meet with me today.”

Charla hesitated for a moment and responded, “Wow, you like to get right to the point don’t you? What could be so important that I should meet with you today?”

As Murray hesitated for a moment Connie laughed and asked, “Are you just a little lonely and looking for some company?”

“Well, actually… yes, but the reason I called was about this contract that needs to be looked over. I need to get it signed off by Monday morning and I was unable to get in touch with the G.M., uh Mr. Diaz at the office,” Murray answered.

“You know, Murray, until it gets approved by the board, I can’t sign off on anything, why do you think I hired your company? You need to get it approved and then we have a vote.”

After a moment she continued, “I was really just planning on relaxing by the pool today Murray.”

Murray replied, “You wouldn’t have to leave the house; I can just meet you out at your home if you like.”

“Oh no,” Charla responded. “That would be breaking one of the most sacred of our house rules. We never conduct business at home… it’s enough that you have me on the phone.” After a short pause she tried to lighten it up and said, “You wouldn’t want to see me out here in my bikini anyway Murray.”

The consultant nervously responded, “Oh, from what I’ve heard I’m sure you look real fine in a bikini, I may even forget all about this contract.”

“Okay Murray I’ll tell what, I will get Mr. Diaz on the phone and have him call you, I’m absolutely sure that the two of you can get this contract thing resolved.”

Murray replied, “Well I sure hope you can get a hold of him, I’ve been trying all morning.”

“Trust me, I have his hotline number.” Charla finished her call, walked over to the pool and sat on the edge of the deep end with her legs in the water.

Alex moved closer to the edge of the pool where she sat. He placed his hands on the backside of her legs just below her knees. said, “C’mon in Mom, the waters great.”

Charla replied, “That’s probably not a good idea Alex. Not in this bikini anyway, I may go in and put on a one piece here in a little while and then go for a swim.”

“Don’t be such a prude,” Alex replied, “The girls at the beach wear less; C’mon in.” He slid his hands down over her calves and gripped her around the ankles.

Charla laughed and said, “Think you’re really cute don’t you?” I know what you’re thinking and you better not. Besides, I need I need to make a call right now, company biz.”

Alex released her ankles and watched her as she got up and walked back to the patio lounge. He quietly said aloud, “God I want to fuck you.” The young athlete then jumped out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool.

Charla turned and asked, “Did you say something Alex?” She knew what she thought she heard but that couldn’t be right.

“Nothing… talking to myself,” Alex replied.

Charla was on the phone as Alex came over and straddled his legs across each side of the lounge chair she was lying on. She removed her sunglasses and looked up at him as Juan Diaz answered her call.

“Hi Juan, sorry to bother you but I need for you call Murray from Conway consulting right away.” She put her hand over the phone and whispered, “Move Alex, you’re dripping all over me.”

She then continued with her conversation, “Something about having to have a contract approved for the board by Monday. Yes… and he was asking me to meet with him today.”

Charla giggled as Alex continued to try and distract her from her call. But then he decided to sit on her and that was enough. She pushed on his leg and said, “Get off me you moose; you’re getting me all wet.”

Alex got up and walked back over to the pool while she continued with her call, “Thanks Juan, let me know what’s going on with that, I’ll see you at the meeting next week. Bye.”

She placed her phone on the stand and glanced over at Alex shaking her head, “You’re bad!” She picked up the towel from where he had placed it on the other güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lounge and began to dry the water off from her stomach.

Alex was standing next to the pool laughing at her, “What’s the matter scarred of a little water? As Connie started walking toward the pool he jumped in; his head popped up out of the water just as she reached the edge.

“You don’t think I’ll do it,” Charla laughed as she took off her sandals, “You’re in trouble now.”

Charla gracefully dived into the pool and swam under water until she came up behind him. She had gotten a mouth full of water as she popped up and grabbed his shoulders. She squirted the water at his ear, she then tried to swim away but wasn’t quite quick enough.

Alex turned around and swam after her catching her by the ankle with his left hand. Pulling her towards him, his right hand touched her stomach just below her naval. They were both laughing and having fun as they played a game of water tag in the pool. While she stopped in the four foot end for a moment to catch her breath Alex swam slowly towards her from underwater. He was getting a nice underwater look at her lower torso before coming up for air.

“Not fair Alex! You can swim twice as fast as me and I can’t even hold my breath as long as you.”

Alex answered, “I’ll give you a half the length of the pool head start… I bet I can catch you before you get to the deep end.”

Charla splashed water at him as she took off swimming as fast as she could, but before she could reach the ten foot marker she felt Alex’s arm wrap around her rib cage. She tried to break loose which may have caused his hand to briefly touch her breast, he quickly let go and they both went up for air.

Laughing Alex said, “I’m sorry Charla, I didn’t mean to.”

“Okay I believe you,” Charla answered between breaths, “But you lose your turn for the inappropriate touch and I get to chase you.”

Alex took off with Charla chasing after him, he was much too fast for her to catch, but he decided to give her a chance and slowed down. She swam up behind him and grabbed ahold of his arm with both hands.

She laughingly said, “What happened, didn’t think I could catch you huh?”

She took off swimming across the pool again with Alex catching up to her easily, this time catching her around the waist. Charla was still kicking her feet when Alex loosened his grip. He intensionally let his hands slowly slide over her hips and outer thighs as she started to swim away again. Coming up for air laughing and splashing water at Alex, she pushed him away as he came up from the water in front of her.

“Was that an accident too then?”

Alex answered innocently, “What did I do now?”

“What did you do? Alex, you’re like groping me all over.”

“I’m sorry, it’s not my fault you’re so slippery,” Alex replied defensively.

Charla laughed and replied, “I don’t know about that, some of it seems intentional.”

Alex replied laughingly, “Okay, I owe you one then. You can touch me anywhere you want.”

Charla still laughing replied playfully, “Really? Anywhere I want to? Maybe I should spank your behind.”

Standing in the shallow end of the pool, Alex slowly took in every detail of his beautiful step mother. He moved closer to her and she felt his fingertips lightly touching her hips and fondling with the strings of her bikini. Charla felt paralyzed; she could feel her heart pounding in her chest but she couldn’t utter a word.

His left hand moved from her hip area and was now on the small of her back. Alex pulled her close to him squeezing her tightly. With his other hand he took hold of the back side of her right hand and guided it to the crotch area of his swim trunks.

As Charla’s hand was pressed against his crotch, she pulled her hand away and said, “Alex! What are you doing?”

She started to push him away but he easily held her next to him with his arm around her waist. “Alex, let go of me! I’m not playing.”

Charla climbed out of the pool, she picked up a towel from the back of a patio chair and wrapped it around her waist. After turning to look again at Alex, she then headed towards the house. Once in her bedroom Charla tried to confront her feelings, her heart was pounding. She lifted her hand which was still shaking from being so nervous. It had to be anger that was making her feel like this, there was no other explanation.

“That’s it, I’m really angry.”

By the time she had finished showering off, she knew it wasn’t anger that had made her heart pound so hard in her chest. Charla returned to her room wrapped in a bath towel and stood in front of her dresser. She selected a sexy pantie and camisole set from the top middle drawer where she kept her intimate lingerie. After getting dressed in a pair of white capris’ and a thin sleeveless black blouse, she returned to the bathroom. There she finished drying her silky brown hair and placed it in a ponytail.

Once downstairs she güvenilir bahis şirketleri found her white high heel sandals and slipped them on. A few minutes later she was outside by the pool, She picked up the cigarette pack left on the table and removed one. Charla lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as she went over what she wanted to say. “Look Alex, I know that you’ve always felt close to me but…”

She paced back and forth on the patio as she finished her cigarette and rehearsed. She soon returned to the house and entered the kitchen.

“Alex… come in here, we need to talk!”

Alex entered the kitchen with a bath towel wrapped around his waist and a hair brush in his hand. He smiled at her and said, “I’m here, I just got out of the shower.”

“I think we should talk Alex. Why don’t you get dressed and maybe we can go to the park or something, someplace quiet.”

Alex replied, “What’s wrong with right here, it’s quiet and we’re alone. Are you still mad at me?”

“No Alex, I’m not mad at you. We were both having fun playing in the pool and… I don’t know. We both have had all these emotions to deal with so I think we should just talk about it.”

Her eyes scanned over his body as she broke eye contact with him. He was lean, tanned, and well built, as he should be for a young athlete. She blushed as she looked at the muscular ripples of his stomach and the obvious shape of his penis under the wet towel. Her nervousness had thrown her off from her practiced speech now as she tried to recollect what she was going to say.

“The way you were touching me Alex… how do I say this? It’s not normal… um, you’re young and… and you have all these hormones going crazy. Losing your father was hard for both of us and we’re coping with this together the best we can… it hasn’t been easy.”

As Charla spoke Alex moved closer, he knew she was feeling vulnerable. Standing only inches away now he set his hairbrush down on the counter. As she finished her sentence he hugged her and said, “You’ve been great Charla, the way you had to deal with everything, the business, and me. But I’m not a boy anymore, I want to be the man of the house and I want to take care of you.”

Charla wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest, “You’re so sweet Alex. Let’s just forget about this… how would you like to take me out for lunch? Maybe afterwards we can stop at the amusement center. We can put the top down on the corvette… what do you say?”

Alex replied, “Okay, I’ll go get some clothes on… I’m driving though.”

It was nine o’clock in the evening when they returned home, Charla was laughing as she entered the large front room followed by Alex. “Oh my God, and the waiter backed up and fell into the fountain, it was hilarious.”

Alex walked behind the bar and got out two glasses, “Yeah and he grabbed the crazy lady and pulled her in with him. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Peeking over the bar, Charla asked, “What are you making back there.”

“Margaritas… don’t look at me like that… what? You said I could make my own decisions, so as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere tonight.” Alex set the two drinks on the bar with an ornery grin.

“I didn’t say anything… all I did was ask what you were making.” Charla looked at the drink he had made her and continued, “I’m not sure that I need another.”

“Why not, you only had two at El Hombres? Besides it wouldn’t be any fun for me to drink by myself.”

Charla picked up her glass and replied, “Alright then, but I’m going to drink mine out by the pool.”

Out on the patio, she found the pack of cigarettes she had left earlier and lit up a smoke. Alex had followed her through the house admiring her sexy ass through her tight fitting white capris style pants. The music was playing out on the patio and Charla tried to coax Alex to dance.

Alex took a drink from his glass and said, “You go ahead, I’d rather just watch you.”

Charla stopped dancing and said, “C’mon chicken.” She took a drink from her glass and set it down. “It’s getting dark; maybe we should cover the pool.”

As Charla started towards the pool, Alex blocked her from getting past him. Laughingly he said, “Wait a minute… I might want to go for a moonlight swim.”

She laughed and said, “Move… I’m trying to go over there. Besides, you shouldn’t be in the pool if you’ve been drinking.”

Alex laughed again and replied, “I’ve only had one… hey, you know what I think?”

Charla laughed and replied, “Oh, no you don’t.”

She turned around as he grabbed ahold of her waist, Charla let out a short scream, “No Alex! Alex please… let go. I don’t want to get wet.”

Alex had picked her up from behind and was making his way to the edge of the pool. Charla was kicking and trying to pry his arms away with her hands, but couldn’t break his hold. She begged him not to toss her in as he held her over the side. Although she was laughing with Alex, Charla was seriously trying to break his hold.

“Alex please let me go…” She wrapped her arms around his neck as they both splashed into the pool. They came up from the water with Alex still holding her waist and laughing.

Charla pushed her hand into his chest and asked, “You really think you’re cute, don’t you?”

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